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If the UK Government goes ahead with proposals to detain asylum seekers on cruise ships and barges today, it will be repeating history 🧵Please RT #IllegalMigrationBill #AsylumSeekers @BBCNews @guardian
In 1776, British politicians decided to bring in a temporary act that authorised the use of disused trading ships to be used as floating prisons. ‘Hulks’ were in fact used for over 80 years, across the Victorian era.
Have you seen the new @BBCOne #GreatExpectations? Hulks are hitting the headlines again today, but not for the right reasons
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I am a 72 year old Jewish pensioner. My German parents came here as refugees (on a boat) in the 1940s to escape Nazi Germany. My grandparents remained in the country and were deported to Auschwitz where they were murdered. (ctd)

#lineker #braverman #bbcaq
I grew up on stories of the run-up to the Final Solution I heard about the rhetoric used to depict us as vermin, criminals, rapists The othering of Jews, made to wear distinctive stars. The propaganda in the popular press, the finger pointing and intimidation
#braverman #jewish
.. the refusal to condemn the perpetrators when Jews were beaten up in the street or their homes attacked.
I do not see anything in the current state of this country nor in the words or actions of his government that does not make me agree with @GaryLineker.
#Refugees #jews
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What a vibrant panel on the power of storytelling!

How do we encourage our communities to share their lived experiences?

🧵 Just a few of the valuable insights from our panelists #NIIC202

@ErikaAndiola @megasuniverse @HaitianBridge @adhikaar @theYoungCenter @npnewamericans Image
@ErikaAndiola @megasuniverse @HaitianBridge @adhikaar @theYoungCenter @npnewamericans @NIICImmigrant Sharing our stories can be stressful, even stigmatizing for certain communities. According to our speakers, movement champs who all shared their own stories, this is 🗝️:

💥 Building trust
💥 Fostering a safe space
💥 Practicing consent
💥 Transferring leadership

📸: @gcirtweets Image
Sharing our stories can also be part of the #Healing process, according to ASAP member Daniel Paz, who was separated from his young daughter at the border under Trump's #FamilySeparation policy, and has since become a national advocate for separated families and #AsylumSeekers. Image
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I heard that #Trudeau just funded the invaders entering Canada at the Roxham Road border crossing to the tune of 37 million dollars.

#Trudeau prefers to call them #asylumseekers.

Meanwhile, Canadians are suffering because of his tax-grabbing policies and #JustinFlation.
Here's a report by #RebelNews published 7 months ago.

You might remember that during the Trudeau lockdowns Canadians visiting other countries, couldn't enter back into Canada without proof of vaccination, however, this didn't apply to #Trudeau's #illegalinvaders.
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On August 13th 2022 the HUMAN RIGHTS LEGAL PROJECT are celebrating one year after our first successful intervention to stop #Pushbacks in #Samos.
This is a small thread of how a small number of people can stop the illegalities of the government:
In April 2020 the Greek Government began its systematic and brutal pushbacks against refugees.
For a year, due to the pandemic restrictions, their actions went almost unnoticed.
@ABoatReport was trying to reveal what was happening but no one on the ground could do anything.
We were witnessing his posts feeling incapable of intervening: to protect both #AsylumSeekers and the #RuleOfLaw and #HumanRights.
On the 21st April 2021 another pushback took place in Marathokampos, Sámos. 4 days later one Palestinian woman with her three kids came to our
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Tomorrow, the trial of the #Samos2 begins in #Greece

Afghan refugee N. faces up to 10 years in prison for the death of his 6-year old son, who drowned on the journey from Turkey to Greece, while travelling with his father and 22 others in November 2020.…
Hasan, also from #Afghanistan, faces smuggling charges for being at the wheel of the boat, and life imprisonment for N’s son’s death & 230 years in prison for endangering the lives of the other passengers.

70+ organisations are calling for the charges against both to be dropped
Amnesty has repeatedly denounced the increasingly hostile environment for refugees and migrants in Greece. Changes in Greek migration law and policy mean fewer safeguards for #asylumseekers and an increased possibility of detention.…
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The fate of #refugees (#Ukrainians,#Syrians, #Afghan, #Africans)literally depends on WHERE they filed their applications. Read our fresh report based on original data,which shows that Boston Asylum Office fosters a culture of suspicion toward #AsylumSeekers @ACLUMaine @ILAPmaine Image
-From 2015 to 2020, the Boston Asylum Office approved a mere 15% of asylum applications compared to the national approval rate at 28%.
-The approval rate in Boston plummeted to 11% in 2021, while the national average remained at 27%…
-@ACLUMaine @ILAPmaine Refugee and Human Rights Clinic (RHRC) at @UMaineLaw + me, analyzed 1000s of documents obtained through FOIA & conducted 100+ interviews to answer a simple question:

- Why does the Boston Asylum Office approve such a small percentage of asylum cases? Image
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 03/16/2022…
The Homemade Air Purifier That’s Been Saving Lives During the Covid-19 Pandemic…
#COVID19, #AirPurifier
‘Traumatised and terrified, with nowhere else to go’: huge numbers of people stuck at US border…
#USMexico, #AsylumSeekers, #BorderCrossing
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The #CostOfLivingCrisis is hitting people of all ages and backgrounds. We and Brighton's Emergency Food Network have had enough. We have sent a letter to national gov with 12 emergency action points


Read our full statement here:…
🚨 1 - The uplift in benefits that is tabled for the Spring Budget is in line with the true cost of #inflation

We need an increase of 7% or higher, not the outdated 3.1% tabled from data produced last September
🚨 2 - the £20 #UniversalCredit uplift is removed

Household costs have not reduced since the pandemic, in fact they are increasing. The Universal Credit uplift being removed is leaving families with LESS than before.
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“European Solidarity: (Mis)interpretation in Slovakia” is about to go LIVE on #zoom! Make sure to tune in while you still can for the views on European #solidarity from 🇸🇰

As always, we'll be highlighting some key moments


@ComeniusUni @SLOVAKIAinEU @SlovakiaMFA
Lucia Mokrá, Chairperson of the TEPSA Board gives a presentation of the 🇸🇰 chapter of "European Solidarity in Action and the Future of Europe: Views from the Capitals", which she co-authored with Andrea Figulová, this event's moderator

We welcome @koztoma, Director-General for Europe at
@SlovakiaMFA, who speaks about defining solidarity, interpreting solidarity, and Slovakia's experience with solidarity

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#BOTD 1943 – Randy Newman, 78, US singer, composer, pianist.

Mama Told Me Not to Come * I Think It's Going to Rain Today, two of his many great songs. Son of Irving Newman, nephew of Alfred, the most OscarNom family, with a total of 95 nominations, in various music categories.
#BOTD 1943 – Randy Newman, US singer, composer, pianist.

"I've Been Wrong Before * I Don't Want To Hear Anymore * Mama Told Me Not to Come * Sail Away * You Can Leave Your Hat On * Short People * It's a Jungle Out There * We Belong Together" (Oscar)

#BOTD 1943 – Randy Newman, 78, US singer, composer, pianist.

Since 1980s, film scores Toy Story, A Bug's Life, Monsters, Inc., Cars, James and Giant Peach.

Others: Ragtime (1981) The Natural * Three Amigos * Pleasantville * Meet the Parents * Seabiscuit * Marriage Story (2019)
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1/9 The intense pressure by the #EU, both in requirements for entry and political pressure, have caused peripheral countries, including Morocco and Turkey, to become sites of #ExternalizedBorders for the EU. #MigrationKorbelDU @UofDenver @josefkorbel
@UofDenver @josefkorbel 2/9 There has been tension between ‘the rising need of dialogue, exchange, and cooperation’ on the EU’s part and ‘the declining prospect of peace, stability, and prosperity’ on the part of the EU’s neighbors’ because of #border #externalization…
3/9 Policy efforts include the 2005 EU Protection Programmes, the 2016 EU-Turkey Deal, the 2018 Global Migration Compact, and economic development investments in the #MENA region.…
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It isn't illegal to cross channel or seek asylum. Ironically for @pritipatel it is illegal to penalise asylum seekers for their manner of entry. While studying the Australian system did @ukhomeoffice miss part where some of those policies are illegal? 1/… ImageImage
The reality of @pritipatel's #NewPlanforImmigration is that it will increase the very issues which she claims she wants to solve. It doesn't tackle smugglers or traffickers. Quite the opposite. It creates a never ending supply for them of people with no chance of seeking help. 2/ Image
People aren't crossing the channel for fun. They are doing it because they have no other options left. As recognised in law, safety is fairly subjective and there are very good reasons why asylum, and it is only a small minority nonetheless, may not feel safe in EU countries. 3/
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Following the torture & forced deportation of #Cameroonian asylum seekers under the Trump admin, SPLC joined allies @theCCR @ProjectSouth in filing FOIA requests for government records on abuses against Black immigrants.

More in our…
The FOIAs request records of communication on the deportation of Cameroonian immigrants between 8/1/20 and 1/19/21.

Read the 2 FOIA requests here:…
During that period, the gov deported an unknown number of #Cameroonian & other African #asylumseekers:

Despite life-threatening situations in their home countries, the fact that many had pending immigration court proceedings & despite pleas from members of the Congress.
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Mass deportation of Tamil asylum seekers is being planned by the German government back into the hands of the genocidal state.
Details in the thread below:

Photo source: Cezary Piwowarski
News source:
#refugee #AsylumSeekers #eelamtamil
The German governemnt is planning to secretly deport a large number of Tamil asylum seekers back to Sri Lanka on the 30th March. The German Tamil refugee community have been facing a large number of raids and arrests recently.
Relatives and friends of these individuals arrested do not know their whereabouts and these individuals have had their phones taken away and have had any forms of communications cut off.
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Did you know that the Home Office are turning what was Medomsley Detention Centre into an Immigration Detention Centre?

Stay tuned for more information on #NoToHassockfield 👇
We’ve had some fantastic help from NGOS, members of the public and more. We agree w/Rosie from the #YarlsWood campaign - people fleeing war, persecution, torture, human trafficking and abject poverty deserve to be treated with humanity and dignity #NoToHassockfield
In the middle of February this year, we welcomed @AlfDubs to speak to us, you can find his article about #AsylumDetention below #NoToHassockfield 👇…
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Australia`s parliament is to resume on March 15th

An auspicious calendar date that saw Julius Caesar killed by Senators in the Roman Senate 2,065 years ago

The Australian Senate can do the same the to Scott Morrison Liberal lead government
How can this be done?

By using parliamentary privilege to out the #CabinetMinister named in the letter sent to @SenatorWong & @sarahinthesen8

The governments presumption of innocence line they using with the help of their media mates
was not used for #Robodebt victims

It was not used for #AsylumSeekers

In fact this government ignores #HighCourt rulings against it #HomeToBilo

If ever victims of injustice deserve members of parliament to act for the betterment of the whole country
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Well taken care of, on the floor, dying of fever! Well taken care! Nursing infants torn from their mothers! Comforted in cages by todders trying to quiet their crying! No food, no water, no beds, no blankets no mothers, no milk, no diapers. Just like #SummerCamp! #Barron sld go!
@RealDonaldTrump #AsylumSeekers come legally to our #PortsOfEntry under our own immigration laws and treaties. The only one who broke our laws is you! UN Treaty Series 1948 Article II Section (e) defines the separation of #MigrantChildren as #Genocide and #CrimesAgainstHumanity.
When #AsylumSeekers present they are assured by our treaties of #DueProcess a hearing before a judge. If we decide not to grant asylum, we have to deport them. We are not allowed to imprison them, dismantle their bodies w/#ForcedMassHysterectomies & steal their children forever.
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I took the day off yesterday. Today I learned that one of our #AsylumSeekers clients, a #translatina from El Salvador, was stabbed 14 times and nearly killed in an act of hate. My staff didn't tell me until today, because they knew I needed a day off. This is the job.
Hatred towards #immigrants and #transphobia, legitimized by our government leaders, makes the US a place where often times #AsylumSeekers don't find the safety they seek and desperately need.
If you're a black, LGBTQ, or Latinx immigrant, often times you experience racism, hatred, and violence in the US. The govt lies, calling you rapists and murderers, and making others believe your life matters less. That you can then be killed with impunity.
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[Arrests at #hkprotests hit 10,000 milestone]

1. Since #HongKongProtests last year, 10,000+ HKers were arrested with nearly 400 arrests solely in the past two months. It implies in every 700 #Hongkongers, one has been detained due to protests or #hkpolice’s arbitrary arrests. Image
2. While most are charged w/ rioting & illegal assemblies, the figure clearly indicates freedom of assembly is under assault amid #Beijing’s mounting influence. With the prosecution rate much lower than arrests, it suggests arbitrary arrest is a tactic to scare off protesters.
3. In fact, #policebrutality intensifies, especially with pregnant woman and 12yo girl forcibly tackled to ground, and a #HKer dragged along the ground just because he urged resuming election & demand releasing 12 HK #Asylumseekers now detained in #China’s prison. #save12hkyouth
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[HK #Asylumseekers with access to lawyers blocked]

1. Two weeks after pre-trial detention, Chinese cops blocked lawyers from getting access to the 12 HK #Asylumseekersdetained in #China, per @icablenews. Lawyers described the practice is unusual and without legal ground.
2. #Police also told lawyers that detainees may face graver charge, with maximum penalty raised from one year to 2-7 years, or even life imprisonment if they resisted with force during the arrest. Besides, #Beijing might also charge other national security offences.
3. Since it could be the first case that #HKers are put on trial in China’s secret court under #nationalsecuritylaw, we hope the world can keep watch on the situation and wish they can all come back safe. #save12hkyouths #save12hkyouth #save12
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[Trapped in the black hole -
After two-week detention in #China, still no update abt 12 HK #AsylumSeekers]

1. Only thing we know is they are all taken to detention centre in #Shenzhen & Chinese cops will decide whether to arrest them formally by Oct 1, according to #China’s law
2. But even after the arrest, there's still a huge question mark on when they will be prosecuted, put on trial and how long trial will last. Prosecution can be further delayed if Chinese prosecutors claim they need “supplementary investigation”. It will be like an endless tunnel.
3. Under #China's law, suspects can be released on bail. But in reality, especially when all the #asylumseekers may face further charges under #China's #nationalsecuritylaw and other criminal laws, the chance of bail is slim.
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2019 in Review📅Article by @charlottecuthbo (Thread👇)

#BorderCrisis Peak, #Mexico Cooperation, and Judicial Wrangling

The year began with President Trump declaring a #NationalEmergency at the southern #Border.…
The #BorderCrisis escalated, and in May, nearly 133,000 #IllegalAliens were apprehended by #BorderPatrol, with a further 11,000 presenting at ports of entry without legal documentation.

By the end of fiscal 2019, almost 1 million people had entered the US illegally.
Over 600,000 of them were either individuals within a family unit or unaccompanied minors—both vulnerable populations that often arrived sick and required more care than #BorderPatrol was set up to provide.
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A certain crispness in the air...

Autumn leaves of crimson and gold...

Why, it must be time for the Fall 2019 Unified Regulatory Agenda! 1/…
There's an increasing number of legal #immigration regulations in the pipeline, even as the clock is ticking more loudly:

7 regs finalized (3 blocked or delayed)
7 near-final
>24 pre-proposal

There is no way that this can all get done this term. 2/…
The administration knows it only has 14 more months of guaranteed time in office.

The true hard deadline for final regs isn't Jan. 20, 2020—it's Dec. 20, 2019 (enough time for an effective date 30 days later).

For a proposed reg? Oct. 20, 2019, latest. Assuming warp speed. 3/
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