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Yesterday a bipartisan trio of Southern Mayors (Miami, Atlanta, New Orleans) addressed the @AspenSecurity summit, talking about #COVID19. They all expressed concern about handling hurricanes amid the #pandemic, given stretched 1st responders + poss spread among evacuees.
2/ Also yesterday @NOAA issued its hurricane season forecast, and it's dreadful…
Key points:
-“The outlook indicates an 85% chance of an above-normal season, only a 10% chance of a near-normal season”
-19-25 Named Storms, which includes the 9 named storms during May-July (earliest ever)
-7-11 Hurricanes, including 2 hurricanes to date
-3-6 Major Hurricanes (CAT3 or worse)
-Accumulated Cyclone Energy (ACE) range of 140%-230% of the median
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🚨Informative Thread to Follow:

1/8 I have demanded all supplies be distributed today among residents in the affected towns, following the legal prosecution of those who deprived these vital supplies to our citizens during difficult times for everyone.
2/8 As I have said before, it is UNACCEPTABLE that people are being denied items that they need RIGHT NOW. Yesterday, our frustration brought about the need for an immediate explanation resulting in the removal of the Head of the Emergency Management Bureau.
3/8 The people of #Ponce —and #PuertoRico in general—deserve that the state and federal authorities, law and order agencies open an investigation into this inhuman atrocity, and that this investigation holds accountable those responsible.
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You may be thinking that #PuertoRico is getting a check for $8B soon. Here’s the truth behind what your hearing about “releasing" $8B in aid to #PuertoRico.

.@HUDgov made a Puerto Rico funding announcement earlier this week ONLY after months of being pressured by members of congress and advocates for #PuertoRico. That's bad enough, but here's the small print... #ReleaseThePRAid
.@HUDGov is NOT “releasing” $8 billion to #PuertoRico. It is simply activating a lengthy process to make the aid accessible by putting out a federal notice that the PR gov now has to respond to. #ReleaseThePRAid
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Over the weekend #PuertoRico was hit with more tremors and aftershocks resulting from the magnitude 6.4 earthquake on January 7th. There are nearly 80, 000 veterans on the island that could have been affected by these events.…
Last year, Chairman @RepMarkTakano visited #PuertoRico to meet with veterans and examine VA’s disaster-preparedness capabilities. He also saw firsthand the lasting damage from #HurricaneMaria and what VA may need to prepare for future disasters. Image
@RepMarkTakano The effects of these natural disasters can be felt long after-- especially when the infrastructure is already compromised. Power outages and home damage can put veterans needing electricity for medical devices or refrigeration for medication at higher risk.
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#HowICameToClimate: I grew up in an activist fam. Mom was an elected official+attorney fighting police violence. As a teen I was active in the peace movement+witnessed much eco-activism connected to that (mostly white). In my 20s I did black community organizing.
In the early '00s, I co-faciltated a bunch of activist spaces w/ Van Jones+Julia Butterfly that connected racial+economic justice w/ eco activism. Back then, I was primarily an artist+occasional facilitator. Most of my energy went into making art that has strong social commentary
At the time, I wasn't part of any particular political organizations, but I had strong relationships with activists in many movements+folks knew they could call on me for different stuff: performing, teaching, facilitating. Folks commissioned me to write poems for their movements
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hellohellohello! The #GivingTuesday thread is here! No shortage of causes to care about. Pick something that won’t leave you alone; then, volunteer, donate $, and/or advocate to your elected official. Here are some orgs that my family donates to:
Independent journalism is the backbone of any social movement & change. @cpipr does that & more for 🇵🇷.
The @cpipr investigation led to uncovering over 4k died as result of #HurricaneMaria; brought corrupt chats to public from the [now former!] Governor, ignited massive peaceful public protests until he resigned; every day they produce unbiased reporting.
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Two years ago today, Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico & the US Virgin Islands. I’m still persisting in this fight to ensure our government keeps its responsibility to help these US citizens recover & thrive.
In January, I reintroduced a bill with Sen. @gillibrandny & Rep. @NydiaVelazquez to establish a 9/11-style independent commission to investigate the federal response to the hurricanes in Puerto Rico.…
After I investigated reports that the Administration was using the government shutdown as an excuse to stall aid to Puerto Rico, @HUDgov confirmed that the shutdown delayed billions of dollars of disaster relief funds for the island.…
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Two years since #HurricaneMaria devastated Puerto Rico, we remember those we lost and the families who are still suffering.

While the Trump admin turned its back on our fellow American citizens, New York is continuing to help the island build back stronger than before. Image
New York has deployed student volunteers and critical resources to help some of the island's most vulnerable communities.

In Summer 2018 and Summer 2019, SUNY and CUNY students logged a combined 67,000 hours of volunteer work and restored 247 homes. #HurricaneMaria Image
New York will never forget the strength and resiliency the Puerto Rican community has shown in the aftermath of #HurricaneMaria, and we will continue to offer our full support on the island's path to recovery. Image
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Two years ago #HurricaneMaria made landfall on Puerto Rico. We cannot forget those we lost because of that catastrophic storm & those who are still struggling to rebuild & recover.

New York will continue to help our fellow Americans. #LaIslaDelEncanto
Climate change has made our weather more extreme & storms more destructive. More than 3,000 were killed by #HurricaneMaria & countless more saw their lives devastated.

We have to do more to combat this crisis. #FridaysForFuture
Dos años atrás, el #HuracánMaría azotó a Puerto Rico. No podemos olvidar a todos los que perdieron la vida en ese catastrófico huracán, y a los muchos que aún luchan por reconstruir y recuperarse.

Nueva York seguirá ayudando a nuestros hermanos boricuas. #LaIslaDelEncanto
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Tropical storm #Dorian is quickly approaching #PuertoRico. We need to know that VA is prepared to care for veterans during the storm. ⬇️
In July, @VetAffairsDems Members visited #PuertoRico, which is home to more than 80,000 veterans.
Staff in #PuertoRico heard harrowing stories about the lack of support veterans had received in the wake of #HurricaneMaria -- with #Dorian approaching, we need to ensure every veteran is safe.
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Freedom for who? 🇺🇸🦅

Freedom for Puerto Ricans who lost their lives after Hurricane Maria?

Freedom for Nebraskans who has their homes flooded last week?

Freedom for indigenous Alaskans forced to relocate their village due to rising seas?

And that's just the Americans.... 🇺🇸🦅🌎

Freedom for the people of #Tuvalu whose country could drown?

Freedom for Australian farmers whose cattle die from drought?

Freedom for the Mozambiquan villagers rebuilding after #CycloneIdai?

Let's have a quick look at all the freedom being spread by #FreedomGas!

3,000 #PuertoRicans killed by #HurricaneMaria…
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I had never seen so many corrupt politicians Mr President. I was shocked by how bad things had gotten..
Puerto Rico — looking back #HurricaneMaria and man caused disasters..
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UN Human Rights commissioner regarding US immigration policies:

"The thought that any State would seek to deter parents by inflicting such abuse on children is unconscionable."

The @UNHumanRights spoke out early last year about Session, republican GOP and Trump's inhumane policy of separating families..
The Trump administration stopped cooperating with UN investigations into human rights violations in America…
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#NSPNsymposium18 @yfortiss starts off the session on Rebuilding Sustainable & Resilient #PuertoRico thru #Science @scipolnetwork

w/ @Sefini @sloan_kettering, Juan Ramirez @aaas @nahjUPRRP, and @fcoloninFL of Jasperi Consulting and former advisor to US Dept of State
Ramirez shows #NSPNsymposium18 the striking and dramatic impact of the #PuertoRico hurricane, and the impact on services and #infrastructure. Power was a prominent lasting impact. Cellphone signal was out for days, but once back the people got to work 💪
Pix of the student centre & research building at the university @nahjUPRRP soon after the hurricane in #PuertoRico, taken by Ramirez. Just over a year later, the regular semester and the natural beauty of the campus has returned 👏 #NSPNsymposium18
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For the record, I know nothing about astrology.
I love Astronomy!!!
I was even on the core team during the repair the Hubble Telescope while the Cosmic Origins Spectrograph (COS) which was installed during Servicing Mission 4 (STS-125) in May 2009.
Astronomy (from Greek: ἀστρονομία) is a natural science that studies celestial objects & phenomena. It applies mathematics, physics, & chemistry, in an effort to explain the origin of those objects & phenomena & their evolution. I love looking at the stars.
Objects of interest include planets, moons, stars, galaxies, & comets; the phenomena include supernova explosions, gamma ray bursts, & cosmic microwave background radiation. More generally, all phenomena that originate outside Earth's atmosphere are w/in the purview of astronomy.
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1/4 One year ago, #HurricaneMaria devastated #PuertoRico. Despite the devastation, the spirit of Puerto Rico is stronger than ever and serves as a reminder to be resilient in our fight for a #JustRecovery.
2/4 MA is home to thousands of Puerto Ricans & loved ones displaced and affected by the disaster and I am committed to supporting those living in the MA-7 CD and advocating for a #JustRecovery process for the island. From Villa Victoria to Washington DC, I stand with #PuertoRico.
3/4 I recently had the honor of meeting with nurses from @nahnnursing. They are making a 2nd trip to bring necessary medical care, food, supplies, & hope to the island. They need volunteers, sponsors, and donations to expand their impact. Get involved:…
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Trump: Day 608
-Cohen Interviewing w/ Mueller's Ofc
-Diverting Millions 4 Migrant Housing
-Asks Where's Money 4 Border Wall
-Ford Prepared 2 Testify Next Week
-Pence 2 Address Anti-LGBT Group
-3rd Mass Shooting in Past 24 Hours
-Holds Campaign Rally in Las Vegas
Day 713 since Donald Trump admitted to sexual assault — yet he’s still in the Oval Office
Day 565 of NO EVIDENCE produced by Trump that his phones were tapped by Obama.

The FISA warrant Trump referenced targeted Carter Page. #TrumpLies
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One year ago today #HurricaneMaria made landfall in Puerto Rico. The storm's deadly & destructive wake was followed by staggering inaction, mismanagement, & denials by Trump & his administration.
The President has not accepted culpability & instead chooses to blame others for the storm's consequences rather than take action to help Puerto Rico rebuild.…
On this anniversary my thoughts are with all those still recovering & displaced by the storm. I call on Trump to honor the victims, help still struggling evacuees, & establish proper preparations for future storms.
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2. There seems to be some confusion about what the death estimates are.

First, there is no list of, e.g., 3,000 named individuals killed by the hurricane.
3. Creating such a list would be valuable work but there could never be a fully compelling list of people unambiguously killed by the hurricane with 3,000 names on it.
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DEAR MEDIA: Every single time you're appalled by something Trump says or does, report on the GOP sycophants who cover for him.

#PuertoRico #HurricaneMaria
More proof the GOP is the real problem:
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React from an #Illinois congressman of Puerto Rican heritage who has been deeply involved in the #HurricaneMaria effort:
The @GOP leader in the House, @SpeakerRyan, not exactly coming to the defense of @POTUS on this one:
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1/ From amazing Twitter sleuth @ThomasS4217 #GeoGroup
Article from Nov 15, 2016:
"Bracewell & Giuliani represented Cornell Companies, a private prison operator that later merged with GEO Group. Giuliani never personally registered as a lobbyist." (con't)
2/ "Giuliani Security & Safety provided security advice to a Singapore gambling project on behalf of a partnership that included a tycoon close to the North Korean regime who is considered an organized crime figure by the U.S."
(More in next tweet from source article...)
3/ Nov 21, 2007:
In Sep 2006 "Giuliani appeared in Singapore🇸🇬 to help a Las Vegas developer make a pitch for a $3.5 billion casino resort." Giuliani Security & Safety had a 10-year agreement to provide security for the resort. (con't)…
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Hey @PressSec Sanders, You asked "Where are the apologies to Trump?" America wants to know; where are the apologies 👉🏽FROM👈🏽 Trump to NFL players for calling them unpatriotic & sons of bitches; to Gold-Star parents, Khizr & Ghazala Khan for implying that Mrs. Khan was not- 1/
allowed to speak because of their religion, that Mr. Khan's speech was written by someone else, & even worse, that Trump's "sacrifices" of "hard work" was somehow comparable to their son's death; to the leaders & citizens of African nations after he called them "shithole... 2/
countries"; to Mexicans, for implying all are "bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists."; to Haitians, for implying they all "have Aids"; to Latinos for calling them "animals"; to the women of America after he was recorded joking about he enjoyed committing... 3/
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Trump deserves “a perfect score”—in his genocidal assault on the Puerto Rican people. #Thread #HurricaneMaria
In Puerto Rico (and in the U.S. Virgin Islands), one full month after Hurricane Maria, the situation for millions of people remains dire.
Economy is at a standstill, & doctors use term “post-apocalyptic” to describe the state of healthcare; many are dying “preventable deaths.”
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