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6 months ago this morning, Category-5 #Hurricane #DORIAN, with winds of 160 knots (185 mph), made perfect, direct hit on Marsh Harbour in #Bahamas. I was there. This morning I’ll tweet like I would’ve in real time, if I’d still had connection to outside world. Check back here.
11:30 am (01 Sep): In a school on a hill—hunkered down in solid-concrete classroom with 11 others, including toddlers. Radar says hurricane’s inner core is just about here. Winds getting nasty—trees coming down, stuff flying. Feel like I'm about to get on rollercoaster. 973.4 mb.
12:12 pm (01 Sep): Getting deep in cyclone's inner core. Wind coming in big, sweeping pulses—& getting worse. Roaring. Gusts hammering walls with force of dynamite. Watching it all through cracks in shutters on downwind side of room. 952.4 mb.
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Time for countdown: my Top 10 chases of 2010s! I've got lots of war stories, & it hurt to limit myself to 10. Criteria varied, ranging from intensity to fear factor to footage coolness to quality of my data. Rankings are subjective, & y'all may hate my decisions. Ready? Let's go!
No. 10: #Typhoon #KAMMURI
Dec 2019 – Legazpi City, PHILIPPINES – Cat 4
Intense Christmastime cyclone slammed Filipino port city. Despite nighttime darkness, I caught some of my best footage of combo wind/water assault on waterfront. Bonus: weirdly violent wave action in calm eye.
My timestamped footage from #KAMMURI. The real pounding (in the front eyewall) happens from ~11:16 pm to ~12 midnight. Wind & water become one ferocious flow of energy ripping in off the gulf:
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(1/x) This thread is going to address #TPS (temporary protected status). Not sure it rises to the level of #FakeNews, but lots of reporters clearly do not understand a basic fact about #TPS – namely, that it is for people who are already in the United States...
#TPS is NOT for people who want to come to the United States. Reporters keep asking why we won’t use #TPS to let Bahamians in who were affected by #Dorian. The most basic answer is #TPS isn’t used to let people in…
(3/x) #TPS is to allow them to stay here when something happens in their home country while they are visiting (e.g., a natural disaster or war breaks out). But as long as we’re talking about #TPS...
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MORE SEPARATED CHILDREN: A 12yo Bahamian girl was separated from family at a South Florida airport after fleeing the destruction of Hurricane #Dorian and was sent by #immigration officials to a Miami Gardens shelter for abused or abandoned children.…
When the girl and her godmother arrived in West Palm Beach, U.S. Customs and Border Protection transferred them over to Miami International Airport and ultimately separated the pair because the woman wasn’t the child’s biological parent, the girl’s mother.

The 12yo is being considered an “unaccompanied minor” because she wasn’t physically accompanied by her biological parents.

@MiamiHerald reports that the girl was NOT released to her “biological aunt, who had come to pick her up at the airport, custody.”

#flapol #immigration
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"I was going to talk about other. things. I'm going to talk about something far more important. The service you all provide is important." ~Dr Jacobs, Acting NOAA administrator #NWAS19
"I have been personally impacted by Hugo. We didn't take into account the trees. We had damage." ~Dr Jacobs #NWAS19
"I worked at a state climate office. I spent time in the forecast office. In January 2000, a snowstorm inspired my research project at NC State. That was the beginning of my love for NWP. I wanted to improve NWP and forecasting." ~Dr Jacobs #NWAS19
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En route to Grand Bahama with volunteers and about 600 pounds worth of food and supplies for #Dorian survivors. They’ve been making two trips a day.
Biggest needs:
Medical supplies
Baby supplies
Female hygiene products
City of Melbourne has been donating all these goods. John Casey has been here every day for about a week helping out
Just a few people who’ve been part of a massive volunteer operation across Florida, the US, and other countries to get basic necessities over to the Bahamas…
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Des données objectives sur la présidence #Trump et son renoncement en août à 1 gouvernement effectif des #EtatsUnis:
- 2 voyages officiels annulés (Danemark/Pologne)
- 680 tweets contre 287 en août 2017
-10 journées entières sur 31 dans un golf.
Qui préside les #EtatsUnis?
2) A l'heure actuelle, D.#Trump a passé 228 jours dans un de ses golfs et aujourd'hui est le 229e. A ce rythme, à la fin de son 1er mandat de quatre ans le 20 janvier 2021,il aura passé presque une année entière cumulée dans un golf. Comment présider effectivement les #EtatsUnis?
3) L'inflation des tweets, les séjours désormais hebdomadaires dans ses golfs avec parties à l'appui (comme durant #Dorian), le renoncement nouveau aux voyages officiels sont à croiser chez #Trump avec 1 enfermement dans 1 univers numérique virtuel et 1 éloignement du réel.
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1/5—Full report coming! In meantime, remarks Re: my #Hurricane #DORIAN data:

Buildup to peak winds was gradual—even once I was in eyewall—likely because of cyclone’s slow forward motion.

Eye had bright, misty quality—I didn’t get stadium effect. Lull lasted long: ~1:05-2:30pm.
2/5—I collected data w/ 2 devices. They matched well: 913.4mb (1:50pm) & 913.7mb (1:53pm) in eye. I sadly ended data collection in eye, as I needed to relocate to safety. I believe I caught min pressure, as it was starting to edge upwards when I relocated—but can’t be sure. Grrr.
3/5—It’s clear my location was stricken by high-energy mesovortices. Couldn't see them in 100% whiteout, but that’s only explanation for crazy pressure fluctuations & also damage—i.e., car thrown from parking lot up onto lawn next to our bunker, *against* primary wind flow.
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Seems like shooting microwave beams to “weaken and steer” hurricane #dorian pokes holes in the ozone layer which causes global warming.

Screenshot description
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This is what the #ClimateEmergency looks like in #Canada right now.


"Canadian Arctic summers haven’t been this warm in 115,000 years or more"…
This is what the #ClimateEmergency looks like in #Canada right now.


"Canada's North is warming faster than the rest of the world."…
"In 2012, maple production fell by 54% in Ontario and by 12.5% in Canada over all, according to data from the Canadian government, because of an unusually warm spring."…
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Here in Grand Bahama everyone we speak to needs something; food, water, fuel or help rebuilding.

More tonight on @CBSNews
One of the most disturbing things I have seen on #GrandBahama which shows you the many layers of despair survivors face.

Today we also reached the @Equinor oil facility #Dorian ripped apart.

The company tells @cbsnews it “has not identified any oil on beaches” or “observed leakage of oil from our terminal to the sea.”

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These facts can’t be unspun:

1) @NWSBirmingham was right when it said Sept. 1 that Alabama “will NOT see any impacts from #Dorian”.

2) @realDonaldTrump was wrong Sept. 1 for saying AL “will most likely be hit (much) harder than anticipated”

1/8 tweets
2/8 Here are the tweets/statements in question from

1) @NWSBirmingham link:

2) @realDonaldTrump link:

3) @NOAA (politburo):
3/8 @NOAA’s statement is right that @NWSBirmingham spoke in “absolute terms that were inconsistent with probabilities from the best forecast products available at the time”

But so did the President & then some. Ultimately he was wrong & NWS was right. @noaa is silent about that
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Holy secret programs Batman!

Just realized my Dad worked on HAARP. Growing up, he was always on long trips to Fairbanks, AK.

He briefly described his work ... then joked he'd have to kill me bc it was classified.

Is there a HAARP facility in Alabama?…
Three transmitter sites, including Jordan Lake, AL.

I don't believe we steered Dorian to decimate the Bahamas, underground bases or not. More precise weapons available.

Much more plausible HAARP technology was able to hold Dorian offshore, rather than steering its path.

#wellhellzbellz #dorian #HAARP #Alabama
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Ever since I interviewed Kerry Emanuel at the onset of the 2018 #hurricane season, I've been showing some of the results of his team's downscaling approach that, combined with model simulations, can yield projected return periods for outlier cyclone events.

At my public outreach and educational presentations, I've shown how a hurricane like Irma at 180 MPH approaching Barbuda, a 1-in-800 year event, could have its return period reduced to 1-in-80 years by the end of this century. Similarly ...

A hurricane like María at 155 MPH approaching Puerto Rico, a 1-in-200 year event, could have a return period of 1-in-20 years by late this century.

I'm sure some of my followers that have seen my presentations in person recall me showing these slides.

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Here's a thread on a few of the more harrowing stories @Reuters reporters heard from #Dorian survivors awaiting relief flights in Abaco, #Bahamas, Thursday into Friday:
1. Fritz Cerisier, in broken English & struggling with emotions, mistook me for an aid worker, asked if I could help his 5-yo son. The boy had been vomiting non-stop for 3 days, and Fritz, whose home was destroyed by #Dorian, could not see a doctor because Abaco is in ruins.
2. Fritz was alone with a sick 5-yo he could not help. His wife, injured in the hurricane, had already been transported off-island. I think Fritz and his son made the last flight out Thursday night, but I'm not sure.
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1. #News ~ Jobs Stay Solid: 130,000 Created in August, Wages Up 3.2%

Black Unemployment Record-Low 5.5%

Labor Participation Rate Still Climbing

9.6.19 Noon: Stock Market Near BREAKING ANOTHER RECORD… #Trump @realDonaldTrump #Trump2020 #WINNING #KAG2020
@realDonaldTrump 2. #News ~ Actor Robert Davi: I’ve Been Offered "Everything" By Hollywood to Denounce President Trump

3. #News ~ Airline mechanic, Abdul-Majeed Marouf Ahmed Alani, charged with sabotaging plane

Tube in front of the NOSE GEAR under the cockpit was DELIBERATELY OBSTRUCTED.

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Mr President I couldn't believe how the media behaved from the start of #HurricaneDorain. The bizarre coverage that they created out of a category 5 storm.
From Dorian's inception they made false statements about FEMA's response to Puerto Rico's hurricanes. The ludicrous Lamestream media made horrific statements when they thought it would hit Florida and Mar-a-Lago...
It would be better if they reported facts, but the media appear to have been possessed by Fake News spirits and are unable to stop Mr President..
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(1) Why does @POTUS keep referring to the Alabama tweet insisting he was right? We know he is right and we know #MSM is junk and #fakenews. What is the message? Learn the comms. #QAnon #QAnonNotables
(2) Maersk Alabama is a cargo ship owned by #Maersk Lines. It was named Maersk Alabama from 2004 - 2015. It was hijacked by Somali pirates in April of 2009. The ship was advised to stay 600 nautical miles off the coast, but instead was attacked 240 nautical miles off the coast.
(3) "Approximately half of the crewmembers, represented by Brian Beckcom, are claiming that the shipping company, Maersk Lines Limited, willfully allowed the Maersk Alabama to sail directly into pirate-infested waters despite receiving multiple warnings to avoid the area."
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#Dorian as admonition. This not only depicts the effects of a devastating hurricane, but also the kind of violence in store as climate targets fall by the wayside.
It’s a helicopter blade but it it also speaks to the demons above. #dorian #climatecrisis
Every violent storm offers pictures that are chillingly anthropomorphic. That tree lower is left like a someone going mad. #dorian #climatecrisis
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Last Wednesday: Trump receives briefing about #Dorian. Storm track over FL peninsula, into Gulf & possibly Alabama.
7-day forecast was highly uncertain (obviously since it changed)

Weekend: Trump Tweets that Alabama will be hit hard (wrong)
The Tweet should have been corrected, adjusted or deleted to assure folks in Alabama that Dorian was out of range.


Trump is still going -- and a major hurricane is about to make landfall in the Carolinas.

This is nauseating b/c it obfuscates the great work being done.
Only one of the top stories on Washington Post is actual news related to Dorian, so people are reading the media back-and-forth that Trump is feeding.

Now Trump could be guilty of "doctoring a weather map"…
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1. #Dorian now back to Cat 3 looks to me like it may be going through an eye wall replacement cycle.

Buoy 41008 - GRAYS REEF - 40 NM Southeast of Savannah pressure falling at 1:50 a.m EDT at 29.36 inches. My plot has Dorian past the buoy.
2. I would not expect it to be falling with the storm having moved past it on the northern track.
Possible reasons:
Track change;
Eye wall replacement expanding the center of the low;
or a combination.
3. Buoy FBIS1 is falling rapidly at at Rat Island just south of Charleston harbor. I think Charleston should be ready for a close call.
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11pm #Dorian update:
Satellite imagery indicated that the cloud pattern associated with Dorian was a little better organized with a clear eye surrounded by a ring of very deep convection.
Life-threatening storm surge and dangerous winds are expected along portions the coasts of Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina, and portions of southeast Virginia and the southern Chesapeake Bay, regardless of the exact track of Dorian's center.
Water levels could rise well in advance of the arrival of strong winds. Residents in these areas should follow advice given by local emergency officials.
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Several problems here, so here goes:
1) This "spaghetti plot" leverages model data and represents the track of #Dorian over time. Some models (the GFS/America and European/ECMWF) have ensembles or numerous iterations of the model with different initial conditions.
2) The line with shapes are true operational "models", the lines without shapes are ensembles of the American/GFS and European/ECMWF model. Notice no operational model goes through Alabama.
3) Ensembles are supposed to be noisy because they have different initial conditions.
4) Notice the American/GFS and European/ECMWF ensemble mean (APxx and EExx) tracks don't go through Alabama. When meteorologists review ensembles, 95%+ of their time with them involves reviewing the ensemble mean.
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A 27 year old doctoral candidate from Northwestern University - scientists at Exxon knew 40 years ago fossil fuels would destabilize the planet. Their trade/industry orgs have waged a decades long campaign of lying to public about the science and now it threatens the human race.
Biden signed no fossil fuel money pledge,but "how can Biden be trusted to hold them accountable for crimes against humanity when tomorrow you are holding a high dollar fundraiser hosted by Andrew Goldman a fossil fuel executive"
Biden immediately says he is not. Andrew Goldman provides Canadian gas to parts of Asia as head of Western LNG.
Incidentally, the Intercept reported on this earlier today.
For your consideration:…
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