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My article on the Pros and cons of Privatisation of Indian Economy in #Aspiration #MAGAZINE at @ArmyPublicSchoolLucknow conducted by
@adgpi Wanted a piece of attention from
@Nidhi Image
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This just out: Physicians do not logically/correctly estimate the probability of outcomes resulting from sequences of events - a thread. #conjunctionfallacy #probability #medicaldecisionmaking #clinicalreasoning #innumeracy #numeracy… @JAMANetworkOpen
In this article, we showed that physicians estimated the probability of two events both occurring as *more* likely than one or both of the individual events. This is logically impossible and consistent with the #conjunctionfallacy. This #bias can lead to catastrophic outcomes
The impetus for the study was an #OBGYN catastrophe that resulted, in part, from this bias. A woman presented in labor w brow presentation. For successful vaginal delivery, 2 events must happen: reversion to deliverable position, and vaginal delivery w/o #caesareansection
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1️⃣ Mein Artikel "Offene Fragen zur Impfung" (Link) ging am 25.05.21 online.
Frage 10 (Bild) bezog sich auf einen Zusammenhang zwischen versehentlicher i.v. Injektion und Myokarditiden. Am 15.02.2022 empfiehlt die #STIKO die #Aspiration, da im Tiermodell...…
2️⃣ ... Perimyokarditiden aufgetreten seien...! 🤔 Zwischen diesen beiden Daten liegen knapp 175.000.000 Impfungen allein in Deutschland. 🤯
Bei der #Aspiration wird zwischen Stich und Injektion an der Spritze gezogen, um zu sehen, ob Blut kommt. Wenn ...…
3️⃣ ... Blut kommt, hat der Arzt ein Blutgefäß getroffen. Die Impfflüssigkeit geht dann direkt ins Gefäß (meist Vene) statt in den Muskel und von dort direkt zum Herzen. Dann gibt es eine Entzündung im Herzen statt im Oberarm.
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#Cough 🫁🌬️ is important for ejecting foods and liquids from the #lungs to prevent #asphyxiation and #aspiration #pneumonia. In this tutorial, we will discuss why and how to assess voluntary #cough as a way to enhance your clinical #swallow evaluation. (Warning: long thread!) Image
Evaluating #cough is important three reasons. First, weak coughs (#dystussia) are associated with #dysphagia and #aspiration in many patient populations. Therefore, assessing cough can improve the accuracy of predicting and identifying someone with #dysphagia.
Second, assessing #cough provides a more holistic understanding of #airway protection. In other words, we should try to understand how well a patient with #dysphagia can clear #aspirate material from the airway, in addition to understanding how frequently/severely they aspirate. Image
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The inspirational story of Shopian post Aug 5 2019.
A #thread.

#Shopian is the smallest & the newest district in #Kashmir, located 20 km eastwards of #Pulwama, its bountiful apple crop 3.5 lakh MT/year ensures that there is minimal poverty in the area.
(1/14) ImageImage
There is a strong sense of regional identity & #aspiration in #Shopian, however, repeated bouts of unrest over the last few years have disrupted its developmental trajectory, especially in 2016 after the #BurhanWani incident.
(2/14) Image
The post #Article370 transition in #Shopian was carefully directed & sublimely executed. The people showed great maturity & cooperated immensely, even as rumours of “outsider influx” & “demographic change” abounded.
(3/14) Image
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A positive thread on the need for #aspiration for the #future of our #food & #farming industry...

🚜 🐓 🐄 🐑 🍎 🥦 🌾 🌳 🐝

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We’ve a lot to be #proud of in 🇬🇧 - but we can #aspire to #better.

More productive. More tech-savvy. More collaborative. More environmentally proactive.

Change is coming. We have to embrace it & lead the #change. Consumers respect us - that’s a big asset ✅

[2/9] Image

With #NetZero we have to step up. It will be difficult; hard decisions will have to be made. But we must show #leadership.

We can’t complain about the consequences of #ClimateChange if we don’t play our part.

And only Ag can act as a carbon sink 💨 🌱

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Pit stop at Cricketers Pub🍺 in #BarnardCastle whilst campaigning + a big team including @RishiSunak + @carriesymonds (+ Dilyn the dog on tour) for @DehennaDavison our ⭐️ @Conservatives candidate hoping 2 turn #BishopAuckland blue. 502 Majority to beat #Aspiration👍 Image
No question @DehennaDavison getting support from Labour switchers + her energy / aspiration = a big difference to doom and gloom Goodman, the incumbent 2/ Image
There was also the obligatory #DilyntheDogSelfie Image
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Things are changing in the true #North!
Great profile of @DehennaDavison our young aspirational @Conservatives candidate in #BishopAuckland…
- 4 reasons why Labour could lose this seat:
- great work by @DehennaDavison @C_F_Adams + cllrs over many yrs of campaigning
- decades of neglect/broken promises from Labour locally/nationally
- a genuinely poor Labour MP
+ #aspiration from a traditional #NE community for more
If you want to help @DehennaDavison - as the Hexham team did in 2017 for @C_F_Adams - to reduce a massive #BishopAuckland majority down to 502 then contact D (and be prepared for all weathers)
Enjoy the show ⬇️💦💦💦
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Thread + Thoughts on the @Conservatives election from the inside: for a moment put to 1 side my / yr preferred #Leader ..I am energised by #MP colleagues engagement in policies to drive forward this great country: emphatically this leadership is not just about a single issue 1/
Standing takes courage - for #parish, #county, #MP or #leader.
I respect all colleagues who put their names forward including @SamGyimah @kitmalthouse @JamesCleverly who did not make the final list. They do so for the very best of reasons. They / I want to serve Britain 2/
I defy anyone to watch this video of @sajidjavid + not feel proud of our #UK + @Conservatives party - a place where #Aspiration + #SocialMobility are our watchwords + #opportunity is everything. Saj is a friend, although not my preferred choice 3/
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Good to be with @Will_Tanner + attend the @ukonward launch of their groundbreaking #GenerationWhy report. Find out more at #BraveNewWorld Image
Up and running with a stellar panel of @Will_Tanner @TomTugendhat @PennyMordaunt @MattHancock + Lord Willetts discussing #GenerationWhy + #Onwards report Image
V positive debate on #aspiration, #empowerment, #housing, #employment, #tech #opportunity, #FE, #Greenbelt + the shape of the future #state - marred by journos Q being mainly on #Brexit! V disappointed in media - when @ukonward looking at domestic policy 👍✅
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