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Here are 10 ambitious roadmap and developments that seek to build the solution to trustless universal interoperability by leveraging @Polkadot and @cosmosibc everyone should know:

A 🧵#PicassoExplain
1️⃣ Picasso parachain and Pallets

Picasso is the infrastructure layer for enabling interoperable DeFi.

As an L1, Picasso functions as the center of cross-chain innovation and benefits from Relay Chain shared security and XCM connection to other Parachains.
→ Pallets Revolution

Cubic — a cross-chain vault standard
Apollo — an MEV-resistant cross-chain oracle
Pablo — a cross-chain DEX
Angular — a cross-chain money market
Instrumental — a strategy hub
Centauri — which forms the basis of trustless comm utilizing the IBC protocol
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The not so secret…secret…about #decentralization in #crypto

And why the vast majority of those in #Web3 prefer centralized entities running the show rather than a true decentralized ethos like

$DOT and $BTC

Yes, this is a thread about @Polkadot…🧵
1/ The King 👑 #Bitcoin

Satoshi invented the solution to the _real_ money problem

#Decentralized verification of a shared public ledger; free from the control of centralized actors in our world like banks & sovereign govs

A never ending reflection of the world around it


The key thesis behind Bitcoin is decentralization of power to the free market with blockchain and game theory as the vehicles to accomplish this

@DylanLeClair_ is always spot on here 👇
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1/ 💫 Creating cross-chain transfers in #Dotsama just got easier!

➡️ Enter XCM SDK by Moonbeam to simplify XCM transfers & provide a smoother experience for builders on Moonbeam, @MoonriverNW, as well as other parachains

Details 🧵👇…
2/ This new software development kit enables builders to easily create transactions that deposit & withdraw assets to Moonbeam or Moonriver from the Relay Chain & other parachains✨
3/ By installing the kit, devs are able to work with a simple set of functions that abstract the complexity of sending tokens through XCM

DApps that implement the SDK don’t have to worry about multi-locations, fee information, and a host of other XCM-related configurations ✔︎
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1/ With the Amplitude Democratization rollout around the corner, let's revisit one of the flagship dApps on Amplitude & @pendulum_chain; Spacewalk 🌌

In short; Spacewalk will connect @StellarOrg with #DotSama & beyond

Let's explore further!🧵…
2/ Spacewalk will enable Amplitude & @Pendulum_chain to utilize the multitude of fiat stable tokens on the Stellar blockchain & help build the fiat DeFi future.

Spacewalk is the first bridge between #Stellar and DotSama, which opens up a flow of tokens between networks.
3/ How does Spacewalk work?

Any parachain can easily implement the Spacewalk #Substrate pallet, giving more utility to tokens in both ecosystems. This opens up Stellar tokens to be used in applications and services across #DotSama and vice versa.

Imagine the possibilities 💡
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1/ 'Pulsar', #DotSama product you should keep an eye on from the collaboration @StellaSwap and @CryptoAlgebra

Pulsar will introduce Concentrated Liquidity :
• For traders low slippage
• For LPer more fee reward
• $STELLA to 0 token emission

Here things you should know 🦄
2/ Overview :

1. StellaSwap is a hybrid DEX built natively on @MoonBeamNetwork
2. Algebra is a concentrated liquidity protocol built on @0xPolygon, their innovative product can be integrated on DEXs (required the license)
3/ If you are in DeFi space for awhile, you may notice that most well-known DEXs which use UniSwap v2 model has started to switch to V3 model (e.g. Trader Joe) to reduce their token emission.

v2 token model is doomed to go to 0 due to its emission.
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1/ The Kusamaverse provides an interactive and live-visualisation of @Kusamanetwork and its transactions, in a 3D browser-based environment.

What data is visualised in #Kusamaverse?


Read the thread below 🧵 ⬇️
@kusamanetwork 2/ The Kusama relay chain visualised

Surrounding everything in the Kusamaverse is the relay chain - the heart of @Polkadot and @kusamanetwork

It represents the Kusama blockchain itself, where transactions are finalised.
@kusamanetwork @Polkadot 3/ Blocks validated in real-time

Periodically, the blocks which are currently being validated will appear on the #Kusama relay chain, showing the blocks’ ID

Beams of light, striking the blocks from the sky, indicate the exact validator nodes performing the validation ⚡️
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(1/24) Things you understand wrong about $DOT

Collected the questions from #DotSama community
• Wen Burn ?
• Why VCs choose to hold?
• What is Kusama?

🧵 to explain, get gud at @Polkadot Image
(2/24) "DOT has too many VCs"
According to @messari report, it indicated that DOT is the most held crypto among VCs and Hedge Funds.

Do you see this as Bearish, or Bullish?
Do you consider them smart money?.. Image
(3/24) Traditionally, VCs, and Hedge Funds have their own analyst team to evaluate the project they are going to invest in.

👉 They did agree to hold DOT as a part of their portfolios.

Let's discuss about fundamentals, and some ideas on why would big boys hold DOT..
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#Dotsama 🧵⬇️

Am stoked to present to you our very 1st thread!

I have personally chosen to make this thread about the amazing @authtrail, a #Web3 developers platform built on @moonbeam!

First up, why #Moonbeam?

@MoonbeamNetwork is the easiest path to the multi-chain future that is the end game for @gavofyork @polkadot & @substrate vision
Moonbeam is more than just an #EVM 
*Native deployments 
*Hybrid Deployments
*Multi-cahin deployments
*Cross-chain deployments
*XC-20 Deployments 
*New users & use cases (due to #ETH gas)
*Immediate access to rich pool of assets
*growing eco system 

Website ⬇️

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@cosmize_io on the #OG & both #Whitelist #Q&A

Patience and persistence shall prevail if you truly believe in the team help us grow it together and sure #community shall grow together!
We send our full support all things @AstarNetwork & @cosmize_io
This is a #graphic rich #Metaverse #BUIDLing on @AstarNetwork

And anyone whom gets granted can sure be these team afe fair and very #community based
Get involved and help them expand the #Metaverse
Gbu all
#Dotsama is 🔥 rn

Fyi we appreciate all wanting to get involved and joining the #Discord below 👀⬇️
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Did you miss the @Polkadot #community 📱
Catch all below⬇️

Massive productive @Polkadot 🧵
An absolute must 👀📗 for all! 👌

Packed full of amazing updates and #News!

Finally the next #community 📱 will be ⬇️

🗓 September

To stay up 2 date all things #Dotsama hit our notifications 🔛

Superstar list above and alot of content 🥂🚀
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Our frens over at @SubQueryNetwork are killing it with partnerships
This is truly how to scale #web3 and enable #interoperability in full
Truly inspired by this team and full support @JamesABayly and @SubQueryNetwork vision
Am here with full support
Anything can do to help
Amazing #community we have in #Discord too so come and join us help us grow the @SubQueryNetwork together

Thank you in advanced
Have a thread 🧵 coming soon! 👀🥂
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1/ 🚀 Builders, degens, & crypto enthusiasts- Moonbeam events are happening each week for you!✨

Whether you’re here to learn or an active member of the community, our events are catered to each of our audiences!

Check out August's lineup & tag a friend who'd be interested👇
2/ Moonbuilders Workshop: a series of technical presentations for developers to showcase how to use Moonbeam & Moonriver's smart contract platforms in #dotsama.

🗓 Wed. August 3 ⏰ 13:00 hrs UTC

🗓 Wed. August 17 ⏰ 16:00 hrs UTC Image
3/ Multi-Chain Sessions: weekly discussions with guest appearances from integrations in the Moonbeam ecosystem. Listen in as the Moonbeam team & guests discuss technology, developers, & future plans.

@QiDaoProtocol & @StellaSwap
🗓 Wed. August 3 ⏰ 16:00 hrs UTC Image
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1/ 🧪 Moonbeam <> @osmosiszone cross-chain integration is now ⚡️ LIVE ⚡️ via @axelarcore, enabling one-click swaps between the two chains.

This brings together @Polkadot & @cosmos — connecting two of the biggest interoperable ecosystems in the space 💪
2/ The 1st token to move between ecosystems is $DOT, which is now available on Osmosis✨

In the future, Moonbeam can also serve as a gateway for Substrate-based tokens from other chains to access the Cosmos ecosystem through Osmosis.
3/ This Axelar-facilitated connection is a significant step in establishing cross-chain composability outside of the #dotsama ecosystem & bringing unified liquidity & user experiences to #web3.…
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1/ Join us as a Jedi at the Momentum Hackathon in Berlin, on Tuesday June 28!

With #PolkadotDecoded coming up, we invite Dotsama builders, artists, connectors, validators to shape the future of the #Kusamaverse with us!

Beers included ;)

RSVP here 👇
2/ We have three tracks:

⚡️ Unlocking the paraverse - Parachain utilities in the Kusamaverse
⚡️ VIBES! Incentivizing valuable metaverse activities
⚡️ Milestone 2! Key features for the Kusamaverse

Full Milestone 2 proposal here:
3/ We invite you to be our JEDI!

In each track, @MomentumXYZ core team members will work in close collaboration with you to get input, feedback and clarity on what we will build over the next 9 to 12 months.

Results will be published online.
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1/ 📩 The Moonbeam Monthly Dispatch for May is HERE!

This month brought big news including new cross-chain capabilities on Moonbeam, the launch of the first Polkadot cross-chain connection, integrations, & much more!

Read this thread for a full recap👇…
2/ 🚀 Moonbeam added cross-chain capabilities, introducing $xcDOT, an XC-20 representation of $DOT on its parachain. DOT token holders can now deposit their tokens for use in #DeFi on Moonbeam.…
3/ 🔗 Moonbeam in collaboration with @AcalaNetwork launched the first cross-chain connection using XCM on #Polkadot.

This XCM-based connection enables native communications & token transfers between Moonbeam and Acala without the need for bridges.🔥…
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1 - An emerging player in interoperability is @ComposableFin who unites the #IBC, #EVM, & #XCM ecosystems. Connecting the fragments that today make up DeFi, Composable aims to achieve composability through a system wherein the whole of DeFi is greater than the sum of its parts 🧵
2 - At the core of Composable's innovation is its Cross-Chain Virtual Machine (XCVM). Through natively cross-chain smart contracts, true composability across multiple ecosystems is achievable.

This is a big, what they're setting out to do even exceeds @LayerZero_Labs's offering
3 - As solutions like LZ's achieve interoperability via trusted relayers & oracles, it's through a reactive approach that smart contracts on different apps/chains can interact. Since devs still need to choose a "home", it forces them to have to make a difficult decision
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⚡️ @Polkadot @ Davos 2022 recap Pt 1

last week polkadot hosted a splashy presence at the annual @WEF Davos meeting. watching the vids = 100x confidence in :

@gavofyork leadership

@substrate_io framework tech superiority

legit professionalism of teams building on #dotsama

let's get it out of the way

WEF has an infamous reputation & many in crypto view them with deep skepticism. accurate or not popular lore describes WEF as intently focused on centralizing global authority

vs crypto aspirations to disrupt the status quo through decentralization
thankfully @Kantrowitz asked polkadot creator gavin wood directly : considering this apparent contradiction why come to davos ? is this a political statement ?

@ 11:20 in this video 👇

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1/ A couple of hours ago we publicly launched Kusamaverse in @MomentumXYZ.

We were joined by 284 fellow Dotsamanauts. Wow! That was quite a ride!

We’d like to share what we’ve learned, what went well, what absolutely sucked monkey balls, and everything in between. 👇
2/ For starters... We are happy to learn why Kusama exists in the first place: Experiment in production. Embrace the chaos, learn from it and move forward. This always was in our DNA from day one… and today with the launch we ticked all the boxes (again) for sure ;)
3/ What went well: We gathered a big pile of amazing information, with 250+ users online at the same time interacting in the 3D world. Any issues that occurred are quite easy to iron out. The overall system held up nicely. And the #dotsama community love… WoW such Vibes <3
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Do you know the differences between #Polkadot and #Kusama?
Let explore the matter to understand how Kusama plays a very important role in the development of #Dotsama ecosystem and is, in itself, much more than a testnet.

Although they share many parts of their code, #Polkadot and #Kusama are independent networks with different priorities.
Kusama is wild and fast, great for experimentation and early-stage deployment. Polkadot is more conservative, prioritizing stability and dependability.

1. Points in common:
#Kusama was released as an early version of the same code to be used in #Polkadot sharing the same underlying architecture: a multichain, heterogeneously-sharded design based on Nominated Proof of Stake (NPoS).

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❌ Algorithmic stablecoins
✔️ Over & multi-collateralized stablecoins

This intern loves $aUSD.

Here's how @AcalaNetwork can take it beyond @polkadot and @kusama, increasing the accessible active user base from 1 to 15+ million users.

#acala #AUSD #Polkadot
@AcalaNetwork @Polkadot @Kusama $aUSD is uniquely interoperable by nature, meaning it can transferred cross-chain to any parachain on Polkadot or Kusama.$aUSD can also be trustlessly integrated by any Polkadot or Kusama parachain DApp.
@AcalaNetwork @Polkadot @Kusama This is made possible by @polkadot and @kusama's #XCM, a is fully on-chain internal messaging protocol realizing the vision of "shared security".

Thanks to XCM $aUSD can become the defacto stablecoin of @polkadot and @kusama. But what about using $aUSD outside the #DOTSAMA? 🤔
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Inspired to keep pushing the culture forward 🏃‍♀️

ChainSafe 💛 has had a fulfilling week @EFDevconnect, Amsterdam Blockchain Week, and @ETHGlobal's #ETHAmsterdam.

We feel incredibly humbled to share community with such impassioned and talented humans ♥️ across #web3

Recap 🧵
After the revelry that was @0xliscon and having to witness @EthereumDenver from the sidelines, the Euro chapter of ChainSafe could not WAIT to kickstart AMS.

Above all, TY 🙏 to the @Ethereum Foundation for putting on the INCREDIBLE @EFDevconnect in the unparalleled BvB.

(The bikes were pragmatic to say the least)

Think @Tbaut, @waymobetta, @tahabe_, and Afri would agree here 😂
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A @Kiltprotocol & @MoonbeamNetwork joint venture

Currently theres no way to issue pre currencies on #DOT or #KSM

Polimec tackles this problem and enables projects to issue pre currencies on #KSM or #DOT before their mainnet goes live

Thread 👇
With the succes of $KSM & $DOT we saw foul players enter the market, pivoting on the #DOTSAMA name

Most launched as an erc-20 token and had absolutely nothing to do with Dotsama

We've also seen legitimate projects who out of necessity chose to issue a pre token as erc-20
This way they could reward their early supporters through staking possibilites

I've been staking my @hydra_dx (HDX) since shortly after the LBP in febr 2021 & they are going live as a parachain soon

For these type of projects Polimec is going to be
the answer
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Some of You may be already familiar with @standarddefi but If You are somehow not, check what is coming from this #MultiChain #protocol for #synthetic assets. Standard Protocol is coming with lots of goodies for #Dotsama #Defi degens. Check this thread to know what to expect…
1. Standard Protocol Decentralised exchange with own AMM module launching on @ShidenNetwork with swap functions, LP provision and unique #Standard #dividends pool. Users will have a great Opportunity to generate revenue from DAY1 of #mainnet launch on #Shiden
Users will have unique #opportunities to generate #revenue on Standard DEX, with #STND and #SDN @ShidenNetwork tokens. #Defi #degens from #Dotsama ecosystem can try all those on testnet in from of mainnet Launch

You can join testnet Here:
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1/ @Polkadot $DOT is launching their parachain auctions in November. What does this mean for @kusamanetwork $KSM in future? What are the different use cases and what is the master plan behind?
2/ First you need to understand the great idea behind #Dotsama $KSM $DOT
@gavofyork was co-founder of $ETH and left it to create from scratch his vision of future blockchains:
"The future is multi-chain, Polkadot is multi-chain"
"Less trust, more truth"
3/ #Dotsama $KSM $DOT is designed as a multi-chain ecosystem that bridges other blockchains and acts a patchwork of independent legal systems interacting with each other. To say it in Gavins words:
"This is the biggest bet against chain maximalism"…
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