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1. #911Outage #PowerOutage #WWG1WGA

My thread yesterday gave explanations of how or why the outages occurred. We learned the #DeepState OWNS AND CONTROLS #CenturyLink.

2. I'm going to break down this drop. I'll quote from it in pieces, then give my thoughts. by the end of this we'll more fully understand how Q actually told us WHY AND HOW these outages were PLANNED by the White Hats. I was on the fence about who caused them, but not anymore!
3. Quote from drop #2171 then comment:

"How do you demonstrate 'reasonable cause' to regulate and/or break up BIG TECH?"

You demonstrate reasonable cause to investigate CenturyLink by poking holes in it. Show its weakness, vulnerability, and flaws. The outages did just that!
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1) Gather ‘round, everyone, while I replay for you the tale of the Aryan Nations. This will be another ungodly long thread, but I promise: When we’re done, the “liberals are the real Nazis” fulminations of @DineshDSouza will thereafter just give you a big ol’ belly laugh.
2) The Aryan Nations was officially named the Church of Jesus Christ-Christian, which had its origins in 1940s Southern California and an ex-Methodist pastor named Wesley Swift. His ministry, based in Lancaster, founded the movement known as Christian Identity.
3) Identity essentially preaches that white people are the “true children of Israel,” blessed by God, and that Jews are actually satanically-descended pretenders to the title. Nonwhites, they believe, are soulless “mud people,” the functional equivalent of animals.
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NEW: Suspected #MAGABomber Cesar Sayoc pleads not guilty. Trial date set for July 15.
Sayoc, in a navy prison uniform, didn’t say a word during the hearing. He pleaded through his attorneys.
U.S. District Judge Jed Rakoff, a rather droll wit, kicked off proceedings asking whether Sayoc's attorneys would waive an "hour and a half" recitation of the indictment.

Giggling, Sayoc's attorney Sarah Baumgartel waived it.

The 30-count indictment:…
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1) Donald Trump’s press conference Wednesday, and the responses to it, are an important and perhaps historic moment, beyond the controversy. It made irrevocably clear that Trump intends to rule as an authoritarian, and his followers want that. Ridiculously long thread follows.
2) @ThePlumLine has already limned the authoritarian nature of the behavior of both Trump and his minions in searing detail. I urge everyone to read this thread so they can understand the dynamic at work here.

3) This is hardly the first time Trump has attempted to assert that his version of reality is the only legitimate one, and that all others are “fake.” It’s been a trademark of his tenure. He uses the gap as a wedge to drive his followers closer.
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1) “Eliminationism” is a term you need not just to become familiar with, especially in today’s American rush toward authoritarianism. This will be a long, illustrated thread explaining what it means, how it works, and why Donald Trump is now our Eliminationist in Chief.
Warning: Some images contain violence and are disturbing.

Also warning: This thread is ridiculously long. 75 tweets is insane. I apologize. But this stuff is important. I hope you find it compelling anyway. If not, I understand.
2) So, what exactly do we mean by “eliminationism”? Here’s the academic definition:
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Republicans @metgopclub invited white nationalists multiple times where they took up violence & threatened political assassination. Jews arrived to peacefully ask them to disavow white nationalism, they had us arrested as we prayed for the Jews killed by it. #EndWhiteNationalism
In response to peaceful Jewish protest, the Republican @metgopclub promoted a tweet by Chadwick Moore, who was out last night hanging with Milo Yiannopoulos and who is promoting anti-semitic conspiracy theories casting doubt on #MAGABomber threats.
Chadwick Moore has also attacked @splcenter center for reporting on designated violent terrorist organization, The Jewish Defense League, known for bombing the US and Americans many times.
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1/Thread: Previously: FBI sting operation set up a sting operation to bomb Jewish center 0.9 mi from parking lot where #MAGABomber van was parked.… via @vicenews
2/ The FBI had set up James Medina to bomb the Aventura Turnberry Jewish Center, just down the road from Sarah’s Tent, the kosher supermarket where #MailStripperBomber was parked.
3/ and the Aventura Turnberry Jewish Center shares a connection to the Tree of Life in Pittsburgh via two father-son rabbis.…
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Weird. Jacob Wohl from today's crazy Mueller conspiracy story apparently registered & ran OffendedAmerica(.)com which is a now suspended site Cesar Sayoc retweeted in 2016. Jacbo Wohl memes show up at least 16x in the #Magabomber @hardrockintlent archive
Here is our tweet about the conspiracy websites that Cesar Sayoc the #magabomber frequented back in 2016. Talk about a crazy coincidence with Jacob Wohl
Before people get too excited keep in mind this was stuff Cesar Sayoc was reading & retweeting back in 2016 in this case I think the connection to #magabomber is really just coincidental .... but talk about weird considering I was just trying to figure out who ran that site
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Thread Do you understand the racial tones of the repeal of the 14th Amendment. This has got to be his biggest racial dog whistle he has ever done.
These are all based on the 14th Amendment "equal protection of the laws", which figures prominently in a wide variety of landmark cases, including Brown v. Board of Education (racial discrimination),
Roe v. Wade (reproductive rights), Bush v. Gore (election recounts), Reed v. Reed (gender discrimination), and University of California v. Bakke (racial quotas in education)
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USA reality: a country saturated with guns & habituated to quotidian massacre, plagued by age-old racism & bigotry, which have lately been expertly inflamed & incited by the POTUS

There Is Still So Much Evil’: Growing Anti-Semitism Stuns Americans

The violence that took place the Shabbat morning at the Tree of Life congregation in Pittsburgh is the fear of every synagogue, Hillel, day school & Jewish community center in this country. It is the ancient Jewish expectation of persecution—this IS Terrorism

When Rabbi Miller learned of the Squirrel Hill massacre, he ordered the doors of his synagogue locked.

Despite his congregants’ terror that they would be next, they recited the mi sheberach.

They prayed for the healing of others rather than themselves.
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THREAD: After the #TreeOfLifeSynagogue #shooting, the #KrogerShooting before that, and the +14 bombs sent by the #MAGABomber, it's crucial that we call #RightWingTerrorism out for what it is, but we also clearly need to talk about #WhiteSupremacy in the 2018 election.
We celebrate the truly #HISTORIC number of #women and #POC running for office in 2018, but we also refuse to ignore the volume & range of explicit and implicit #racist attacks almost every single candidate of color has faced in this election. That's also #WhiteSupremacy in action
Let's be clear: #POC running for elected office have ALWAYS faced hurdles to victory defined by the strength of #StructuralRacism and our country's long-standing culture of #WhiteSupremacy. But 2018 has taken it to a new level.
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I know many expect AG Sessions & DAG Rosenstein to be fired soon after the election. Do you think their rapid capture of the #MAGABomber helped to make that more difficult for @realDonaldTrump? I may be wrong, but my gut tells me that Trump doesn't fire them right away [1/4]
And I suspect #Mueller will file a preliminary report with Rosenstein (& indirectly to Congress) right after election outlining not everything, but enough evidence of wrongdoing that firing them after that would look like @realDonaldTrump is just trying to silence them. [2/4]
So as much as I think @realDonaldTrump wants (and intends) to fire AG Sessions and/or DAG Rosenstein, I suspect he will be outmaneuvered and that he will ultimately be talked out of it by his staff. What do you all think? [3/4]
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Let’s show you how the FBI did this.…
There’s numerous examples of the FBI entrapping would be terrorists.

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Never forget that Kushner, Flynn & Kislyak discussed Kushner USING RUSSIAN EQUIPMENT so that Kushner could communicate with the Kremlin IN SECRET FROM THE US

The NY slum lord Kushner needed to use Russian equipment?

It's bizarre that we're ignoring this…
Never forget little pocket man Kushner has blood on his hands.

Saudi crown prince bragged that Jared Kushner gave him CIA intelligence about other Saudis saying 'here are your enemies' days before "corruption crackdown" which led to torture and death…
Feb 16, 2017, Trump was asked for a “yes or no” on campaign contact w Russia

Kushner was in the room. He met w Russians 4 times:

April 26, 2016, Mayflower

June 9, 2016, Trump Tower, NY

Dec. 1, 2016, Trump Tower, NY

Dec. 13, 2016, banker in New York

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How can any human vote for @BrianKempGA

Have you read this story? Read every word & if you are in Georgia or know people in Georgia make sure GA folks know about this.

Republicans like Kemp are dangerous. He isn't just suppressing votes ...…
Here is @BrianKempGA
actually hugged up to James Stachowiak, multiple convictions felon, regularly posts videos instructing his viewers to shoot black people on site

America! Georgia! Surely to goodness we are better than this.

Do not let others vote for Kemp w/o knowing this
Kemp hugged up with a convicted felon telling people to kill black women & children.

His name is James J. Stachowiak.

Here's his Facebook:…

Report him. Find him.

And DO NOT vote for @BrianKempGA another #MAGABomber type nutbag

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Trump tweets description of himself...

oh wait, that is him describing the brilliant billionaire and philanthropist Tom Steyer, who received one of the #MAGABomber devices in the mail last week.
Ever notice how nearly always the word billionaire and philanthropist go hand in hand? Yet NEVER ONCE have seen this description used in a Donald Trump bio or introduction.
Every person shot dead yesterday in Pittsburgh was over 58 years old & defenseless, as a child was being blessed. Likely this synagogue was their long time home & sanctuary.

This is the world we now live, where Trump has laid the groundwork to sow further division & vitriol.
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ONE LOCKED DOOR. This week was a trifecta of domestic terrorism, but the media isn't saying so because of a locked door. On Wednesday Gregory Bush (L) tried unsuccessfully to get into a predominantly black Baptist church. So he went instead to the Kroger supermarket down the- 1/X
street. He walked into the store, passed white employees at the registers and at least 3 white customers (Drew Butler, Eric Deacon & Kathy Mayhall) before coming up behind the 1st black person he saw, Maurice Stallard, who was there with his 12-year-old grandson to get some- 2/5
poster board for a school project. Bush pulled a handgun & shot Stallard point-blank in the back of the head. The grandson ran as Bush fired into Stallard's body on the floor. Bush calmly walked out of the store, where he killed Vickie Lee Jones as she was walking toward the- 3/5
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On Friday I tweeted about how ‘strikingly similar’ lies & conspiracy theories about Soros & Jewish funding of migrants in the US were to lies & conspracy theories spread by @Nigel_Farage. Now we learn these were quoted by the synagogue shooter. Right before committing mass murder
Read this thread & article. The synagogue shooter was steeped in these lies. Lies that percolate in conspiracy sites, are reinforced by Kremlin propaganda & then spread to the mainstream in these winking terms ‘Soros’ & ‘globalist’
This was @Arron_banks two days before the synagogue shooting. Criticism of public figures funding political projects is entirely valid. But this?
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The attack on the Tree of Life congregation left the community & world shellshocked as the quiet streets of Squirrel Hill became eerily silent after a gunman opened fire on the city’s oldest synagogue, killing at least 11 people and injuring six others.


Please join me in a moment of prayer honoring of the living and the dead.

Join me in raising my voice against the hate & fear mongers poisoning our discourse.

Join me in the fight to end the hate fueling this violence, rending the very fabric of our nation.

The Pittsburgh shooting is being investigated as a federal hate crime.

FBI Reveals: Threat to U.S. Posed by White Supremacists Now Equals That of ISIS

Pittsburgh synagogue shooting suspect threatened Jewish groups, pushed migrant caravan conspiracies
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After the heinous week that we've just experienced, to have something as detestable as the #SynogogueShooting in #Pittsburgh happen surpasses overload for all of us. It's crucial that we not forget @ this, however.…
#SaturdayThoughts #MAGABomber #Vote
2/"Until 2016, Cesar Altieri Sayoc Jr.’s life on social media looked unremarkable. On his Facebook page, he posted photos of decadent meals, gym workouts, scantily clad women and sports games — the stereotypical trappings of middle-age masculinity. But that year, Mr. Sayoc’s
3/"social media presence took on a darker and more partisan tone. He opened a new Twitter account and began posting links to sensational right-wing news stories, adding captions like “Clinton busted exposed rigging entire election.” On Facebook, his anodyne posts gave way to a
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#MAGABomber Cesar Sayoc referred on Facebook to Russian associates, echoed pro-Kremlin views, and posted pics of himself with his "Russian Brother in Moscow, Sunny Isle FL, Brighten Bch Brooklyn" [areas popular with Russia mafia].
@Kris_Sacrebleu #Maddow
Interesting to note that #MAGABomber Cesar Sayoc's step dad, John Giardiello, was an associate of La Cosa Nostra crime boss Santos Trafficante [who was linked to JFK's assassination, among other things].
cc @craigunger @Delavegalaw @olgaNYC1211 #Maddow
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Trump is not accidentally inciting right-wing neo-Nazi violence. He's not unaware of the danger unleashed by his rhetoric. His rhetoric is intentional & the violence it creates is also intentional. Media MUST stop pretending otherwise before it's too damn late. Please read below.
Remember this "mistake" - early in Trump's campaign - where he "accidentally" created a campaign image with Nazi soldiers superimposed on US flag instead of US soldiers? "Mistake" was blamed on an intern, but it was no mistake - he instantly led GOP polls.…
Remember this one - where he claimed he didn't know the 6-pointed star was a Jewish star & had no idea this image of Hillary superimposed over it & images of money was anti-semitic?
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@ddale8 @juliaioffe Julia Ioffe was hit with an onslaught of anti-Semitic abuse when she did a profile of Melania that Trump supporters did not agree with. epilogue: Melania did not denounce it 1/…
@ddale8 @juliaioffe @Milbank shared some of his vitriolic hate mail in 2017 - often from people claiming not to be Trump supporters, but then going on to spout many of the Trump talking points 2/…
@ddale8 @juliaioffe @Milbank Milbank also documented back in 2016 what many people saw but didn’t focus on in its connectedness: the code words and anti-Semitic messages of the Trump campaign. Many media members still bought into the “good Jews” in the WH (Javanka) or “errors” 3/…
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This article describes how “digital traces” of the #MAGAbomber (Cesar Sayoc’s) online activities reveal conspiracy theorizing, alt-right propaganda, pro-Trump & pro-Russian sentiment. To a researcher of online disinformation, this is not at all surprising…
For years, we’ve been studying how there is an “alternative” media ecosystem where these ideologies converge:…
This ecosystem is characterized by conspiracy theorizing (false flags, crisis actors, New World Order, Illuminati, George Soros is responsible for everything bad in the world, etc.) and pseudo-scientific belief (chemtrails, anti-vaccines, nutritional supplements galore).
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