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A mis- and disinformation superspreader event featuring @DefendingEd @KidsinSchoolPAC @NoLeftTurnElana, which should cover #COVID19 anti-mask propaganda, anti-#CriticalRaceTheory hysteria, anti-#DEI falsehoods, and more #BucksCounty #PA01 #PA #Montco #PA @PSEA
For some #BucksCounty #PA01 context highlighting local actors, read "Anti-Critical Race Theory hysteria revives McCarthyism, Klan politics" where I speak with @jasonintrator who provides a historical perspective to things happening on the ground in #PA.…
Still waiting for these folks to denounce and repudiate the local #BucksCounty #PA01 Three Percent cell - the Proud American Patriots Network militia. Amazing there was going to be a paramilitary picnic with #Reopen folks. So far, crickets...
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The armed militia/paramilitary wing of the #Reopen anti-mask movement announced it will be in Doylestown #BucksCounty #PA01 8/25 noon until @CBSDSchools meeting to discuss amending the health & safety plan based on @buckshealthdept David Damsker's new #COVID19 guidelines. 1/5
The armed militia/paramilitary group is trying to brand this act of intimidation in #BucksCounty #PA01 as "family fun" & a "celebration." According to the flyer the event is co-hosted with Parents of @CBSDSchools, which one could assume are from the #reopen, anti-mask bunch. 2/5
This "family fun" armed militia/paramilitary group also offers to its shock troops, I mean members, discounts for Ballistic helmets "ideal" for law enforcement, military and private security contractors. Why would they need these? #BucksCounty #PA01 #extremism 3/5
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1. @JoeNBC @morningmika @Morning_Joe Former teacher here: Once again everyone wants to put in their 2 cents w/o input from those who have to deal w/implementing the policies. You, the politicians, the parents, the scientists, the doctors et al want #AmericanSchools to #Reopen!
2. You need to consider that most school bldgs are more than 50 yrs old. A local HS built circa 1970 has narrow slit like windows that don't open. So much for #Ventilation! #Classrooms are small & don't allow for social distancing. This is further complicated by having....
3. 20-25 #Students per class. Several yrs ago a friend had 32 students in her K-class due to budget cuts! I don't know the number in her class now but I doubt there's been a great change in the number. The kids who take buses to school are on top of each other all the time.
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Meanwhile in #France,
"the peak of this second wave is over"

(according to the President in his Adress to the Nation):
Wait... "the peak is over" doesn´t mean "it´s back to normal"!

Confinement will only fall on December 15,
if there´s less than 5.000 new cases a day.
(today it´s ~9.000).

France is disappointed.🙁

Although they certainly can make it happen.
Meanwhile in #Switzerland:
(excess mortality of the second wave is significant)

Good news: fastest decrease in infections happens in the worst hit areas now.
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Just a reminder:

During a May #reopen rally, a Nazi with deep connections to the Philly police dept deliberately rammed a POC counter-protester with a car and dragged his struggling body through an intersection.

It's on video.

.@PhillyMayor's police threatened the victim.
The victim has contacted the mayor, @PPDCommish, and, @DA_LarryKrasner, and Internal Affairs.

All have refused to intervene.

The Nazi behind the wheel has since been associated with multiple acts of vigilante violence against POC in South Philly.
Kenosha is not an isolated incident.

Police, law enforcement, mayors, and district attorneys refuse to take this wave of far right violence seriously.

It is only escalating.
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The decision on #ReopeningSchools has fallen largely on local school districts and university administrators. So how can it be done safely as #COVID19 surges?

@margbrennan spoke with @AmericanU President and former @HHSGov Sec. @SylviaBurwell for more:… Image
How did @SylviaBurwell decide to take @AmericanU totally online amid #coronavirus concerns?

She tells @margbrennan "after consulting a lot of epidemiologists" and local officials, she made the "best decision' to change course this fall #ReopenSafely
While the Trump admin. pushes ahead with dismantling #Obamacare, @SylviaBurwell tells @margbrennan building on the #ACA is the best way to ensure access to #healthcare during a pandemic

#COVID19 is just going to bring "health care issues more to the forefront" she says
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Wondering where the anti-mask fervor is generated? The lastest @IREHR data on far-right groups opposed to #COVID19 restrictions found 227 groups with 254,534 members explicitly dedicated to the anti-mask cause.…
This includes Facebook groups like "Masks Are A Choice - Orange County", "MASKS ARE FOR THE SHEEP AND THE SLAVES OF THE ZIONIST JEWS!" and "People against wearing masks! AKA, we're not sheep!"
Of 1114 groups on the list, 227 are explicitly anti-mask focused. They incubate much of the anti-mask propaganda that gets pumped into the larger constellation of "#reopen" groups (814 groups, 2.5 million members), then fed into the mainstream.
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As #COVID19 cases are found to spread, #Melbourne (city of ~5 million) tries to contain them by going into #Lockdown.
(The interview features the idea of a dedicated #Quarantine building - that would actually help, I guess)...
"People acting as if the pandemic was over was 'not the answer, it is part of the problem' ".

"The virus had leaked from postcodes already under the stay-at-home orders to other parts of #Melbourne."
(and beyond, it is feared).
Due to #Melbourne's outbreak, neighbouring South Australia is about to completely close it's borders to #Victoria.

(Nearly) no exceptions. And those essential few who are allowed in, will have to wear facemasks the entire time...
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It's too soon to tell for sure, but now that some #reopen states are starting to take prevention measures seriously, we might be approaching a second peak.

It's better than the near-straight line we were at before, but I'm a lot less optimistic about what happens next. Image
Remember the big surge in #reopen rallies?

The one in Harrisburg was right during the height of those, April 20th.

A week later, we saw a secondary peak that was nearly as high as the first.

Those protests were a site of infection, not just in terms of COVID but in terms of the politicization of basic common sense public health practice.

It created a blue/red divide along public health practice at the worst possible moment.
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On behalf of all the fitness lovers & fitness centres around the city I most humbly req @KTRTRS garu to consider reopening of #Gyms & #FitnessCentres. Since this #Pandemic is on maintaining proper health & Immune system is of dire necessity.
You being a fitness freak can understand the value of being fit n healthy, gym owners have invested huge investments & to keep their gyms alive they're still paying salaries to their employees, paying rents, electricity bills & they also salaries to trainers.
For gym owners & trainers this is their only sole source of income, due to shut down they're going into huge losses & debts, if this req is not considered this loss cannot be compensated at any cost whatsoever.
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Lots of high-profile political & media discussion of story suggesting that 1/2 the tweets ab #reopen are bots... Bots began to captivate politicos/ public debate ~2yrs after their effectiveness heyday. Researchers had moved to looking at multiple factors to gauge manipulation.
There are still lots of fake accounts on Twitter & FB; company transparency reports are a good place to see the #s companies are taking down. But even so, they don’t generally achieve the kind of impact they used to in 2016; things like weights in trending algos have changed
Unfortunately a lot of the bot-detection classifiers overindex on certain factors that particular groups think of as activism - rapid, high volume retweeting, for example. Saying the same thing. Bombarding a targeted hashtag or person.
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The policy change that Facebook made in 2019 during the Brooklyn measles outbreak involved splitting HEALTH MISINFO ab vaccines off from POLITICAL DEBATES about vaccination.

"vaccines cause autism" - no.
"school vax requirements are govt tyranny" - ok…
I have an insanely long paper on this in the works but: the gist was that this would allow preservation of political debate about vaccination legislation, which has been incredibly heated (CA, NY, NJ within the last year)...
...while stopping the absolutely macabre and wholly made-up "vaccines cause SIDS" insanity by Larry Cook of the group Stop Mandatory Vaccination, who was running GoFundMes and then ads targeting pregnant women with pictures of deceased children.…
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Let’s talk about the proverbial elephant in the room RE #CompassionateRelease of persons incarcerated in #prisons in the midst of #COVID19. A [long] thread with thanks to @briewsf @DrNovisky @GeriPowerMD 1/21
While a partnership between @FAMMFoundation @NACDL @WashLaw4CR is tackling petitions in the @OfficialFBOP Why don’t we see governors and other leadership extending release to many of the #vulnerable housed in state #prisons? 2/21
By #vulnerable, I mean those persons who meet #CDC guidelines for greatest risk of serious illness due to #COVID19 -- persons over 65 (#olderadults), those with #chronichealth problems including severe #asthma #liverdisease or are #immunocompromised (#hepatitis) 3/21
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It appears we've had two mass shootings in the past twelve hours, one in Arizona and one in Texas.
I say "appears" only because there's just one reported injury in the Corpus Christi shooting, so it's possible it was targeted rather than mass.
Arizona has some really bad Nazi terror dudes lurking around. I'm not trying to make predictions and there's no telling what the story will be, but I definitely had some names and faces pop into my head the minute I heard about the shooting.

These folks haven't gone away.
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1/ Q: What’s my personal risk for a bad #Covid_19 outcome should I become infected?

A: A variety of new “risk calculators” can help you answer this very question (Links below).
BIG CAVEAT: There are huge margins of error on the results, often making risk scores LESS ACCURATE.
Background: As several parts of the country #reopen, we need to make our own, individualized risk/benefit calculations. It’s a tough puzzle – we all have incredibly unique circumstances, constraints, and supports under which we’re operating.
3/ Both clinical medicine and health care policy rely on statistically sophisticated prediction models to estimate an individual’s risk for an outcome of interest (good or bad).

These models suggest answers to the Q: “What’s my personal risk for X outcome if I contract #COVID?”
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#ReOpen protesters aren't just symbolically violent.

It will be 1 week ago tomorrow that an openly Nazi-sympathizing #ReOpen organizer slammed & dragged a nonviolent POC protester's struggling body through a city intersection here in Philly.

Police have done nothing.
Police commissioner @PPDCommish Danielle Outlaw and @PhillyMayor Kenney have yet to respond to calls for justice or address the issue.
Here's video of the incident. (cw: disturbing)

It's a hit-and run.

The Nazi driver's mom is super-tight with law enforcement-- she used to be the secretary for Frank Rizzo, legendarily racist Philly former Police Commissioner and Mayor.

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.@GovHolcomb about to begin #coronavirus briefing, where he's expected to present results of @FSPH_IUPUI testing of nearly 5,000 randomly sampled Hoosiers.
.@StateHealthIN Commissioner Kris Box: Indiana will receive weekly shipments of #Remdesivir from federal government, based on number of ICU patients. The anti-SARS drug has reduced the length of #coronavirus hospital stays.
.@FSPH_IUPUI, before presenting results, notes that "while I don't expect it to vary wildly," this is just the first phase of a planned 4-phase study, With that:

1.7% tested positive
1.1% had antibodies, suggesting past infection
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Remember how I pointed out that white "left" dudes stole "Karen" Black folks using it to mean white ladies calling the cops on Black kids' lemonade stands?

That white left dudes just use it to mean "bitch," now?

Well, it's gotten to the point where even Nazis use it that way.
I don't speak German so I don't know the full context, but that video is a skit where young women are making a show how you can use your underwear as a mask.

That video (with that Karen caption), has been shared across several Nazi Telegram channels.
It's been especially popular in white supremacist channels pushing #ReOpen's narrative.

They use it to make fun of women following mask-wearing and social distancing protocols, and especially women who get upset seeing people laughingly defy those protocols.
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Thread: more evidence of the presence of the "Boogaloo Bois" - those itching to kick off a bloody Civil War II - in the growing number of far-right "ReOpen" protest groups.

Here's the conversation inside ReOpen Texas. "Bigigloo" is just another name for the "Boogaloo." Here you have #ReOpen activists begging to start a bloody armed conflict.
Similar "Bigigloo" memes have been circulating in the #ReOpen group, Pennsylvanians Against Excessive Quarantine.
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One of the best summaries of #COVID19 risk assessment I've seen. Never so important than now as we seek to #reopen Canada.

Premise of this paper is

Successful infection = exposure to virus (dose) x time…
- Outbreaks more common indoors, closely-spaced, sustained time periods >10min
- High risk situations: talking/singing, home/workplace or public transport, restaurants
- 90% of transmission events = high risk situations
- Shopping far less likely to be an issue
Fascinating contact tracing data highlighting importance of #redesign for new normal. Especially as workplaces reopen....this doesn't look easy or straightforward.

Images show infected person & who became +ve in workplace & restaurant. Social distancing maybe not the answer
3/ ImageImage
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The #ReOpenPhilly rally yesterday was organized by Proud Boys and Vic Della Barba, local neo-Nazi and son of connected GOP activist Jody Della Barba.

Vic hit a nonviolent counter-protester with his car in a hit-and-run.

@PPDCommish Danielle Outlaw needs to act, now.

The evidence couldn't be more clear.

As you can see in this closer shot of the incident, the counter-protester is a young man of color & does nothing to provoke the attack.

He is standing motionless when the car accelerates into him, throwing him onto the hood of Vic's car.

Vic's Nazi apologist friends have accused the victim of attacking the vehicle.

That is a lie.

The video clearly shows he only clings to the windshield wiper and pounds the hood after being thrown to the hood of the car.

That is not an attack.

That is self-preservation.
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.@GovHolcomb's daily #coronavirus briefing is underway. @StateHealthIN commissioner Kristina Box is again absent following the death of her father last week.
ISDH chief medical officer Lindsey Weaver with a reminder: 20 new #coronavirus testing sites open tomorrow at @INNationalGuard armories. Registration is open now.
Weaver: "This is a marathon, not a sprint....Just because the mall is open doesn't mean you need to go." In particular, if you're feeling sick, #stayhome.
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Journalists from across the US heard insights from the First Draft team and discussed their concerns and tips around reporting at this time, covering the following issues (thread, 1/6) Image
Mistrust in medical institutions
Nursing homes are under particular scrutiny due to secretive policies that keep friends, families and yes, journalists, in the dark about the severity of Covid-19's impact
Hurdles to reporting
We recommend searching Facebook Groups for personal accounts from friends, families and employees, and researching civil court records for potential history of issues when care facility officials are not forth-coming
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.@GovHolcomb about to begin his daily #coronavirus briefing with @StateHealthIN Commissioner Kristina Box.
Spoke too soon. Dr. Box is absent today, due to what Holcomb says is "a non-COVID family emergency." Dan Rusyniak, chief medical officer for @FSSAIndiana, and FSSA Secretary @confectionsmd are filling in.
Rusyniak: 2,850 people have registered for @IUPUI #coronavirus study announced last week. Fairbanks School of Public Health hopes to test 5-7K in this phase, 20K by year's end. (Don't volunteer; they're contacting people selected to participate.)
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