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🚨NEW: @JohnsHopkins anesthesiologist Anna Gabrielian and her spouse @USArmy military doctor Maj. Jamie Lee Henry INDICTED for conspiring to share highly-sensitive medical records of military personnel with #Russia.…
Gabrielian was "motivated by patriotism toward #Russia" & allegedly said her spouse had info on how the US establishes field hospitals. She told an undercover agent their info needed to be used "for something tactically advantageous…not just check if this person has polyps."🤬
The duo allegedly communicated to someone they believed to be working for the Russian government, who was actually an undercover FBI agent, that they were willing to provide the medical records of military personnel and of certain patients of Johns Hopkins Hospital.🤬
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This is the start of the daily thread documenting #Russia's war of choice on #Ukraine.

It's Day 164 if you're counting (me too!)
All the news in one place, check back throughout the day.

DMs open for tips, all appreciated, as are any coffees donated (see my profile)😉
We ended yesterday wondering if the Dar'ivky Bridge just outside occupied #Kherson had been hit.

No update on that yet, but #Ukraine has claimed hits on 6 ammo dumps, numerous weapons and command posts in #Chornobaivka #Oleshki #Beryslav #Bruskinskyi and Kherson city itself.
#Ukraine is already hitting #Russia's stores again this morning.

This video from occupied #Makiivka (RU #Makeevka) - a lot of explosions followed the first strike, so looks likely to be an another ammunition dump.

#StopRussia #StandWithUkraine
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Heh @KariLake, what island is that ?

And who is your friend Barbra. I only know one Barbra.

She seems to be a Trump hater:…
Never mind my second question. Figured it out.

#BarbraSeville taught Kari Lake everything she knows about make-up. Image
Barbra Seville: Arizona's #1 Drag Queen…
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‼️Pence’s Chief of Staff Marc Short testified under #subpoena to a federal grand jury probing the #January6th insurrection—the highest-ranked Trump WH official known to have testified.

Trump, Rudy & others should be VERY worried.😎

In March, DOJ finally expanded its CRIMINAL probe of #January6th to include preparations for Trump’s “Save America” rally that preceded the the Capitol assault…as well as its financing👉🏼Alex Jones and @Publix heiress Julie Jenkins Fanfelli.

Grand jury subpoenas were sent to those who organized Trump's #January6th rally near the WH—prosecutors seek multiple records + documents, including texts, emails & potential communications with others regarding the logistics of the event.

No ignoring a federal GJ #subpoena.😎
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🚨BREAKING: #OathKeepers founder & leader Stewart Rhodes ARRESTED and CHARGED with **seditious #conspiracy** for organizing a wide-ranging plot to storm the Capitol on #Jan6th.

FINALLY, the first insurrectionist has been charged with #sedition.💥…
At least 4 #OathKeepers who were at the Capitol on 1/6 and are cooperating with the government have **sworn in court papers that the group intended to breach the Capitol with the goal of obstructing the final certification of the Electoral College vote**.

Total #sedition.
On #ElectionDay, Rhodes allegedly said that an “honest” count of the votes could only result in a victory for Trump and called on #OathKeepers members to “stock up on ammo” and prepare for a “full-on war in the streets.”

ABOUT TIME this #traitor was charged with #sedition.🤬
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🚨SEDITION: Trump plotted with Jeffrey Clark—acting head of DOJ’s civil division—to oust & replace Acting AG Rosen & wield DOJ’s power to force #Georgia lawmakers to overturn its election results.

DOJ department heads then said they’d QUIT in protest.…
Their resignation pact helped persuade Trump to keep AG Rosen—calculating that a furor over mass resignations at the top of DOJ would eclipse attention on his baseless accusations of voter “fraud.”


😱Trump’s decision not to oust Rosen came only after Rosen and Clark made competing cases to Trump in a bizarre WH meeting that 2 officials compared with an episode of Trump’s reality show “The Apprentice.”

This is the definition of a #SeditiousConspiracy.

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They want us to forget that Trump committed election fraud in his illegal call to Raffesnperger. They want us to forget Trump caused a terrorist attack. They want us to forget Trump ignored a pandemic. They want us to forget that Trump was friends with Jeffrey Epstein. We won’t.
They want us to forget Trump sexually assaulted 43 women. They want us to forget Trump ruined our economy. They want us to forget Trump called Nazis “very fine people.” They want us to forget Trump bribed Ukraine on an illegal call. They want us to forget Trump paid $0 in taxes.
They want us to forget Trump ordered police to beat up, tear gas, and taze peaceful protestors. They want us to forget Trump separated children from their parents and locked them in cages. They want us to forget Trump called Mexicans rapists and criminals.
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1. THREAD based on this Washington Monthly article.
It provides evidence that @realDonaldTrump is a #traitor, #PutinsPuppet, and a #RussianAsset. He's a #NationalSecurityRisk.…
2. "Once again, the President of the United States is running interference for Russia, a hostile foreign adversary.... It’s hard to know what to even call this. Carrying water for Vladimir Putin? A disinformation campaign? A treasonous subversion of national security?"
3. "Trump has spent years calling concerns over his ties to Russian interference a “hoax,” and his Republican enablers have reinforced his propaganda. But it’s not a hoax."
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🚨👀👇New 🧵

From Russia with Snowden - Spook & Shadow Brokers

Spook: A C_A spy.

Shadow Broker: is an individual at the head of an expansive organization which trades in information, always selling to the highest bidder. Image
1/ Let's rewind to Snowden's pre-C_A employment in 2006. Did you know that ES enlisted in the Army Special Forces 18X in 2004? Special Forces begin their training at Fort Bragg/JSOC, & at that time was under leadership of Stanley McChrystal. Source: 👇… ImageImage
2/ Army Special Forces training is 53 rigorous weeks long, and the attrition rate hovers around 70%. ES fractured both legs and was discharged after 144 days (20 weeks 4 days).
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1. How the electi0n was st0len in '17' easy pages from #SidneyPowell filing in Michigan.
#Exhibit105 pages 1-4
Direct connection to #Serbia #Iran #BMACapitalManagement #DominionVotingSystems #EdisonResearch #DecisionHQ #Spiderfoot #Robtex @POTUS ImageImageImageImage
2. And now here comes #China
Records of #IPAddresses accessing server #ChinaUnicom even the Dominion domain was registered thru Godaddy to #Hunan China #BMACapitalManagement provides #Iran access to money averting US #sanctions and here is #Scorecard #ACORN #obama #Robtex @POTUS ImageImageImageImage
3. In pages 9-12 of #Exhibit105 enter #Canada with alternate domain #DVScorp redirected to #Beanfield
For those with fatfingers domains like #DVScopr were also used thru #China Dominion "loaned" their intellectual property patents to #HSBCbank in #China selling out USA. @POTUS ImageImageImageImage
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So the long anticipated and much hyped Senate Intel Cmte Volume 5 is out.

I am starting with the recommendations.…

This part is interesting:

One of the ways foreign actors influenced the election was through “a private entity intertwined with the structures of democracy.”


This has to do with Flynn, who lied to the FBI about subverting the acting President’s foreign policy, which he also did not take notes about because he knew what he was doing was problematic.


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My father would be LIVID if he found out that Fort Gordon, where he did basic, is named after a #traitor & a #racist.

If Trump served, instead of faking #BoneSpurs, he'd know it's obscene to veto funding for our #troops in defense of dead generals who bore arms against the US.
12 US bases named after traitors that Trump cares about more than current troops: Beauregard (LA), Benning (GA), Bragg (NC), Gordon (GA), AP Hill (VA), Hood (TX), Lee (VA), Maxey (TX), Pendleton (VA), Pickett (VA), Polk (LA), Rucker (AL). #Inhofe….
Gen David Petraeus (ret): It's "strange ... that the leaders of the fight against the Union were more widely honored—with their names on federal forts, roads, barracks, gates, housing areas, etc.—than were those who fought for the country." #treason #Trump…
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1st it was CoVid.
They had to shut the country down.
They had to cause as much hopelessness as possible.
Next they created a racially charged situation to amplify the emotions of people whom had already felt they had no power. A people who had been divided and isolated.
The #MSM is responsible for inciting rage, along with local officials who refused to act, & should be held to account.
They amplified the messages of hate spewed by celebrities.
They selectively choose tragic events to inflict the most emotional stress possible.
They want you divided.
Divided you are weak & controllable.
They want you angry.
Angry at each other & not those whom are truly responsible.
They want you fighting each other instead of rising up against the principalities of evil responsible for our current state.
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🎯💣🧐👇 1) New thread on #TRAITOR Michael Flynn - How he lost his job in 2⃣3⃣days, betrayed #PresidentT and our COUNTRY! #Flem is most definitely guilty of #Treason! He sold our country out....over, and over again. 💰💰💰#spying #CoverUp #LockHimUp #TickTock ⌚️
2) January 22, 2017 Let's begin with #PresidentT swearing in ceremony of 30 senior staff. 9 minute video of #POTUS45 speech and #VP reading oath. Please listen and watch. 🧐👉
3) January 24, 2017 - FBI interview of Flynn's conversations with Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak. Somehow the media & Mueller Report glossed over the real collusion of Flynn....lobbying in December to the UN on behalf of ISRAEL! Source👉…
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🔥BREAKING NEWS🔥The moment @DevinNunes learned that the story about him and his aides receiving help from Lev Parnas and FIRTASH was going to break...
🔥Keep this in mind during Fiona Hill’s #ImpeachmentInquiry: @DevinNunes conspired with Lev Parnas and his funder Dmitry Firtash- a mob lieutenant of Semion Mogilevich -to advance Putin’s goals‼️Nunes is a #TRAITOR‼️
✅Do you understand now why the @GOP has no sense of conscience? They colluded with Putin in a WAR against our democratic election, they conducted a cyber war on our infrastructure and psychological warfare against our citizens‼️ It. Is. Treason.
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Volker There is some grand bargain to throw UKN under the bus

GOP admit they have no fact witnesses — & Trump did indeed extort Zelensky

@GOP are keen on normalizing Trump’s extortion & absolving RU of their attack on the 2016 elex—this defense endangers our NatSec.

Vindman: "Russia with Ukraine is a power.

Russia without Ukraine is a regional player."

Swalwell says House Intel has evidence of Trump-Ukraine "extortion scheme"

Vindman Burns Trump Booster John Solomon: ‘All the Key Elements’ of His Reporting ‘Were False’

Alexander Vindman, who gave a bombshell testimon on Trump’s Ukraine extortion scheme, will be removed from his post at the WH NSC.

Parnas Says He Gave Demand for Biden Inquiry to Ukrainians or else or else Pence would not attend the inauguration & would freeze aid.
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ABSOLUTELY NO CRIMINAL ACTIVITY BY @NSAGov in the raw numerical phone metadata collection as claimed by dummy HS degree @Snowden to claim he was a whistle blower not a #Traitor . Metadata files were flat numerical files that were ANONYMOUS. Court orders needed for any ID data.
@NSAGov @Snowden 2. If data are anonymous, NO ONE's privacy is violated. NO laws broken. Dummy ignorant @Snowden has no clue about such regulatory & legal distinctions. Just as dumb @washingtonpost published his stolen TOP SECRET data on US Nat Sec practices. Brilliant plan by top US IC ruined!!
@NSAGov @Snowden @washingtonpost Changes imposed by Congress destroyed program. With limited data, the power of the math is lost. Banish @Snowden permanently to Russia, since he hates cold weather, instead of executing him for #Treason @washingtonpost Brilliant work by IC destroyed by #Traitors @GenMhayden
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Thuggish Corey lied & obstructed.

Trump says he is awaiting orders from Saudi gov’t to deploy the U.S. military to retaliate. WTF?

Trump adm cuts legal funding for victims of human trafficking

RU Confirms Explosion At Bio-Lab Storing Ebola, Smallpox & Plague

Corey confirms Mueller Report is accurate.

Schiff:”DNI Maguire has refused to turn over the contents of an "urgent" whistleblower complaint that could involve wrongdoing by the president or his advisers.

He now says Maguire must testify by Thursday”

Acting DNI McGuire Refuses to Testify. Expect incoming.

Netanyahu falls behind in Israeli election: exit polls

The HiC voted tonight to release a tranche of transcripts from the GOP-led Russia investigation in 2017-2018.

We could see them in a day or two.
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Mueller confirmed Trump accepted help from a hostile foreign power & lied & he lied when he claimed exoneration, & was not completely truthful in written answers.

He could be prosecuted after leaving office & that he misled Americans by calling the inv’n a hoax

Mueller’s testimony was full of bombshells.

Rep. Mike Quigley asked Mueller about Pompeo’s description of Wikileaks as a hostile intelligence service [GRU].

Do you think that is accurate?

Absolutely, Mueller replied.

‘And they got indicted, Mueller added’.

Mueller has not publicly indicted Wikileaks the org.

Mueller quickly corrected himself: “Uh – Julian Assange”.

‘But the DOJ didn’t indict JA for being part of a “hostile intel service” at all. It only charged JA for helping Manning hack into Pentagon computers’
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Damning' facts, proof of 'high crimes' to be highlighted by Mueller

DOJ tells RSM to limit testimony to his report

DOJ is “taking the position that anything outside the written pages of the report are things abt which presidential privilege hasn’t been waived”.

Epstein with Trump's closest advisers: Wilbur Ross, Giuliani, & Mnunchin

📌DOJ officials have emphasized that they consider ANY EVIDENCE he gathered throughout the course of his investigation to be “presumptively privileged” and SHIELDED FROM PUBLIC DISCLOSURE

📌HIC spokesperson said the DOJ did produce a subset of underlying docs related to the SC’s inv’n to their members for review, “although it has FAILED in recent weeks, despite repeated requests, to produce KEY MATERIALS central to the HIC’s oversight work.”
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Guess where I am.😎

I’m SO ready for this!!

Friends, I will be IN THE ROOM for the duration of the #CohenHearing. Follow me for LIVE updates throughout.🤗
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Sen. @LindseyGrahamSC tweets support for @realDonaldTrump B4 the summit, credits him for bringing Kim Jong Un to the table & notes critics marched us to nuke war.

And replies are #traitor & blah, blah Russia.

Behold the ignorance-driven hate fruit of the Big Media Hate Machine.
You might want to scroll down the thread and take a gander. There's not a single intelligent response to Graham's points, which are all valid.
The guy is trying to broker a peace deal w/ North Korea to avoid total war, and his enemies are creating troll and bot farms.
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