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1.i fatti:dopo l'11/9 #Berlusconi costruisce un rapporto speciale con amministrazione #Bush,allinea tremendamente asse della geopolitica italiana agli #USA a discapito dell'#Europa: USA di Bush,fortemente isolati per guerra #Iraq e per negazionismo #clima, apprezzano alla grande
2.dopo l'11/9,#Berlusconi lascia fare all'amministrazione #Bush: strutture cruciali come #baseVicenza e #173esimaBrigataAviotrasportata,#Africom,#SigonellaGlobalHawk, legano l'Italia sempre di più e sempre in modo più determinante alla macchina della guerra USA
3. parallelamente,#Berlusconi costruisce un rapporto unico con #Putin e lega l'Italia al gas russo: gli Stati Uniti vanno su tutte le furie con #Berlusconi
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@OgbeniDemola “If they get past Libya, they are coming for you…”

11 years later & the fallout from this criminal act is still being felt everywhere. Key development projects throughout Africa, financed by Libya, have all grounded to a halt.…
@OgbeniDemola Saudi Arabia and Qatar, key players in Libya’s demise, are now busy grabbing large tracts of land in Africa.This would not have been possible if Qaddafi was alive. The expansion of #AFRICOM, the expansion of US military bases, & the building of new military bases by the Chinese..
@OgbeniDemola ...and the Turks in Africa would also not have been possible if Qaddafi was alive. Indeed, there would have been a fierce resistance to the current recolonization and re-carving of Africa if Muammar Qaddafi was alive and the Libyan Jamahiriya was flourishing as before.
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Lockheed U-2S

DRAGN86 80-1066

Dragged out of mothballs, it's nearly as old as I am

Times must be getting desperate? It's shown as a fighter jet, it's probably far less useful and they aren't very useful at all…

Lockheed C-5M Super Galaxy

RCH436 85-0004

troops and kit transport from Ramstein #Germany probably going back to US

Boeing C-17A Globemaster III

RCH661 01-0189

Troops and kit shifter from Moron, #Sevelle, #Spain

5 logs since March (these planes usually go into Qatar)
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Boeing KC-135T Stratotanker


20+ logs March other names QID34 QID23 QID11 QID858 QID858 QID858 QID861…


Boeing C-17A Globemaster III

RCH544 04-4130 from #Trenton @ 00:38 UTC

more than 20 logs over UK this year……

Beech Shadow R. MK 1


4 logs this month
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#Spinelli lo snaturamento della #sinistra come resa al #mercato, ma dimentica una cosa fondamentale: la sinistra centrista non ha solo ceduto senza ritegno al mercato, ma anche all'interventismo militare. Liberismo come sinistra a letto con #WallStreet e #Pentagono
l'esempio è proprio la sinistra centrista italiana: ha permesso che l'Italia diventasse la base di lancio di tutte le guerre #USA e,ora che sinistra tedesca protesta contro atomiche USA in Germania ecc. rischiamo che situazione Italia peggiori: più guerre,più droni,più #Africom
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#AFRICOM may soon have the authority to conduct airstrikes in #Kenya. Significant news from @EricSchmittNYT and @charlie_savage. In #Somalia, al-Shabaab has grown more powerful as US airstrikes have spiked.…
The article notes that Kenyan authorities have to assent before a strike. Strikes in #Somalia are also carried out "in partnership" with the government, but issues include politicized intelligence and power imbalances.
Here's some of my reporting from over the last 18 months on US strikes in Somalia :…
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Bij #NPO dramaserie over NL commando's. Dat is natuurlijk veel spannender dan wat echt aan de hand is in Nigeria, Burkina Faso en Ivoorkust. #journaal heeft al maanden niets meer gerapporteerd over ontwikkelingen mbt de mondiale jihad.…
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#Niger photos d’un drone armé US tombé « samedi à 50km au nord de #Timia à 250km d’#Agadez, récupéré après des heures de recherches par les Américains » selon @oAlkabouss // photos Hamadede al-Housseini ImageImageImage
#Niger à nouveau un drone US s’écrase à 35km d’#Agadez le jeudi 23 avril matin… ImageImage
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12. The Legacy of US, UK, France, NATO, Jordan, Sweden, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Denmark, Greece, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Romania, Spain,Turkey in Libya

#Libya #CrimesAgainstHumanity #WarCrime #terrorism #NATOCRIMES #WorldHypocrisy #Imperialism
1. The Legacy of US, UK, France, NATO, Jordan, Sweden, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Denmark, Greece, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Romania, Spain,Turkey in Libya🤨👇🏼
2. The Legacy of US, UK, France, NATO, Jordan, Sweden, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Denmark, Greece, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Romania, Spain,Turkey in Libya🤨👇🏼…
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Yesterday General Waldhauser said US #airstrikes won't stop al Shabab in #Somalia. I spent five weeks on the ground investigating the impact of the strikes. Here's what I found:…
Halimo Mohamed Abdi said the blast broke both her hips, left shrapnel embedded in her thigh, and caused terrible burns that cost her both breasts.Before she lost consciousness, she told me, she saw three boys—9, 10, and 16—die in the explosion about 30 miles outside #Mogadishu.
Abdi, like many Somali herders, doesn’t follow the Western calendar, so she’s unsure of the exact date of the strike. But she says it was about two weeks before Eid al-Fitr, which began on the evening of June 14 last year.
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"The Pentagon Wants To Pull Special Operations Forces Out Of #Africa. That’s A Huge Mistake." By former commander of SOCAFRICA @GenDonBolduc. Via @SOFNewsUpdate…
During his 4 years at @USAfricaCommand, SOCAFRICA conducted special operations activities in 28 countries through 96 mission sets, supporting 886 tasks, & 7 named operations as a component of #AFRICOM.
From 2013-2017, SOCAFRICA’s primary focus was on helping US partners to contain, disrupt, degrade and neutralize Violent Extremist Organizations.
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US prepares to reduce troops and shed missions in #Africa The drawdown in Africa, Gen Waldhauser said, will include the departure of hundreds of Special Operations troops and their support forces.
It will begin in #Cameroon “where American war planners believe their efforts to train that country’s special operations forces have been largely successful” (!!!!!!!!) US has 300 troops in #Cameroon a country whose army has been systematically involved in human rights violations
@amnesty and @ForensicArchi have uncovered the presence of US military personnel in #Cameroon army base known as #Salak where hundreds of #BokoHaram suspects have been routinely held incommunicado and tortured. See here:… and
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