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🎉Le week-end prochain, c'est @PlayAzur à Nice pour rencontrer vos vulgarisateurs préférés.
Le @cafe_sciences et l'@Asso_Conscience y seront en S1 et S2
Le #CollectifConscience y fera même PLEIN de 🔴#live

#PAF2022 #twitch #vulgarisation #science #IRL ImageImage
@PlayAzur @cafe_sciences @Asso_Conscience Staring, from Z -> A (et pkoi pas) : @VChabrette, @TheoRooot, @spasdelou, @Space_Thomalice, @robin_isnard, @EleoBellot, @aetiom, et sans doute plein d'autre, avec le programme en cours de finalisation.

#PAF2022 @PlayAzur #twitch #vulgarisation Image
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President of India Ramnath Kovind to inaugurate the two-day national conference on “Mediation and Information Technology” at Ekta Nagar, Narmada, Gujarat.

Chief Justice of India Justice N V Ramana to be the Chief Guest.

Event to start shortly @rashtrapatibhvn #SupremeCourt Image
Dignitaries rise for the national anthem.
Seen here: Law Minister Kiren Rijiju, President Ramnath Kovind, CJI NV Ramana

#SupremeCourt @KirenRijiju Image
Chief Justice of Gujarat HC, Justice Aravind Kumar: we are the place of tallest statue, the statue of Unity, of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. Mediation is one of the most cost effective dispute redressal mechanism Image
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Bidding farewell to @swisspeace this week after 6 years heading the #mediation team, 3 years together with Philipp Lustenberger (@Loschti). A unique team it is, answering 🔑 questions in #peacemediation practice, policy & research, often with partners. A 🧵with 1⃣4⃣ highlights👇
1⃣How do you train international mediators? Answer: in the 🇨🇭 mountains at the annual #PeaceMediationCourse, convened by @SwissPeaceHR and run by @CSS_Zurich & @swisspeace in the framework of the Mediation Support Project. @SimonJAMason
2⃣How do you include civil society into the Intra-Syrian Talks, against the odds? Answer: through the Civil Society Support Room, run by @UNEnvoySyria and implemented by @NOREFno & @swisspeace. See paper by @SaraHellmuller & @JoelleZahar 👉… @Ahmed_eleiba
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#Narcissism thread 🧵 15 (more) questions to ask yourself if you are questioning whether someone is a #narcissist
1. Do they devalue, diminish, demonise or harshly judge you or act as the righteous ‘authority’ figure with you regardless of their age, status or employment? 🚩
Are they #superior? For e.g. A non lawyer preaching to a lawyer about law. 2. Are they #defensive? Do they seem only interested in trying to prove that they are right & you are wrong, in a defensive mode? 🚩They are #competitive not co-operative. Co-operation is a must #healthy
3. Do they demand #attention from you? For e.g., insisting on having the conversation when it’s convenient for them only &/or use emotional #manipulation to ensure conversation happens on ‘their’ terms? They may not answer the question, go off topic, deflect, defensive, accuse 🚩
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[#Stage] Et c'est parti pour 2 mois au sein de l'@IGE_Grenoble 💫

📌 Mon stage se déroule à la Maison Climat Planète (MCP), sur le campus de @UGrenobleAlpes

#CSTgre #commsci Image
👋 Bien le bonjour !

➡️Ce sera l'occasion de vous présenter au fur et à mesure des jours le laboratoire, mes missions et toutes autres impressions sur ce stage ! #journaldebord

J'ai vraiment hâte en tout cas et extrêmement ravie d'avoir intégrée l'équipe 🤩
🧠Au programme : préparation et animation d'ateliers sur la communication scientifique pour les doctorants, animation du compte @EnDirectDuLabo et valorisation des recherches sur @EchoSciGre ! 💪#CSTgre
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🔥"@MaureenSNP, you say the present Lord Advocate is the former Dean of the Faculty [of Advocates]; the [@ScotGov] external Counsel is the present Dean of the Faculty. I'd have thought it of interest to hear what @RoddyQC & Christine O'Neil were saying in Oct 2018.
📌"I don't think the Lord Advocate would have done very well if he'd been in the shoes of @RoddyQC and having to argue the case." .. "The Practitioner – the person who was actually having to argue the case in Court – probably recognised the essential difficulties"

🤷‍♂️ "[#Mediation] cannot be thought to be totally unsuitable, @MaureenSNP because it's actually in the policy, but it only applies to current Ministers; not past Ministers."
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📺 Regarding the alternative options available to @ScotGov, including #Arbitration and #Mediation to resolve complaints.

"Mediation [was] available for current ministers, but not former ministers" .. "Mediation [was] missing .. for no understandable reason..."

📰 "[#Arbitration] designed to provide a cheaper/ more private was of dealing with disputes."

"The idea that that wouldn't have been a better way to approach this matter – than what has transpired over the last 3 yrs – would be an extraordinary position to adopt"

💡"If people would say, 'on reflection we could have avoided this disaster and saved the Scottish people £600,000' – that might be a good thing for people to say." .. "But people who took a decision might be expected to defend it, however disastrous the decision turned out to be"
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#Publication: Very happy, my #NewArticle "International contact groups: Ad hoc coordination in international #conflictmanagement" appeared today in @SAIIAJournal (@SAIIA_info). #ICGs
**Thread below👇…
In the time of fragmented and contested #multilaterilism, #InternationalContactCroups (#ICGs) could be an important tool for adhoc multi-actor coordination and international #conflictmanagement. Get your free online copy:…
#ICGs are frequently used but largely underexplored. It examines all 27 ICGs since 1977, maps their participants, founders, purposes and variations and finds two trends: enlargement and #regionalisation.
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While running a business, it’s likely that business owners, partners or managers will find themselves involved in one dispute or the other.

See thread!
#LegalnuggetsbyTobi #startups #businessowner #Advisory
#wednesdaythought #Litigation #mediation #WednesdayMotivation #Nigeria
These disputes may range from breach of contract, employer/employee dispute, shareholders or owners dispute etc.

Litigation is one of the most frequently utilized forms of dispute resolution. It involves going before a judge to resolve claims that one party has against another.
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On December22st, a day after the #AgeofAquarius FinalActivation, the #Cabal tried in another desperate attempt to destroy the #feminine energy at the #CongoVortex by attacking CAR’s fourth largest city #Bambari

#UN, CAR, #Russian & #French forces repelled the attack

Map update:
The master key for the energy grid around the planet is the #CongoVortex which is a huge #energyvortex anchored in #LakeKivu #Congo

This area was the landingspace of a special expedition of the #CentralRace more than 2 million years ago, anchoring a very powerful #Light presence
Much later this #vortex was taken over by the Reptilians who actually energetically controlled most of the Sub-Saharan Africa from that area

This is the reason why black magic is so widespread in Sub-Saharan Africa and why so many people there are possessed by Reptilian entities
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[#MuseumWeek] Depuis 2016, la résidence d’archéologues mené au collège Victor Hugo de Narbonne, piloté par l’Inrap et l’établissement, associe une fouille programmée et un parcours d’Éducation artistique et culturelle avec l’aide de nombreux partenaires.
#EnsembleMW #TogetherMW👇
Trois campagnes de fouilles se sont succédé entre 2017 et 2019, dans les cours du collège ! Les élèves ont été impliqués pour mettre au jour une partie du Capitole, monument majeur de la ville #antique, enfoui sous leurs pieds. 🏛️…

#EnsembleMW #TogetherMW
Les élèves ont présenté au public les résultats des #fouilles lors des Journées nationales de l’archéologie et ainsi expérimenté les bases de la #médiation scientifique et culturelle. 🗣️

#EnsembleMW #TogetherMW
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The consolidation of anti-#India protests, fuelled by brutal killing of an engineering student, over a silly water share agreement and now a clash between BGB & BSF indicate potential political turmoil in #Bangladesh.
BSF/BGB became history as two countries came closer over the last 10 years. At a time when two govts signing defence cooperation pacts BGB's offensive raises many questions. More so, due 2 #Bangladesh #Army's general influence over BGB. 2/n…
The incident took place in the backdrop of swelling of protests over #Feni river sharing pact. Feni is a small river dividing #Bangladesh and #india's #Tripura state. People of Tripura were already using river water. An interim pact regulated it. 3/n
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Prof Joel Lee, Chairman of the Singapore International Mediation Institute, will moderate MANE panel 4: "Towards a uniform mediation practice code".
Panellists: Mr Iu Ting-Kwok and Ms Ana Maria Maia Goncalves of ICFML (an IMI Qualifying Assessment Program)
Iu Ting-Kwok: "Do we need to do something more to strengthen the #SingaporeConvention, to make it work better?" Points to Art 5 items 1e and 1f. Tl;dr is that deficient mediator = decision not upheld. So how do we ensure that we use GOOD mediators? Answer = mediator standards.
ITK: What standards are applicable to the mediator/#mediation? Local standards? International standards?What is an objective test?
What are the mediator standards where settlement is cross-border? Do we need international mediator #standards? (IMI answers 'YES'.)
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MANE Forum Session 3: Online dispute resolution for cross-border mediation

'Mediation: A New Era'

#mediation #debate #conference #panel
Eunice Chen: ODR can use synchronous (same-time) and asynchronous methods.

It's better to mediate online than to not meet at all = ODR good from an access-to-justice point of view.

ODR is useful when parties may need to be separated - e.g. domestic violence situations.
Asha Hemrajani - ODR = "improving access to justice". Online dispute resolution removes barriers with costs, time, geography. No need to travel, no need to pay for a lawyer for extensive periods of time.

#mediation #odr #adr
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Panel 2 at the MANE Forum: A flourishing era of Asian #mediation.

Moderator: Mr Viswa Sadasivan
Panellists: Mr Akira Kawamura, Mr Jerry Zhang, Ms Laila T Ollapally, Prof Hi-Taek Shin, Mr George Lim SC.

George is an IMI Board member, and Laila represents CAMP, an IMI QAP.
Akira Kawamura re ADR in Japan: "Now we have a game-changer.".

The Kyoto centre:
1. Provides international mediation facilities
2. Is a centre for mediation research and education

On the verge of opening a new similar centre in Tokyo.
#mediation #arbitration #Japan
Laila T Ollapally - unless mediation is as lucrative as other forms of dispute resolution, we're not going to attract the best candidates.

#mediation #mediators

"The second wave of the mediation revolution is in our DNA."
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Session 1 of the MANE Forum: #UNCITRAL Secretary Anna Joubin-Bret and Rimsky Yuen SC form the panel "The UN Convention & Cross-Border Mediation in our Global Landscape". Moderator Prof Nadja Alexander. #mediation #singaporeconvention @SingaporeConv
Ms Joubin-Bret refers to the helpfulness of an IMI-administered survey in informing development of the #SingaporeConvention. #mediation

We have just launched the IMI Biennial #Survey:
Mr Rimsky Yuen, SC, describes the #SingaporeConvention as a human milestone in dispute resolution. #mediation #ADR @SingaporeConv
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Dr Noeleen Heyzer, former Under-Secretary-General of the United Nations, delivers the keynote speech at the MANE Forum

#singaporeconvention #mediation
"Mediation is necessary to prevent future economic wars."
"Mediation is necessary."

#mediation #singaporeconvention
"The Singapore Convention is a critical global tool... to prevent economic conflict, competition, and multi-dimensional rivalries from escalating"
- Dr Noeleen Heyzer

#mediation #singaporeconvention @SingaporeConv
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Mr Edwin Tong, SC, Singapore's Senior Minister of State, Ministry of Law, and Ministry of Health, opens the MANE Forum in Singapore. "Mediation has a long tradition across many cultures - we have all done it in our own style" #mediation #singaporeconvention
1. Cheaper, faster
2. Flexible, confidential
3. Preserves harmony
4. Retains party control
5. In line with many cultures
- Mr Tong's presentation
#mediation #MANEforum #singaporeconvention
The Convention will overcome two obstacles:
1. Familiarity, awareness, and the idea that you can conflict disputes through a more harmonious process
2. The ability to enforce
- Mr Tong, SC, at the MANE Forum
#mediation #singaporeconvention @SingaporeConv
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Thread: Philosophers have been obsessing over multi-path causes for over 40 years, but without @yudapearl's non-parametric #mediation techniques they have been unable to provide an account of #path-specific effects. Why not?…
First, both philosophers and social scientists have focused on linear non-additive causal models. But in these models direct and indirect effects have properties that don't generalize to other cases.
In linear models, the total effect is the sum of the direct and indirect effect. One gets the direct effect by conditioning on the mediator, and the value at which you condition on the mediator doesn't matter. The indirect effect is the total effect minus the direct effect.
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Don’t #accumulate anything whatever: #power, #money, #prestige, #virtue, #knowledge, even the so-called #spiritual experiences. Don’t accumulate.

It doesn’t mean become a #beggar or #renounce the world. Be in the #world, but don’t be of the world.
If you don’t accumulate you are ready to #die any moment because you have nothing to #lose. The #mediation is living #death.

Don’t accumulate inside, be poor in #spirit. Never #possess anything and then you are ready to #die.
The more you #possess, the more you are afraid to lose. If you don’t possess anything, if your #purity, if your #spirit is uncontaminated by anything, if you are simply there #alone, you can disappear any moment; whenever #death knocks on the door it will find you ready.
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