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1/ My brother @AnglistoneSiba1 @Anglistone1 renewed my hope that we can still raise the levels of black consciousness in Zimbabwe

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Sokhulu speaks:

As long as we remain a consumer society without producing, no amount of politics can solve the economic conundrum.
2/ As long as our communities remain captured by donors through food aid and our villagers remain lazy, seated on land they got from government through the land reform program, talking about economic revival is just a pipe dream.
3/ As long long our our youths spend 90% of their time denigrating their country on social media and looking for someone to come from Europe to open a company for them to get employed, we will get poorer and weaker as a country until there is no more country left.
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1/ You are the change you have been waiting for!

Make a difference. One of the most powerful quotes that I have kept inside of that treasure chest near my heart is from Mahatma Gandhi. "Be the change you want to see in the world". Let that sit with you for minute. Female Human Rights Defender of the year 2016
2/ I used to be that person who blamed the world and the people in it for everything that went wrong. I was literally out of control, paying no attention to the true difference and change I could make by being in control of my thoughts, habits and behaviors. #YouAreTheChange
3/ Remember that thoughts shape our habits and the habits shape our behaviors. Behaviorsbecome who you are and what you do. This determines the change you want or don't want. It's up to you Champion.

Stop trying to wait for people to change. #YouAreTheChampion #YouAreTheChange
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Solidaritas Sosial Melawan COVID-19

Solidaritas sosial akibat pandemi Covid-19 dapat tumbuh secara serta merta di ranah individu, keluarga, maupun masyarakat sesuai dengan kearifan lokal masing-masing. Image
Dengan tumbuhnya solidaritas sosial tersebut, masyarakat dapat menyumbangkan sebagian kemampuannya untuk menolong sesama demi kebaikan bersama dan menaati imbauan dari pemerintah.
Ada beragam prakarsa kesetiakawanan sosial yang muncul, seperti aksi peduli kesehatan, pemberian bahan makanan mentah maupun siap saji, kampanye literasi baik secara daring maupun luring.
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Centre for Road Research Institute's guidelines to a #NewNormal Lane in Public Transport

@CSIRCRRI has proposed measures to be followed, post #lockdown to ensure #PhysicalDistancing and #StopTheSpread

.@CSIRCRRI guidelines #StopTheSpread

1. E-rickshaw/auto/taxi can use plastic sheet between driver - commuter & between commuters for #PhysicalDistancing

2. Staggered timings for office-goers

3.Increased stopping time for commuter boarding/alighting

How to reduce demand for public transport?

1.Ecourage short trips by intermediate public transport modes (cycle rickshaws, autos, etc.)
2. A dedicated path / lane should be allotted for faster movement of such vehicles

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1/ Labour Economists and Afrikan Democrats (LEAD) is a Pan African founded social democratic party believing that Africa and Zimbabwe in particular must come up with solutions that work for their own people without undue influence from any external forces.
2/ Zimbabwe is for Zimbabweans and any foreign proffered solutions should be treated with extreme caution. Lessons from ESAP in Zimbabwe considering its failures abroad can explain the level of hypocrisy by foreigners & any reasonable person must realize that only Zimbabweans...
3/...will bring solutions for the betterment of our country. After going through the Acacia Mining Scandal in Tanzania, Labour Economists and Afrikan Democrats (LEAD) realized that creating a favourable business environment must never come at the expense of ordinary citizens...
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For all the stranded Pakistanis coming to Pakistan 🇵🇰

SOPs are:
▪ You need to stay in a:
- Govt quarantine
- Hotel (subsidised rates)
▪ You can go home after testing negative
▪ Tests are performed after 48 hours of landing
▪ Time: 48 Hours + Testing Time (24-48 Hrs)
▪ If the positive numbers of patients from one flight cross a certain % - all will need to complete 7 days in quarantine *and then test again*

All these SOPs are for the safety of your own family members, loved ones and society!
Help Pakistan in this fight! #TogetherWeCan 🇵🇰
Almost 110,000 Pakistanis wants to return to Pakistan.
Despite all the pressure, all the OPPOSITION and all the FEAR your Prime Minister wants each and every Pakistani to be rescued from UAE to Africa to North America

Make this count... Help him in this fight against #COVID19!!!
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1/ #LEADonNationBuilding
As the world continues to focus much of its attention towards the current unrest due to Covid-19, Labour Economists and Afrikan Democrats (LEAD) is busy trying to come up with solutions that can see Zimbabwe emerging as a victor.
2/ We have to foster a culture of consuming local products and not imports, to save foreign currency and encourage innovation. The government has to create more enticing incentives for local innovation, production and problem solving, while penalizing nonproductive imports.
3/ The process of building innovation requires our citizens in other parts of the world to systematically gather and transfer information, industrial secrets, blueprints, technology, designs and trade secrets from leading institutions across the world, into a technology...
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1/ We have been talking about the importance of internet connection & quality education for all for nearly a decade now. It is a noble idea to do online education, unfortunately it's not feasible in Zimbabwe because most rural areas have no internet connection, electricity,...
2/... very few families can afford the gadgets to have online education. Sometime in 2018, I suggested to our Ministry of ICT to consider the option of using google balloons in rural areas so that everyone could access free internet provided for by government. @Min_ICTCS_ZW
3/ We need to be proactive when it comes to critical matters like right to education, right to health, right to water and right to life. Going forward our government should stop the reactionary approach and start putting Zimbabweans interests first. @MoHCCZim @Min_ICTCS_ZW
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1/ In as much as we had to combat the spread of #covid19 virus, the copy and paste #lockdown approach which most African countries adopted from Europe will destroy Afrika. People are starving with no hope of getting aid. The aftermath is now more scary than the virus itself.
2/ We made a mistake by adopting European methods to combat #coronavirus. I am truly concerned about the aftermath. We had to acknowledge our existing problems. The poverty, hunger and recession during the aftermath is what is going to kill Africans not the virus itself. @KDVAMBE
3/ African leaders need to restrategize and pay attention to our economic climate. We are not paying attention to our global financial positioning, we don't have the economic standing that Europe has. We can't afford to take care of our own people. #COVID2019 #CoronavirusPandemic
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Update on 🇵🇰 flights to 🇬🇧 1/4:
Bahut shukriya @Official_PIA for your partnership at this difficult time #TogetherWeCan - 3 full flights will go to Manchester & Heathrow this weekend, carrying some of the most vulnerable Brits who got in touch with @ukinpakistan
2/4 from midday today (PST) @Official_PIA will advertise 8 more flights to 🇬🇧 5-8 April - if you still need tickets please now go to to book direct.
3/4 we appreciate that some stranded Brits may need emergency financial assistance - details of support are at…
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Lamp of hope.
Five lamps were burning inside a house. The 1st lamp was that of Enthusiasm. One day it said, “I am getting bored and tired. I think it's better to die. Nobody cares for me. To keep burning is futile.” Thinking so, it got extinguished.
Seeing the lamp of enthusiasm go out, the second lamp—that of Courage—lost its courage and went out too. The third lamp—that of Peace—said, “Without enthusiasm and courage, I feel desolate and not at ease.” Saying so, its flame too faded away.
The fourth lamp was that of Prosperity. It felt lonely after three of its companions had passed away. Considering that there was no point in staying lit in the house without enthusiasm, courage or peace, it went out too.
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Project #KhaanaChahiye ?
Day 4/1st April : 4700 hot meals distributed to those in need

Western E Highway -1500
Eastern E Highway - 1000
Masjid Bunder -2200

Thank u partners, volunteers & supporters @LTP_India @projectmumbai1 @BUS_IND @thebohrikitchen

#MumbaiFightsCorona ImageImageImageImage
Project #KhaanaChahiye ?

Day 5/2nd April : 4560 hot meals distributed to those in need thanks to our brave team on the ground ❤️

Western E Highway -1360
Eastern E Highway - 1000
Mumbai Central -2200

@LTP_India @projectmumbai1 @BUS_IND

#MumbaiFightsCorona #COVID19Pandemic ImageImageImageImage
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1/ Dear @edmnangagwa

Considering our harsh economic climate & severity of #COVID19
virus, as a matter of urgency, we are making the following recommendations;

1) Free public health services for all Zimbabweans
2) 24 hour opening of all public health institutions
2/ #Covid19Zim #Coronavid19
3) Recalling of all public health employees who are on leave
4) Government should ensure that there is sufficient awareness programs about the virus
5) Government should seriously consider closing our borders to curb the spread
3/ #SafeHands #Covid19Zim
6) Government should allocate more money for food procurement to ensure food security during this challenging time
7) Government should ensure that there is sufficient water supply for all Zimbabweans so as to maintain standard hygiene levels
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20 Mar 2020, Our President @MichaelDDavisJr submitted a letter on behalf of American Chamber of Commerce of Uganda members to @OPMUganda regarding clarifications on some of @KagutaMuseveni 's speech points. Specifically - See thread
1.Import of Goods & Raw Materials: Clarification on procedures for import & export Kenya, TZ, RW, DRC, and SoSud not Cat 1 Should be free movement across the border. Need to smooth logistics & transportation process to avoid delays in supply chain, deliveries, and production
2.Support for #BUBU initiatives: AmCham believes @GovUganda should focus current laws & policies on ensuring BUBU initiatives are implemented. Many companies could use juice puree from local fruit but are unable to due to interpretation of the law
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1/ LEAD Press Statement on Corona Virus by @Neilchamisa
LEAD would like to interrogate the Health Minister on the issue of preparedness in regard to covid 19. Our National Secretary for Health and child welfare Sibonginkosi Sibanda has been trying to get hold of the Minister...
2/...of Health and child care Obadiah Moyo and lady luck hasn't been on her side. As such we are making a public appeal to the health Ministry to respond to some of our concerns as a party.We are concerned as a party about the level of preparedness in our healthcare institutions.
3/ What resources are in place to curb the spread of covid19? In the event that one has been diagnosed with the virus how is the case going to be contained? Do we even have a practical action plan? If we do, we demand to know as concerned citizens. Most pharmacies don't eve...
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1/ Hey #innovation #designthinking folks - embarking one of the largest challenges we’ve ever fought as a nation and as a world #COVID19. I know this is disruptive to all of our lives but we need EVERYONE with skills to help pitch in where they can. #TogetherWeCan
2/Here are few unsolicited ideas that we (healthcare system) will need innovation in, in no particular order, some better than others but here’s immediate braindump :
3/ we have many fabulous folks working already on diagnostics, therapeutics, vaccines — if you have those skills and not working on #COVID19, please consider joining forces with others to help them for the next 6-18 mo
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1/ Dear @edmnangagwa @nelsonchamisa , other political stockholders & stakeholders

Cognizant of the fact that every Presidential election is a power contest and that everyone goes into an election expecting to win but there can only be one winner and several losers depending...
2/...on the number of contestants. I am made to believe that when one makes a decision to take the biggest seat of power in the land, they do it to serve the people, sustain economic growth & human development beyond the power matrix. The problem lies when we fail to move the...
3/ forward because one's strategy did not succeed. Elections world over are characterized by various malpractices & the best strategist always wins. In USA @realDonaldTrump rigged @HillaryClinton & she congratulated him & wished America well. #TeamZimbabwe
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1/ Is @ReserveBankZIM part of the cartel or an accomplice? Zimbabwe’s problems started in the banking service when a total of 20 Banks closed in the last 20 years. That is one bank every year!!! The Zimbabwe’s currency has changed several times with the latest being the ZWL...
2/...depositors have lost millions of dollars due to bank closures, yet no one has been arrested or convicted. It is in the public domain who the thieving directors &executives are. Zim’s problem is not the cartels only but the Reserve Bank of Zim(RBZ) which is Zim’s central bank
3/ The role of the central bank is to control the money supply in Zimbabwe’s economy. It is responsible for issuing currency on behalf of the government. These are two problems that Zimbabwe is suffering from. #EconomicSaboteursMustFall
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1/ From the bottom of my heart… I am deeply saddened and heartbroken by the current state of affairs in my country. Some of my erstwhile Comrades are plotting to use violence saying it has been a long time coming and long overdue.
#PeaceMaker #TogetherWeCan #teamZimbabwe
2/ Let me hasten to give reproach & quip; Violence begets violence. One’s freedom of speech should never infringe on other people’s rights. One might wonder what has brought on this melancholy, so let me give you dear reader, a brief overview. #TogetherWeCan #TikabatanaTinokunda
3/ Zimbabwe attained its independence after a second guerrilla warfare dubbed the Second Chimurenga war. At independence in 1980 government was occupied by war veterans who were still dealing with war trauma, of which some to date never got counselling. #TeamZimbabwe
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Some selected highlights from a wonderful talk on diversity in medicine from the great @DrQuinnCapers4.

First: we have been calling for diversity in medicine for decades and haven’t been able to move the needle.

(A thread)

There is a leaky pipeline. We lose URMs at a number of spots. The biggest determinant of premed students changing their major was chemistry.

As a former chemistry TA, we can do better than this.

There are real, unconscionable health consequences to lack of diversity.

-women less likely than men to receive AICD when indicated
-black and Hispanic patients less likely to get revascularization (more likely to get amputation) for lower extremity PVD

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Ahead of the #WorldOceansDay, we want to share with you a wonderful story 📘✨ we just received from Germany (thread 👇🏼)

A dead sperm whale full of plastic.

A little boy, Lennard, so impressed that he asked how he could help marine animals...

Lennard (3) did not want to wait to go on a beach to pick plastic.

He decided to act now, with his friends from the kindergarten.

He was right: even if you live in Monheim 🇩🇪, at 250 kms from the sea, less trash in Nature means less dead 🐋

or 🐦🐬🦈🐠

2/3 #WorldOceansDay
We dedicate this #WorldOceansDay to Lennard, the Düsseldorf aquarium & the 181 other aquariums from 41 countries working with us to #BeatPlasticPollution

#TogetherWeCan 🐋

Learn more 👉🏼…

Lennard's story 👉🏼…

3/3 #ReadyToChange
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