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Long THREAD on the potential #Hungarian #veto of the #SixthSanctionPackage @gmfus
As I highlighted in this previous piece of mine, it is not a surprise that #Orbán is tying the question of #RussiaSanctions to the #RuleOfLaw conditionality regulation ...…
and the suspended #RecoveryFunds.
#Orbán just repeats his strategy he pursued with success in case of the 2020 EU budget blockade.
He is aware of the fact that due to his rampage in EU politics he has lost nearly all of his persuasive and negotiation power,
hence he has to operate with coercion. This is not the first time #Hungary is taking EU decision making as hostage, and not even the last one if #Orbán once again is allowed to succeed with his #blackmailing.
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We're live at our debate on the implications of the #FrenchElections on the EU! Join us as we discuss #Macron's win with Christine Roger, Olivier Rozenberg, @O_Omnes, @CCeriseG, and @GDelbosCorfield

Join us on #livestream!➡️

As always we will be highlighting the best bits here on Twitter, but be sure to go follow the event live on @YouTube 👉

.@CCeriseG is welcoming our audience, and introducing our prestigious panellists: Christine Roger (@EUCouncil), Olivier Rozenberg (@SciencesPo_CEE), @GDelbosCorfield (@GreensEFA), and @O_Omnes (@MouvEuropeen_Fr). In addition to moderating, @CCeriseG will give her thoughts

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Tomorrow’s ECJ ruling on #ruleoflaw feels a bit like the Super Bowl for those like me who have followed the issue for years. More judge's robe & less music though. The ruling will even be live-streamed: So how did we get here? 🧵…
The EU has struggled for almost a decade to effectively tackle the #ruleoflaw challenge posed by Hungary and then more and more of its members. The EU (commission, council) seemed puzzled, confused, and frustrated at first. Sometimes still does.…
Launching the sanctions probe, #Article7, did not manage to roll back or stop the backsliding on rules and values. Article 7 has been called the “nuclear option”, but it merely proved to be a nuisance for Hungary and Poland.…
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As @Europarl_EN rapporteur on the #RuleOfLaw situation in Hungary, I am extremely worried @EU2021SI hasn't made any progress with the #Article7 proceedings.

Yet, within the last 6 months, Fidesz has managed to further deteriorate democracy within its own country. Since June⤵️
🔴 The anti-#LGBTIQ law entered into force, banning any cultural content in school education programmes, films or advertisements "promoting homosexuality".…
🔴 @FbdnStories published the #PegasusProject with @AmnestyTech , revealing the abuse of the Pegasus spyware by numerous governments.

Hungary is the only EU member state which allegedly used the spyware against its own opponents & journalists.…
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🔻Today we heard something extraordinary: National Particularities. Meaning that, if a country wants to execute Romani persons, we should allow it! It is absurd that we are even discussing on this basis.>>>

@Europarl_EN @EP_Justice
#Article7 @dreynders
@SyrizaI @Left_EU
>>>This is a deeply ideological matter. This is a matter of a well-dressed far-Right imposing something that is contrary to the beliefs of any democrat. This not just about Poland or Hungary. This is larger.>>>

@Europarl_EN @EP_Justice
#Article7 @dreynders
@SyrizaI @Left_EU
>>>Are things better in Bulgaria? Are they better in Greece? Don’t we have monopoly groups there, 5 families plundering the country? Are things better in Slovenia?>>>

@Europarl_EN @EP_Justice
#Article7 @dreynders
@SyrizaI @Left_EU
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🔴Το ακούσαμε και αυτό για τις εθνικές ιδιοτυπίες. Είναι καινούργιο αυτό, να το ξανασυζητήσουμε. Δηλαδή αν μια χώρα θέλει να εκτελεί Ρομά, να το αποδεχόμαστε; >>>
@Europarl_EL @EP_Justice
@dreynders #Article7 🇵🇱
>>>Αλλά να παραμένουν στην Ευρωπαϊκή Ένωση; Συζητάμε αυτά τα ζητήματα εδώ; Συμφωνώ με την τοποθέτηση του συναδέλφου, έχουμε βαθιά ιδεολογικό θέμα.>>>
@Europarl_EL @EP_Justice
@dreynders #Article7 🇵🇱
>>>Είναι η Ακροδεξιά που έρχεται με γραβάτα να επιβάλει ουσιαστικά μια άλλη αισθητική και μια άλλη πολιτική από αυτή που θέλουμε εμείς,όλοι εμείς του Δημοκρατικού Τόξου. Δεν είναι μόνο Πολωνία & Ουγγαρία.>>>
@Europarl_EL @EP_Justice
@dreynders #Article7 🇵🇱
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📢Demain @Sophie_Wilmes pourra interroger la #Pologne et la #Hongrie au sein du @EUCouncil en vertu de l'art 7 :

👉Graves menaces sur les droits humains
👉Attaques contre l État de droit

Voici notre questionnaire pour 🇵🇱 @MorawieckiM & 🇭🇺 #Orban (thread à dérouler)👇@dreynders
#AskMorawiecki : comment 🇵🇱 préserve-t-elle l'indépendance de son médiateur et commissaire aux droits humains ? La Cour constitutionnelle polonaise a récemment renvoyé son médiateur @Adbodnar… Découvrez l'entrée #Pologne dans notre rapport annuel👇…
#AskOrban/#AskVarga : quand donc les autorités 🇭🇺 laisseront-elles la société civile faire son travail sans entrave ?
👉 Ce nouveau projet de loi va rendre les activités légitimes des ONG encore plus difficile👇…
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Maja Bucar, from @FDVLjubljana, is giving the initial address to #PPCLjubljana: "one of the positive things of having a conference virtually is that we can reach more people around Europe"

TEPSA has been hosting our flagship bi-annual Pre-Presidency Conferences (PPC) for decades, always joining up with our Member Institute in the country taking on the upcoming @EUCouncil Presidency, it's become a milestone in the European calendar 💪

TEPSA Secretary-General Jim Cloos welcomes participants to #PPCLjubljana: "the Presidency gives an impression of ownership in the Member States"

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Why ending the #Article7 procedures against #Hungary & #Poland as part of the #BudgetDeal grand bargain is an utterly bad idea.

The #Article7 procedure is widely perceived as a completely failed, dysfunctional legal tool to enforce compliance with #EUvalues.
Therefore many see the closure of the ongoing procedures against #Hungary & #Poland as potential bargaining chips that may convince the EU's two autocratizing member states to withdraw from the blockade of the EUR 1800 bn budget deal
@EU2020DE @MKarnitschnig @meyer_resende
@ManfredWeber hinted on that option last week and rumours from @EU2020DE confirm the intention of the German Council presidency to please Warsaw and Budapest that way.…
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My support to @VeraJourova attacked by HU gvt. She said “Mr Orbán likes to say he's building an illiberal democracy, I'd say: he's building an ill democracy.” and indeed he's purposefully undermining #RuleOfLaw, weakening the country’s immune system to reduce fight vs corruption.
Also agree with her statements on the scarcity of gvt criticism in HU media making it difficult for ppl to form an opinion. Orbán purposefully isolates ppl from real information who then must resist propaganda and find balanced information in the remaining independent media.
These statements are more than VP @VeraJourova’s own views. They echo @Europarl_EN’s decision to launch #Article7, @EPP’s decision to suspend Fidesz, the recent words of @donaldtusk and many others. Making this a crusade vs. VP Jourova makes no sense. The issue here is #Orbán
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1/ #MigrationPact and #RuleofLaw: a thread

Member states hostile to #RuleofLaw and to EU values, are also those most hostile to migrants & refugees.

This is neither a surprise nor a concidence.…
2/ With "return sponsorship" 🇪🇺#MigrationPact envisages countries 'hostile to migrants' would be tasked with detention and deportation.

This is worrying on a number of levels.…
3/ Essentially, the EU's "dirty work" of detention and returns will be farmed out to member states where the EU has *serious concerns* regarding judicial independence, freedom of expression, corruption, rights of minorities, and the situation of migrants and refugees.
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The International Court of Justice of the Amsterdam District Court concluded that Polish courts are no longer independent and asked the @EUCourtPress about the consequences for the #EuropeanArrestWarrant regime.
Long🧵with my assessment ⬇️
1/ This is not the first time a national court has doubts as to whether suspects/convicts should be surrendered. For quite some time national courts denied surrender on various human rights grounds, in contravention of the black letter law of the Framework Decision on the #EAW.
2/ 🇬🇧 & 🇩🇪courts demanded assurances in relation to the detention conditions in certain issuing MSs already since 2013. They refused surrender in cases where they were not satisfied with the guarantees provided.
See footnote 29 in:…
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The one-sided live tweeting by the 🇭🇺 gvt spokesperson during #GAC @eu_council hearing was cynical but barely surprising for Hungarians.

It gives a rare insight into the tone and kind of propaganda & disinformation served on a daily basis in Hungary by all pro-gvt media. Image
In the meantime, the fact is that there is no disinterest and that #Article7 was launched by the EP, representing the citizens of Europe.

The same @Europarl_EN that the Hungarian gvt has been so tirelessly trying to keep out from these hearings.
Yes, these freedoms & many others will remain evergreen for anyone who has the slightest respect for EU values.

But are we surprised that the spox of a gvt that changes the constitution whenever politics dictates it doesn't understand what commitment to fundamental rights means? Image
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1. With @EUCouncil #GAC finally debating #Article7 procedure about democratic backsliding in Hungary, time for thread about my forthcoming @jepp_journal article on why EU tolerates autocratic member states: "The European Union's Authoritarian Equilibrium"…
2. Building on my earlier work & drawing on literature on 'subnational authoritarianism', the new paper explores why the EU, which professes a commitment to liberal democracy, has allowed some member governments to backslide toward competitive authoritarianism.
3. I argue EU has become trapped in an “authoritarian equilibrium” underpinned by 3 factors. 1st, (as I've written before) EU’s half-baked system of party politics & ingrained reluctance to interfere in domestic politics of members shield national autocrats from EU intervention
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On June 24th @EUCourtPress ruled that the decision of the PL gov to lower retirement age for Supreme Court's judges breach the principles of the irremovability of judges & judicial independence. Although gov. revised rules since EC opened the case the ruling matters. #Thread
1. It effectively undermines the gov narrative that the EU, let alone ECJ, has no right to intervene in what PiS sees as domestic issues.
2. The Court argues that whereas it is up to MS themselves to determine the organisation of their courts they have to abide with the EU law while doing so.
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#Article7 proceedings against Hungary update: The mysterious Council Legal Service (CLS) opinion – a short story in 4 Acts

cc @Verfassungsblog @judithineuropa @Claude_Moraes
@Verfassungsblog @judithineuropa @Claude_Moraes Act I: having activated Article 7(1) TEU against Hungary last September, @Europarl_EN (EP) formally requested last October to be involved in the same way Commission is involved in Polish Article 7(1) file as Article 7(1) activating authority
@Verfassungsblog @judithineuropa @Claude_Moraes @Europarl_EN Act II: It was reported by @eszterz that EP’s formal involvement was refused on back of a CLS opinion finding that such involvement would (allegedly) be incompatible with EU Treaties:…
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I have been arguing for a long time that the EU, and particularly the EPP, should stand up to Viktor Orbán, but I feel nevertheless conflicted on triggering #Article7 - let me explain. #Thread…
1. Although triggering Article 7 does not mean kicking Hungary out of EU (more below), it is starting with the "nuclear option".
2. Orbán and Fidesz have been creating an "illiberal state" since regaining power in 2010. That is 8 years of undermining checks and balances, recreating institutions and filling them with cronies, and creating a kleptocracy on Russian model.
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Recently released new #Article7 @EUCouncil document in which Polish government's dishonest explanations accompany a misleading Powerpoint - doubt Council members have ever been confronted with such obviously deceitful material/behaviour before
@EUCouncil I mean come on... The Polish government's White Paper contradicts (not to mention multiple public statements made) the Polish government's "explanations" given to Council members
@EUCouncil No doubt community of judges/legal professionals will be impressed by original points made by Polish gov's legal eagles whereby judgments can be effective without being implemented or published but not enforced because of a Gov "annotation" denying their lawful/binding nature...
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Just finished reading the Polish government’s non-paper on “judiciary regulations” revealed and critically analysed by @oko_press last Friday:…

Thread (possibly long) to follow

#Poland #RuleofLaw #Article7
2/ My diagnosis in a nutshell: so-called "non-paper" is as ridiculously misleading as so-called “white paper” on so-called “reform” of Polish judiciary from last March

#TakingUsForFools (version 2.0)
3/ The silver lining: @TimmermansEU did not fall for so-called “changes” & “concessions” or "compromises" offered by Polish authorities which can be *at best* described as cosmetic or meaningless
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Re #RuleofLaw in #Poland: Just finished reading Polish government’s "White Paper on the Reform of the Polish Judiciary"

My head hurts from amount of nonsense spread over 94 pages I had to read but will nonetheless attempt a (possibly long) thread on it
1/ Preliminary point: This is not a "White Paper" but attempt to justify/whitewash a posteriori “reforms” which are however nothing but a set of rushed, interconnected and unconstitutional attacks on Polish judiciary:…

2/ Key point: @TimmermansEU of @EU_Commission demanded *implementation* of its recommendations by 20 March but Polish gov arguing nothing to implement as no problems whatsoever only misunderstandings...

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The #EU decision to trigger "nuclear option" #article7 against Poland is extremely awkward for UK and bad news for a deeply divided EU leadership that lost its head when Macron got elected. A 1/thread…
First. The problem for Mrs May, both immediate and longer term.

1. The UK has invested huge amount of diplomatic capital in expanding UK-Polish relationship after #Brexit

German MEP on recent visit said Polish officials joking about sheer number of UK ministers who visited/2
They sent 150 Lightdragoons for Nato trip-wire, started Belvedere Forum and even deployed heavy weaponry (Wills n Kate) in the Summer.

Tomorrow May, Hammond and Boris all going. A PM, Fgn Sec and Chancellor in one hit. That's serious diplomatic love. /3
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