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I wonder how they handle people who can't talk even without a tube down their throat.

I. Wonder...
The fun of being the interpreter for my own mother in the ER because she'd just had surgery, couldn't breathe (thus couldn't talk), and they somehow got from that she was drug-seeking so they refused to admit her... I have zero difficulty believing these two are real people.
Recast this as ANYTHING else and they'd be on the other side:

Handcuff the deaf so they can't sign mean things?
Tape a patient's mouth so they can't say curse words?

This is abuse, and it's illegal, and they know it.
(which is why they've now deleted their accounts)
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My family may be unconventional to some of you. In truth, we are no different.

Here is my #Pride story:
#Pride2021 #TXlege #PrideMonth2021
I grew up in a loving family. I have 3 sisters, and they are my best friends in the whole world. My parents and grandparents were educators. They taught me everything I know about music and the arts. I am a proud product of a public school STEAM education. #Pride2021 #pride
Put myself through law school. Fought my way through the good ol boys club when women weren't allowed to litigate on the courtroom floor. Now, I run my own successful firm as a trial lawyer. Been named @DMagazine's Best Lawyers in Dallas 3x. I'm also 2 term TX State Rep. #Pride
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Παιδιά, άμα θέλουμε όντως να βοηθήσουμε σε κατεύθυνση ουσιαστικής ισότητας, παίρνουμε όλα τα υπομνήματα ανεξάρτητα από το χώρο που προέρχονται. Τα βάζουμε κάτω, βλέπουμε τί μας λένε και πάμε μπροστά. Πολιτικαντισμος με τα δικαιώματα μου, όχι ευχαριστω. #Pride2021
Καθόμαστε και ψάχνουμε την ισότητα με μεθόδους και χίλια δυο εργαλεία ενώ είναι απλό. Έχεις δέκα βασικές ελευθερίες για κάθε άνθρωπο; Ναι. Προστατευόμενες για όλους; Όχι. Βρίσκεις τα κενά, ενημερώνεις ότι τα βρήκες, τα αλλάζεις.
Στάθμιση για να πεις όσα θέλω να ακούσω δε μου λέει κάτι. Επίσης καμία κουβέντα για ρήξη καθώς απλά διορθώνεις κενά δικαίου. Ρώτα έναν μέσο Ειρηνοδίκη αν έχει καταλάβει τί σημαίνει διόρθωση φύλου και έναν Δήμαρχο αν έχει καταλάβει τί σημαίνει αλλαγή επωνυμου ομοφυλου ζεύγους.
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Хэй-хэй, #PrideMonth2021 продолжается и на календаре день демигёрл💫 Поскольку у нас об этой идентичности информации кот наплакал я пошла в англоязычный интернет и нашла там очаровательные инфокарточки авторства @rangishonor Перевод делаю с её разрешения
Вот ссылка на оригинал карточек. Они на английском, есть ещё перевод на португальский, если кому актуально
Кто такие демигёрл?
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While our advocacy for LGBT+ victims and survivors is our focus this #PrideMonth2021, we still want to help you connect with the LGBT+ community in celebration, solidarity, protest, & reflection.

Hence the below thread highlighting Pride Events across the UK!
If you are yourself organising a pride event, wherever you are in the UK, let us know! 🏳️‍🌈
If you know about a great pride initiative and you want to share it - comment below! 🏳️‍⚧️
Share this thread to help everyone come together in joy & protest this month ❤️💜🤎
For instance, anytime this month you can host a Pride Picnic to raise money and help @LGBTYS make life better for young queer people…
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This is a map of every US State that has considered anti-trans legislation in 2021. It’s June.
RT this 🧵 and read below how to help #ProtectTransKids.
Many of these laws are PASSING. We MUST ACT NOW. #TransRightsAreHumanRights Image
The amount of people replying or quote tweeting this saying they’re so glad their state is “safe”, have MISSED THE POINT.
Call your reps and TELL THEM to enact trans protections this #Pride
Or this will be in your state next.
As a resident, KNOW what’s going on in your state and WHO to talk to about it. This tool can help.…
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Listening to Bowie today, and "You've got your mother in a whirl/She's not sure if you're a boy or a girl" is especially pertinent. For #PrideMonth2021, my essays for FEMINIST GIANT focus on queerness. This is the first one for this month.
"She's not sure if you're a boy or a girl"
From the age of 3, my mother kept my hair v short. When I moved to London in 1975 at 7yo, the first time I went downstairs to play with the other kids, they asked me if I was a boy or a girl. #PrideMonth2021…
Why did it take me so long to learn that Hatshepsut - who for more than 20 years was the most powerful person in the ancient world - alternated pronouns? She/he/they.

Are you a girl? Are you a boy? #PrideMonth2021… (L) A stone statue of Hatsh...
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There are two things I do not argue or debate: abortion and being queer. I don't care who you are, I don't care what "argument" you bring. I will not "debate" you.…
- Lihaaf by Ismat Chaughtai (1942)
- Adrienne Rich’s text on “compulsory heterosexuality,” (1980)
- Tales of the City by Armistead Maupin (1978-2014)
- Koolaids by Rabih Alameddine (1999)

Some queer texts in my essay.

And 👇🏽 #Pride
I have exciting news to share this coming week about a joint production between FEMINIST GIANT and @strandbookstore for #PrideMonth2021.

Until then, subscribe and read my essays.

It's free, no paywall. If you can pay, it helps keep it free.…
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I marched for 16yo Mona, who was in love with a girl and a boy at the same time and thought everyone else was.… #PrideMonth2021
Three months after World Pride in #NYC, I was thrilled to join #Bosnia’s 1st #Pride  in #Sarajevo in Sept. 2019. When @damirimamovic brought it to an end w/Bella Ciao i was reminder:fight vs homophobia & transphobia is fight vs fascism, racism & patriarchy
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“I want you to know that it was you and me who stood on that stage and yelled into a microphone, ‘My revolution is with the queers.’” #PrideMonth2021
"I got fed up wondering if I really was going to wait to get married to have sex and if it had to always be with a man. I want you to know the answer was no, and no. "… #pride
"One day, Future Mona will wear sequins as she stands at other podiums to address halls full of people who have come to hear her speak and she will conclude by conducting them in a chorus of FUCK THE PATRIARCHY!… Mona in a gold sequin sleev...
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June 1 has become the start of a rainbow-themed marketing campaign for every brand across the globe.
This phenomenon is known among the queer community as "rainbow capitalism." #RainbowCapitalism
So how do you ensure that Pride month isn't reduced to a marketing gimmick?

Here are some questions you can ask.
1. Do you have any workplace policies that help develop an inclusive work environment?

2. Have you organised an event that promotes LGBTQ+ interests, arts, and businesses?

3. Is your organisation a safe space for members of the LGBTQ+ community?
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Cisqueers celebrating #Pride like nothing abnormal is happening: trans people see you. We see you abandoning us. We hear your silence. It is suffocating us. We are dying.

Please say something.
Twitter hashtags won’t save us from the trans genocide currently going on in the United States.
Please, please, contact your representatives HERE and TELL THEM that you want protections for trans people in your state. Your inaction costs lives.
More anti-trans legislation has been ENACTED INTO LAW this year in the United States than in the past ten years combined.…
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Happy #Pride, Pride was a riot, and we owe trans women of color our rights. 🏳️‍⚧️
“Cops Don’t Belong at Pride, “Unseemly” Queer People Do” by @AlexPetrovnia
Take some time to learn some of our history today, which has been suppressed:
Transphobia isn’t feminist:
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#Pride2021 #BritishHistory thread!

This #PrideMonth will be the 30th anniversary of the first mention of Stonewall @stonewalluk in Parliament @HouseofCommons

Let's remember what #LGBTQ activism has achieved, & how much politics has changed 1/11

#LGBTQHistory #HappyPrideMonth
The first mention of @stonewalluk in Parliament @HouseofCommons was 17 June 1991: MPs quoting the Stonewall submission to the Defence Select Committee during a debate on the draft Army, Air Force & Naval Discipline Acts (Continuation) Order 1991. 2/11

#PrideMonth2021 #Pride2021
Tony Banks, later Baron Stratford, Labour MP for Newham North-West, referred to a point by @stonewalluk that most @NATO countries did not criminalise homosexuality in the armed forces as the UK continued to do. 3/11

@fightingwpride #PrideMonth2021 #Pride2021
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Okay let’s do this one last time.
My name is Skye (still step too cuz I consider that gender neutral) and for the past day I’ve been the one and only trans girl man. The story of how I went from a recluse transphobic neo Nazi to, well, a trans girl is a long one so here we go.
Note this will be a discombobulated mess because it’s me we’re talking about.
I guess it all started when a young libertarian turned socialist Matthew started to fall down a rabbit hole of depression and insecurity. I wanted answers and socialism just wasn’t cutting it
So naturally I turned to twitter because I’m a smart person and all I was seeing from the left was, what I saw as, anti white. Primarily the “white ass opinion” crowd. I was confused and angry. Why do these people not like white people? White and I haven’t done anything.
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[Thread lungo, vi avviso]
Oggi comincia il #PrideMonth2021 e credo che, più di altri anni, questa volta sia importante trasformare questa ricorrenza in un occasione di dialogo e di confronto rivolto a tutto il paese.
Negli ultimi 5 giorni (e ribadisco 5 giorni, non 5 mesi) infatti si sono susseguite una serie spaventosa di manifestazioni omofobe che fanno tornare il paese indietro di anni sul piano del rispetto e della tolleranza.
27 maggio: in prima serata nel "programma" (senza offesa per i programmi seri) dritto&rovescio si parla di ddlzan e si afferma “dall’omosessualità si può guarire". Un aberrazione scientifica che perpetua l'idea che la comunità LGBT sia composta da malati di mente da internare.
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Questa è Marsha.
52 anni fa Marsha indossò un abito favoloso (era contro la legge farlo) prese la metropolitana diretta verso il Greenwich Village per ballare (in un posto sul crinale dell'illegalità) con altri uomini (era illegale anche questo).
#loveislove #PrideMonth2021
Ballò fino all'una di notte. Lo fece con ragazzini che non avevano una casa e rifiutati dalle proprie famiglie, con prostitute, lesbiche "camioniste" , gay efebici, donne trans e altra gente non-conforme al proprio genere che voleva semplicemente ballare. #loveislove ⬇️
Quello era lo scopo principale dello Stonewall Inn: ballare. La polizia fece una retata, come sempre. Chi indossava un vestito da donna sarebbe stato “controllato” per vedere se i genitali corrispondevano e il tutto doveva incontrare l’approvazione dell’ufficiale in servizio.⬇️
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Here's why calling homosexuality a sin is betraying Jesus.
Happy #PrideMonth2021
Let me just knock some of the counterarguments on the head.

1) "It's not BEING gay that's a sin; it's gay sex."
i covered this at the start of the video. So the "God of Love" would sentence millions of his children to a life without it?
This one I just got asked on TikTok.

2) "But what if they say it can be removed by praying the gay away."

Billions live & die without ever seeing a bible. That's why the bible says they'll be judged by how good they are. An obligation to pray to remove sins doesn't match that. Image
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