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#BillClinton supported #AlQaeda in #Bosnia and #Kosovo in the 1990s as confirmed by #RPC Congressional documents;  #HillaryClinton has supported #AlQaeda and the #IslamicState (ISIS-Daesh) in #Syria.
This article was first published in 2002.…
Known and documented, since the #SovietAfghanWar, recruiting #Mujahideen (“holy warriors”) to fight covert wars on #Washington’s behest has become an integral part of #US foreign policy.
A 1997 Congressional document by the #RPC, while intent upon smearing President #BillClinton, nonetheless sheds light on the Clinton administration’s insidious role in recruiting and training jihadist mercenaries with a view to transforming #Bosnia into  a “Militant Islamic Base”
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An analysis of media coverage of the #Bosnian and #Kosovo Conflict by #CarlKSavich…
Following the violent breakup and dismemberment in l991 of #Yugoslavia ("the land of demons", "slaughterhouse"), the #US government and media launched a racist attack on the #SerbianOrthodox people and nation in a policy of vilification that demonized and satanized all #Serbs.
The #US government and media waged an unremitting campaign of racist stereotyping, disinformation, propaganda, and vilification.
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First #Jihadi #mujahideen warriors in #Bosnia 🇧🇦 began arriving in 1992. Firstly as a humanitarian workers, and later to become the martyrs on Allah´s road in #Bosnia. Their first camp was in village of #Mehurici and their 1st leader was Abu Abdel Aziz aka #Barbaros. ⬇️⬇️⬇️
The main financier of these warriors was Mohammed al-Fatih Hassaneyn from #Sudan 🇸🇩 who with his brother Sukarno founded #TWRA an NGO in #Vienna #Austria 🇦🇹 from where he transferred money and #Jihadi warriors to #Bosnia 🇧🇦.
In 1970´s Hassaneyn was Sudanese student in #Belgrade dentistry college where he used his free time to travel
through #Yugoslavia to visit his fellow Muslims. That´s how he met another student Alija Izetbegovic in #Sarajevo and new friendship started.
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On the 2nd of May, JNA (Yugoslav People’s Army) from #Serbia supported by local #Serbian militants tried to deal the final blow to the #Bosnian defenders, occupy Sarajevo and force legal government to surrender.

This is how some events unfolded.


2 MAY 1992
Shelling of #Sarajevo began at 3 a.m., and lasted until 5 a.m. It was the most intense shelling seen until then.
#SarajevoUnderSiege 1/24
Photo©️Hidajet Delic
2 MAY 1992
Mortar and artillery attacks from the surrounding hills start again later in the morning. Government buildings, residential areas, homes, companies and shops were reported ablaze.
#SarajevoUnderSiege 2/24
Photo©️Hidajet Delic
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On this day, 1992, the Siege of #Sarajevo began. It was the longest siege of a capital city in the modern era. Sniper attacks and mortar fire was a constant and daily threat to civilians. Over 50,000 people were injured, 11,541 killed, including 1,601 children. #RememberSarajevo
Pictorial map of the siege of Sarajevo. Shows the siege forces which encircled the city and surrounding hills with weapons that included artillery, mortars, tanks, heavy machine-guns, rocket launchers, aircraft bombs, etc. [📷 @FAMACollection]
Residents of Sarajevo stand in line to get water, 1992. [📷 Mikhail Evstafiev]
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Watching (ironically enough) 2 Popes and anti-fascist anthem Bella Ciao came on. It reminded me of when @damirimamovic, singer & composer of Sevdah(traditional music of Bosnia & Herzegovina)sang it at end of beautiful & brave 1st ever #Pride there in Sept
And more @damirimamovic singing Bella Ciao, an Italian folk song adapted as an anthem of anti-fascist resistance, at the end of #SarajevoPride #imaizać
Here’s one of the threads I compiled on #Sarajevo #Pride, with pictures that still fill me with joy. Love and solidarity with all friends and comrades there
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This is where my ideas go to grow. Since my return from South Africa - conclusion of the Feminist Giant World Tour - those notebooks have been whispering “We are waiting for you.” As I rested after 3-month tour, I knew that pile was home to all that I saw & experienced. With time
It has been such a privilege and gift to speak at all the places I’ve been to since September. So many incredible people along the way and rich, wonderful ideas that I brought home. Time to process them.
Earlier this year, I went on a 5-city tour of #Spain for @Capitan_Swing’s Spanish edition of my first book Headscarves and Hymens: Why the Middle East Needs a Sexual Revolution. I went to Córdoba on my 2 days off in the middle of that tour. And I’m still filling the notebooks.
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Speaking at @Abantu_ in South Africa was last leg in 2019 of #FeministGiant World Tour. It was a privilege & thrill to start it in #Sarajevo with #Bosnia’s first Pride and end it in #Soweto with #AbantuBookFest. Revolution in Sarajevo to revolution in Soweto. It’s been an honour!
Along the way,speaking at Pitchwise in #Sarajevo, @strandbookstore in #NYC, @RMWAdam in #Amsterdam, @McrLitFest in #Manchester, @akefestival in #Lagos, @wcfbook in #Chicago, also in #Brooklyn, #Ottawa, #Sydney, #Melbourne & turning #Australia upside down via TV. It’s been a ride!
So many incredible audiences & new friends along the way. Many thanks to all who came to hear me speak. Many thanks for the love and the gifts. So many powerful experiences. I’ve returned home full. Time now to reflect and then write about these three months. #FeministGiant
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Über #Handke wurde schon sehr viel gesagt/geschrieben. Ich werde mich nicht zum Charakter Handke äußern und auch nicht darüber ob er zur Beerdigungen von XY gehen darf oder nicht. Mein Hauptanliegen ist die Kritik Handkes an den Medien, die ein klares Kriegsbild gezeichnet haben.
Auch werde ich keine Opfer verhöhnen, Verbrechen relativieren oder irgendeine Kriegspartei als besonders böse, bisschen böse, fast böse, usw. hinstellen. Wer das trotzdem herausliest, dem empfehle ich einen Leseverständnis-Kurs.
Anfangen möchte ich mit einem kleinen Hinweis an alle, die der Meinung sind, daß sie genau wissen wie das damals im Jugoslawien-Krieg gewesen ist. In #Kroatien spielt #Handke absolut keine Rolle. Er wird, bis auf ein paar wenige Kommentare, komplett ignoriert. Und darüber ...
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Relieved I was able to fly on Tuesday to be with my brother and his family for the holiday. This weather! Parents and sister and her husband drive to be with us tonight. It’s been a while and I’m grateful for this family reunion.
And after this short break with my family, I will see you next week #Soweto for @Abantu_! I am so excited! #abantubookfest
Since September, #FeministGiant World Tour has taken all over and I am grateful to all who came to see me speak and all who have bought The Seven Necessary Sins For Women and Girls as well as Headscarves and Hymens: Why the Middle East Needs a Sexual Revolution. More dates 2020!
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Retired French General Pierre Marie Gallois: Germany plotted the Yugoslav wars. It was a long planned operation in Germany. #NATOaggression1999 against Serbia is a black stain on the morality of Western countries.
Retired French General Pierre Marie Gallois on the planned destruction of Yugoslavia: Germans wanted to revenge Serbs who fought on the side of Allies in WWI and WWII against Germany. Germans thought that Serbian resistance contributed to German defeat in world wars.
Retired French General Pierre Marie Gallois on the planned destruction of Yugoslavia: German idea was to reward Croats and Bosnian Muslims, to thanks them because they chose German side in both WW.
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1/ Alert: This is not a new @DowntonAbbey trailer.

This is me taking a ride on an old steam train in snowy #Austria.

Most romantic trip ever. 👇👇👇

2/ This steam train in #Austria is from year 1913 (106 yrs old).

It was built couple of years before end of the Austro-Hungarian empire.

Train was made in Budapest for #Sarajevo, which at that time was still part of Austria-Hungary.

3/ This steam train departs from the Austrian ski resort of Zell am See and arrives in #Krimml, famous for its huge waterfalls.

The return trip takes about 5 hours and totals around 110 kms.

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I’m an avid history geek 🤓 and I got this idea from @GippersChutzpah!
My follower count is currently stuck in the mid ages. I’ll tweet some Jewish history milestones from along the years, according to my follower count. So come on, I’m 4 followers short of the first story...
On 13/12/1204, Moshe Ben Maimon AKA #Maimonides (Greek) and Ha’Rambam (Hebrew), died at 69 in Egypt.
A Philosopher, Physician, Astronomer and one of most important #Jewish Scholars of all times.
Buried in Tiberias @Israel, upon final request to be buried in the ancient homeland
WOW! 3 followers away from yet another milestone of #JewishHistory!
So far we learned about some pogroms 😠(1171 France, 1190 England) and Maïmōnídēs dying 😢(1204 Egypt).
JewishHistory is filled with sorrow and darkness but it gets better in the 2nd half of the 20th century 😉
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