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Now lets look at the remaining two ratios in that column :

Cash Conversion Cycle and Working Capital Days

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The cash conversion cycle :
measures the time it takes for a company to convert its investments in inventory and other resources into cash flow from sales. It represents the overall process of purchasing inventory, selling it, and collecting payment from customers.
A shorter cash conversion cycle is good, as it indicates that a company can generate cash flow more quickly and efficiently from its operational activities. It is an important measure for assessing a company's liquidity and efficiency in managing its working capital.
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Lets learn about ' Cash Flow ' in layman terms .

A thread
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Cash Flow:
Imagine cash flow as a river that flows in and out of a business. Just like a river, cash flows into the business from various sources and then flows out through different channels.
Think of income as the water flowing into the river. It represents the money that comes into a business from sales, investments, or any other source. A business receives income from customers, investors, or other revenue streams.
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@Ova_Wit_lol @GavinClimie The link in this thread to Dick Fuld's 2010 statement about the collapse was very defiant about the fact he claims LBHI (the parent of LBI) was "mandated" into filing. And that is the truth. No sane decision to file CH 11 would be made by a company with cash/assets bal sheet. Image
@Ova_Wit_lol @GavinClimie The most telling thing is while Sep 28, 2022 LBI (the subsidiary and former brokerage arm of LBHI) finished paying off its liquidation - LBHI remains in the LBHI Trust" filing with the SEC regularly and not only that, 332 Million in its 8-K from March 2023 w/o $ ongoinglitigation Image
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🤟🏻🇫🇷🏠Comment multiplier x2 ou x3 ton cash-flow 🔥


1/ Trouver un bien

Le bien doit se situer à côté d’une grosse entreprise et/ou frontière (Suisse🇨🇭Luxembourg 🇱🇺) Image
Les entreprises ont besoin de logements pour les salariés pour y réaliser les travaux ponctuels.

Pour les frontières 🇨🇭🇱🇺, les prix sont tellement élevés dans ces deux pays, que les gens préfèrent traverser la frontière. Image
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What are the telltale signs that your biz is going the downward spiral? When biz is going the downward trajectory, there are usually early warning signals to look out for & can help you deal with the matter before it gets out of hand!
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1/11 When you realize customers complaints are on the increase, your are dealing with length queues, and worst case, you have lost some of your key customers that you heavily relied on. This is detrimental to the business cashflow!
2/11 Your sales are steadily declining, hence affecting your profitability. This is is a clear sign that things are not going well!
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To all of you who are new to the workforce… Congratulations!!! You have secured your first job.

But are you confused about how to best use your current salary? (1/n)

#salary #cashflow #payday #money
Most people complicate things. It is only natural when there are so many investment products to choose from. That need not be the case.

Here are some simple tips for someone just starting! (2/n)

#equity #fixedincome #gold #realestate
#1 Start Building an Emergency Fund

This should be your first priority. In case of emergencies, you shouldn't be left empty-handed.

Having 3-6 months of expenses set aside will be optimal. (3/n)

#emergencyfund #savings
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What in the damn world is this conglomerate that is happening called @HydroWhalesClub? #Hydrowhales is constantly adding more and more #value with real #nftutility. Let's cover some things real quick so you can #DYOR and see why this #opportunity is like none other.
Begin 🧵
1/ @HydroWhalesClub has #minted out and has built one of the strongest #NFTCommunities I've seen in #web3. They don't get involved with the #drama in this #space and always stay #professional. Hop into #Hydrowhales #discord and see how much of a #family this #community is.
2/ While the #NFTcommunity is one of the most important things to me, #Hydrowhales #nftutility is quite astonishing. #HWMC started with 305 #BTC #miners to provide steady #cashflow to this #NFTProject. Of course these #asicminers are held at a hydroelectric power plant.
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🧵How to value #NFTs:

There is no right way of valuing NFTs, but hopefully this can act as a guide for people who are looking to enter the NFT space, for both for Fun & Profit, as NFT are generally less straightforward as #DeFi, where #cashflow & #TVL can be a good proxy.
Rule of thumb:
Similar to how you value a #DeFi token based on Future #cashflow, one can gauge the Value of the #NFT via the utility & future potential #airdrop/cashflow it can bring.
It's a better gauge than simply "Oh the Art is good."
Ofc, the Art itself, can be a proxy to the team's attention to detail. Usually, effort put in by the Team, is inversely proportionate to #rug risk

(Not to mention, the Art itself can also be something of value)@takashipom
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Important Thread🧵on common #Financial Mistakes which people normally commit.

Credits: CA Govind M Chandak.

#WAFwd #InvestmentPlanning #Investing

Avoid these mistakes for better financial future.

@dmuthuk @Vivek_Investor @VidyaG88 @caniravkaria

🙏 RT to maximize reach🙏
❌ Buying Insurance Policies for investment purpose.

Always go for #TermInsuance
❌ Not able to wisely use Credit Card ...

As always pointed out by @dmuthuk sir & @FI_InvestIndia avoid #CreditCard for purchasing unnecessary stuff on credit.
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#Cashflow is a very important for anyone’s life
Cashflow means passive income that comes through business or investments
Cashflow is the money you don’t have to work for by trading your time. Cash flow is not a salary
Cash flow is money that flows into your pocket, automatically, on a regular basis

Today, many people are in financial trouble because they have too much cash flowing out of their pockets and not enough money flowing into their pockets
The working middle class also often live paycheck to paycheck, but for different reasons and in a different way. The people who have this pattern probably have high-paying jobs, nice homes, cars, and credit cards

After putting aside some money into a Employer sponsored
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Berhubung rame ttg investasi, sy mau bagi materi yg bs kalian cerna sblm kalian investasi

Disclaimer: materi dr pengalaman n basis keilmuan sy emang ini. Trus sy ga jualan produk investasi jg, jd beneran mau share ilmu doang 😁

Ini ilmu2 dasar klo mau invest

RT klo guna ya 😁
Jd klo kalian mau invest (khususnya long term), tentunya hrus bisa analisa laporan keuangan.

Salah satunya lewat rasio.

Nah ini yg menurut byk ahli, ratio2 yg minimal dianalisa

#rasio #Jouska #investasi #analisisfundamental #pret
Sebenernya tiap org punya strategi sendiri. Jd ya suka2 kita aja 😁

Tp baikny kta blajar dr yg terbaik kan yah. Nah ini adalah bbrp strategi yg dipake Om Warren Buffet. Siapa tau ada yg bs dicontek

#investasi #saham #warrenbuffet
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The goal of today’s #webinar is to provide an understanding of how the rest of the year looks for #businesses operating in #SoutheastAsia, so if you have questions you would like to ask the panel, please join the webinar #now for a Q&A session at the end Image
#Cashflow represents the main threat to viability for a large pool of respondents of the @ACCANews #Covid19 survey taken initially in March and then followed up in June. If you have questions you would like to ask the panel, please join the #webinar ImageImageImage
According to the findings of @ACCANews, perceptions of the most enduring impacts of #Covid19 are much the same for countries across #SoutheastAsia and the #UK; a panel discussion has now begun so if you would like to some questions, please join the webinar ImageImageImageImage
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#WelspunCorp- Soon out of the Woods

#CMP - 60
#MarketCap - 1,565 cr
#Industry - Pipes & Plates
Biggest #COVID19 casualty

Post Jan2020, the #crudeoil prices collapsed 60-70%. The company has major dependence on global oil & gas players for its order book.
However, we feel Welspun Corp’s strong cash & investment position in the #balancesheet and very low #longtermdebt will help the company withstand the current turmoil and bounce back stronger.
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Yesterday's announcement has boosted the morale & sentiments of corporates & #investors. Few #FinancialAdvisors & #MutualFund houses are too excited because of the same, which they must curtail. #Equity based #mutualfunds are long tenure assets - Why Focus on 1 Day Rise!
#InstantGratification by profit booking is cup of tea of traders not of #investors. True #investors are in for long haul. @FinMinIndia move will have more impact in corporate books because of tax reduction. Will this ensure corporate profitability in sales - No! So, What Will !!
#Sales can only increase when the #Products are in #Demand. Bare necessities will keep on selling but certain products will only be in demand when masses will have #money power in their #bank #accounts. In general too much tinkering without #planning rarely works. @TheEconomist
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Despite that the #tradewar between #China and the #US has played a role, the spillover effect as a result of China’s #deleveraging drive is the major cause for the downturn in global #economy since 2018.
In 2018, #China’s economy greatly slowed down due to the impact of #deleveraging, but also took on a new feature–that #investment was no longer the cause for inadequate domestic #demand; instead, the decline in the growth rate of household #consumption greatly encumbered growth.
This was because the #deleveraging policy had resulted in an abnormal squeeze on the #cashflow for financial transactions in the household sector, which had to reduce #consumption to maintain a balanced balance sheet.
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