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atalyaan spells what ?

Your Guess Here
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Same Entities - All

( Where am I going with this...) Image
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How #Zeroknowledge will Change Gaming Forever

New blogpost by @godstar28


#ZKP can be implemented in #gaming in two key ways:

1. Multiplayer gaming architecture
2. Gameplay

1/12 🧵👇
Incorporating ZKP to gaming results in:

- Lowered costs
- Increased privacy protection
- Effective anti-cheat methods
- Enhanced scalability

There are 4 ways online games are hosted today:

- Dedicated Game Server (Client-Server)
- Host-based #P2P
- P2P Hybrid
- #blockchain
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So #GainOfFunction started in 2003 then went silent until a 2012 #biolabs story #linked Hawaii bio center to #coronavirus #SARS #monkeypox also it explains how the @CDCgov ships the viruses in every day moving box’s on planes and trains , other nations have patients on it as well… Image
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#Random gif dump because I feel like it
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🧵 "#Criticality: A Balance Between #Robustness and #Adaptability"

Today's SFI Seminar by @cgershen @cgg_mx:
Regarding systems at the #EdgeOfChaos
Identifying #PhaseTransition dynamics
Citing @WagnerEvolution on #Robustness
Contrasting it with #Chaos (fragile, hard to predict, etc.)
And then #Criticality, somewhere in the middle... ImageImageImageImage
With #criticality, due to #PowerLaw(-like) distributions:

"Most of the changes will be small, but for some, you can have large changes."

See also #fractals

Key history point: Stuart Kauffman's #random #Boolean #networks (1969!)

Updated by @cgershen in 2004 ImageImageImageImage
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I work at a 220-person org that's listed as 'Best org for Remote Workers 2022' by Quartz and rated 4.6 on Glassdoor. For every 3 likes on this tweet, I'll post one tip, policy, take, example of what Springworks does to be an employee-centric organisation 🙌🏽
1/ Whenever I speak to founders/HR/People Ops from orgs that are looking to set policies, I see them focus on 'what if the policy is misused'. At Springworks, we don't focus on bottom 5% behaviour. We lead with trust - policies are made with the best employees in mind
2/ Most orgs overthink when they need to thank people ('do we thank them for doing things that are part of their day-to-day job?'). At Springworks, we have built a culture of appreciation for each other (peers, reportees and managers) that's not based on "outcome/impact-only"
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#Random music video #geolocation of the morning, Lizzo - 2 Be Loved (Am I Ready) 34.658141, -117.863035 (Lancaster, California) ImageImage
Lizzo in Lancaster ImageImage
Interestingly enough, looks like that's actually the same location as the 1991 Dennis Hopper Film, "Eye of the Storm" Image
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Another, recent research paper we hope urban infrastructure planners have read:…
Researchers Szell et al synthesized an urban bike network development model, then tested it against reality of 62 cities. Their findings point to the need for city authorities to recognize the need to get to a critical threshold, quickly. /2
IOWs "cities must invest into bicycle networks with the right growth strategy, and persistently, to surpass a critical mass."
(Remember the time @CityofEdmonton built a #bikelane, then removed it? Apparently a classic cold feet/shying at an initial decreasing return error). /3
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#Random Music video #geolocation "Somewhere" in 50 Cent - In Da Club is around 34.8521,-116.5567
The giveaway is this distinct building (around 0:14 into the clip). Which was owned by Huell Howser (after the video was filmed). "The Volcano House"…
Actually, correction, looks like Huell Howser already owned the house when the 50 cent video was filmed. (but apparently Huell Howser hated it out there... too remote for him.. and never stayed out there long)…
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#random I just finished a module on the course I study react with and pushed the code to GitHub to save space on my disk, I checked my activity, for 2020 I had 10 activities, 2021 I had 10, this year alone I have 148 already. I didn't have laptop for those years, but I keep at it
It feels good to see this progress, I felt like sh*t all yesterday cuz I haven't landed my first job, I feel I'm not there yet, but I see peeps on here build basic stuff and get job after learning for three months..
I'm happy with myself, I was dealt a different card, I rise.
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Moins de 82000 FCFA par mois environ et tu es sous le PIB moyen par habitant du Cameroun.

Le seuil de pauvreté (pays à revenus intermédiaires tranche inférieure) est d'un peu plus de 45000 FCFA/m

Le seuil de pauvreté au sens de l'INS Cameroun est par contre de 27930F/m
Le seuil de pauvreté chronique (pour faire simple, en vivant avec moins de ce montant, tu est quasiment assuré de rester pauvre durablement) au Cameroun est de 24063 FCFA/mois.

Les 10% les plus riches du Cameroun se partageraient 35% de l'ensemble des revenus du pays.

NB: c'est des seuils "par habitant". Donc ne pas interpréter par exemple qu'1 salaire de plus de 45000 fait de toi un non pauvre. Si tu as 1 autre adulte pleinement à ta charge, ou des enfants dont la consommation cumulée équivalent à 1 adulte, il faut diviser par 2, etc.
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Most companies are taking advantage of the benefits of working remotely, but few are building great remote cultures.

Here are 10 things I've seen great companies do to build best in class remote cultures:
👍Great remote companies pair employees up with onboarding buddies. This buddy helps demystify the organization and process for new hires.

👎Bad remote companies give employees an onboarding document and force them to fend for themselves.
👍Great remote companies encourage new team members to make quick video intros to send to new hires

👎Bad remote companies don’t facilitate team member introductions and leave the new hire in the dark

Here’s an intro one of our team members made using @VowelHQ Image
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#random Among the enduring memories of childhood were the Wars raging c1990/1991: Gulf War, and the Liberian Civil War. I was 9 at the time; clearly remember these names: Norman Schwarzkopf, and Tayo Awotusin and Krees Imodibe. May their souls continue to Rest In Peace.
The Cold War too loomed large. Reflexive acceptance that there were the good guys (Allied Forces) ranged against the bad (Soviet Union).

Closer home, ECOMOG vs Charles Taylor/Samuel Doe/etc.
My brother & I had an alphabet set - & assigned countries to the various colors: Red was UK, Green Nigeria, Soviet Union Purple, can’t remember what US was. We made the colored letters (soldiers) ‘battle’ one another, right side up post/battle meant survival, upside down, death.
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#Random trivia, I believe this is 荒城の月 / Kōjō no tsuki (The Moon Over The Ruined Castle)
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Re: ideas on #risk, #prediction, #data, and #life, which were inspired by a #random phone call during a break from classes @NYUStern:

Short thread below 👇🏻

1 The information you have is not the information you want.
2 The information you want is not the information you need.
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Existentieel bewijs suggereert de mogelijkheid van een door Washington gelanceerde biowarfare-aanval door het coronavirus, meer dan de theorie van het laboratoriumlek, zei Ron Unz.

U.S. publisher rejects "#Random" lab--leak theory of COVID-19:…
American Pravda:
Virus Lab-lek van George Orwell
Een Orwelliaanse ommekeer over de oorsprong van Covid:…
Amerikaanse Pravda: 21 april 2020.
Amerika verwoest door "het China-virus"
Onze Coronavirus-catastrofe als biowarfare-terugslag?…
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pidilite - 2007 bull mkt peak vs 2021

mcap 5000 cr; 105000 cr
sales 1500 cr ; 6200 cr
profit 188 cr; 1100 cr
mcapsales 3.33x ; 17x
pe 26x ; 95x
last 3y cagr growth 23% ; 12%
peg 1x ; 8x

asian paints - 2007 bull mkt peak vs 2021

mcap 9500 cr ; 270000 cr
sales 3600 cr; 18500 cr
profit 375 cr ; 3050 cr
mcapsales 2.63x ; 15x
pe 25x ; 88.5x
last 3y cagr growth 20% ; 15%
peg 1.25x ; 6x

“The investor of today does not profit from yesterday's growth.” warren buffett
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Toute bonne bibliothèque de statistique doit avoir le livre « A Million Random Digits », 1 million de chiffres aléatoires réunis dans 400 pages. Parce qu’en 1955, c’est très très difficile de générer des chiffres vraiment aléatoires en grandes quantités. #stats #random Page de titre : A million random digitspage du livre A million random digits contenant uniquement d
Les chiffres aléatoires sont utilisés dans plusieurs domaines : la statistique mais aussi dans le développement de jeux vidéos ou si un ingénieur doit choisir au hasard les pièces métalliques à vérifier sur un pont plutôt que de toutes les vérifier par exemple...🧐
Alors plutôt que demander à son voisin un chiffre entre 0 et 1 000 000 qui ne serait pas vraiment aléatoire (puisque tout le monde a des schémas pré-établis qui pourraient rendre ce chiffre prédictible), la Rand Corporation a édité ce livre.
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Many years ago my then employer @Teradata let me create a set of #Analytics cards. @JudyBayer and @edouardss helped hone them.

So here's a thread that some of you in #DataScience might find useful.

The idea was simple. If you are doing some cool Data Science every now and then just draw a card, and see if you can answer it for your project. If not... well.

So over the next 52 days (plus Joker days) I'm going to draw a card and explain why it's important. At #random. Because in data random is usually best.

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I started playing #guitar in college. Some of my friends back home played, so I thought I'd learn. It's been years since I kept up with it. With no job and an empty house, I had time. Plus, I could crank up my amp. Ava would have hated it. All the more reason to do it.
Strumming a few chords or playing a riff through a loud amp usually makes me feel better. It's more of a distraction this time. My amp is a little old. Even a #ragpicker might pass on it. "If you're not going to play it, sell it," Ava nagged. Life always got in the way.
Or I got in the way. Not even ten years ago I kept getting sick all the time. Painful stomach cramps would radiate weakness throughout my body. I learned how to wash it away like healing #rainwater. That's when I really started to figure out who I was and what I could do.
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General answers to a question I get asked all the time:
How do you write a great film story?

a) Create a constantly fascinating character that has a weakness he/she is unaware of. That's your HERO
b) Create another even more constantly fascinating character with a...
a determined view on how the world should be. This view should be in contrast with how your HERO sees the world. This is your VILLAIN, or OPPONENT, as I prefer to call him/her.
c) Create a support cast of characters, make each one the hero of their story.
d) Place all of them in a unique STORY WORLD. This world must be like no other. Your story must seem like it can only exist in this world.
e) Let all of them fight for their beliefs.
f) Fuck shit up consistently with all of them, but your HERO more than any other character.
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SO excited for @lrnrd’s talk on inclusive high performing distributed teams.

First up she reminds us of what high performing teams need:

- Psychological safety
- Dependability
- Structure & clarity
- Meaning & impact

“Don’t underestimate the power of the #random channel. It’s cool to know a colleague made a great sourdough loaf this weekend, and another built some amazing Lego w their kids. We need to hone connection on a day to day basis, and acknowledge our humanness” @lrnrd #LeadDevBerlin Image
- Build trust
- Make space for humanness
- Define expectations
- Grow together #gratitude channel & feedback
- Stay aligned: connect to the bigger picture
- Address remote loneliness
- Share context: deliberately add nuance & perspective“ @lrnrd #LeadDevBerlin Image
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🔴⏬ Here I start a thread about some Oracle Database concepts. We will see how far it goes - all questions/comments welcome.
🔴⏬ A database (or DBMS - database management system) stores (for short and long term) and manipulates (from many concurrent users/devices) your #data.
🔴⏬ #data is logically structured (tablespaces, schemas, tables, columns, datatypes, constraints,…). The structure is described by #metadata.
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