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🚨1. Powerful open letters, ahead of the #ASP21, sent by 198 Palestinain, regional and international civil society organisations to the @IntlCrimCourt's Prosecutor @KarimKhanQC and the #ICC Assembly of States Parties President, @PASPFernandez🧵

#NGOVoices… ImageImage
2. Both letters called on them to condemn Israel's brazen designations of the 6 renowned Palestinian civil society organisations as "terrorists" and its raids of their offices which amounts to “tampering with or interfering with the collection of evidence.”

#StandWithThe6 Image
3. The letter to Prosecutor highlighted last year's significant missed opportunities to issue statements on the situation in Palestine, citing his office's policy paper providing for deterrent preventive statements that allow his Office to"react promptly to upsurges of violence." Image
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"We, members of Palestinian civil society and the Palestinian people, don't respect Israeli military orders, will not abide by them, & we will continue with our struggle toward dignity, freedom & self-determination"
- @SJabaren, General Director @alhaq_org…
"[These raids, closures, and threats of imprisonment] are the result of the one year of inaction by the international community, which has not challenged Israel enough to rescind the designations."
- @SJabaren, General Director @alhaq_org
"For the Palestinian people, this international inaction is all too familiar after seven long decades of Israeli impunity and apartheid [..] With massive support, received from our partners and friends around the globe, we continue to operate, and we take pride in our work."
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Last week, Addameer's General Director Sahar Francis submitted testimony before the Commission of Inquiry on the Occupied Palestinian Territory, including East Jerusalem and Israel.
📚 Read more about it
📺 Watch the full testimony…
🚨 Adv. Francis explained that the attack on the six Palestinian CSOs is part of a systemic and ongoing campaign targeting CSOs and HRDs, interlinked with the illegal Israeli military occupation, settler-colonialism, and apartheid regime #FreeThemAll #StandWithThe6
🚨 Adv. Francis outlined the critical work that Addameer undertakes defending the rights of Palestinian prisoners and detainees, demanding that Israel be held accountable for its attacks against human rights defenders and civil society organizations. #StandWithThe6 #FreeThemAll
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📌 New publication: in a context of growing Israeli attacks against Palestinians, we are grateful to @PalStudies for helping us shed further light on the #persecution of Palestinian civil society as part of the crime of #apartheid #StandWiththe6 1/6 Publication from the Instit...
Together with @JamilahRG @Susanrosepower & @pearceclancy, we argue that "#silencing & delegitimization of Palestinian human rights advocacy, as epistemic violence, constitute key tools to entrench Israeli #apartheid over the Palestinian people as a whole" 2/6
We draw on Article 2(f) of the 1973 Apartheid Convention, which recognizes as an inhuman act of apartheid the “#persecution of organizations & persons, by depriving them of fundamental rights & freedoms, because they oppose #apartheid#StandWiththe6 3/6
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J'étais présente hier à une conférence de presse de soutien à la société civile palestinienne #StandWithThe6 .

Je suis ajd à Jérusalem avec la famille de #SalahHamouri, avocat et défenseur des droits humains injustement détenu.
#SalahHamouri est l’un des symboles de la répression contre les membres de la société civile palestinienne et du système d'#apartheid : 1. Parce qu'il est menacé d'être expulsé de son pays natal, son droit de résidence à Jérusalem lui ayant été retiré en octobre 2021.
2. Parce qu'il est en détention administrative depuis mars, sans savoir pourquoi. Aucune preuve, aucun élément matériel n'a été porté à sa connaissance, malgré les demandes de ses avocats. Sa détention est constamment renouvelée. Prochaine audience prévue le 4 décembre.
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This week, together with over 290 organizations from around the world, we sent a letter to President Biden demanding immediate action in response to the Israeli government’s latest authoritarian assault on Palestinian civil society #StandWithThe6… text reads dear mr president this week, together with over 2
On Aug 18, Israeli military forces raided the offices of 7 Palestinian organizations in the occupied West Bank, sealing the doors shut and seizing technology and confidential material
This has been enabled by the administration’s refusal to act, and reject the the Israeli government’s designation of these human rights organizations as “terrorists”, claims which the international community investigated and found to be baseless
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🚨BREAKING: Khaled Quzmar, @DCIPalestine's General Director, is in Israel Security Agency (Shin Bet) custody as Israeli authorities again escalate attacks against @DCIPalestine, @alhaq_org, @addameer_ps and others. Waiting for more information, updates to follow #StandWithThe6
Quzmar received a phone call at 2:25 pm local time from a Shin Bet agent summoning him for interrogation. He went to Israel's Ofer military base soon after...
An eyewitness at Ofer military base saw Quzmar escorted into Shin Bet premises around 3:20 pm. Quzmar was not allowed to have legal counsel accompany him. We are waiting for updates.
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The Israeli army broke into, ransacked, and shut down offices of 6 Palestinian human rights organizations last night.

We are outraged and #StandWithThe6.

The solidarity work we do to dismantle Israeli apartheid and occupation relies on and builds off these orgs' work (thread):
@DCIPalestine defends Palestinian children in Israeli military courts and documents abuses and killings of children by Israeli forces.

By shutting them down, the Israeli government is trying to avoid accountability for these abuses against children.

@Addameer advocates for Palestinian prisoners — many detained without charge or trial — who are subjected to extreme torture and violence.

By shutting them down, the Israeli gov't is trying to avoid accountability for these human rights violations.

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THREAD: The Israeli army just attacked the offices of prominent Palestinian human rights organizations. Here’s what you need to know. #StandWithThe6
In the middle of the night, Israeli soldiers ransacked the offices of @DCIPalestine, @alhaq_org, @Addameer, @BisanResearch, @UAWC1986, & @of_committees, stealing computers and case files documenting Israeli violence.
Staff returned to their offices this morning to find that the Israeli military had welded shut the office doors, preventing anyone from going in. These are vital community organizations that serve Palestinian children, families, and human rights defenders.
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BREAKING: this morning Israeli occupation forces raided the offices of Addameer, as well as @alhaq_org @bisanresearch @UAWC1986 & @of_committees. Our doors were broken down, material confiscated, and a military order left behind. #StandWithThe6
These military orders were left taped to our doors after the military raid on our offices. They declare Addameer forcibly closed in the name of “security in the region, & to combat the infrastructure of terrorism.” This is an astonishing attack on our needed human rights work.
It is confirmed that the offices of @DCIPalestine were also raided & closed by military order. All 6 of the Palestinian civic & human rights orgs that have been targeted by Israeli occupation since last year were raided, served military orders & doors welded shut #StandWithThe6
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Dozens of @RepKClark's constituents just delivered a letter and petition to staff at her Malden office. Israel designated 6 Palestinian human rights orgs as terrorists. We demand Biden and Blinken condemn this repression of Palestinians #StandWithThe6
The constituent group also told her staffers to #DropAIPAC. AIPAC supports apartheid Israel.

Also, AIPAC endorsed 109 members of Congress who supported the Jan 6th insurrection - and AIPAC endorsed Rep Katherine Clark. Is that the company @TeamKClark wants to keep?
One thing @repkclark can do right now is sign on to #HR751:
@BettyMcCollum04's bill condemning Israel for designating Palestinian human rights groups as terrorists
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🚨 Sahar Francis, the longtime director of Addameer, human rights defender & lawyer, was just banned from boarding a plane to the US while headed to the World Social Forum in Mexico—like director of @BisanResearch, @UbaiAboudi, who was prohibited from traveling earlier. 1/5
Preventing the directors of leading Palestinian civil society organizations from traveling & speaking abroad is a dangerous escalation in the Israeli-led harassment & isolation campaign.

➡️ But we are certain it will not prevent the world from seeing & condemning Israeli crimes.
Banning Sahar Francis & @UbaiAboudi from traveling is a blatant attempt at silencing criticism of Israeli apartheid & settler-colonialism. They were to speak at @Worldsocforum about political prisoners & the rising Israeli attack on & surveillance of human rights activists
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@nothilfe-Partner in #Palästina erhält eine weitere intl. Auszeichnung für seine Arbeit, während der Staat #Israel @UAWC1986 weiterhin kriminalisiert, ohne Beweise vorgelegt zu haben. @AuswaertigesAmt, das die Arbeit der 1/6…
Organisation für Landrechte und Zugang zu Wasser palästinensischer Bauern- und Hirtenfamilien in den von Israel besetzten und vollständig kontrollierten Gebieten seit Jahren gefördert hat und schätzt, hat sich, ander als die Regierungen in #Frankreich, #Dänemark, #Belgien, 2/6
nicht öffentlich gegen die falschen Anschuldigungen positioniert. Stattdessen haben sich @ABaerbock und @yairlapid auf eine Arbeitsgruppe geeinigt. Zu welchem Zweck? Um mit Israel auszuhandeln, welches Engagement der besetzten Bevölkerung ihr als Besatzungsmacht genehm ist? 3/6
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🚨 BREAKING: The Human Rights Committee issues its concluding observation on Israel's 5th periodic report, expressing its deep concerns about Israel's discriminatory laws, policies & practices, including structural discrimination & racial segregation, i.e., APARTHIED.

THREAD 🧵 https://tbinternet.ohchr.or...
1. Although the Committee didn't explicitly mention Aparthied, everything in its report did. For example, it reiterated the 2020 recommendations of the Committee on Elimination of Racial Discrimination. I will provide some highlights here but make sure to read the 11-page doc. https://documents-dds-ny.un...
2. The Committee reaffirmed the applicability of the ICCPR on the OPT including in situations of occupation. It further called on Israel to interpret the ICCPR in "good faith" and to review its legal position of non-applicability. Image
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NEWS: @SecBlinken finished up a trip to apartheid Israel today that once again glossed over Israel’s brutal military rule and oppression of Palestinians. Here’s some of what he did and did not say:
On this trip the Biden administration continued to push Trump era weapons deals with authoritarian regimes like the UAE to shore up regional support for Israeli apartheid and boost corporate profits for US weapons manufacturers.
.@SecBlinken discussed the importance of supporting Ukrainians resisting Russia’s military occupation, but ignored how the US provides billions of dollars each year for Israel’s military occupation over millions of Palestinians.
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Brilliantly analyzed and vividly articulated, the recent apartheid report by U.N. Special Rapporteur @MichaelLynk5 is a document you should read. Following are a few highlights 🧵…
2/ While acknowledging the growing number of reports looking at apartheid in Israel and the occupied Palestinian territory *together*, this report -- consistent with the mandate of the Special Rapporteur -- only addresses Israeli rule over the oPt.
3/ For more on why “democracy here and apartheid there” is so utterly nonsensical, read @NathanThrall's seminal piece in the @LRB…
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1/ Right now, 500 Palestinian political prisoners are undertaking a "mass united resistance movement" against administrative detention through a boycott of Israel's military courts. Read about it in this letter penned from inside Israel's apartheid jails:…
2/ Administrative detention is an Israeli policy by which Palestinians are imprisoned indefinitely, without charge or trial, on secret evidence. It's a form of arbitrary detention, one element of apartheid, as recently described by @amnesty.…
3/ Israel’s use of administrative detention is increasing alongside broader repression of Palestinians, criminalised for calling out injustice, and for raising the call for freedom. NGOs like @Addameer are targeted over human rights work. #StandWithThe6
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1/8 Today, Palestinian HR and civil society orgs. - @Addameer, @alhaq_org , @BisanResearch, @DCIPalestine, and UPWC submitted an objection against the Israeli Military Commander’s decision to declare them as “unlawful associations”, demanding its immediate cancellation.
2/8 The objection, submitted by the orgs’ legal team – Adalah, the offices of Attorneys Michael Sfard @sfardm and Attorney Jawad Boulus, was filed after the commander’s repeated refusal to reveal the alleged “evidence” against the organizations. More info
3/8 Read the English summary of the Introduction to the Objection >>

The main arguments against the declarations are>>
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1/ Thread: For years, we've been exposing Israeli violations of Palestinian children's rights at the international level. That's why the Israeli government decided to criminalize our work.

Let's start in 2014. #StandWithThe6
2/ On Nakba Day in 2014, Israeli forces shot and killed 16-year-old Mohammad Abu Daher and 17-year-old Nadeem Nawara. We shared our documentation with @ForensicArchi and exposed that Israeli forces knowingly used live ammunition to kill the two boys.…
3/ In the summer of 2014, Israeli forces launched a 50-day military assault on Gaza, resulting in the deaths of at least 535 Palestinian children. Our detailed report documented killings, injuries, and other rights violations of Palestinian children.…
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Extracting false confessions on non-existent crimes by torturing Palestinians, including kids has always been the zionist occupation standard.
You can watch a decent documentary on the subject in the link below.…
Deranged, yet unsurprising.
The problem has NEVER been the government, which zios especially liberal ones claim.
It is in fact the people themselves.
As the "israeli" president admitted
“It is time to honestly admit that Israeli society is sick”

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An Israeli dossier supplied to American and European governments lacks any evidence justifying the attack on 6 Palestinian human & civil rights orgs, according to multiple news sources who've seen the classified documents.
The dossier instead focused on an unrelated group: the Union for Health Workers Committee, which ran hospitals and health clinics before it was blacklisted by Israel last year.

Israel is hoping to do the same with the 6 human rights organizations it is targeting now.
Multiple European governments—including Ireland, Belgium, and the Netherlands—have chosen to continue their relationships with the organizations after finding Israel’s evidence unconvincing.
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Thank you to all who joined the Power Half-Hour Call-In to call out Biden & #StandWithThe6! Our efforts are forcing real action, like #StandWithThe6 resolution H. Res. 751, but the White House has remained shamefully silent.

Flood the phones Tues-Thurs ➡️ Image
This thread highlights powerful quotes from the incredible people who spoke at the Power Half-Hour today.

Our work ahead is clear - it is time for accountability & for @POTUS to pick a side: Palestinian human rights or Israeli apartheid?

#StandWiththe6 Image
"It is the bold proactive, landscape-changing action & advocacy that these organizations do that have led to them being targeted," said USCPR's Sana Siddiq.

"Their work directly supports Palestinian farmers facing displacement, children in military courts, prisoners, & more." Image
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BREAKING: Combatants for Peace ask Biden to use the Magnitsky Act to enforce personal sanctions against Israeli MOD Benny Gantz, for declaring 6 Palestinian NGOs as "terrorists".
The Act allows the administration to seize assets of persons persecuting human rights defenders
The group, made out of former Israeli and Palestinian combatants, says that by declaring the 6 as "terrorist organizations" Gantz has put the wellbeing of hundreds of human rights' defenders at risk.
The Magnitsky Act was created precisely to allow the U.S. to stop such behavior
This is another excellent example of Israeli-Palestinian solidarity with persecuted activists. That's why I too #StandWithThe6
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We & 287 other US-based orgs including @HRW @Oxfam @Mvmnt4BlkLives @JusticeDems @SunriseMvmt @IfNotNow @DreamDefenders signed an urgent letter to @SecBlinken demanding the US #StandWithThe6 leading Palestinian human rights orgs criminalized by Israel ⬇️…
Our social justice movements are united resisting Israel’s attack on human rights advocates in Palestine.

@SecBlinken @HadyAmr, pick a side: Will you defend Palestinian human rights orgs w/us, or back Israeli apartheid?

Read our #StandWithThe6 letter:…
288 US orgs are calling the Biden admin to immediately & unequivocally condemn Israel’s criminalization of 6 Palestinian human rights orgs. Their letter:…

@POTUS, pick a side: Palestinian human rights or Israeli apartheid?

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