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1. 🇫🇮🔵|👉Comenzamos #Hilo sobre el ingreso de #Finladia en la #OTAN y las consecuencias para la nueva frontera más extensa de la #AlianzaAtlántica con #Rusia 🇫🇮🇷🇺

#Otan2023 #ExpasiónOTAN2023 #IngresoFinlandia #GeopolíticaAtlántica

#Hilo 🇫🇮🇪🇸⬇️⬇️ Image
2. 🇫🇮🔵|👉 La frontera #Finlandesa se ha mantenido tras las pérdidas territoriales al concluir la #IIGuerraMundial en 1945 y la #GuerraDeInvierno con la #UniónSoviética 🇫🇮🇨🇳

#Otan2023 #ExpasiónOTAN2023 #IngresoFinlandia #GeopolíticaAtlántica

#Hilo 🇫🇮🇪🇸⬆️⬇️ Image
3. 🇫🇮🔵|👉 #Finlandia, aun estando situado al oeste de la #TelónDeAcero, evitaba la toma de postura en los asuntos que pudieran irritar a la #URSS, caminando por ello entre los dos bloques 🇫🇮🔴🔵

#Otan2023 #ExpasiónOTAN2023 #IngresoFinlandia #GeopolíticaAtlántica

#Hilo 🇫🇮🇪🇸⬆️⬇️ Image
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#Unheard #facts on #Tension within #EOTC
There is heightened tension b/n the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church (EOTC) led by the Patriarch and a splinter group from Oromia. Here r #facts you might need to consider before jumping to conclusions. 1/14 @althecat
The current tension can have 2 main sources/reasons. First, it can be a result of z ongoing political tension b/n Oromo and Amhara political elite. Second, it can be a manifestation of a growing tension within the Oromia Prosperity Party itself. 2/14 @Qnie_Addis
Tension has been building up between Oromo and Amhara political actors (both inside and outside the ruling party) following the recent signing of agreement between the Federal Government and #TPLF for cessation of hostilities. 3/14 @LaurenBinDC
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Update on the #FTX drama, which caused the yesterday's crash in crypto market 💥

How did FTX, the second biggest centralized exchange, almost died overnight and got acquired by @Binance?

Find out in this thread 👉
Most of the people think that this situation appeared out of thin air, However, it started years ago when @Binance became the early investor in FTX and obtained $2B in $FTT tokens. These were used for trading fees on FTX, as a part of the buyout.
In the meantime, FTX has become the second biggest centralized exchange, and partnering up with celebrities like Steph Curry and Tom Brady, which in turn helped FTX to attract a vast amount of retail investors.
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What is the Experiment, again?

"And #Covid is a project, however one tweezes it apart, of an unelected #billionaire #class that continues to amass enormous almost unthinkable amounts of money and property, beginning a #project of reshaping the #planet."… Image
"& their influence is now expressed in global corps &, more, in NGOs & institutions such as the #WHO & #WorldBank, the UN, & the #WEF. That they are ignorant of their own hubris is perhaps the most terrifying part of this entire scenario. This is the age of the rigid & weak ego." Image
"The eradication of the unconscious, of archaic dreams & collective imagination, the disenchantment of the world, & of the self, has taken place rapidly over the last 30 yrs ... & this disenchanted human is one who finds it hard to grasp the ideas of #class & economic #coercion." Image
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Hmm. Knowing a little about newspapers, it's quite possible David himself didn't write the headline and blurb - though the thrust of his review is clear, the direct reference to sex as a "social construct" is Joyce's quote: Image
I'm not so sure that isn't a #StrawMan; an extreme position being characterised as if it were the nub of the debate. I don't know, but can't imagine many would vehemently disagree with these commonly held definitions:

(Though I expect there are nuances.)
I first encountered grassroots #trans groups in the '00s when campaigning against @ukhomeoffice #IDcards & the #NationalIdentityRegister.

They were generous, tolerant & open - explaining to someone with no knowledge the many challenges of #transition, including living with an...
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Something to think and choose our course of action. #Life #Tension #ATTITUDE #wednesdaythought

A person was worried for a long time, due to which he started living very irritable and tense. He was upset about many things.
That he has to bear all the expenses of the house, the responsibility of the whole family is on him, some relatives or other and his friends visiting him asking for help were bothering him as it kept adding to his expenses.
Thinking these things, he used to get very upset and used to scold the children often and he would fight with his wife on some or the other thing.
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🇵🇪 Pérou : le Parlement vote la destitution du Président Vizcarra pour des faits de corruption alors qu’il était gouverneur.…
En France on attend toujours que le Parlement tire les conséquences de l’affaire Alstom...
Martín Vizcarra a pris ses fonctions en mars 2018, sans avoir été élu, pour assumer le pouvoir après la démission du président Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, lui même accusé d’être impliqué dans la vaste affaire de corruption Odebrecht.…
#Tension au Pérou : Ricardo Burga, porte-parole et député du parti libéral Accion Popular, prend un coup de poing d’un manifestant après avoir voté pour la destitution.

Près de 80% des péruviens sont contre la destitution du Président.
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 7/11/2020-2…

Mounting clues suggest the coronavirus might trigger diabetes…

#coronavirus #diabetes
How the Coronavirus Short-Circuits the Immune System - The New York Times…

Research on seawater surface tension becomes international guideline…

#tension #oceans
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We begin with a Star Trek reference.
Reed seems familiar...
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"Prelim. reports..indicated..the [#Indian] soldiers had not been shot, but had been killed in a brawl involving rocks & wooden clubs that was similar to fights that broke out last month along the border & seriously injured several soldiers on both sides."…
"A senior #Indian #Army officer said that >20 Indian #soldiers had also been #captured & many might still be in #Chinese custody.…

India seemed caught off guard by the new burst of violence, which the 2 sides blamed on each other."

"The spark for the recent tensions seemed to have been a road to a remote #AirForce #base that the #Indian #Army is building through mountain passes in the #GalwanValley >14,000 feet above sea level"…

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