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🚨New Paper Alert🚨
Heureux de vous annoncer la publication d'une étude conduite avec des collègues du #CNRM (@meteofrance /@INSU_CNRS) revenant sur l'exceptionnel été #2022 pour les #SST sur les façades maritimes françaises.
Un 🧵 pour parler 🛰️et 🌊:
Vous vous souvenez de mon fil de l'an dernier?
Le but ici est de quantifier la réponse des #SST et d'attribuer ces extrêmes aux conditions atmosphériques en évaluant les contributions des variables atmosphériques.
Le contexte:
L'été #2022 est le 2ème été le + chaud en France depuis 1900 avec une moyenne saisonnière pour la T2m de 22.7°C.
En particulier, la France a subit 3 vagues de chaleur exceptionnelles Image
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(1/3) CITES has moved to enact some of the most significant protection for shark species targeted in the fin trade and scores of turtles, lizards and frogs whose numbers are being decimated by the pet trade. 👏

#CITES #wildlife #animals #nature #sharks #news #environment Turtle swimming

(2/3) 160 governments, parties to @CITES, adopted proposals to regulate international trade in more than 500 new species. 👏

#CITES #wildlife #news #turtles #oceans #CITESCoP19 #UN…

(3/3) If you are interested in #wildlife, #travel, #nature, #history, #climatechange, or #sustainability, read The Planet.

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Let's learn more about Marie Tharp!

⚡️Marie Tharp was an American geologist and oceanographer. She helped map the ocean floor.

#GoogleDoodle #MarieTharp #Geology #oceans Image
⚡️ The map led Tharp to realize that the ocean floor could help prove the scientific theory of continental drift and the idea that the continents are moving.
⚡️ In the late 1940s, Tharp began working as a research assistant at the @Lamont_Doherty at Columbia University, NY. This is where she met her fellow geologist Bruce Heezen, with whom she would work for the next 30 years.
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(1/5) The aims of #COP27 this year are especially important as the world faces enormous challenges like climate change, energy, water, and biodiversity loss. @SuntoryGlobal is committed to contributing to a better, cleaner, and more sustainable planet. #SuntoryPartner
(2/3) By the end of 2022, @SuntoryGlobal is aiming to switch to 100% purchased renewable electricity in all of their directly-owned manufacturing sites and R&D facilities in Japan, the Americas and Europe. Learn more: #COP27 #environment #SuntoryPartner
(3/5) .@SuntoryGlobal is also aiming to use 100% sustainable PET bottles made of recycled or plant-based materials by 2030 globally, and actively work and collaborate with stakeholders for a circular economy. #COP27 #climatecrisis #oceans #environment #Suntory #SuntoryPartner
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🚨🌍 Global Carbon Budget 2022, out now!🌍🚨

It provides the latest update on how we humans have tampered with Earth's remarkable system of #carbon stocks and flows.

So what are the take-homes from our latest update?

@gcarbonproject @PFriedling
It's a story of persistent high global #CO2 emissions, but with some hints (and some hope!) that *total* human #emissions are levelling off.

(Although with considerable uncertainty in the land use change emissions).
But did anyone mention that we need to get that red line 👆 to hit zero to meet the commitments made in #Paris?

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Oct 12 2022: "Deep-sea miner stock jumps after first seafloor collection since 1970s"

The "#greatreset" (#Commonwealth w/ WEF as secretariat) includes deep sea #mining. The annihilation of #oceans carried out under guise of sustainability.

#UN #SDGs…
"The fields in the CCZ represent the largest known, undeveloped #nickel resource on the planet & is estimated to contain over 3 times the amount of #cobalt, almost 2 x the amount of nickel & as much #manganese as all global land-based reserves, combined."

#Privatization of the #oceans will allow for ocean exploration & deep sea #mining - both essential for the fourth industrial revolution infrastructure desired by the ruling class technocrats. #4IR #EVs #Salesforce

Learning thread:

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So yesterday was a really bad day for Russia. The number of smoking accidents hit a new high and Roscosmos is rapidly becoming the biggest employer of Russian veterans, though admittedly it's just piece work, a piece over here, some pieces over there, a bunch of pieces way up
there... Russian depots, command centers and airfields are all about to be added to the #ICUN Redlist. I jest, sorry to the World Conservation Congress you guys are fighting the hard fight to save animal life and your red list is an invaluable tool. I can only imagine the horror
show being unleashed on the natural areas of Ukraine right now. Speaking of horrors... Video proof that Russia is using Zaporizhzhya NPP as a depot/hostage to protect assets from Ukrainian strikes.
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June 8 marks #WorldOceanDay.

We honor this day by highlighting the need to protect marine life from human #fishing activities—a step that has the potential to both tackle biodiversity loss and the ongoing climate crisis. @WorldOceansDay👇 1/10
Ocean ecosystems are vital since oceans:

🗺️ make up 70% of Earth’s surface
🫁 produce 80% of the oxygen we breathe
🐠 house 80% of all life on Earth

At the same time:
🎣98.5% of the #ocean is open to fishing fleets

Human activity is the number one threat to #ocean health.

An initiative led by @aquaticlifeins urges consumers to protect oceans by choosing #PlantBased seafood alternatives and improving the legal protection of marine animals, @matthewzampa reports. 3/10…
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Current research on microplastics is the stuff of nightmares-

They’re dangerous, they’re spread through our food, they're in the air... they’re everywhere

Thread 1/x
#health #ClimateCrisis #PlasticPollution #food
Much of the research is trapped behind paywalls, and only reported on in a limited, fragmented pattern

-like so much else when large corporations cause environmental damage and impose widespread health impacts on the public

#health #ClimateCrisis #PlasticPollution #food
The growing risks of microplastics are a direct function of an ongoing push by the same sociopathic corporations that are driving the climate crisis

#health #ClimateCrisis #PlasticPollution #food…
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Drowning in #plastic❔🥤

1⃣3⃣9⃣ million tonnes of #PlasticWaste have accumulated in aquatic environments.🚯🌊
What can governments do to manage plastic #pollution

Check out our thread for #WorldWaterDay ⬇️
#PlasticWaste generation varies greatly across countries. 🌍

Overall, only 9⃣% of plastic waste is recycled... ♻️ Image
And much of this #plastic waste ends up in aquatic environments. ⛵️

In 2019, 2⃣2⃣ million tones of plastics polluted rivers, lakes & #oceans… the weight of more than 3⃣ million sperm whales❕ 🐋 Image
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#Espace - Les bonnes raisons d'y aller
🌿À l'heure de la #COP26, pourquoi dépenser de l'énergie et des finances pour aller dans l'espace. #Thread de quelques éléments de réponses du côté optimiste de la force 🤞
#espace #écologie #spacegeek Space final frontier - illustration Elite Dangerous
1. Pour trouver notre place dans l'#univers, #explorer, #rêver.
Historiquement, l'observation des étoiles a interrogé, fait rêver. Domaine des dieux, sphère céleste, on étudie le ciel nocturne et l'évolution de soleil en journée qui rythme les vies.
#astronomie #histoire #Science
🔭Les #philosophes déblayant les principes de la mécanique céleste posent les bases de l'#astronomie moderne, s'égarant parfois dans des interprétations erronées. Les briques sont posées et ainsi naîtra les #science, #physique, #astrologie, ...
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So this aged seal on a Norfolk beach was humanely put down, but not before police were called because crowds of people had been throwing stones at it and posing for selfies with it in this utter hellscape of a country we’ve become. I am so f**ing angry.
Normally my replies are a bit of a right wing bin fire, but very heartened by the comments on this sad tale.
And, on a happier note, here is a reminder of the beauty of seals and all wildlife when we treat animals with respect. 🦭#nature #wildlife #oceans
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1. I’m fascinated by the beauty of nature and enjoy learning more every day. Look for instance at these mushrooms realising millions of microscopic spores to propagate.

🧵 A thread about the beauty of planet earth, our only home.

#nature #science

2. That’s right, it’s our only home. That means we have to be extra careful, we don’t have a spare.

When it heats up, or loses it’s complex ecosystems, we will all be in trouble.

NASA took this photo of the dark side of the moon from 1 million miles away.



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🧵This thread continues with more videos.
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1. Both predators and prey animals use camouflage to their advantage.

Prey animals blend in with the background, so hungry predators pass right by them.

🧵 Start of a thread with some amazing videos on #Camouflage.

I like this one. 🙂

#cats #pets

2. But predators use camouflage too.

The striated frogfish (Antennarius striatus) walks the seafloor right up to its unsuspecting prey.

It has a prognathous mouth that launches an attack on prey in as fast as 6 milliseconds.

🧵 #ocean #fish #nature

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🧵 Thread
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1. Life is so delicate.

We conquered the planet and that gives us a responsibility to preserve all species.

Enjoy this thread on beautiful, delicate life.


➡️ RT

#nature #wildlife #biodiversity #NaturePhotography #science #photography #videos

2. Our responsibility to preserve all forms of life is a theme you can read about in The Planet newsletter.

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3. All forms of life are fragile, but some are even more so. 🐦

#birds #wildlifephotography #environment #beauty #parenting
(The wasp photo in previous tweet was from a tweet by @raymond_LLM)

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(1/…) Right now, somewhere on this planet, is someone
- showing #kindness
- enjoying spectaculair #nature
- taking #climateaction

You can read those stories in The Planet newsletter.

And somewhere these whales are swimming.

What a wonderful world!

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I hope to get ten more today.

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(3/…) These designers used five tons of plastic ocean waste to create a whale.

#whales #oceans #plasticpollution #sustainability #wildlife via @ArtForOurPlanet

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There’s a gaping (loop)hole in #climate reporting, calculations & countermeasures—#BlueCarbon!

Must finally put #Seabed #CarbonSink on agenda for #COP26...

Here too #China leads world in #carbon damage—by far.

Time for accountability on #RoadToGlasgow!…
#Ocean covers 71% of world’s surface..<10% mapped w/ modern sonar.

Salt marshes, mangroves, seagrass beds & ultra-deep abyssal #seabed absorb large quantities of #CO2 from atmosphere & balancing critical #climate systems.

Disrupting risks grave & potentially irreversible harms
.@Nature: “#marine sediments are the largest pool of organic #carbon on the planet.”

Est. vol. ~7 trillion metric tons—>3X cumulative anthropogenic #CO2 emissions since 1750.

Bottom trawl #fishing & #seabed mining—both #PRC-led—risk damaging disruption.…
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Thokozani Ogogo No Mkhulu👏

Indeed there is a difference below stated.

There is Umdawe we #Nhlanga most reverted to Inzunza (Njunju)

There Umdawe Called #Mfukwa in many relevance this is a ndawu spirit that is traded in. Eg one goes to ElMorcambique at Tete, Mamboni, Image
Nyembani or Ngorogouza & attain such spirit to work with it.

There is An Ndawu spirit called #Mdliwa this is a spirit of an Ndawu descendant that was brutally murderd in order to serve a certain purpose or none then returns as a spirit of mdliwa (O wa dliwa)
NB : Mdliwa & Mfukwa most believe it's the same. But it's not, yet have the same side effects.

Lastly Mdashana (An ndawu that died at a young age) this is Similar to Umnono.
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 05/24/2021…
Arctic warming three times faster than the planet, report warns…

#ArcticWarming #ClimateChange #consequences
Wild Bornean orangutans experience muscle catabolism during episodes of fruit scarcity…

#orangutans #borneo #FoodScarcity #catabolism #muscles
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సముద్రం ఓ ప్రపంచం. లక్షలాది జీవరాశులకు కన్న తల్లి.

పద్యం రాస్తున్నాను
సముద్రం చూస్తూ ఉంది
స్ర్తిలింగం పుంలింగం ధరించిన జలధి
ఒకరికి తండ్రి సముద్రుడు
ఒకరికి తల్లి సముద్రం!
#oceans #MothersDay
ఉధృతమై అలలు ముందుకురుకుతుంటే
ప్రమాదాన్ని పసిగట్టి సముద్రుడు
ముక్కుతాడేసి లాగుతుంటాడు
అలల్లో చిక్కిన మానవుడు
అసువులు బాసినపుడు
అలలెంతగా కన్నీరు విరజిమ్ముతాయో
వీక్షకులు ప్రత్యక్ష సాక్షులు
విగత జీవుల్ని వొడ్డుకు చేర్చి
సముద్ర గర్భంలో ఎవరూ దాగిలేరని
శే్వతపత్రం విడుదల చేస్తుంది
నిద్రించే చరాచరాలకు
మేల్కొల్పు చెప్పటానికి
సముద్రం నిత్యం ఘోషిస్తుంది
సూర్యుడు చంద్రుడు తన బిడ్డలని
పగలు రాత్రి తోడుండే అమరులని
మురిపెంగా చెప్పి మురుస్తుంది!
సముద్రుడు అరిస్టాటిల్‌కు
ప్రియాతి ప్రియమిత్రుడు
వొడ్డున నిల్చిన వీక్షకులకు
ఓడను పైనించి కిందికి
అంచెలంచెలుగా చూపి
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In the #LongFoodMovement report, we're reminded that the world’s 30 million artisanal #fishers and workers provide nearly half of the #fish we eat (@IPBES, 2019).

But with #climatechange & island/ocean grabbing, small-scale fishers & their communities are in peril.

🧵Thread 👇🏾
Island/#ocean grabbing is likely to intensify as countries seek to solidify their influence, their #food supply chains, & their global sourcing and distribution networks. For example, in the #RedSea region, conflicts over fish & other marine resources threaten rich #biodiversity.
Meanwhile, in the South China Sea, said to
have some of the highest marine #biodiversity on earth, #China has been building airstrips, ports & other facilities on disputed islands & reefs, w/ the apparent aim of establishing military bases (cf. Ives,
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 03/16/2021…
The Untapped Potential of Personal Narrative – John Hagel…

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