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My bet is that unmitigated schools are *the* main driver of Covid spread.
We've got two and a half years of patterns to look at now.
Cases rise at the start of every term.
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On 8/11, the @CDCgov revised #COVID19 guidance as to “not disrupt daily life." These changes are reckless.

18M+ w/ #LongCOVID experience significant daily disruptions to life. This revision indicates those casualties are acceptable in exchange for comfort. #StoptheSpread 🧵 1/7
We are calling on the @CDCgov to recognize the long-term, systemic health & socioeconomic impacts caused by the disability faced as a result of #LongCOVID & its associated conditions, a result of the initial #COVID19 infection.

Preventing infection prevents #LongCOVID.
The U.S. has seen over 1 million deaths due to #COVID19 & 1 in 5 infected develop #LongCOVID.

At current *documented* case counts, the U.S. has ~18 million #Longhaulers. The @CDCgov 's own data estimates only 1 in 4 cases are actually documented. (4x as many w/ #LongCOVID).
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> New positive cases per day
> Regional breakdown
> New COVID-19 Hospital admissions: 07 March 2020 - 17 March 2022
> NHLS Provincial testing figures

#StaySafe #PlayYourPart #StopTheSpread
>Sub-district with new cases in 7 days
>Sub-districts with highest number of active cases
>Management of COVID-19 admissions at 17 March 2022
>Age and gender distribution of COVID-19 deaths

#StaySafe #PlayYourPart #StopTheSpread
>Vaccination Status Report
>Individuals vaccinated per age group per and sex
>Number of individuals vaccinated and fully vaccinated against adult population
>Fully vaccinated individuals as a percentage of Adult population

#IChooseVaccination #VaccinesSavesLives
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I’m just going to leave that here Image
Many people have spotted this tweet.
But you know there are others, don't you?
It wasn't exactly the first offense was it
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The entire comment section of this 👇 post is an object lesson in progressive cultural hypocrisy. The people who decry "gentrification" in cities are accusing this VA town of racism, etc - for asking the fleeing residents of Blue States to #StopTheSpread of cancerous policies.
It's apparently "narrow minded" to not want your area overrun by people who don't understand or care about your culture. Is gentrification / complete reimagining of e.g., the South Bronx now okay? Can we all move to Tanzania and replace their culture with ours? Or just Red areas?
The word "progress" has become a synonym for "everything I want is good, everything you want is bad". Has this person ever been to Rappahannock? It seems like they assume it's the local KKK HQ, and needs some fixin up! …with their "progressive" magic, of course.
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For every 10 likes on this, I will make Gundy’s mullet bigger. Image
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1/ A big myth of the "return to school buildings" debate is that COVID-19 magically🧙‍♀️ doesn't spread in kids.

A preprint from an Omaha pilot project debunks this bigly (again).

Another 🧵 with evidence for TESTING to detect and 🛑🦠. #SafetyIsVITAL…
2/ University of Nebraska Medical Center found:

📌 Lots of asymptomatic COVID-19; testing caught cases MUCH higher than typical school reporting (self-reports and symptomatic).

📌 Staff: 2.5x more COVID

📌 Students: 6x more

📌 10x more 🦠 at school than in community stats
3/ Turns out schools may have missed up to 9 of 10 student cases and 7 of 10 staff cases — before better testing to detect and #StopTheSpread of COVID-19.

📌 District also mitigated risks:
✔️ hybrid
✔️ ¼ occupancy
✔️ 😷
✔️ 6 ft distancing

(HS & MS schools in study)
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Chennai Test positive rate all time high 23.8% today crossed 20% forecasted by model last week. It could cross 25% in 3-4 day. Forecasting model shows TN would cross 1 Lakh active cases in 5 days, Chennai 40K in a week. Public support critical at this moment #StopTheSpread 1/8
10 days growth rate of active case in Chennai at 95% and TN at 112%. Doubling Rate of Active cases for TN is now 9 days and Chennai at 10 days.
So rest of TN also growing faster now. 2/8 @ChennaiRains @kprabhdeep @rameshlaus @ashokhavarshini @karthikeyannews @karthickselvaa
Comparing Chennai Wave 1 and Wave 2.
Test positive rate is now all time high 23.8% crossed last year peak of 21% took 45 days to overtake last year peak TPR, and it took 30 days to cross daily new case of last year peak 2393. The curve is still parabolic. 3/8 #COVIDSecondWave
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#SeroSurvey दि. 25/1/2021
नाशिक शहरातील नागरिकांमध्ये कोविड-19 अँटीबॉडी (प्रतिपिंड) तपासणी मोहिम नाशिक महानगरपालिकेच्या वतीने दि. 9-11 जानेवारी'21 या कालावधीत शासकिय वैद्यकिय महाविद्यालय,औरंगाबाद येथील डॉ.के.वाय.येळीकर व डॉ.जगन्नाथ दिक्षित यांचे मार्गदर्शनाखाली करण्यात आली(1/12) Image
वैद्यकिय आरोग्य अधिकारी डॉ. बापुसाहेब नागरगोजे, डॉ. आवेश पलोड व डॉ. प्रशांत शेटे यांनी तांत्रिक कामकाज केले.
या तपासणीमध्ये 18 वर्षावरील एकुण 2352 नागरिकांची तपासणी करण्याचे निश्चित करणेत आले होते. त्यानुसार एकुण 2355 व्यक्तींचे रक्त नमुने गोळा करणेत आले होते.
शहरातील सर्व 6 विभागांमधील नागरिकांचे लोकसंख्येच्या प्रमाणात विभागणी करून झोपडपट्टी व बिगर झोपडपट्टी क्षेत्रातील रक्तनमुने घेण्यात आले.
शहरातील एकुण तपासलेल्या नमुन्यांपैकी 39.50% नागरिकांमध्ये कोरोना विरूद्ध प्रतिपिंड (अँटीबॉडी) आढळून आल्या.
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#Thread #COVIDSecondWave
Dire warning from Dr Darayus Gazder, a young doctor in #Karachi: Second wave is very strong, patients are highly critical and sick. We have a waiting list of over 10 per bed. People are dying/suffering alone w no one to say goodbye!
It's painful
Some deteriorate within minutes. Others who survive COVID have permanent severe #lung damage, can't eat a single meal w/o high flow oxygen, later die painfully as if #drowning once respiratory/cardiac muscles can't compensate as oxygen is depleted.
- Dr Darayus Gazher 2/n
Educated people should take this seriously. But they are Instead throwing parties, weddings, going to sports events, malls, shopping, eating out with no precautions, even mocking the disease. This selfish behaviour must end as it endangers ALL age groups
- Dr Darayus Gazder 3/n
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December 5, 2020

Iowans, we urgently need to stop the spread of coronavirus. Today, Iowa reports:

62 more deaths (2,665 total)
305 deaths reported in last week (Nov. 28-Dec. 5) (highest yet)
960 hospitalized
204 in intensive care
2,369 new cases

The 62 coronavirus deaths reported today in Iowa were in the following counties:

Black Hawk (2)
Butler (3)
Davis (2)
Floyd (2)
Lee (2)

. . .
Coronavirus deaths reported today in Iowa by county (cont'd):

Marion (2)
Palo Alto
Polk (5)
Pottawattamie (2)
Scott (3)
Shelby (3)
Warren (2)
Woodbury (3)

All across Iowa

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Es stellt sich die Frage nach dem Sinn der WarnApp
Wir tappen im Dunkeln.
Das Vertrauen in die Landesregierungen ist bei vielen dahin. #DontPlayItDown
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1/4 Normally this holiday week, we would be getting ready to celebrate #Thanksgiving together. But there hasn’t been anything normal about this year.
2/4 I almost didn't know where to start our message this year, with #COVID, many who lost loved ones, jobs, homes, everything; the ongoing struggle for racial justice, and the divisions in our country; extreme wildfires, hurricanes and flooding. Our thoughts are with all of you.
3/4 Our family is doing our part to help #stopthespread. It’s the least we can do. Though we'll miss the board games, laughter & closeness this year, we are grateful for the memories in these photos, & look forward to a time when we can all be together again to make more of them. ImageImageImage
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So you’ve just been tested for #COVID19. While you wait for your test results (which can be scary!), continue to do your part to #StopTheSpread. Here are a few things to think about. Thread below ⬇️⬇️

/1 #LdnOnt #Middlesex @covi_lm @LHSCCanada @ThamesValleyFHT Image
While you wait for your test results (typically 24-48 hours):

➡️ Self-isolate until you receive your test result; this means staying at home, away from other members of your household.

➡️ Write down all the places that you have been in the last 14 days, and the names of everyone you have been in close contact with starting 48 hours before your symptoms began.

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21% of the world's deaths from #COVID19 have occurred in the world's richest, most technologically advanced country, home to just 4% of the world's population.

The whole world sees this as a total, absolute, incontrovertible failure.

Trump wants you to think it's a success.
#COVID19 is a deadly, contagious airborne disease, but it's transmission is largely preventable using face masks & physical distancing, cheap solutions that have enabled even the poorest countries in the world to #StopTheSpread.

But are still too complicated for Trump to grasp.
Instead of focusing on bring college football back, Trump should start treating #COVID19 like the World Cup.

Team USA has been put in a Group with Japan (12 deaths per 1M pop.), Cameroon (16 deaths/M pop.) and Germany (113 deaths/M pop.).

We got eliminated. (611 deaths/M pop.).
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😷🧼👌 A good #MondayMorning to you. It's day 7 #30days30waysUK #preparednessMonth. Today's topic 'Stop The Spread' is hugely important and applies to many germs including #COVID__19. Let's start with @WHO @Minions
[🧵open thread, play video🔊]
🦠🛑To #StopTheSpreadOfGerms frequent #handhygiene is safe and effective. It's easy - don't be a numtpy... #WashYourHands by @NorthantsEPTeam ...

#prepYourHealth #staysafe #30days30waysUK…
... and always keep a safe distance when out and about.
#StopTheSpread #Covid19UK #prepYourHealth #30Days30WaysUK…
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Today, @HoustonHealth reports 158 new cases of #COVID19, bringing Houston's total top 63,834.

There are 8 newly reported deaths, bringing the total of COVID-19 deaths to 820.
Please get tested. Please #maskup. Remember, you face a $250 fine if you're not wearing a mask in public.
🚨 Hospitilizations have declined from a record high in July and today, Houston's #COVID19 positivity rate is 7.8%. That's down from about 20% at the start of August. 🚨
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#WorldMosquitoDay: Prevalence and Facts About Malaria Disease Causing Mosquitoes 🦟…

(Image 1 - C Suresh Kumar/BCCL, Chennai )

(Image 2 -KM Sharma/BCCL, Patna)

(Image 3 - Sanjay Hadkar/TOI, BCCL/Mumbai )

(Image 4 - BCCL) ImageImageImageImage
In the South East Asia region, India accounts for 58% of the reported case load. As per the National Vector Borne Disease Control Programme (NVBDCP), India has reported 62,129 #malaria cases in 2020 till June. In 2019, the country reported 3.3 lakh confirmed cases.
The government of India has set a target to eliminate malaria disease by 2030.

(Image credit :N Kanaka / BCCL, Visakhapatnam)
#StopTheSpread #Mosquitoes #WorldMosquitoDay🦟 Image
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Hey @RexArcherMD, director of @KCMOHealthDept as you and @QuintonLucasKC hold the people of KC hostage with the threat of another lockdown if we don’t “behave” with ineffective mask policies I was wondering if you could address some things for us
Why after over a month of mask mandates did we see cases double in the KC area? Also, did you not look at other areas of the country that have had mandates for months yet still saw cases spike? Why are you so focused on masks? ImageImageImageImage
In scientific theory you have a hypothesis and then analyze the results to see if they match what you originally thought. But it seems you and others around the country are desperate to do the opposite - make the results match your hypothesis.
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