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Using meritocracy as opposition to representation and equity:
A very predictable response to calls for greater representation and equity, is ‘the job/opportunity should go to the best person’.
Here’s a thread about this rather devious tactic.
This thread has been occasioned by a fair bit of ‘should go to the best person’ that I’ve seen recently, as in response to the #BLACK_LIVES_MATTER protests, several organisations have been trying (or seen to be trying) to improve their representation of BAME individuals.
One hears this whenever there is an attempt to meaningfully improve representation of any minority group (e.g. women, BAME) in any system. By meaningful representation, I mean sharing of power, from being part of the voices that are heard, to making actual decisions.
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Thread | Provo a dare un altro punto di vista ancora sul tema statue.Quello che comunemente derubrichiamo come razzismo e maschilismo ha molte facce. Non ha solo la faccia di quello che spara ai neri o ammazza la moglie perché lei vuole lasciarlo (il delitto d'onore in Italia 1/x
in sostanza esiste ancora solo che la legge non lo tollera più, ma è ancora culturalmente vivo: “lei non può lasciarmi, come osa!”), ma anche quello di chi in fondo pensa che un cameriere nero fa un po' schifo, una donna vestita da maschio anche e quindi finisce che magari
per quell'annuncio di lavoro che hai messo ci sta meglio o una figa bionda o un bel ragazzotto bianco. questa roba è profonda, radicatissima, se scavate bene la trovare anche dentro di voi. Io in me la trovo.
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CHAZ (Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone) und die deutsche Linke.

Es gibt derzeit kaum Artikel oder Bemerkungen zur CHAZ in Seattle in Deutschland. Im Gegenteil, ich habe deutsche Linke gelesen, die sich über die CHAZ lustig machen. Daher hier ein kurzer, zorniger Thread 1/x
Erst Mal die Fakten:
Am 8.6. flohen die Bullen aus einem Stadtteil in Seattle. DemonstrantInnen errichteren darauf Barrikaden und erklären den Stadtteil für unabhängig/ autonom.… 2/x
Innerhalb weniger Tage organisieren die Besetzer ein eigebes Sicherheitssystem, der linke John Brown Gun Club patrolliert, es gibt kostenlose Essensverteilung, man legt Gemüsegärten an und formuliert Grundsätze einer Selbstorganisation:…
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Don't know why Indians especially #Hindus are at receiving end, even though they are the most secular & peace-loving lot in the entire world. The Indians support anything and everything that is peaceful, that's what #SanatanaDharma teaches. But everyone takes advantage of 1/2
that & target Indians, both in India and internationally too. But no one cares about them. This violence is not covered by any MSM. #BLACK_LIVES_MATTER is a genuine cause when it's a peaceful one. Unfortunately it's hijacked by the thugs and hooligans.
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Just for a bit of perspective for today's event in London, this red circle encapsulates the #BLACK_LIVES_MATTER protest at the moment. Image
Meanwhile you have a much larger number of "counter-protesters" who are extremely reminiscent of the early EDL rallies, attacking police and trying to get round the lines in an attempt to reach the BLM protest in Trafalgar Square.
I think this is important to note, because listening to the BBC news report didn't really describe this situation adequately. Meanwhile the Sun isn't exactly being clear either. Image
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Parliament SQ, #RiotPlotExposed & police response has been good so far. #BLACK_LIVES_MATTER #TommyRobinson
The far-right crowd from a different angle. #racist
Far-right crowd police presence.
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Juxtaposing strong statements by state bars & lawyer groups, including @ABAesq, with the lack of serious action, or frankly sustained attention, to access to justice raises squarely the question of whether bar leadership will ever practice what they preach./1
2/Lots of preaching, occasional resolutions, but where is the action? BIPOC communities suffer disproportionately from the lack of access to justice system, civil & admin. (Crim justice is a separate, but profound matter in its own right). Housing, family issues, incl custody &/2
3/domestic violence, employment, education, immigration. Many other issues. We KNOW about #A2J gap. We KNOW efforts to close it have been largely unsuccessfully, too often falling on deaf ears. And we have some good (if imperfect) mechanisms to tackle it. Including/3
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THREAD - Upcoming solar eclipse in Mrigashira Nakshatra and American protests.

Mrigashira nakshatra is all about searching and finding the truth. The symbolisation of nakshatra is related with Deer’s head and the major symbol is deer. The deer is always on search but fails 1/7 Image
to see that the things which he is searching around are already within itself. Moreover, deer is a gentle animal and therefore this nakshatra is a soft one. Though it is a soft nakshatra, but still the ruler ship of mars leads to aggressive patterns. Deer is always roaming 2/8
around in a forest and this causes restlessness. Therefore this nakshatra can make you feel uneasy and suffocated. So,it is important to channelize your mind on right path.Mrigashira nakshatra rules over roads and pathways. Thus, people can utilize the roads and pathways to 3/8
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Estas noticias verdaderam deberían ser suficientes para abrir los ojos a los más incrédulos.
La cofundadora del famoso "black lives matter" en connivencia y convivencia con el opresor venezolano.
Se ve que no todas las opresiones son iguales..…
Ha sido curiosa la presencia de quienes reivindican regímenes restrictivos de #libertades en manifestaciones reclamando aún no sé muy bien lo qué ¿libertad en #USA? ¿cese de esa opresión limitadora de la #ciudadanía con mochila chavista?
Al final las cosas se explican y se comprenden mejor: La sra Helena Peña, parece ser.
Los medios han identificado, en algunas #protestas, grupos de vnzlnos y cubanos que podrían estar organizando y azuzando protestas precisam con fines desestabilizadores.
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Le drapeau de la République du Rif à la manifestation #BlackLivesMattters à Bruxelles en ce moment.
Je suis allé à la manif #BLACK_LIVES_MATTER au Palais de Justice de Bruxelles avec ma femme et ma fille aînée. Il devait y avoir 10.000 personnes environ.
"Justice for Adil, Mehdi, Mawda, Ouassim, Lumumba" #BLACK_LIVES_MATTER
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my friend posed a very interesting question today. HOW DO YOU IDENTIFY BOOK TASTE IN A CHART? this got me thinking and i wanted to share cause i love books so this was super entertaining [this is actually the first chart i ever did a reading for so im nostalgic 😭] Image
THE MOON 🌙 since this represents the inner world of someone, this is THE place to start. capricorn moon in 11H - this person is interested in saturnian themes. there is a tight trine to their jupiter though, so although the moon is in detriment, the jupiter eliviates this.
the somewhat lose trine to the sun is significant here too! this is definitely not ur stereotypical “hard to carry” capricorn moon. the square to uranus shows shocks to the system, but with aquarius being the ascendant uranian energy is familiar already.
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George Junius Stinney, Jr. of African descent was the youngest person to be sentenced to death in the 20th century in the United States.
He was only 14 years old when he was executed in an electric chair.
During his trial, even on the day of his execution,
he always carried a Bible in his hands, claiming to be innocent.
He was accused of killing two white girls, 11-Year-old Betty, and Mary of 7, the bodies were found near the house where the teenager resided with his parents.
At that time, all members of the jury were white.
The trial lasted only 2 hours, and the sentence was dictated 10 minutes later.
The Boy's parents were threatened, and prevented from being present in the courtroom, and subsequently expelled from that city.
Before the execution, George spent 81 days in prison without being able
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The Middle East - whose people suffered so much from the #US destruction of their countries and interference in domestic affairs, killing people by 100s of 1000 - is no longer surprised. When there is no war, #US administration triggers one at home.

Even Americans stand today against the #US administration and are fedup of its warmongers.

Warmongers who wanted to see blood in #Syria, #Iraq #Yemen #Bahrein #Palestine #Afghanistan can now have the taste of what the #US security forces can do at home.
There is no more need to find an answer to your question #USA: Why do they hate us?

You thought you are hated For your value?

You have no value #US administration.

People hate you in America and across the planet...and soon in Mars.


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Rumours that #Trump may make an announcement in the Rose Garden later today invoking the #InsurrectionAct.

This 213-year-old law would allow him to deploy active-duty US troops to respond to #BLACK_LIVES_MATTER protests.

If he does, it will not end well.…
Military trucks with soldiers have moved into place around the White House.

#Trump is expected to speak soon.

This isn’t the time to escalate an already combustible situation
by deploying soldiers onto streets already bristling with anger.
#Trump says states should “deploy the National Guard in sufficient numbers that we dominate the streets. If any city or state refuses...I will deploy the US military & quickly solve the problem for them.”

This is a dark moment for America & for Americans.
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Jared Ivey, who helped kick off the #BLACK_LIVES_MATTER rally, on why he’s here
Moving down W Franklin now, chanting say his name, I can’t breathe, #BLACK_LIVES_MATTER
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Closing early, which is fine by me. I’m off the next 2 days & reaches the end of my mental rope weeks ago. What isn’t fine by me is the reason behind it, a credible threat of looting at the mall our restaurant is adjacent to.
Got this from a cop friend who’ll be on duty tonight. I don’t care who the fuck you are, this is as far from showing solidarity with #BLACK_LIVES_MATTER & #GeorgeFloyd as possible. Image
Already home, 3 to 3.5 hours early. Dumpsters & Jersey barriers are barring almost every entrance to the mall parking lot. Boss said he’d let me know if we still have a restaurant when he gets in tomorrow. In the meantime, priorities. Beer, then a bike ride with my little girl.
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#anonimous regresó:
Abro hilo para las personas que no saben lo que está pasando con #Anonymuos con esto se darán cuenta porque todos estamos tan impresionados
En simples palabras para los que no saben que es anonymous es una organización internacional ultra secreta de ciber activistas(hackers), por eso nadie sabe quienes están relacionados allí, ni donde encontrarlos:o
Estos son unos personajes maalll, son muy importantes ya que son unos hackers súper buenos, pueden hackear lo todo!
"Somos #anonymus. Somos legion. No perdonamos. No olvidamos." 👈 su lema es muy temible y se lo toman muy serio...
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even when a man was trying to help and trying to calm the situation, he still got hit. broke this mans mind . #protests2020 #BLM #BLACK_LIVES_MATTER #BlackLivesMatter
if you see anyone being racist on my post let me know 🥰 call them out and don’t let them think what they’re saying is right
also this needs to be seen, rubber bullets are STILL bullets
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Day 2 of #GeorgeFloyd and #MichaelRamos protests in #Austin. The crowd has moved from in front of the state capitol heading toward @austintexasgov city hall. @KVUE
A whole new group of protesters has arrived at the state capitol. Just heard one shout “Stop killing black people!” #austinprotest @KVUE
Seems to be a steady trickle of protesters arriving consistently over the past few minutes. Most have turned down Congress Ave toward city hall. @ToriLarnedtv and @MariSalazarTV are there with the larger group of protesters. @KVUE #AustinProtest
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Fundamentals of Agribusiness Ventures.

i) Agriprenuership

For any agribusiness enterprise to be established & run successfully,those starting it up & running it must have certain skills,behaviours & attitude.

•Business intelligence
•Product focus
Lack of these attributes leads to business failure especially during the early stages of crafting it.

ii) Have a Comprehensive Agribusiness Plan/Model

Agriprenuers fail not because they are doomed to fail but because they are undertaking so many activities some of which may not be adding value to their business.

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[Thread]1/ As a result of #georgefloyd's killing, there has been an uptick on Twitter in the vilification of the Somali Minnesotan community. This short analysis is based on around 23000 Twitter interactions (Tweets, RTs etc) from around 16000 unique accounts #BLACK_LIVES_MATTER
2/ I searched for the terms "Minnesota" and "Somali" to see what discussion was taking place around these terms. First, who is being retweeted the most. That's @chizmaga , then @mukhtaryare @johncardillo @AbshirDSM . But what are they saying, see next tweet #BLACK_LIVES_MATTER
3/ @Chizmaga uses whataboutism and false equivalence to try and portray the Somali community as hypocritical. See his tweet below. Former #NYPD man @johncardillo does something similar, suggesting somehow Somalis are deviant and have double standards as they are 'rioting' now
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Homem é espancado em #Dallas, no #Texas, por vândalos.

Saques generalizados em Beverly Hills, na cidade de Los Angeles, na #Califórnia. Houve também saque em lojas da Apple

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¿Anonymous realmente regresó?

Para la razita que no sabe ni que está pasando con esto de Anonymous les haré un mini hilo para que sepan porque todos y todas estamos tan IMPAKTHADOS.
Bueno así en breves palabras Anonymous es una organización internacional ULTRASECRETA de ciberactivistas.

Nadie sabe quien pertenece a ellos ni dónde encontrarlos, no pueden ser rastreados.
Pero..¿por qué son tan importantes?

Porque no solo son ciberactivistas, sino que son HACKTIVISTAS. Es decir que son hackers súper chingones que pueden hackearlo TODO.

Su lema es:

“Somos Anonymous. Somos legión. No perdonamos. No olvidamos. Espéranos”.

Y se lo toman muy serio
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