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1 to 20. Assange a true HERO. The Siege & Injustice with Julian Assange 🤨👇🏼
21. Assange a true HERO. The Siege & Injustice with Julian Assange 🤨👇🏼
22. Assange a true HERO. The Siege & Injustice with Julian Assange 🤨👇🏼
23. Assange a true HERO. The Siege & Injustice with Julian Assange 🤨👇🏼
24. Assange a true HERO. The Siege & Injustice with Julian Assange 🤨👇🏼
25. Assange a true HERO. The Siege & Injustice with Julian Assange 🤨👇🏼
Via @Alfreddezayas
#JulianAssange: Deprivation of Justice and Double Standards in Belmarsh Prison dezayasalfred.wordpress.com/2019/08/31/jul…
@Alfreddezayas Via @ScepticalAussie
Pamela Anderson: #Assange Is a Scapegoat, Not a Criminal
@Alfreddezayas @ScepticalAussie Via @21WIRE
RT this: I'm sure many will be shocked, appalled by what
@NinaCross25 has unearthed here - comparing Belmarsh prison's treatment of #JulianAssange vs that of #TommyRobinson. Unbelievable, but it's clear :
#WikiLeaks #Assange #FreeAssangeNOW
@Alfreddezayas @ScepticalAussie @21WIRE @NinaCross25 This evening outside the #UK government's Ministry of the Interior (Home Office) #PinkFloyd’s @rogerwaters performed his song ‘Wish You Were Here’ in solidarity with imprisoned journalist and @wikileaks founder #JulianAssange.
@Alfreddezayas @ScepticalAussie @21WIRE @NinaCross25 @rogerwaters @wikileaks Roger Waters was introduced by the Australian journalist and friend of Assange, @johnpilger. I spoke to Pilger after and asked what the imprisonment of Assange in London told us about the state of British democracy in 2019.
@Alfreddezayas @ScepticalAussie @21WIRE @NinaCross25 @rogerwaters @wikileaks @johnpilger ‘All of us are in danger’: John Pilger delivers a chilling warning from #JulianAssange — RT World News rt.com/news/467833-pi…
@Alfreddezayas @ScepticalAussie @21WIRE @NinaCross25 @rogerwaters @wikileaks @johnpilger ‘"This place was hell’: Julian Assange’s brother on prison conditions — RT World News rt.com/news/467835-as…
@Alfreddezayas @ScepticalAussie @21WIRE @NinaCross25 @rogerwaters @wikileaks @johnpilger Roger Waters: "How do we put ourselves in the position of a Julian Assange in solitary confinement? ... It's called empathy." #FreeAssange #London
@Alfreddezayas @ScepticalAussie @21WIRE @NinaCross25 @rogerwaters @wikileaks @johnpilger In this clip from PRIMO NUTMEG #171, Democratic presidential candidate #TulsiGabbard shares her thoughts on whistle-blowers like #JulianAssange of #WikiLeaks, #ChelseaManning, & #EdwardSnowden.
@Alfreddezayas @ScepticalAussie @21WIRE @NinaCross25 @rogerwaters @wikileaks @johnpilger Via @21WIRE
Powerful scenes of solidarity today at #FreeAssangeNOW
@rogerwaters performance in London. Here's some of @johnpilger's words: "The behaviour of the 🇬🇧 Govt towards #JulianAssange is a disgrace. A profanity on the very notion of human rights."
@Alfreddezayas @ScepticalAussie @21WIRE @NinaCross25 @rogerwaters @wikileaks @johnpilger Via @GordonDimmack
"Don't let the bastards sacrifice freedom of speech, European democracy and my life on the alter of #Brexit" - #Assange letter from Belmarsh prison.
@Alfreddezayas @ScepticalAussie @21WIRE @NinaCross25 @rogerwaters @wikileaks @johnpilger @GordonDimmack Even if you can't be in London at 6pm today when
@rogerwaters is performing Wish You Were Here outside the Home Office, think about this video - the last time #JulianAssange saw the sea. Think about it why he is in a cage, while we are free.
Hundreds of British people stood up for #JulianAssange tonight inspired by John Pilger and Roger Waters solidarity in word and song. #WikiLeaks
'Wish You Were Here' - #RogerWaters performs at rally in support of #Assange in London
This evening in-front of the UK @ukhomeoffice London. Large crowd gathering to hear @rogerwaters perform in support of @wikileaks founder #JulianAssange and asking the home office to block the #USA extradition request
Via @aleksmit5
"...#JulianAssange is gravely ill in Belmarsh, after all these years of state-sanctioned abuse, and could die as a result."
By Lissa Johnson
@aleksmit5 Great turn out at the #FreeAssangeNOW demo outside the UK Foreign Office to hear from Roger Waters, Pilger and Julian's brother Gabriel. The UK Must Resist and say No to the US request to extradite #Assange
@aleksmit5 Via @True78045100
Send this to any friends who grew weary of Assange.

The tide really is turning.
@aleksmit5 @True78045100 By @telesurenglish
@rogerwaters is a long-standing supporter of #Assange and
@wikileaks and staunch opponent of the #UnitedStates imperialistic practices.
@aleksmit5 @True78045100 @telesurenglish @rogerwaters @wikileaks #UK | The Mayor of #London @SadiqKhan
refuses to offer answer a question on the plight of imprisoned @wikileaks founder and journalist
@aleksmit5 @True78045100 @telesurenglish @rogerwaters @wikileaks @SadiqKhan "If most rockstars performed one of their iconic hits outside the #BritishHomeOffice, the media would lap it up. Not so, if the star is #PinkFloyd frontman #RogerWaters & he sings for jailed #WikiLeaks founder #JulianAssange."
@aleksmit5 @True78045100 @telesurenglish @rogerwaters @wikileaks @SadiqKhan "Mainstream media completely ignored #Waters’ performance outside the #BritishInteriorMinistryOffice on Monday evening. A search of the ProQuest newspaper database found “nothing” from any #UK newspaper on the event..."
"Independent🇹🇫journalist Caitlin Johnstone called attention to how the media enthusiastically covered billionaire Richard Branson’s concert against🇻🇪President Maduro on the country’s border in February – because it fit w the correct mainstream narrative."
The US and UK corporate media refused to report on the
@rogerwaters, @johnpilger, @DerbyChrisW, @khrafnsson rally in London for Julian Assange.

Even @democracynow seems to have ignored it.

But the @GrayzoneProject has it covered:
@rogerwaters @johnpilger @DerbyChrisW @khrafnsson @democracynow @GrayzoneProject Via @Millenial1706
#JulianAssange's brother Gabriel Shipton describes visiting him in Belmarsh, & delivers message on behalf of his children, brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews, mother & father, urging the #UK Govt to stop his extradition to the #USA:
@rogerwaters @johnpilger @DerbyChrisW @khrafnsson @democracynow @GrayzoneProject @Millenial1706 By @AssangeMrs
WHY are powerful political players in #US/#UK brutally persecuting, unlawfully detaining, torturing & slowly assassinating my son, multi-award winning journalist #JulianAssange?

Because he exposed their crimes & corruption!

Here are some:
@rogerwaters @johnpilger @DerbyChrisW @khrafnsson @democracynow @GrayzoneProject @Millenial1706 @AssangeMrs #WikiLeaks is a literal truth machine & an independent news organization. If there is no freedom of speech for Assange, there is no freedom of speech for any of us.
Assange is a human being & his psychological torture is a crime. I stand from #Yemen w him.
@rogerwaters @johnpilger @DerbyChrisW @khrafnsson @democracynow @GrayzoneProject @Millenial1706 @AssangeMrs The video currently going viral.
Pamela Anderson speaks in support of #JulianAssange & shuts down disgusting Neocon Fascist al-Qaeda & War Crimes supporting Treasonous Scumbag @MeganMcCain.
@rogerwaters @johnpilger @DerbyChrisW @khrafnsson @democracynow @GrayzoneProject @Millenial1706 @AssangeMrs @MeganMccain “Julian Assange, Manning & Snowden are HEROES...the government is supposed to be for the people...not for Trump, Abrams, Pence, Pompeo...not for these RABID ANIMALS!” 🔥
@rogerwaters ahead of his performance in support on #JulianAssange
@rogerwaters @johnpilger @DerbyChrisW @khrafnsson @democracynow @GrayzoneProject @Millenial1706 @AssangeMrs @MeganMccain As long as Multi Award Winner, Author, Mentor, Journalist, WikiLeaks Publisher & Nobel Peace Prize Nominee #JulianAssange is incarcerated & unable to speak out or defend himself we will be Julian's voice. Let's all #AmplifyAssange by sharing his words:
@rogerwaters @johnpilger @DerbyChrisW @khrafnsson @democracynow @GrayzoneProject @Millenial1706 @AssangeMrs @MeganMccain Via @RealTimBlack
Pamela Anderson Melts Meghan McCain On The View | Tim Black Pamela Anderson sets the record & John McCain's daughter straight about Julian Assange & the 2016 Election. Tim Black has fun w this one.
@rogerwaters @johnpilger @DerbyChrisW @khrafnsson @democracynow @GrayzoneProject @Millenial1706 @AssangeMrs @MeganMccain @RealTimBlack #WikiLeaks & Julian Assange pioneered Journalism, protecting EVERYONE'S Freedom of Speech & Democracy, offering us Gooberment transparency, enabling us to make informed decisions about who we let rule us!
They support grass roots Independent Media too!
@rogerwaters @johnpilger @DerbyChrisW @khrafnsson @democracynow @GrayzoneProject @Millenial1706 @AssangeMrs @MeganMccain @RealTimBlack By @GrayzoneProject

CNN claimed Wikileaks founder Julian Assange published stolen Democratic Party emails in 2016 in cooperation w Russia.
An🇪🇨diplomat who worked in the embassy w Assange explains to @AaronJMate in this📹interview why the report is false.
@rogerwaters @johnpilger @DerbyChrisW @khrafnsson @democracynow @GrayzoneProject @Millenial1706 @AssangeMrs @MeganMccain @RealTimBlack @aaronjmate @NilsMelzer @21WIRE By @FreedomofPress
"President Trump's political allies are trying to raise at least $2 million to investigate reporters & editors of the New York Times, Washington Post & other outlets, according to a 3-page fundraising pitch reviewed by Axios."
@rogerwaters @johnpilger @DerbyChrisW @khrafnsson @democracynow @GrayzoneProject @Millenial1706 @AssangeMrs @MeganMccain @RealTimBlack @aaronjmate @NilsMelzer @21WIRE @FreedomofPress By @FreedomofPress
Ominous signs the Trump admin is expanding its case against #WikiLeaks founder #JulianAssange, who is already under an indictment that would have unprecedented consequences for press freedom.
By @FreedomofPress
In her latest column, @Sulliview explains what we can expect from Trump's accelerating attacks on the news media
@FreedomofPress @Sulliview By @Independent
Pamela Anderson arguing with John McCain's daughter about #JulianAssange is a must-watch
@FreedomofPress @Sulliview @Independent By @wikileaks
Roger Waters: "This smear campaign against him [Assange] is all about getting him extradited to the US. They want him dead as a warning (...) The message is: if you tell the truth, we will kill you, watch! The same with Chelsea Manning"
@FreedomofPress @Sulliview @Independent @wikileaks By @wikileaks
Jeremy Hammond has been called against his will to testify before a grand jury in the E District of Virginia, likely the same one investigating WikiLeaks & Assange. Manning is currently in jail for refusing to testify before this grand jury.
@FreedomofPress @Sulliview @Independent @wikileaks By @AssangeMrs
UK made my son very ill by denying him ANY fresh air,exercise,sun/VitD,proper medical/dental care for 7 YEARS while detained WITHOUT CHARGE!
Doctors urged hospitalization 3 YEARS AGO!
But they threw him in BelmarshPrison
Now hes lost 15 Kgs!
@FreedomofPress @Sulliview @Independent @wikileaks @AssangeMrs Congratulations Julian Assange on winning the 2019 Gavin MacFadyen award
It's time #UK for you to respect the #UN rulings
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