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In the most grotesque breach of human rights imaginable, the #Australian army has forcibly removed #indigenous from Binjari & Robinson River communities to a #quarantine camp.

233 yrs of occupation/colonialism/genocide
Message to Michael Gunner, Chief Minister of the Northern Territory, @fanniebay

"Michael Gunner you coward - where are you? Come here mate. Come here. You lying deceiving dog. You moneyslut."

"This is our land. We know every inch of it."
"Most people infected with the virus will experience mild to moderate respiratory illness & recover without requiring special treatment."

This is not - & has never been, about a virus.
The architects of this mass hysteria do not care about your health.… ImageImageImageImage
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The #AssembliesofYaweh & Prager University

"Most of the seed money for #PragerU came from Dan and Farris Wilks, billionaire brothers from east Texas who made their fortune from fracking and run a church called the #AssemblyofYahweh"…
Inside the Anti-Gay Church That Loves Kim Davis and Ted Cruz

The Assemblies of Yaweh…
"Farris, along with his brother Dan, made his fortune off the #fracking boom and is using part of it to back Sen. Ted Cruz in his bid for the White House."…
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Editing the media: @grist
TRUE: "Cutting methane emissions is the fastest way to slow warming."
NOT TRUE: "three relatively cheap ways to tamp down on emissions."

Misleading terms used: seep/seepage/leak…
In 1995, I moved to a farm in Wise County where the “Father of #fracking” experimented with fracking.

I parked on the side of the road and I watched them, learned, documented, then researched.

My air turned brown and my water turned black.…
For 20+ yrs, I directly observed #oilandgas operations. For 7+ years, I've made invisible #methane emissions visible with OGI technology.

I observed > formed questions > did research > formed a hypothesis > observed > collected data/evidence

Went public.
Got ridiculed.

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Former gas pipeline engineer on last night's Ladysmith fire near the @FortisBC LNG tank storage: "Didn't ever suspect they were allowed to build an #LNG facility anywhere near population centres, let alone on the island... #LadysmithBC #bcwildfires
@FortisBC ..Engineer: "If LNG gets released, as we know, it forms an explosive vapour cloud that drifts around until it is ignited by something. In this case, it would be the forest fire... #LadysmithBC #LNG
@FortisBC .."The LNG storage tank must be kept cold. If not LNG can warm up, expand & burst the tank, releasing this vapour cloud. No water spray will make any diff. These facilities are being allowed w/o knowledge of LNG's dangers. BC doesn't need a disaster of that size to finally learn"
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Tl;dr - Compared to US news outlets, Canadian corporate media ignored the IPCC's "Code Red" warning on runaway climate change. Why? A good analysis by @seanmholman in @TheTyee #bcpoli #cdnpoli… #fracking #LNG #SiteC
@seanmholman @TheTyee .."many of [Canada's] biggest newspapers seem to care less about global warming than their counterparts in the United States, on the eve of an election that will determine the country’s future action on #climatechange." @seanmholman on media and #cdnpoli #IPCC
@seanmholman @TheTyee .."At the 10 largest circulation newspapers in the United States... eight ...devoted between four and 30 per cent of their front pages to the IPCC #ClimateChange report. But a much different approach was taken north of the border."
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Here's an explainer thread on today's bombshell exposé from our partner @PSRenvironment on the secretive approval and use of highly toxic PFAS chemicals as ingredients in #fracking fluid.

Let's start with @HirokoTabuchi's story in NYT, which is fantastic…
As @HirokoTabuchi notes, @EPA approved the use of these chemicals for fracking 10 years ago, over the grave concerns of its scientists. We are just finding out about it now bc fracking ingredients are trade secrets. The oil/gas industry enjoys exemptions from federal...
environmental laws that otherwise mandate disclosure of any inherently toxic chemicals entering the shared environment.

But my friend, crackerjack investigator @DustyHorwitt, ferreted out 1000s of pages of heavily redacted documents via FOIA requests filed in 2014 and...
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ICYMI: good news from our Appalachian friends:

@EPA⁩ recommends that Army Corps of Engineers not grant Mountain Valley Pipeline stream crossing permit

Unrelenting activism did this.

And it took a FOIA request to unearth the EPA communique.…
This does not cancel the MVP project but is a huge setback.

It takes a village to kill a pipeline.

Thank you to all the Virginia and W Virginia pipeline fighters! @JonSokolow @geoyapti @clean_virginia @stopthemvp @AppVoices (reply with any groups or citizen heroes I missed)
It’s really worth reading the EPA letter to the Art Corps:

“EPA has identified a number of substantial concerns with the project as currently proposed, including whether all feasible avoidance and minimization measures have been undertaken, deficient characterization…”
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That Leaked Labour Party Report:… - via:@CraigMurrayOrg
That Leaked Labour Party Report

I have now read my way through all 851 pages of the suppressed and leaked Labour Party report on its handling of anti-semitism complaints. It is an important document, that is fundamental to understanding
major turning point in UK history, where Northern European social democracy failed to re-establish itself in the UK.
If whoever leaked the document still has access to the vast amount of original source material on which it is based, this is documentation of immense historical
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The #First100Days of a president’s term are historically their best chance to enact their agenda. What has Biden done?
Biden and Harris promised to implement a public option and lower the age of Medicare to 60, policies that fail to cover the 92 million Americans who are uninsured or underinsured and save the 68,000 who die every year from a lack of insurance. #MedicareForAll
But Biden and the Democrats didn’t even live up to these moderate pledges. Instead, they expanded COBRA subsidies, funneling tens of billions of dollars to health insurance corporations that are already making record profits as they jack up premiums and increasingly deny claims.
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Auch @dieLinke hat den Entwurf für ihr Wahlprogramm veröffentlicht. Was steht zu #Klimaschutz und #Energie drin? Und wie ist das zu bewerten? Ein Thread (1/x): ⬇️
Zunächst: Tolle Ziele, zum Beispiel #Klimaneutralität bis 2035. Für alle wichtigen Bereiche werden konkrete Maßnahmen beschrieben. Erkennbar wird, dass @dieLinke die Nähe zur #Klimabewegung sucht. Gut! (2/x)
Bestimmendes Thema ist #Gerechtigkeit. Wer zahlt für den Ausbau #Erneuerbarer? Für die energetische Sanierung von #Gebäuden? Den Aus- und Umbau von #Netzen? Hier möchte @dieLinke Bürger*innen entlasten. Der Staat spielt eine starke Rolle und muss häufig einspringen. (3/x)
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“Farms and farmers used as Feedstock for #CSG Industry”

Thread. Letter by Shay Dougall @molliwell published @couriermail (190421)… (Subs only – Letter below) 📷 @jo_noCSG #CoalSeamGas #AgChatOz #AUSpol #GasFiredRecovery
What is worse than an uninvited guest who arrives to stay at your home, overstays their welcome and leaves you with a big mess to clean up?
This is the reality for many farmers across Queensland who have been forced by law and government policy to ‘host’ the unconventional gas industry and their polluting wells on their land.…
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McDonnell Douglas KC-10A Extender

RCH895 85-0027

6 sorties since February, likely on it's way to Romania or middle east

14.4.2021 00:01…

Lockheed Martin KC-130J Super Hercules

RAIDR22 165736

More than 20 sorties since February 2021…
landing at Mildenhall

RAIDR22 165736…
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3rd April 2021…

BAe 146-200

RRR1615 ZE708

Troop transport, high wing quad-jet

Very active (daily) since February…

@Simonhartmp @BorisJohnson

When were @BorisJohnson @Keir_Starmer @fmwales @NicolaSturgeon going to get round to letting us know ?

They have known for AT LEAST past three months that the intention of war under #phoney pretexts was on the cards

#Crimea #Russia #NATO #war… Image…

Airbus KC2 Voyager (A330-243MRTT)

RRR2300 ZZ343

logged by me on most days thru' February and March

Just entering Romania from Hungary… ImageImageImage
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To the world’s #climatejustice community and the journalists who cover climate:

There is an amazing, fast-moving story we all should follow right now. German anti-#fracking activist @GheorghiuAndy is being legally threatened by an #LNG developer in Canada for signing... open letter to elected officials warning about the instabilities of the company as it seeks financing for an #LNG export operation in Nova Scotia.

The name of the company is Pieridae and the name of the proposed LNG facility is Goldboro.
Pieridae’s lawyer is claiming the signatories of the letter have...damaged the company?... by revealing financial data from a leaked document in the form of a PowerPoint presentation. thereby letting the public know the company was asking for nearly $1 billion in public money.
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 03/21/2021…
Debunking Piketty and the Left's Celebrity Economists | Mises Wire…

#Piketty #debunk
How a Small Rise in Bond Yields May Create a Financial Crisis | Mises Wire…

#FinancialCrisis #bond
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Fantastic new explainer from ⁦@KateAronoff⁩ on the rising price of gas at the pump and the economic and political forces swirling around it

Gas Price Wars Are Back and More Incoherent Than Ever…
“For much of the last half-century, the U.S. has held contradictory positions when it comes to energy. Car-centric planning makes consumers depend on cheap fuel. But the #fracking industry depends on fuel not being cheap, since such unconventional drilling methods are expensive.”
“....American politicians claim that fracking has made us energy independent, though the price of fuel still depends in large part on decisions made halfway across the world by countries with more say over how much they produce....”
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Warum wählt jemand noch die Grünen?
1. Weil er mehr Kriege &mehr Regime Change Operationen, mehr Nazis &mehr Aufrüstung & Waffenexporte will?
2. Für Krieg mit Russland
3. Für mehr US-Fracking für das Klima
4. &Autolobbyismus für das Klima
5. Für mehr Talkshowpolitik &Kapitalismus
Warum soll man als Linke heute mit der fauxgressiven schwarz-grünen BioNATO ins Regierungsbett gehen, die haben so gut wie alles verraten, wofür die Urgrünen um Petra Kelly und Joseph Beuys mal standen?
Die Metamorphose der einst ökolog. Grünen zur schwarzgrüne neoliberalen Umweltverräter-Partei (Bäume abholzen für Autobahnen, Fracking) &der einst pazifist. Friedenspartei in die schwarzgrüne BioNATO als schrillste Kriegspartei Deutschlands
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Meet 13-year-old Gunnar Bjornson. He lives in one of PA's most fracked counties.

A urine sample taken from Gunnar contained 11 harmful industrial chemicals, including benzene, toluene and naphthalene. 1/


#wtpBLUE #wtpEARTH #DemVoice1 #Fresh…
These chemicals are commonly detected in air emissions from fracking wells.

Gunnar frequently gets nosebleeds that last up to 20 minutes and drain all the color from his face. Sometimes he coughs up blood clots afterwards. 2/

#wtpBLUE #wtpEARTH #DemVoice1 #Fresh
"I sort of knew we were being exposed here," Gunnar's mom, Lois, told EHN, "but I had no idea it was at this level."

Let's help Gunnar, and families like his, by regulating well emissions and putting an end to #Fracking now. 3/


#wtpBLUE #wtpEARTH #DemVoice1 #Fresh
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BREAKING: A two-year, four-part, body-burden investigation finds off-the-charts levels of toxic chemicals linked to #fracking in the urine of PA families living near fracking operations in sw PA.

Also mental health problems and unexplained illnesses.…
More specifically: Study finds biomarkers for fracking in chemicals in children that are 91 times higher than the average American.




In the bodies of children at levels known to cause cancer
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Is there anything more obscene than #fracking a riverbed that is both elephant habitat and sacred land of the indigenous San people?

Terrible news: Test drilling in Namibia has begun. 1/3

Oil drilling upstream of Okavango Delta moves closer to reality…
The Canadian oil company behind this is ReConAfrica. Its local advisor has been so hostile that his sneering denial that the Kanvango is ecologically sensitive made news—along w his claim that all any critics are acting in the interests of foreigners.…
But there is something we can do. Supporters of the San people “custodians of this land for thousands of years who have never been consulted nor given the go ahead to any entities to prospect for oil or gas” have started a petition.

Join me in signing?…
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This is me getting arrested in the Capitol in 2012 for legally documenting a hearing on #fracking.

I was charged with “unlawful entry”.

There were two dozen cops present. I was arrested within 15 mins.

Never doubt what happened today.

Capitol police were complicit today. Image
Actually there’s a really nice jail in the Capitol.

The cleanest emptiest jail I’ve ever been in.

I always tell folks- if you want to get arrested, do it in the Capitol because it’s so cush.

All day I thought about that clean empty jail where I was handcuffed to the wall.
Watching these white supremacists trashing the capitol I remembered every pair of zip ties. Every friend shot by a rubber bullet. Every cop brutalizing a friend.

I’m so angry I’m on the verge of tears.

We did not deserve that treatment.

These cops are so hypocritical.
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Congressman @RepJimmyPanetta,

Can you explain your relationship with Plasha Will and her relationship to Chris Marohn, his wife Megan, John Fickas & others?

What was their relationship to the Democrats in Monterey County, the Republicans in San Luis Obispo County and the RW?

What was Plasha Will and John Phillips' role with "Californians for Law and Order PAC" which registered in San Benito County to hide their role in the Miller/Bernal 2014 Sheriff's race?

Did John Fickas, @SupervisorAlejo and Sergio Sanchez run phone banks using disposable

cell phones (as they were known to do for fmr. Supe. Lou Calcagno & fmr. #Salinas Mayor Dennis Donohue) later claiming they knew nothing about nada?

Do you see?

What was the CFLO PAC's relationship with G. Amber Johnson, once a political consultant to Congressman ISSA?
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With @JoeBiden as President & a GOP Senate, many ppl are asking: What executive action can Biden take to fight the #ClimateCrisis?

We @CBD_Climate have a plan for that: the #ClimatePresident Action Plan! Here are the TOP 10 Actions Biden can take without Congress (a thread):
1/ Without Congress, Biden can declare a climate emergency under the Nat'l Emergencies Act. This w/d allow him to reinstate crude oil export ban and quickly promote rapid clean energy development. #ClimatePresident
2/ Without Congress, Biden can 1) direct @Interior to halt all fossil fuel lease sales & permits, ban #fracking, & phase out extraction on fed land/water under existing law; and 2) direct @EPA to issue strong pollution rules for FF sector. #ClimatePresident
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