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#Tories Election Cock-Up Chaos so far - a continuing series :

01 - #Tories admit and apologise for a doctored, misrepresentative video of Kier Starmer. Tory MPs like @JohnnyMercerUK leave it on their feed and actively continue to spread.
@JohnnyMercerUK #Tories Election Cock-Up Chaos so far - a continuing series :

02 - #Tories Boris #Johnson gets booed out of Addenbrooke Hospital by staff and patients alike, unmentioned by #BBC, who were right there.
@JohnnyMercerUK #Tories Election Cock-Up Chaos so far - a continuing series :

03 - #Tories MP Jacob Rees Mogg blames #Grenfell victims for their own deaths. It takes him four days before he's forced to retract and apologise.
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Some of my photos of #fracking action over the last near-decade:

2011: A protest at the N.Ireland Assembly, back when some of the only people who knew about fracking in the UK were the residents of Co. Fermanagh, who were on the front line. (I was the grim reaper for a day!)
2012: Handing in an anti-fracking petition to No.10 with anti-fracking groups across the UK. (Yes I know - some of the people in this photo, we've found out since then, are deeply problematic...)
2013: One of the first big protests against #fracking in #Balcombe, Sussex. Charles Metcalfe - Balcombe resident, wine critic, Telegraph reader - giving a rousing speech to the crowd, demonstrating the breadth of the resistance. Followed by @chiversdanny right after :)
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The government has just announced an official end to their support for #fracking in England, after years of tireless campaigning. Fracking isn't wanted, isn't needed, and now - isn't happening.

Huge congratulations to all amazing campaigners! 🎉🍻💪
“This... is a tremendous victory for communities and the climate. For nearly a decade local people... have fought a David and Goliath battle against this powerful (#fracking) industry. We are proud to have been part of that fight.” - @CraigBennett3…
@CraigBennett3 We welcome the moratorium on #fracking in England, but we must now ensure that legislation is passed so that the ban is made permanent. #BanFracking #ClimateEmergency…
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#Ukraine has Europe’s 3rd highest shale gas reserves. Nov 2013 just before #Maidan riots in Kiev #Chevron signed 50 yr agreement to develop W. #Ukrainian oil and gas. This effectively edges out #Russia's #Gazprom 1/5th world’s gas reserves, supplying more than half of #Ukraine.
Geopolitical invasion: US Asst Sec of State, Eur. #VictoriaNuland conference sponsored by #Chevron Oil on Dec. 13, 2013, after return from Kiev where she handed out cookies and sandwiches to demonstrators at a #Maidan photo op. #JoeBiden mentioned ~6:00
#Ukraine violence ramps up, with memorable photo-enhanced choreography oddly similar to 2017 US #Charlottesville riot, with nighttime tiki-torchlight parades. The approach has all the hallmarks manipulative false flag, created for durable domestic and worldwide media consumption.
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Buckle in for an #oilandgas & #fracking thread re: the importance of @CDPHE’s recent #publichealth study
@CDPHE 1. Last week @CDPHE -- Colorado’s health agency -- confirmed what science, including @ColoradoSPH, has been telling us for years: living near #oilandgas production threatens #publichealth.… #fracking
@CDPHE @ColoradoSPH 2. @CDPHE’s study is a big deal b/c it’s the 1st time we know of that a regulator of a major #oilandgas producing state acknowledged #publichealth threats associated with living near #oilandgas & #fracking.
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Late last week, @WildEarthGuard, @PSRenvironment, @westernlaw filed new lawsuit challenging #Trump Administration's failure to account for #climate impacts of selling #publiclands for #fracking,…
Latest suit comes on heels of huge court win last March.

Federal judge ruled feds violated law by failing to disclose regional and national #climate emissions associated with federal oil and gas leasing,…
In ruling, federal judge ordered halt to drilling on more than 300,000 acres of #publiclands in #Wyoming.…
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Had a chance to join our friends with @Earthworks over this last weekend in exposing oil and gas industry's toxic air pollution using infrared cameras.

We checked out #fracking facilities along #Colorado's Front Range, where industry's pollution fueling region's smog pollution,
In case you didn't know, @Earthworks has an AMAZING campaign to help expose oil and gas industry's toxic air pollution.

Problem is pollution invisible to the naked eye. Using infrared technology, they're exposing what these emissions truly look like,…
Using oil and gas industry's own technology and own methods, they've exposed toxic air pollution at hundreds of facilities in U.S. and even internationally.

They have a trove of footage available on their @YouTube site,…
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Welcome to the #Pennsylvania Member of Congress Tracking Report for the week ending 09/15/19. This is where you'll find all the votes and quotes from our 18 House members as well as @SenBobCasey and @SenToomey.
#MoCTrack 1/26
@SenBobCasey @SenToomey The folks at @538Politics have you covered if you want to assess what percentage of the time your MoC votes along with the Trump Administration’s agenda. And we collect all of that for our 20 PA MoCs all in one place for you.
#MoCTrack 2/26
@SenBobCasey @SenToomey @538politics The biggest vote this week saw the House choosing to protect #ANWR from energy exploitation!
#MoCTrack 3/26…
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Escuchando al Senador Guadiana hablar sobre seguridad y soberanía energética @senadomexicano #Energia
El Senador Guadiana elogia a Bolivia por su esfuerzo para lograr soberanía energética. "Ya no le deben nada a nadie" dice ... en cambio aquí nos dejaron endeudados .
Carlos Morales de @PetroBalOficial habla sobre las perspectivas de los hidrocarburos
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1/13 On oil & oil equity prices:

So why does oil and oil equities underperform the S&P and NASDAQ in 2019 by a wide margin? #OOTT #brent #WTI #oilprice
2/13 As shown by Crescat Capital, this is a growth/ETF/momentum market which left commodities at 50 year relative historical lows! @crescatkevin @TaviCosta
3/13 So how do oil prices format?

Short term, spot prices #trade around inventory levels.

However, it is hard for #Brent and oil equities to go up on declining inventories while demand/macro weakens (macro outlook uncertain). #OOTT #WTI @HFI_Research
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I’m not the first to tweet about the new Colorado study that finds a link between #fracking and cardiac birth defects bc I wanted to time to read the whole paper carefully.

It’s a strong study. THREAD

Link to full paper is in this media report:…
2/ First of all, the link makes sense. We know that these specific birth defects, which affect the valves and great arteries of the heart, are associated w prenatal exposure to benzene/diesel exhaust, and we know that benzene/diesel exhaust are found in air near fracking sites.
3/ Previous studies have documented elevated levels of benzene in the urine of workers on fracking we’ll pads and identified the metabolic byproduct of benzene exposure in urine or pregnant women living near them.
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Bueno, abro hilo del #PlanDeNegocios de @Pemex ...

Como se dijo antes, la presentación del martes fue un acto político vacío, inocuo sin trascendencia alguna. Lo real vino ayer, miércoles, cuando se presento el documento de 221 hojas.

Está disponible en:…
Desde cuando los impuestos forman parte de los costos de producción?

Ay @Pemex
Hay que resaltar que el propio @Pemex reconoce que se ha beneficiado de los mecanismos de la #ReformaEnergetica
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In defiance of federal court ruling, @BLMNewMexico ramrodding through more #fracking approvals in #GreaterChaco region of #NewMexico.

#FrackOffChaco coalition pushing back, demanding accountability to sacred lands, Tribal communities, health, climate,…
You'll recall that in May, @DineCARE1, @WildEarthGuard, @westernlaw, @SJCAlliance, @nrdc scored court win holding @Interior, @BLMNational failed to account for and address cumulative impacts of more than 3,000 #fracking wells in #GreaterChaco,…
After ruling, coalition of Tribal, environmental, health, community groups called for moratorium on #fracking in sacred #GreaterChaco region.


"BLM must halt all fracking to conduct needed studies.”…
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Ok am gonna list this in sequence ONE LAST time (for Bozos & Half bakes)
1. In 2010-11 TN needed a fresh non conventional power source
2. Natural Gas etc was proposed as safer cheaper more environment friendly alternatives
3. The central govt pushed for new exploration thru NELP
4. GEECL which was already producing fuel in Raniganj West Bengal showed interest to search for deposits.
5. State Govt OFFICIALS signed an MoU (Memorandum of Understanding ONLY)
6. The MoU was strictly time bound for 4 yrs ONLY and EC or NO other CLEARANCES were issued in 2011
7. In 2011 very little info was known about the Methods that would be used to "Extract" IF anything was found
8. In 2012 I PERSONALLY gave out a press release against the project (WAY BEFORE MOST OF THE ADIMAIS AND BAKTHOOS EVEN WOKE UP to learn abt it)
9. The MoU EXPIRED in 2014
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1/ So I have a little house, just under 1200 sq ft, built c. 1905. This thread is about how I disconnected it from natural gas and installed an air-source heat pump that runs on electric. I had the help of this non-profit, which connects homeowners w contractors + financing.
2/ Re: #ClimateCrisis, I remain firmly in the camp of political change over personal change, which makes me hesitant to even post about this bc I believe my efforts to help win a statewide ban on #fracking and close a local coal plant matter more than ditching my boiler.
3/ But I am putting two kids through college by myself, and whena rodent cremated itself inside my gas boiler last spring (yeah, likely a rat), I had a big decision to make about whether to fix it or replace it, so I thought this story might be relatable. #OneHouseAtaTime
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Con todo lo que se ha declarado acerca del #fracking en MX, y ese "veto" que puso @lopezobrador_ creo que vale mucho la pena hacer un hilo acerca de esta técnica, tan utilizada en EUA y Argentina.

Primero, vamos a ver ¿QUÉ ES REALMENTE EL #FRACKING?

Abro hilo...
@lopezobrador_ 1. ¿Qué es el fracking?

El #Fracking es la suma del (a) fraccionamiento hidráulico en (b) perforaciones horizontales.

Esta técnica se usa en formaciones -no yacimientos- que por su baja permeabilidad y porosidad, no permite el flujo de los hidrocarburos.
@lopezobrador_ 1.1 Permian es formación y Akal (pilar de Cantarell) es yacimiento.

En fácil, en FORMACIONES, los hidrocarburos están dispersos, en pequeñas cantidades, a lo largo de kms de roca. En YACIMIENTOS están concentrados, en grandes cantidades.

Vean los TAMAÑOS.

[4.jpg] y [5.jpg]
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1. The #mining industry’s (and their advocates’) arguments against #miningreform proposed by @NRDems & @SenatorTomUdall are built on untruths.
@NRDems @SenatorTomUdall 2. @NationalMining, and @CatoInstitute in @thehill, claim that onerous U.S. oversight obstructs #mining investment, never mind real #miningreform.…
@NRDems @SenatorTomUdall @NationalMining @CatoInstitute @thehill 3. They are wrong. Don’t take @earthworks word for it if you don’t want to. But you should believe mining industry executives: they report, year after year, the U.S. has the most attractive #mining investment jurisdictions in the world.
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Such a shame that @SHO_Billions, once great, is now just a typical and predictable garbage TV show in Season 3. There used to be real tension and drama and surprise on Billions. It's clear there was never a plan for what to do after Season 2. @HollywoodInToto 1/
@SHO_Billions @HollywoodInToto Season 1 of Billions was great (except for the character of Bobby’s wife, who should have been written out of the show by at least mid-way through Season 2). Despite that, Season 2 was very good, as it continued the great conflict between Bobby and Chuck. 2/
@SHO_Billions @HollywoodInToto Season 3 has Bobby and Chuck working together. While that concept had a bit of promise - *What happens when these two brilliant minds are in synch and not in conflict?!* - it just sucked all the all the drama and tension out of the show. 3/
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Horizontal #fracking—as was proposed in Ireland—requires explosive charges fired along miles of pipe underground (and under houses and water supplies) followed by the pumping of fluids at high pressure through these pipes, resulting in man-made earthquakes…
Buildings don’t fall down due to #fracking, but cracks bring hydrocarbon poisons into the aquifers. In the vast uninhabited wastes of the American Dakotas, we simply abandon water systems. Where in #Ireland can you do that?…
Is there a safe way to frack? Not profitably — and certainly not within the geology of a little emerald isle.… Cc. @EcoWatch #fracking #Ireland #environment
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#oilandgas flimflam men are lying! Journalists should not repeat the lies!

They want the public to believe that natural gas is a solution for #climatechange.


U.S. GHG emissions are rising not decreasing as flimflammers claim. 1/4…
Natural gas is #methane or CH4 and it's a super pollutant that is over 86 X more potent at warming the planet than CO2. But, it doesn't stay in the atmosphere for very long and that's where the HOPE for STOPPING #climatechange is. 2/4
Because #methane is short-lived, if we STOP #fracking and #KeepItInTheGround our planet will have an immediate response and the rapid warming will slow giving us time to solve CO2 which stays in the atmosphere for a very long time. 3/4
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#BritishGas has been throwing their consumers money into the #moneypit by propping up failing #fracking company #Cuadrilla. Yesterday once again their shares took a tumble continuing an ongoing trend.

@BoycottCentrica #referral #uswitch #energy
Here's how #BritishGas consumers are paying for the UK #fracking industry whilst raising their consumers energy bills in spite of the #pricecap in #energyprice bills are due to go up again 10% on the 01/04/219.
#boycottbritishgas @BoycottCentrica…
There is also very poor confidence in A J Lucas the parent company of Cuadrilla. Read the report from Simply Wall Street. 👇…

#banfracking #ponzi #ajlucas #cuadrilla #market #fracking
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Hoy se presenta el informe preliminar de la "Comisión de expertos para la explotación de los yacimientos no convencionales (#Fracking)." Academia, comunidades, sector privado, sector público y ONG pendientes de las conclusiones. Aquí estaré compartiendo algunas conclusiones:
La Comisión indica que de acuerdo a las reuniones realizadas con las comunidades se concluye que el #Fracking no tiene licencia social, la información existente no es suficiente, existe una desconfianza en las instituciones y no tienen una capacidad de control y seguimiento.
@gonzaloandradec, miembro de la Comisión afirma que si bien Colombia es considerado uno de los países más megadiversos, hay muy poca información sobre los ecosistemas terrestres y acuáticos. El 63% de los ecosistemas están amenazados.
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