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FB photos were sent by two African-American women. I was also given a video of the racist behavior on FB by the administrators & some white women on " - Luxury Lifestyle Talk For Elegant Ladies". "Anna Bey" is the owner of #JetSetBabe. #AnnaBey 1/
I was given permission to post the photos but not the video. I have no affiliation with the site. I'm strictly the messenger. Over 30 black & biracial members of #JetSetBabe were BANNED, REPRIMANDED, had comments removed or experienced all of the above. This occurred 12/18th 2/
These are the rules of the #JetSetBabe FB group.
Several members expressed (via email) the blatant racist behavior of the administrators and their no response from the owner #AnnaBey. I read emails sent to Anna Bey.…
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Dear Dissident Right,

If we're going to identify every woman who does something wrong as a #women and make her representative of all women we need to do same for men.

Why do we let men run our country when we know the role they've played in destroying it? #Churchill #Blair
White women are as anti mass migration as white men. Yet this ⬇️

If you think we're always nice and kind. Think again.
White women are not being protected by white men. On the contrary young white girls in the UK have been abandoned by just about everyone

100's of 1,000's of them, maybe half a million.
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THREAD: #AcademicTwitter in case you're interested, the #ISXX listserv is still 🗑️🔥. #Racism is everywhere in #academia. A key point w/ systemic racism is there's always pushback/resistance. Listen, learn, change. We're witnessing resistance in real time #medievaltwitter 1/16
Here are some of the greatest (and I mean terrible) 1-liners from the listserv so far:

"I am English and have no problem with the use of the term Anglo-Saxon. I therefore cancel my membership."

You're also racist. 2/16
"I suggested no. 7 'International Society for Anglo-saxon Studies' has some continuity with the old name & the acronym, while removing the problematic term "Anglo-Saxon." The society would thus remain recognisably the same org."

The society will remain exclusionary/racist.
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#Racism and #WhiteFragility

Important question to raise.

Please read this entire thread, and watch the youtube clips. (Yes, I have watched all, and three times now). This is important if we are going to overcome our internal racism.
Animus is NOT a required component in racism.
#Racism is by-product of #institutionalpower.

#WhiteFragility preserves 'order' whether or not intended.
Important to remember.
#WhitePrivilege, #InstitutionalRacism manifests sometimes in the form of blaming the blacks. It becomes 'code word bonding' and wittingly or unwittingly goes to preserve the status quo. Knowingly or otherwise, it is #WhiteFragility.
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This is a July 2019 post.

This video also has discussion of some more topics, including #SystemicRacism, and discrimination against #women that goes well beyond Misogyny, in the context of discussion of #InstitutionalPower, and #Oppression.

Seeing White Fragility (By @RISE_District - April 2018)


Good for all to watch. All, including people of color. #POC _

All, please share with others. Send by email, post on FB, retweet!
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In clear prose, @BriannaWu takes us through the birth of today’s culture of public harassment which helped normalize Trump’s “politics” of the personal attack in @NYTimesOpinion

#gamergate was FIVE years ago
“I meticulously documented all of it — the death threats, the rape threats, the identity theft... I waited for law enforcement to prosecute the men who had threatened to murder me and other women... I waited for justice. I am still waiting.”
I missed that there was an impotent FBI report in January 2017. It’s not like there was nothing ELSE going on that month. *cough*…
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Robin DiAngelo and other critical race scholars consistently cite the fact that intent does not mitigate impact. Because we are a product of our times and our socialization, we may do and say things that are horribly racist and not understand why.
Folks invoke “intent” to negate the harm that individual and structural racism causes. Sorta like, “I didn’t mean to run over your cat, I was just pulling out of the driveway.” E.g. “get over it.”
Based on DiAngelo’s work, talking about “intent” is also a way of shifting the focus onto the folks who are identifying racist acts and away from taking responsibility for one’s participation in upholding white supremacy.…
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We all would do well to sit with Robin DiAngelo's #WhiteFragility and absorb sentences like this: “I believe that white progressives cause the most daily damage to people of color.” Great piece @xwaldie for @NewYorker.…
This: “The most effective adaptation of racism over time is the idea that racism is conscious bias held by mean people.” I've been thinking a lot about this false binary thinking in the context of #MeToo: the notion that there are "good" and "bad" men. We're complex.
Pair this with @MaggieHagerman 's outstanding new research on the stories affluent white parents tell themselves about how they're raising their kids... and why. Definitely the thing I struggle with the most here in #Seattle.…
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At Seattle Public Library for Robin DiAngelo talk on #WhiteFragility. Live tweet warning! #thread @UW @SPLBuzz
Here’s a 2011 journal article on #whitefragility…
Reminder that we are sitting on indigenous land
(White people are not taught our deep history) #WhiteFragility
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