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"It's not just a glass of water. It's a glass of hope. It's the most obvious basic necessity for health and wellness. Just like air, we need water. We simply can't live without it."

— Meghan Markle, #TheTig
"663 million people worldwide don't have access to clean water. We need to change that"
#serviceisuniversal #cleanwater #tb
Meghan’s piece for #waterday on the tig
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Happy #WorldWaterDay! The clean water that simply flows into your homes doesn't end up there by accident. Sanitation has revolutionized your life whether you've ever paid any attention to it or not. How did that come about? Read on to learn more. 🧵
So modern sanitation largely occurred in the western world due to one thing; cholera. For those who don't know, cholera is a waterborne illness that travels through a fecal-oral route. You can read more about cholera from my prior thread on it here:
Cholera is incredibly deadly and has caused massive death and destruction in its 200 year history, spanning seven total epidemics. The first epidemic began in 1817, and the final epidemic is still ongoing today. So how have we fought back against this scourge on humanity?
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Today is World Water Day. This day celebrates water and raises awareness of the 2 billion people living without access to safe water.

Please share our campaign. Help us reach our monthly goal. Everyone deserves clean water. #WorldWaterDay2022…
We will never turn our back on our neighbors when they need help. After witnessing so many people ignore Flint, Benton Harbor, & other areas in the U.S. struggling with unreliable water, we created our own campaign to provide safe drinking water
Thank you @BenStiller for supporting our Water The Planet: #SaveFlintChallenge clean water campaign. We have so much more work to do. Please consider sharing. #WorldWaterDay…
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Earth, the water planet. Its lakes, rivers, and oceans hold a crucial element for life. Earth-orbiting satellites help us track and better understand how this water moves around the globe. #WorldWaterDay
Groundwater – hidden from plain sight – is a vital source of water that can be difficult to track. The GRACE-FO mission detects subtle changes in Earth’s gravity caused by the movement of water, like from groundwater and polar ice. Artist rendition of the two...
Our favorite fruits, veggies, and grains depend on water. @NASA missions like SMAP and ECOSTRESS monitor soil moisture and drought, giving farmers a more complete picture and informing agricultural decisions. Tractor over a soybean field
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Drowning in #plastic❔🥤

1⃣3⃣9⃣ million tonnes of #PlasticWaste have accumulated in aquatic environments.🚯🌊
What can governments do to manage plastic #pollution

Check out our thread for #WorldWaterDay ⬇️
#PlasticWaste generation varies greatly across countries. 🌍

Overall, only 9⃣% of plastic waste is recycled... ♻️ Image
And much of this #plastic waste ends up in aquatic environments. ⛵️

In 2019, 2⃣2⃣ million tones of plastics polluted rivers, lakes & #oceans… the weight of more than 3⃣ million sperm whales❕ 🐋 Image
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It's #WorldWaterDay 💧 – a day designated by the UN to raise awareness of the two billion people living without access to safe water.

We look at which countries have the safest drinking water and the deadly consequences of polluted water Image
Globally, at least two billion people use a drinking water source contaminated with faeces.

In low-income countries, unsafe water sources account for the deaths of six out of every 100 people.

#WorldWaterDay | Image
Unsafe water is linked to the transmission of many diseases including cholera, diarrhoea, dysentery, hepatitis A, typhoid and polio.

Diarrhoeal diseases resulted in the deaths of some 1.5 million people in 2019, according to WHO.

#WorldWaterDay | Image
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#Thread: Today is #WorldWaterDay- Let's look at the water situation in #Somalia
Access to clean and safe water in Somalia is one of the main challenges due to a combination of factors; arid climate, chemical concentration of water sources & human-induced conflict.

Only 52 percent of the population in Somalia have access to a basic water supply. Limited regulation of private water suppliers often leads to expensive prices, forcing families to fetch water from far and from unsafe open wells- according to UNICEF report.

Nearly 90 percent of Somalia is now in a severe drought, following three consecutive failed rainy seasons. Some areas are facing their driest season in 40 years. The country experienced three severe drought crises in the past decade, beginning in 2011, 2016 and 2021.

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This year, #WorldWaterDay turns the spotlight on making the “invisible” groundwater “visible.” Here is a thread on a new genealogy of the most famous tool to make water visible --- “virtual water.” The virtual water construct has its origins in India and not the Middle East.
Virtual water entered the contemporary water discourse when the late Professor Tony Allan (inspired by the work of the Israeli economist Gideon Fishelson) formulated the “embedded water” construct to explain water conflicts (or lack thereof) in the Middle East.
It is also well-known how a serendipitous encounter with a 1992 seminar participant at London’s SOAS inspired Allan to rechristen the rather prosaic “embedded water” as “virtual water.” Allan would later remark, “[f]rom there on it flew” (quoted in Barnaby 2009).
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#WorldWaterDay 🧶📹
Latur, Maharashtra
How much time does it take to fill one pot?
Gunji, Uttarakhand
Citizens struggle for water in one of the largest villages on the Indo-Sino border
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There's a closed meeting, followed by a regular council meeting this evening. Get the agenda package at and then watch the regular meeting on YouTube - You can also follow along here 👇
There was also some additions to the agenda package.
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Large inequalities in access to water, sanitation & hygiene continue to persist:

❗️ At least 2 billion people rely on 💧 supplies that are unsafe
❗️ 673 million people still 💩 in the open
❗️ An estimated 3 billion people have no access to basic 🖐️🏽🧼 facilities

#WorldWaterDay Image
DYK: Clean water & soap can help prevent & manage debilitating neglected tropical diseases:
👁️ face-washing for trachoma
🦵🏽 limb-washing for lymphatic filariasis
🩹 wound-washing for rabies
🪱 hand-washing for intestinal worms


#WorldWaterDay #EndNTDs Image
Good hygiene and access to water & sanitation are important in the prevention, care and management of all 20 diseases of poverty - the neglected tropical diseases - that massively impact the health of over one billion people

#WorldWaterDay #EndNTDs Image
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We remember, starting from the history of Pompeii, the importance of water. Castellum Aquae is a water distributor placed at the highest point of Pompeii (42m). Through its connection with the Augustan aqueduct of Serino,the water supply was guaranteed to the city
The structure allows you to appreciate the high level of development achieved by hydraulic engineering at the time: the castellum had a circular basin within, served by a pipeline on the north side, and fitted with a gate system, which adjusted the water distribution accordingly.
The water used the drop pressure to be conveyed from here towards three pipes at different heights. If necessary, these could be closed with wooden wedges.
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Old Pune water canal system

#Pune history

Ref : A Study of the Katraj canal by Pallavi Gokhale and S.Deo ; Pune Queen of Deccan by Jaymala & Didee

#WorldWaterDay Image
Details of aquaduct Image
The Peshwa era Katraj canal supplied as much water as the British era Khadakwasla canal.
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Today is #WorldWaterDay.
Healthcare facilities need good water, sanitation and hygiene services to contain #COVID19 and prevent and contain future disease outbreaks.
#Handwashing is key to preventing the spread of #COVID19. But 2 in 5 healthcare facilities globally do not have 🧼 and 🚰 or alcohol-based hand sanitizer at points of care. #WorldWaterDay #SafeHands
There is no more critical site than a healthcare facility when it comes to fighting a pandemic disease like #COVID19. Facilities must be able to maintain hygiene to stop further infection. #WorldWaterDay
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On social media break but peeking briefly into Twitter, stunned at some of the reactions on COVID, so I’ll share a few points I think are important. I do not in any way intend to minimise the seriousness of the challenge the world faces, but hope these may be of value to some....
I’ve been trying over the last few months to use the serenity prayer to guide my actions & reactions: “Lord, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, & wisdom to know the difference”. It’s been helpful for my mental health...
It’s helped me deal with the turbulence in the 3 countries I have personal connections to, the UK, Nigeria & the US and was helpful when I lost my laptop early this year. Thanks to @TfL I got it back. It’s also been incredibly helpful at this time of COVID, so I am sharing...
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On #WorldWaterDay, Flint activists deliver petition w/ 15K signatures demanding help NEARLY 5 YEARS LATER. As reminder, @StatusCoup broke last year that MI's environmental agency MANIPULATED water lead testing/data in dozens of homes from 2016 through 2018
As @ErinBrockovich told @Statuscoup for our report: “Falsifying a federal and state regulatory compliance test: that is a crime" and "Flushing is cheating.” She said even if a small number of tests were manipulated (we found 35)---the entire 2-year testing from Michigan Dept of
Environmental Quality should be invalidated and testing should be redone. The corporate media REFUSED to cover this environmental scandal @StatusCoup uncovered (by knocking on 450 doors in Flint) because it does not involve Trump or Russia.
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1/ It's #WorldWaterDay today. The theme for this year is "Leaving No One Behind" and this is an important step towards the target to ensure availability and sustainable management of water for all by 2030. #OandoCares #WorldWaterDay Image
2/ At Oando, we remain committed to developing our nation through @OandoFoundation and our corporate social activities in our host communities. #OandoCares #WorldWaterDay #EveryDropCounts
3/ In conjunction with our JV partners, we have provided sources of clean water for communities in Bayelsa state, to the benefit of over 5,000 residents. #OandoCares #WorldWaterDay #LeavingNoOneBehind
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Let’s try something!

This morning, I shared a GIF of a squirrel on waterskis as a way to prepare for #WorldWaterDay

What if we all try this together?

Share your best 💦 themed GIF using #WorldWaterWarmup

Ready, set, GIF!
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👋 ¿Cuánto sabes de #agua? 💦
¿Te atreves a probar? 🤗
Aquí lo puedes averiguar jugando en nuestro #AguaPalabra, que estrenamos con motivo del #DiaMundialDelAgua y que finaliza cuando acabemos el Rosco
#WorldWaterDay #DMA #DMA2019
Abrimos HILO 👇
Con la A: Dicho de una capa o vena subterráneas: Que contiene agua.
El Hilo del #DMA2019 #AguaPalabra
¡Vaya! parece que @AntesAhoraTfe está muy puesto en temas de #agua 💦 Efectivamente la respuesta correcta era ACUÍFERO ¡muy bien! 👍
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NEXT UP: #2 seed Cape Town Chacma Baboon (Papio ursinus) vs #7 seed Porcupine (Erethizon dorsatum) #2018MMM
It's round 1 all over again: Primate vs Spiky thing! #2018MMM Unlike R1, tonight's battle was a collaboration between @je_light and I!
Baboons are in the same primate group as rhesus macaques (Cercopithecidae). These Old World monkeys last shared a common ancestor with New World porcupines (Erethizontidae) ~90 mya ( #2018MMM
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Water is life.

The following are the benefits of water to the body;

1. Water is good for the muscles.
2. Drinking a lot of water is very good for the skin, it can reduce wrinkles & fine lines and helps to keep the skin young & fresh.
#water Image
3. Water helps in reducing the extra weight and assist the body to function well.
4. Not drinking enough water would force the liver to assist the kidney in the process of body detoxification.
5. The body needs enough fluid for its daily activities which gives it strength and helps to balance the body fluids.
6. Water assist your body in fighting infections.
7. Drinking water on an empty stomach helps purify the body colon, ...
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