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1/ Let's do the math of the cost of applying to graduate school in the US: A THREAD.

Graduate school applications usually involve:
1. Application Fee
2. Taking the GRE
3. Taking the TOEFL
4. Sending GRE and TOEFL scores
5. Occasionally, a hard copy of the previous transcript
2/ I come from India, and $1 = 75 INR.

According to the internet, the average application fee is $43 but the most common is $50. For the benefit of doubt, let's consider $43, which equals 3225 INR.
3/ Taking the GRE costs $190 outside the US, which equals 14250 INR. To put this into perspective: this is 2000 INR more than what a friend of mine earned in her first job as an architect who graduated from one of the best colleges in India.
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A thread for students taking undergrad courses online:

I didn't realize til becoming a TA of these courses how much data about your behaviour on your learning platform is surveilled and available to instructors. I think it's important that you know.

Your profs and TAs can see:
- the last time you logged into the platform
- how much time you've spent on the platform
- how many "page views" you have
- how often you have participated in course activities
- which days you've been active
- your student photo
- how often you've communicated with instructors
- which assignments you've completed, including which have been submitted on time vs late
- a "star rating" of your participation and how often you've viewed pages
- what percentile you're in for grades in the class
- your major
- possibly more (or less), depending on your school
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Read about our @NatureEcoEvo comment on how to prepare a growing #postdoc workforce in the @nationalpostdoc #POSTDOCket! The nb of postdocs has doubled in 30 years, but faculty positions nearly not changed. We propose 5 key points to better prepare us for a wide range of careers:
1.Align career development with job markets: a survey found that #STEM PhDs lack skills essential for the current #career landscape. #Postdocs need to be encouraged by advisors & departments to invest time in professional development.
#phdchat #beyondprof…
2. Sustain wellness & work-life balance: a happy worker is a productive worker! No #postdoc should lack access to healthcare, sick leave or parental leave, we need more transparency about benefits & recognition of #mentalhealth consequences of short term contracts & relocation.
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My tips for conducting a #SystematicReview - a thread.

1. Have a look whether any systematic review or #metaanalysis has been conducted on your topic before. If so, what (gaps) did they uncover? How did they structure their results? How will your review differ?

2. Have a look at the resources available at @PRISMAStatement, including the checklist and flow diagram (…), and use it to guide your processes.
3. Get in touch with the reference #librarian at your institution, or check out the resources available through any #HigherEducation #library website. They'll have valuable insight into search string development and database best practice.

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Being an academic - a summary of some of the stressors that can impact #mentalhealth.

This is a topic we need to talk about more. Something affected you that isn't listed? Please let's get the conversation started ⬇️

@AcademicChatter #phdchat @OpenAcademics #academictwitter
This poster explores some of the stressors that academics, including professors, experience that affect their mental health. Alt text for screen readers! 1/
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Back pain is the greatest cause of disability and lost productivity world-wide:…

Back pain generates significant financial costs for society in developed countries, such as the United States of America, Japan, Europe and Australia (e.g. US$80 billion per year in direct and indirect costs in the United States of America):

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If you are applying for admission into a MS (Thesis-based) or/and a PhD program, you should (at least) be curious about “how you want to” or “how you will” conduct research.

Let me teach you something about how you can come across as a “prepared” prospective student.

In the research community, we have to showcase our work by creating manuscripts which end up getting accepted and published by journals. In doing this, we cite other researchers’ publications when writing ours.

As a matter-of-fact, we have to find out what...

#phdchat #PhDlife
...others have done before we identify a gap which we can now “explore”. This whole process is what we call “Literature Review”.

In searching for this papers, we employ a mix of techniques.

There are search tools that allow us pour through publications using keywords.
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Here goes... four days of learning and discussions about sexual misconduct prevention in higher education! #CallingTimeConference @ucl @UKCultureShift
First, a demo by @Gezzabelle of @UKCultureShift’s Report & Support system. It’s great to hear that many HEIs are trying to understand more about student/staff misconduct & encourage survivors to report their victimisation. #CallingTimeConference @reportsupport_
Next, a Q&A with @clarissajdh about her new book with @ProfGrahamTowl: Addressing Student Sexual Violence in Higher Education.

Their model of a comprehensive institution-wide approach to tackling SV (below) is a really interesting contribution.

Book:… Model of comprehensive inst...
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If you are researchering anything LGBTQ+ 🏳️‍🌈 I want to hear about your topic and follow you! @AcademicChatter

Drop your research topic below, let’s do some networking.

I research all things genderqueer using non-traditional qualitative methods!

This kinda blew up didn’t it gang! Thank you all so much for sharing your research and interacting ❤️

Please use this thread to make more contacts, collaborate and share our passion for LGBTQ+ research

If I have missed replying to you or following you let me know please 🥰🏳️‍🌈
My phone is running out of battery and I can’t keep up with the notifications!

I promise I shall get back to each and everyone of you ASAP it’ll just take a little while - I love our community, thank you all for just being completely epic humans 🏳️‍🌈❤️
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One of my side-projects is a website on how to write better papers, mostly for social scientists. Here is a thread with the posts you can find there #writingcommunity #academicwriting #postdoc #PhDthesis #AcademicTwitter #researchpapers #PhDChat /1
My most-viewed post is the one on how to write simply – how to cut the crap, that is. I was inspired by William Zinsser’s ‘On writing well’ (highly recommended!). A workbook accompanies the post with exercises on how to simplify your own text.… /2
I plan a series of posts on writing different parts of a paper: the abstract, the conclusions, etc. For now, here's a piece on how to get a nice title for your paper…. (Laughed out loud with the terrible titles academics, myself including, come up with..)/3
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When I experienced depression as a PhD student I started doing what I'd been trained to do. I started researching in my own time to try to understand. I've been asked for some key reads around grad #mentalhealth, so here's a 🧵 1/

#AcademicChatter #phdchat @OpenAcademics
2/ Understanding Mental Health in the Research Environment - the RAND Europe study by Susan Guthrie et al.

A detailed review of the literature, discussing academic mental health including environmental factors and intervention efficacy.…
3/ Graduate Student Happiness and Wellbeing report - UC Berkeley.

Found 47% of grad students experience anxiety and depression. As well finding African-American and Native American students are less likely to feel valued by their departments.…
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Also in this moment, I want to be fully transparent.

WE, Dr. Brittany Johnson-Matthews(@DrBrittJay ) and I, the two social media visible black women in Software Engineering Research community helped craft this statement.

While it is cool that ‘we led a narrative for SIGSOFT’, there's enough content out there about what can be done to support the BLACK community.

That said, what would be even MORE valuable is if confs (e.g., @sigsoft, @sigchi, SIG*) AND Academic Researchers and leaders in these spaces would write their own *authentic* independent tweets about supporting the BLACK community and follow up with some *authentic* action.

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As #bioinformatician #biostatistician #DataScientist, have you ever felt you've done lots of work, yet achieved nothing? here is how to change that! A thread 👇 1/n
1 - #document rigorously your computing work - same as bench scientists do on experiments. Document your initial thoughts on data, your decisions, tests, issues, how you solved them, how you tried various tools, how you picked one over others. These are all *achievements*. n/1
2 - #track your tasks and efforts - make it quantitative. Write a weekly checklist on GitHub wiki; update and check it off at the end of a day. Version control your codes; push meaningful commits. Be aware of your time spent on each task. Numbers may be boring, but effective. 2/n
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If you're feeling a bit wobbly & can't really pin point why, or how to find some balance - can I encourage you to make sure your PIES are in order?

This simple #selfcare tool is perfect during times of overwhelm, or when we're left not knowing how to find our grounding again.
It's basically about getting a broad overview of your current needs, and areas in which your levels of care/activity might be lacking.

NOTE **the suggestions in here (particularly for 'social') may not apply in the current #covid19 circumstances!!**
We start with P - Physical.

Have you slept well? Eaten recently? Had some water? Have you been eating things that don't agree with you? Been leaning on caffeine more than is ideal for you? Moved your body? Showered?
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🌄A Primer/Disclaimer to the term "Igorot"🌄

Arguments presented here are not just mine but integrates those from relevant scholars in the field.

References, links, photographic credits will be posted at the end.

#AcademicTwitter #phdchat #Cordillera #IndigenousStudies Image
"Igorot" as it is popularly defined in the Philippines, is the collective term for all ethno-linguistic groups that inhabit the mountainous regions of the major island of Luzon, the Cordillera Central. A term/identity that's been in question ever since the American commonwealth. Image
This term has invariably created historical, economic, and political tensions not just among the natives but within the entire discourse surrounding the mononational identity of the "Filipino" and to an "imagined" idea of a Philippine nation that germinated post-independence.
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How do we quantify how much #virus is in a sample (titre). We use a plaque assay, which is why he most commonly used method. Below is a graphical version I've made (on @BioRender) of how it is done in the lab.

But how do they work? - a thread
#SciComm #Virology #phdchat
Here is a photo of a #SARSCoV2 assay, the virus which causes #COVID19 ( Photo: Müller/Charité). The large areas which are clear are known as plaques which are caused by virus killing cells in a monolayer. More plaques = more virus titre

#virology #sciencetwitter

2/n SARS-COV2 plaque assay
The technique was originally developed for #Bacteriophages bit was adapted by Dulbecco in 1952 for animal #viruses. Viral stocks are dilutes 10 fold in series and placed onto a monolayer. After incubation a gel is placed on the layer, restricting infection to nearby cells

3/n Plaques produced by Western equine encephalitis virus on chick embryo fibroblasts and by poliovirus on HeLa cells (right).  R. Dulbecco, 1952
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Two weeks ago I asked my fellow #AcademicTwitter:

How to cope with doing a part time #PhD and full time work in times of #COVID19?

Here are the tips I have received: a thread

#phdpandemic @AcademicChatter @careerconversa1 1/
"1. Work on your motivation. Why do you want a #PhD? " @4nn4nd4

It may help to create a mindmap of your own reasons and have it always visible. In my case, I like to write lists so I put a post-it at my computer with my top 3 to keep the motivation up.

#Motivation #phdchat 2/
"2. Manage your energy, not your time." @elfriesen

In times of #phdpandemic our energy may be very low. So, it is important to make good use of it.

@elfriesen suggests the @ProfessorIsIn and @kelweinhold
podcast on energy management:… 3/
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At least once a week I find a thread discussing the struggles of creating a personal website, so I wanted to give some suggestions.

Thread (1/n) #academicchatter #academictwitter #phdchat
I just realized that some people are still handwriting HTML for their personal academic websites.

This is great if you enjoy it, but if not,USE A WEBSITE BUILDER. It will save you so much TIME! (2/n)

#academicchatter #academictwitter #phdchat
I recommend: Wordpress.ORG (NOT .com!) @squarespace and Google Sites

Wordpress is getting ALL the negativity. Mixing up WordPress.ORG and @wordpressdotcom is a common mistake to make - I made it too!

.ORG is the one you want for FULL CUSTOMIZATION (3/n)
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Qualitative research tip (a thread):

1. If you really want to be a stellar qualitative researcher, one of the most important skills you'd have to cultivate and sharpen, especially if you want to work with people, is to learn to listen deeply. #AcademicTwitter #AcademicChatter
2. This means not thinking about the question you will ask next, or how what the person is saying fits with your study or not. It means staying so present that the person knows that for those moments, there is nothing more important in your life than listening to them. #phdlife
3. Forget everything you learned in school, all processes that you read in a textbook. Nothing matters than your genuine presence in bearing witness to a fellow human being's sharing of narratives. This is how you build trust and cultivate a sincere relationship. #highered
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Came across this post, which summarizes the four levels of reading identified by Mortimer Adler in his famous book: How to Read a Book. I think it's quite suitable for academia with an adapted title: How to Read Papers or How to do Literature Review. #AcademicChatter [1/7] Image
You will find the summary of each level of reading below. Instead of going to detail, in this thread I'll recommend some softwares or apps for each level of reading, based on my hobby of collecting softwares and apps. Be aware that many apps are Apple-only and not free. [2/7]
This level of reading is quite basic. You already did it in elementary school. So you won't need any specific app or software. But if you're keen to know some, I would recommend @AmazonKindle @reederapp for extensive information acquisition. [3/7] Image
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For those of you missing the lab, a thread. #postdoclife #phdchat #covid19
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PSA for Aus domestic PhD students:

If you are enrolled *part-time* you are eligible for Jobseeker payments.


(Apologies to international students. I can't think of a fix for you ☹️)

Good luck everyone. #PhDChat #AcademicChatter
Given the current situation and the fact that the increased Jobseeker payment is now the equivalent of a PhD scholarship (~$1100/fortnight) it might be worth considering dropping down to part-time, suspending your scholarship, and applying for Jobseeker instead. 2/6
If you're off scholarship then you can drop to part-time and apply for Jobseeker.

Usually you'd have to apply for 10-20 jobs a month on Jobseeker, but all mutual obligations are being suspended on a month to month basis, so it's pretty easy to fulfil all the requirements. 3/6
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One thing that gets lost in debates about productivity during the COVID-19 pandemic is the reality that people cope with trauma in very different ways. 1/7
Someone recently shared that they wonder “what’s wrong” with people who are attempting to be productive during the pandemic. They also wondered if people who aren’t outwardly expressing emotional anguish understand the gravity of situation. 2/7
Although the person’s comments were seemingly directed at privileged people who are able to safely navigate the pandemic, the comments also made me realize that the ability to fall apart or pause to sit in the moment is also a privilege. 3/7
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During #COVID19 I've seen many posts saying "be kind to yourself", my own tweets included. It's got me thinking, if you don't know *how* to be kind to yourself, it's not helpful advice, so here are some ways you can be kind to yourself. 👇 #AcademicChatter #phdchat 1/n
The first thing to note is establishing a self-care routine takes time. It takes a lot of trial and error. Just because something works for one person, doesn't mean it works for another. I note, having the time to work at it is
a privilege. Here's a few ideas... 2/n
Create a schedule ⏰ - by planning your days you can concentrate on the things you *can* control. The important thing here is to give yourself both a degree of accountability (figure out what's essential for you), yet be forgiving if you don't achieve everything you aim for. 3/n
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