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1/ #Fortnite has now been down for 20 hours, during a national holiday, seemingly by design + with no explanation. Even though it is the paragon of an always-on, live service.

To answer why, important to consider what was (A) necessary; (B) decided by Epic; and (C) leaned into
2/ Necessary: Changing maps likely meant Epic would have to fundamentally overhaul their server infrastructure, which involves patching many thousands of individual units.

This means downtime, and not a short one
3/ Decided: Epic could have done this overnight when usage was low (e.g. 1-8AM), on a weekday (not a Holiday Sunday), or regionally

Instead, they did the exact opposite - and led audiences to believe a specific must-watch event was going to happen.
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Season 9 FortByte Updates Thread! #Fortnite
Unlocked: FortByte #92

- Accessible by using Rock Love Spray near a lavafall.
Unlocked: Fortbyte #55

- Found within Haunted Hills. #Fortnite
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#DICEAwards Thread

Twitch Livestream:
#DICEAwards script writer, WHO HURT YOU?
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My first Original in seven months is one of the most important I've written:

#Fortnite Is the Future, but Probably Not for the Reasons You Think…
Big thank you to copyeditors and input from @cassiuscassidy @troubledoll @gadyepstein @bseamorris @JNavok + To be amended as I always forget to list someone(s), but not the help they provided
Also: Fortnite me @Liamboluk
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Hace unos días utilicé el videojuego Fortnite para trabajar Lengua y Literatura en secundaria. Fue un éxito rotundo. 🎮📝

Os cuento cómo lo hice en el hilo de abajo 👇🏼

#Fortnite #FortniteBlockParty
Antes de que alguien me ponga fino por usar un videojuego que crea adicción y bla bla bla, me defiendo:
La actividad que presento fomenta el espíritu crítico y el trabajo en equipo. Y la pueden hacer también aquellas personas que no sepan nada del juego 🤟🏼
Me sorprendió que el videojuego de moda estuviera basado en una novela distópica japonesa del 1999.
En el libro, el gobierno secuestra cada año autobuses de estudiantes para dormirlos con un gas y despertarlos en una isla donde deben matarse hasta quedar uno. ¡COMO EN FORTNITE!
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Fortnite is turning into the next Minecraft, is passing by the same thing Minecraft pass by, they say Minecraft would die because when this game release no Body will play it, wrong 9 years latter and people still plays it and got a lot of fans. Fortnite is going on the same path
People say fortnite was going to lose popularity when red dead redemption 2, god of war, BO4 and other ganes gets released fortnite was going to die completely, it was completely wrong it gain more popularity. And when stw gets released for free to everyone the popularity will
Increase even more, people has been waiting stw for free for long time. This is my opinion and I think fortnite BR/STW will turn into the next Minecraft it won’t die it will stay popular for long time, we will see fortnite for a very long time around #Fortnite #FortniteBR
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I've been thinking about that guy who was caught beating his partner while broadcasting himself playing #fortnite. It's incredibly distressing but a perfect insight into family violence. FV isn't a PSA script. It's just absorbed into the daily atmosphere of the house.
The ease with which that young men not only hits his partner but verbally abuses and dehumanises her ~while his children are watching and listening and crying~ is horrendous but not actually that surprising.
There are countless houses all over Australia and up and down your own neighbourhoods where this language is thrown so easily. Where men call women dogs and cunts and bitches, and often do so in front of their kids. Maybe they don't hit them, but they do hate them.
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Yeni zincir: nükleer silahların uluslararası siyaset ve stratejiye etkileri nelerdir? Öncelikle: nükleer silahlar *özeldir*. Neden? Cevap sadece “yok etme kapasitesi* değil. Konvansiyonel silahlar ile de milyon/milyarlarca insan öldürebilirsiniz...
Nükleer silahların farkı:
- Kitlesel yıkımın sadece şiddeti değil, “hızı” ve kesinliği
- Saldırı sonrası etkiler (radyasyon)
- Savunma şansınızın olmaması (şimdilik)
- Kontra-güç’ten çok kontra-değer’leri hedef alabilmesi
- “Kristal küre” faktörü

Son ikisini açalım...
Askeri güç kullanırken temelde iki tip hedef olabilir: diğer tarafın askeri gücü (kontra-güç, counter-force) veya diğer tarafın “değer” verdiği sivil hedefler (endüstri, doğal kaynaklar ve en önemlisi: toplum; kontra-değer, counter-value). Nükleer silahlar kontra-değer için ideal
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#OperationRedSea is like an action Chinese buffet. So far, I watched naval combat, maritime rescue, full-scale urban warfare, desert fighting, hand-to-hand, tank-on-tank, drone strikes, #Fortnite-style village battle royale, #FastAndFurious car chase, and still 20 minutes to go.
I spoke too soon. #OperationRedSea also features wingsuit flight in lines of Transformers, Dark of the Moon. I also forgot to mention extended sniper duel, #AmericanSniper-style. And some might argue that the movie contains *some* Chinese propaganda, especially for the navy.
In retrospect, I find #OperationRedSea truly lacking in one department: there was no dog fight in lines of #TopGun. OK, there was a gunship sequence that got my hopes up about a #BlueThunder (or #AirWolf) gunship/chopper dog fight, but it didn’t happen.
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So over the last few months kids keep coming into the library asking if we have any books about this thing FORTNITE. We don't and I'd never heard of it so I tried asking what it was.
Is it a film? No. A cartoon? No. An game, like Pokemon or something? Yeah kinda. Nobody could tell me what all the fuss was about.

Then today a man came in to borrow some Lee Child books and he had his son with him. It said #Fortnite on his T-shirt.
While his Dad looked through our Lee Child books (he was a huge fan so he was re-reading the series) I asked the boy to explain Fortnite to me.

And he did. He told me all about it. He taught me what nobody else had been able to teach me. And now I know two things.
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Why hasn’t @JoshTurk4 tweeted?? It’s high time you do Josh!
We all need to really pile on Josh and get him tweeting.
Get off #Fortnite @JoshTurk4 and tweet!
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Want to see something SO creepy?

They’re always coordinated.
They tweet at the same time.
Same words.
Like drones.

👉4am talking points

#MAGA #QAnon #IranDeal #Iran .@POTUS
.@realDonaldTrump #DeepStateInPanic #DrainTheSwamp #DrainTheDeepState #ObamaLegacy
The real reason they hate Donald Trump so much?

He’s allowed to tweet whenever he wants, and no one tells him what to say! 😂
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