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“Patients and patient advocacy groups have brought attention to the profound disability associated with post-Covid condition” #LongCovid
“Children and adults with a positive #COVID19 test were more likely to receive a diagnosis for a new condition or have new symptoms in the 5 months after acute infection compared to those who tested negative for Covid-19" #LongCovidKids
“The most striking cases are the people who were absolutely healthy, got Covid, weren’t particularly sick…and now a year later are quite disabled”
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🐓 Early in the Morning 🐓

When someone is envenomed, early treatment with antivenom is prescribed. This is because the longer the venom remains in the body, the more possibility damage to major organs may occur and may be irreversible, leading to death or chronic disability.>
The SC2 spike protein contains gene sequence homologs of snake venom toxins.
The virus appears to act in the body in many of the same ways, pathophysiologically, that snake venom does.
Therefore, if we urge envenomed people to get prompt early medical treatment for>
snake bite before anaphylactic shock, paralysis or death by asphyxia, stroke or heart attack occurs, it is logical to urge early treatment for SarsCoV2.
We wouldn't tell an envenomed patient: "stay home and wait until you can no longer breathe, and then come to the hospital.">
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Mamba 🐍No. 5

🐍"3 patients with recent sequelae (PASC)... fatigue and myalgia of both calves underwent electro physiological examinations, nerve conduction studies (NCS) and electromyography (EMG)...common elements, the presence of a partial or complete conduction block>
on several nerves, slightly prolonged latency of the tibial nerve, and rare or absent F-waves, all suggesting a DEMYELINATING POLYNEUROPATHY due to SC2.
The short duration and low amplitude of the motor unit action potential with early full recruitment on interference pattern on>
EMG typical for myopathy, suggest a direct action of COVID on muscular fibers, especially in the lower limbs.">
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💕 JaniE's in Love 💕

I'm in love with this paper. It's why it's pinned to
the top of my page. In it, some secrets of SarsCoV2
are revealed.

The more you study it, the more it reveals to you.>
"This involvement of plasmin in the cleaving of the viral S proteins, may also further contribute to a decreased efficiency of plasmin to act on an increase in anomalous fibrin(ogen) load."> Image
The cleavage mechanism is what makes the spike protein such an efficient toxin. It uses the host's mechanisms against itself in a positive feedback loop. The host plasmin is used in cleaving the spike and cannot keep up with the cleaving the micro clots being produced.> Image
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🧹 Chim Chim Cher-ee 🧹

"Autoimmunity has emerged as a characteristic of the post-COVID syndrome...Latent autoimmunity and polyautoimmunity were found in 83% and 62% of patients, respectively. 3 patients developed an overt autoimmune disease. IgG antibodies against IL-2, CD8B>
and thyroglobulin were found in more than 10% of the patients. Other IgG autoantibodies, such as anti-interferons, were positive in 5–10% of patients. Anti-SARS-CoV-2 IgG antibodies were found in > 85% of patients and were positively correlated with autoantibodies, age, and BMI>
...IgG anti-IFN-λ antibodies were associated with the persistence of respiratory symptoms. In summary, autoimmunity is characteristic of PCS, and latent autoimmunity correlates with humoral response to SARS-CoV-2...In patients with PCS, a proinflammatory state is evident...>
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🚀 The Sweetest Thing 🚀

In SC2, the S1 subunit "fwees off" into plasma space like a rocket booster upon shuttle launch.

[note: "fwees" is an aeronautics term coined by my toddler years ago.]

If it does so in the case of the virus, is it not likely the same for the vaxx?>
"in SCV2, a large fraction of S protein trimers is pre-processed during virion morphogenesis due to the presence of furin protease cleavage site between the S1 and S2 subunits...S protein TRANSITION INTO THE FUSION CONFORMATION MAY BE ACCOMPANIED BY THE SEPARATION OF THE S1>
subunits carrying the receptor-binding domains from the membrane-bound S2 subunits. The fate of the S1 particles shed due to the spontaneous “firing” of some S protein trimers exposed on the virions and on the surface of infected cells has been never investigated.>
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⏳ Foreplay/Long Time ⏳

"...fibrinogen in blood can clot into an anomalous 'amyloid' form of fibrin that (like other β-rich amyloids and prions) is relatively RESISTANT TO PROTEOLYSIS (fibrinolysis). The result, as is strongly manifested in platelet-poor plasma (PPP) of>
individuals with Long COVID, is EXTENSIVE FIBRIN AMYLOID MICROCLOTS that can persist, can entrap other proteins, and that may lead to the production of various AUTOANTIBODIES. These microclots are more-or-less easily measured in PPP with the stain thioflavin T and a simple>
fluorescence microscope...symptoms of LC are multifarious... the ability of these fibrin amyloid microclots (fibrinaloids) to block up capillaries, and thus to limit the passage of red blood cells and hence O2 exchange, can actually underpin the majority of these symptoms>
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When you put a Visual Journalist on an important science story you get great visuals and not so great science.🤓

"The exact causes of the illness, known as Long Covid are NOT known."

Yes they are, and have been for over a year.
Around the time @nytimes>
forced the resignation of their experienced science reporter, after a 45 year journalism career, one of the biggest breakthroughs in the understanding of chronic disease was being discussed by @brucep13 and @YoDoctorYo. Using cutting-edge #proteomics they PROVED the existence of>
the S1 subunit of the spike protein in the non-classical monocytes of Long Covid patients. This discovery heralded the opening of a new frontier in the science of chronic diseases like PASC, Post-Lyme, and Me-CFS.
This is a worthy, Nobel-consideration, medical discovery, similar>
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🧵 The Invisible Thread 🧵

"We started noticing an increase in clotting...after the 💉rollout...this clotting has just progressively gotten worse...BUT THESE KINDS OF CLOTS...THEY'RE MUCH MORE FIBROUS. They hold together. They do not dissolve in your hand if you manipulate them>
The blood part will dissolve off, but what you're left with is almost A THREAD-LIKE FIBER.
That really started around May or June of 2021...I started noticing it...When I described it to folks they weren't understanding...Later in Sept. I pulled one out, it was absolutely huge>
nobody would believe what I'm talking about and so I took a picture of it.
57 bodies I embalmed last month (Jan 2022) and I tagged on my computer...37 out of those 57 bodies- I had tagged with suspicious clots, these fibrous clots, these unusual looking clots...50% have this.">
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The Red Cross, at the "guidance" of the FDA and CDC is urging any vaxxed person to donate blood with
NO DEFERRAL TIME after💉 or booster.

🧵 Why is lack of deferral time concerning? 🧵 Image
Upon💉, the spike protein is released immediately into the blood, and it and the cleaved S1 subunit may stay in the blood of recipients for days before being cleared.
In some people who develop Post Vaxx Long Covid -
PostAcuteSequelaeCovid it stays>
for up to 20 months, i.e. as long as we've been inoculating people. There is a possibility that, without treatment, it stays forever, severely disabling people and shortening lifespans.>……
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1/🧵 How do #COVID patients suffer after the ICU?
This new @JAMA_current study of 246 Dutch pts shows that 3 out of 4 people had physical problems 1 YEAR LATER plus 1 in 4 have #brainfog, depression & anxiety.
What do we call this?

2/ The paper is also discussed in @Medscape👇: “Our study shows what an impact ICU admission has on former #COVID19 pts. Even after 1 year, half are tired or experience lack of the energy to fully resume their work," says author Marieke Zegers, PhD
3/ I searched this paper for well-known terms like post-intensive care syndrome #PICS, #LongCOVID & even “post-acute sequelae of COVID”#PASC
NADA. Zip. Zilch.

Why weren’t these names mentioned? At the very least, these pts’ disabilities are DEFINITELY PICS & underestimated btw
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1/🧵 BEWARE: Mild” COVID can cause #LongCOVID‼️

@Nature study of N=147 (31 w LongCOVID) found Covid infection exerts unique & prolonged effects on our innate & adaptive immune system over 8 months later.

This may drive Long Covid.
2/ Obviously, Acute COVID-19, caused by infection w SARS-CoV-2 is characterized by wide ranging severity from asymptomatic to fatal. Our immune response (big or little) to the virus drives the pathology that can kill us.
3/ We know that the acute infection causes pronounced immune system problems w lowering lymph cells and rising inflammatory mediators that can cause organ damage.

This is why I have to put so many people on ventilators & dialysis.

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Today I virtually lectured the residents from @BCM_PMandR & @UTHPMR about #LongCOVID.

I was touched that the residents wanted the slides & thought it was one of the most important talks of the year. Will share some in a thread 🧵 Selfie of Monica
We are still trying to figure out the pathophysiology of #LongCOVID... these are just a few of the hypothesis. But definitely inflammation and immune system dysregulation is involved.
2/ Image
We also know #COVID19 hyperinflammation and #PASC may be rooted in mast cell activation syndrome #MCAS 3/…
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1/6🧵So far this week, we have looked at rates and risk factors of testing positive for #SARSCoV2 in Amsterdam. But what actually happens to those with #COVID19 over time? 🤒🤧
2/6 The VIS/RECoVERED Study, a prospective cohort set up by @GGDAmsterdam & @amsterdamumc, aimed to explore the viro-immunological, clinical and psychosocial sequelae of #COVID19 up to 24 months after initial infection.📈🩺
3/6 In a paper published in Clinical Infectious Diseases (@IDSAInfo), the authors found that >80% with severe/critical, ~60% with moderate and ~30% with mild #COVID19 developed #longCOVID or #PASC (at least 1 symptom >12 weeks after illness onset). Image
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#LongCOVID bei Kindern:
Was Eltern, LuL, Schulleitungen und Kultusministerien jetzt wissen müssen.
#PostCovid #PASC #Twlz
Anhaltaltende #PostCovid Symptome wie Müdigkeit und Schwäche, Kopfschmerzen, Bauchschmerzen, Muskel- und Gelenkschmerzen, Magen-Darm-Beschwerden, Hautausschläge, können Kinder bei ihren alltäglichen Aktivitäten beeinträchtigen.
Betroffene Kinder haben Konzentrationsschwierigkeiten, Schwierigkeiten, sich an Informationen zu erinnern, Schwierigkeiten, Informationen zu verarbeiten und Schwierigkeiten, die richtigen Worte beim Sprechen zu finden.
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For those who asked, this study is accepting those hot local to Miami whether you are still in Fl or are willing to travel to participate
(see parts 2-5 for more info)
Mention my name when reaching out (Karyn).
For those new to this. This is my myocarditis doc at university of Miami doing this study.
-Covid attacks our endothelium, which we have in every aspect of our body. We complain of blood pooling, bad veins, easy brushing, poor circulation, hr and bp issues.
A lot of this is likely from endothelial dysfunction which I believe *may* be the trigger of pots or dysautonomia in many of us.
- I only grew 1 of 6 tubes back showing endothelial dysfunction.
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Took a Twitter break for several months to help get @NIH #RecoverCOVID up and running to study #LongCovid (AKA #PASC). Thrilled to report @UTHealthSA @UHHospitals have enrolled our first 7 participants! Congrats to them and cast of 1000s working night and day to kick it off. /1
#RecoverCOVID will follow >17K adults, >20K kids across nation + PR for 4 yrs to learn what #LongCovid looks like, how long it lasts, what causes it/increases risk, and, ultimately, what makes it better. Will also include autopsy data and electronic health records of millions. /2
You can find out more about it here and can sign up to be told more about enrollment opportunities. /3
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#LongCovid - a 🧵

I survived #COVID19, sure.

Over a year ago, I had a fever of almost 41C for a week, extreme fatigue, & severe myalgias. I was bedridden for that week. I lost my sense of smell & taste for a couple weeks as well.

I recovered uneventfully - or so I thought.
Over the next few months, I noticed I was getting more and more tired, to the point I worried about my function, and was referred to the #COVID19AB pulmonary clinic.

All tests were normal - lung function, walking, oxygen sats, bloodwork, chest X-ray.

I continued to get worse.
I became a surrogate for a friend and colleague, and was pregnant in November 2020 - my symptoms either got better due to the immune changes in pregnancy, or I became unaware due to the extreme stressor of working #LongTermCare #COVID19AB outbreaks every day for months.
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The latest from our team:

A deep dive into the long-term consequences of #COVID19 on kidney function and disease

#longcovid #PASC

@VAResearch @vahsrd @WUSTL @WUSTLpubhealth @WUSTLmed @WUSTLnews @VREFSTL
@Biostayan @BCBowe @JASN_News @ASNKidney…

We previously provided a high dimensional characterization of post-acute sequelae of COVID-19

We showed that #LongCovid can affect nearly every organ system.

@Nature @NaturePortfolio

What happens to long term kidney function in people who survive acute #COVID19 ?

And are they at increased risk of #kidney disease?

To address this, we built a cohort of 89,216 US veterans with #COVID19 and 1,637,467 non-infected controls.…
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Estudio hecho en UK q reportó en @TheLancetInfDis encontró detalles sobre síntomas y duración de COVID-19, así como #LongCovidKids en 588 niños entre 5-11 años y 1,146 entre 12-17 años

Abro hilo🧵 sobre resultados hallados entre Sep 2020 y Ene 2021

#PASC Image
En un app los padres de los 1,734 niños incluidos en el análisis reportaron q los síntomas principales de COVID-19 fueron fatiga, dolor de cabeza y de garganta, pero en los jóvenes de 12-17 años duraron 7 días y para los pequeños de 5-11 años duraron 5 días

2/ ImageImage
Respecto a los síntomas que persistieron más allá de la enfermedad aguda se encontró q:
-77 niños, es decir 4.4% tuvo síntomas q duraron 28 días, siendo más común en jóvenes entre 12-17 (5.1%) que en los de 5-11 (3.1%)
-Reportando fatiga, dolor de cabeza y pérdida de olfato
3/ Image
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