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Thread: I get asked about the impact of Candace Owens and #BLEXIT effort, a lot. It's a good question, but the answer really needs to be in a thread. So, I'm going to do one on it now. I suspect @TheCheefReport will largely agree. But I'll let him speak for himself.

Here we go.
There's a lot to this. But let's just start with two points.

1. The GOP doesn't have a problem w/ black voters. It's more accurate to say they have a problem with urban black voters.

2.. Voters mostly make a rational policy choice, or at least it is w/ 411 they have available.
On point one, look at what @TheCheefReport is saying here, and remember what I said about GOP not having a black voter problem, but an urban black voter problem. GOP does quite well among rural minorities.

Does Candace speak to their rational choice? No.
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Bernie's new press secretary attacking John Lewis, a literal hero, out of the blue (on an anodyne post about cats, no less), because he didn't support Bernie. Very cool & very normal.
Anxious to see how 'Bernie 2020: Fuck Obama, Fuck John Lewis.' plays out in a Dem primary. Should be interesting.
I missed this part. She seriously went back to a year old tweet (about cats) to attack him and spread some Bernie Woulda Won shit. 👌
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Why did the former First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama, call Channing Dungey, then president of ABC, about Roseanne Barr’s tweet about Valerie Jarrett? And WHY are the Obamas and Dungey together now at Netflix? @therealroseanne
Did ABC bow to anti-Trump, anti-Jew, pro Muslim Brotherhood forces to erase @therealroseanne from the airwaves because she called out Valerie Jarrett for authoring the Iran Nuclear deal which led to a spike in the BDS (anti-Jew) movement?
Is this why Roseanne says she was fired bc of anti-Semitism? Could it also be true that @ABCNetwork “didn’t want to humanize @realDonaldTrump” as reports have mentioned? Does ABC think so lowly of Trump supporters that they removed one of his biggest supporters from the airwaves?
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"Candace Owens Is the New Face of Black Conservatism
But what does that really mean?"

"Wow! A full profile on me and the #BLEXIT movement in the Washington Post— and it’s not a hit piece. Black conservatives can no longer ignored."
- C. Owens 3/6 Twitter…
"Police brutality, she says, is not a concern “whatsoever” for the black community, and accounts of rising white supremacy are media fabrications."
- WP
- Rebecca Nelson on @RealCandaceO
- March 6, 2019…
"'Stay out of trouble, don’t have children before you get married. And get a job.' These steps, she says, are proven to decrease poverty. 'Our community does not follow these rules at all'.”
- WP
- Rebecca Nelson on @RealCandaceO
- March 6, 2019…
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14/ Infact some have been downright *problematic* e.g @iLuvvit. None of that justifies or should condone the virulent anti-blackness (particularly anti-African and Carribean rhetoric) permeating through #ADOS supporters starting from their co-founders @tonetalks & @BreakingBrown
15/ @tonetalks is right to compare and contrast the intra-racial disparities between Americans of Carribean & African descent vs #ADOS in attempting to illustrate the frightening disparities in wealth but, is devastatingly WRONG to blame that on, lax immigration policies or
16/ recent Americans of African or Caribbean descent because, they dared to come to the United States to seek a better life (and are ultimately succeeding because of a combination of their hard work and the *embattled labor* of the #ADOS people that make America truly great).
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1/ #ADOS divisiveness starts at the top with @tonetalks and @BreakingBrown & their anti-black rhetoric which they embed with far-right talking points, supporting curbed immigration & a revocation of birth-right citizenship & quizzically, a move to re-interpret the 14th amendment.
2/ Their goal is to have US citizenship for black folk in the US only apply to Americans Descendants of Slavery (that never left), hence the acronym. Y’all wildin’...!!! Y’all want to start an intra-racial war in the United States and it’s not happening. Nuts...!!! 🤡
3/ Y’all took a perfectly necessary and essential message, reparations for Americans descendants of American chattel slavery and Jim Crow (which I am a 100% in support of) and infused it with virulent anti-black (particularly anti-African) bigotry, coupled with far-right,
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Sunday #GoodNews Thread 3/3/2019
This war we are in can be disheartening to say the least.
You will find good news, wins, justice and inspiration in this thread!
#GreatAwakening #MAGA #KAG #QAnon
Picture by @LuvStarsStripes
1. President Trump's Amazing @CPAC Speech!

I took 5 pages of notes during this speech trying to pull out the best parts for this thread... in the end, I decided to post the entire thing!

At least 2 Q proofs!

So inspiring @realDonaldTrump! ❤️🇺🇸🙏

2. We already have 4.5 billion for barriers and we'll have another 3.6 billion after the national emergency is declared!

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Did U bring your “hot sauce”?
Did U “keep them ignorant”?
Did U “bring them to heel”?
Did U serve “taco bowls”?
Did U “sort them into food groups”?
Did “they all look alike”?
cc @POTUS #MAGA @usminority #WalkAway @RealCandaceO #blexit @thedilleyshow @therealroseanne #ONENATION
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Sunday #GoodNews Thread 2/24/2019
This war we are in can be disheartening and exhausting to say the least.
You will find good news, wins, justice and inspiration in this thread!
#GreatAwakening #MAGA #KAG #QAnon
1. Epstein victims win their federal Crime Victims’ Rights lawsuit!

Federal prosecutors have 15 days to confer with victims to come up with settlement.

May reopen investigation!

Federal prosecutors broke law in Epstein case, judge rules…
2. Investigative journalism is alive & well!

@jkbjournalist at @MiamiHerald wrote series of articles exposing Epstein & the investigators that gave him a slap on the wrist

How a future Trump Cabinet member gave a serial sex abuser the deal of a lifetime…
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1) Eric Holder ran the U.S. Department of Justice under President Barack Obama.…
2) Regarding Republicans, Holder said: "When they go low, we kick them."

He also said: "Stop the fake outrage."

That was in 2018.…
3) Holder was ordered to turn over documents relating to the "Fast and Furious" gun walking scandal. This deadly scheme resulted in the death of Border Patrol agent Brian Terry and ICE agent Jaime Zapata.

He refused and Congress held him in contempt.…
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#Qanon Post #2849-a

HATE HOAX by [SMOLLETT] [FF designed to pass anti-lynching law] gets wall-to-wall FAKE NEWS coverage?
REAL HATE [REAL VIOLENCE] [& FASCISM] carried out by members of ANTIFA gets ZERO coverage?
#Qanon Post #2849-b

When will the FBI conclude their investigation into ANTIFA?
What happens if the phone records of SMOLLETT leak?
Who did he talk to multiple times prior to turning himself in?
Political forces @ work?
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#QAnon Where it all began...
#QAnon Early days...
#QAnon Day 2.
Makes me realize March 28, 2019 will be 17 months of Q.
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In PART 1: INTRODUCTION & OVERVIEW... I'll explain the #DeepState #NWO corruption @POTUS is fighting.

Please search #JQPNWO for ALL threads in this series 🔍

Or check my Moments:…
2/60-Before we begin, pls note... the #Globalist #Cabal has unlimited resources to hide their crimes. 🦹‍♂️💸🦹‍♀️

They also use disinformation to mislead & divide us. 🤹‍♂️🎭🤹‍♀️

This leads to MANY different opinions, about the #NWO's origins, methods & motives. 🤔😬😵

So... 🧐👇
3/60-Furthermore... I'm no expert on #Globalist #NWO corruption, so I won't ask you to agree w/all my theories. I'll just ask you to:

Keep an open-mind 🤔

Check the info provided 📔📽️

Do your own research 🤓

Ask yourself how many "coincidences", you're willing to accept? 🤨
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Date posted (early)?
Oct 31 2017
Prior to the black pop awakening?
Why did we emphasize as important?
When you are awake we can see clearly.

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Rense : Jewish Involvement In Black Slave Trade To The Americas… #History #Blexit #QAnon
"Jewish merchants played a major role in the slave trade. In fact, in all American colonies, whether French, British, or Dutch, Jewish merchants frequently dominated." -Historian Rabbi Marc Raphael

h/t @PrenticeAlvin

#History #Blexit #QAnon #MAGA
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Well it's not going to be hard to figure the Dem response to the SOTU. Stacey Abrams, the rising Dem "rising star" and failed Georgia gubernatorial candidate, is giving the Dem response to @realDonaldTrump SUTU on Tuesday. The person that ran on an identity politics platform.
The minute she lost, she played the race card. Claimed the election was stolen from her, and refused to concede. Now she's a rising star? Wow that's a pretty low bar. Yesterday she published an essay on Identity politics.
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Confederate flags EVIL
Black face? KKK?
not so much...

Democrats circle the wagons.
#RalphNortham #Virginia
Former Virginia Governor @TerryMcAuliffe tells us racism has no place in Virginia.
#RalphNortham #Democrat
Where did #RalphNortham go to school?
A medical school would print this crap in their
yearbook and no one said anything?

Time to look deeper

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Let's Remind Everybody that Dr Martin Luther King was a Republican fighting for ALL Rights, not just for the Black community #MLKDay

Things the MSM & democrats will not tell you:

Dr Martin Luther King Jr is & Always has been a Republican


Here is the Govt Public Record Evidence that the "Democrats" attempted to stop the voting & signing to law the "Civil Rights Act of 1964"

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Today was the first #BLEXIT rally organized by Candace Owens. If you don't know what BLEXIT is, it's a "movement" to convince African Americans and other people of color to leave the Democratic Party. It didn't go exactly as planned, whoopsie doodle...
I have seen more African Americans at the Kentucky Derby.
Just call it a MAGA rally.
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Reporting live from the Blexit event in Los Angeles.
With freestyle lyricist and law student @sirhottest at #Blexit.
Capacity crowd at #Brexit, with a long line still outside.
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1) A black liberation thread.

Bona fide actions @realDonaldTrump has taken to liberate #BlackAmerica in his first two years:…

No Truth, no Justice. No Justice, no Peace.

2) There isn't a more obviously racist plot in America than the fictitious #WarOnDrugs, the modern plantations operating in almost every major city, our play-to-play Justice system, and our world-leading private Prison Industrial Complex. #DeepState…
3) It’s a type of systemic and progressive eugenicism I believe #MargretSanger would have applauded.……
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1) So out of nowhere #Russia is taking on hostile acts against #Ukraine.

Is it out of nowhere, though? And who actually provoked this?

#QAnon #WWG1WGA @POTUS #GreatAwakenening #redpill #PatriotsFight #walkaway #BLEXIT
2) For one, Huber is testifying on Dec 5 regarding his investigations into the Clinton Foundation. #QAnon #D5…
3) Clinton Foundation leads to Uranium One. Uranium One leads to Russia. It also leads to a host of cover up actions by the Obama admin to get their "reset." #QAnon…
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I've spent the last 2 yrs being called a racist, a nazi, a white supremacist, deplorable, a dreg of society, a homophobic..

I'm setting the record straight right here right now!

My daughter is 50% Arabic
Her common law husband is black

My sons fiance is Native American
I've spent my entire career working w/& being close friends with ppl who have same sex partners..

Both my great uncles served to fight the real nazis & one lost his leg in WW11..

I love my country, I love it's diversity..

But I hate the lies Americans are being fed daily
through media outlets that are brainwashing and turning us against eachother.

I support @RealCandaceO in her efforts to help ppl see they aren't owned by any party w/#BLexit

I Support @usminority efforts to show ppl they can #WalkAway

Did you ever ask yourself this..
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1. It’s been 9 years since Barack Hussein Obama (aka Barry Soetoro) forced schools around the country to adopt Common Core.…

#MAGA #WWG1WGA #QAnon #QArmy #WeThePeople #Trump #OneNationUnderGod #GreatAwakening #UnitedWeStand #KAG #Americafirst #USA
2. This thread will examine the Common Core hijacking of America’s Schools.

#MAGA #WWG1WGA #QAnon #QArmy #WeThePeople #Trump #OneNationUnderGod #GreatAwakening #UnitedWeStand #KAG #Americafirst #WalkAway #USA
3. The United States consistently spends far more money per school age student than any other country in the world.

#MAGA #WWG1WGA #QAnon #QArmy #WeThePeople #Trump #OneNationUnderGod #GreatAwakening #UnitedWeStand #KAG #Americafirst #WalkAway #USA
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