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I’m not black but I do get brown in the summer so pardon me if I seem to be speaking out of turn here.

I have a black niece I love with all my heart & am disgusted with her idiot mother pushing her into the #BlackLivesMatter Marxism crap!

I will explain to her from a different

It was democrats who infused slavery into America. It was democrats who tried to destroy the Union to keep this abominable institution in place under cover of “States Rights”! It was democrats who gave us the Ku Klux Klan and segregation. It was democrats who nearly
defeated the Civil Rights and Voting legislation of the sixties.

And yet, thru deliberate miseducation and outright indoctrination, black citizens have largely blamed and continue to blame old, white fat republicans for the shitty state of minority quality of life and political
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Thread: This is for all the naysayers. You may be peripherally aware of movements like #Walkaway and #Blexit, but perhaps you don’t really understand the impact they have having on the nation or the impact they will have on the election. Perhaps some you’ve never heard of.
The granddaddy of them all, #Walkaway, began in 2018 when @BrandonStraka began the #Walkaway movement. That movement has now grown to 395,000 members on Facebook and 482,700 followers on Twitter. They are holding events all over the nation to encourage people to #Walkaway.
@BrandonStraka Two Years Later: #WalkAway Founder Brandon Straka Talks Leaving The Left, President Trump, And The Campaign’s Success…
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Will Sommers was Henry VIII’s court jester.

This Will Somer runs a pretty good line of counterQ propaganda bullshit with a few creative flourishes to drive HIS AGENDA - dismiss & discredit #Q #QAnon

QAnon hijacks #savethechildren hashtag: report #FoxNews
@FoxNews has never gone into the details of #Qanon, #QResearch, #QArmy or any of our most popular and prolific analysts.

Timing is very interesting here. @FoxNews puts a more professionally sounding and looking hit piece together only after Twitter & Facebook go on a vile jihad
against these now silenced fine Patriots.

I’m certain there are three Q adherents within the ranks of FoxNews on air personalities but I will not out them. The time isn’t right.

Regardless of the media outlet, those tryna diminish the Q Movement always go after the people and
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Het wordt een zwarte dag voor Eva Jinek, Charles Groenhuyzen, Eelco Bosch van Rosenthal en Erik Mouthaan in november. En de hele NPO natuurlijk. Al die deskundigen gaan helemaal onderuit. Approval rate Trump is nu 36% onder zwarte kiezers. Dat wordt een bloedbad.
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Welcome to the July meme-storm: 31 RED PILLS THAT DEMS HOPE BLACKS WON’T SWALLOW. #31RedPills is published each day in July to expose the truth about the Democrat party.

#WalkAway #Blexit “You will know the truth and the truth will set you free.”—Jesus Image
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1/ Understand, the tide is turning in America 🇺🇸 That's what we are feeling. Critical mass. #BLEXIT #LEXIT #WalkAway #WWG1WGA #InItTogetherWorldWide

2/ For 4 yrs, Patriots have incrementally forced dark to light. Truth is now gushing through the seems of an immersive illusion matrix designed over decades to keep us asleep, complacent, disinformed, divided & controlled. #COVID19 #WWG1WGA

3/ With the support of patriots worldwide, the 45th Admin is collapsing the global Lucifarian Order under its own weight, which is precisely the strategy [they] deployed against us. #COVID19 #WWG1WGAWORLDWIDE
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1. #QAnon

"Soon you will find that the so-called outside world
and the so-called inside world come together.
They are a happening and everything is simply a happening. And all you doing is watching it."
-Alan Watts (1915-73 (aged 58, alcoholism))… #Q
2. #QAnon
The World is Watching.
#Q Image
3. #QAnon
Only when evil is forced into the light can we defeat it.
Only when no longer in the [shadows].
Seeing the true nature of deception.
This is not another 4-year election.
Sometimes you must show truth.
It had to be this way.
#Q… ImageImage
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#BlackLivesMatter is a Marxist revolution. It is inherently anti-American, anti-freedom, & anti-equality. Anyone blindly following their cause is known as a Useful Idiot.

For the Useful Idiots, there is still hope. Open your eyes, research, & learn the truth for yourself.
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To my Black American Brothers and Sisters...

The GIFTS that Socialist Democrats are offering PALE in comparison to GOD GIVEN gifts they would take away..

The United States Constitution and Bill of(HUMAN)Rights is last Firewall to Slavery...

Defend it...
@POTUS @TrumpWarRoom @realDonaldTrump @WhiteHouse @PressSec

If COVID-19 is as dangerous as claimed...

...ANY AND EVERY Politician who encouraged, supported, attended or failed to control mass gatherings should be held ACCOUNTABLE for every death of individuals NOT at rallies
These Politicians have PLANNED a genocidal SECOND WAVE of COVID-19 deaths in America to ensure mail-in ballots and anti-@POTUS propaganda...

...Governors and Mayors of the Cities encouraging or not stopping these “rallies” should be held PERSONALLY liable for EVERY DEATH #KAG
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Yep, that's how long it took to get to this place, America.

I'd rather have an ice-cold enema, but to understand the true origin of today's riots, we must go the sixties, when it all began.

Our country has always had its disaffected, its losers.
2. A vibrant, capitalist economy creates many, many winners. There are losers, however, but even they are calm, accepting, happy with their lot, until somebody convinces them they are....victims.

Of the SYSTEM.

And that's how the sixties became...the sixties.
3. Viet Nam was just an excuse. A justification to blame it all on capitalism. As they did. The origins of today's left were positioned by the media as an anti-war movement. They've never been anti-war, weren't then and aren't now.

Anti-capitalists, they are, and have been.
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1. To the black people that hate White people:
We get it we hate white people too, the white people that are keeping you down, the white people that are destroying your very own neighborhoods, the white people that have
2) ..enslaved all of us(which includes white people but not those white people). The problem is you need to understand where to place that anger, it is purposely mis directed at the very people that truly belive all men are created equal, it
3) ..should make perfect sense as to why, but they disguise it well, so i will explain. The White People #DeepStateCabal that you should be standing against are the ones, inciting you to destroy your own neighborhoods, the ones who let illegal aliens take your jobs,
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THREAD: Patriots Kicker Justin Rohrwasser’s social media activity.

Yes, he does have has a “Three Percenter” tattoo.

He also said he did some of his own tattoos with a sewing needle.
In this post from 2016, Justin is displaying his three percenter tattoo along with a “live or die” black polo.
More pics of Justin Rohrwasser’s Three Percenter tattoo.
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President Trump and first lady Melania Trump are scheduled to participate in an African American History Month reception on Thursday evening at the White House.…
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When I launched #DemocratToDeplorable in 2018 I had about 10,000 followers.

Now we're up to 30,000.

Crazy to think 20k of you weren't here for the entire journey.

The book is about me, it's about you, and it's documented here: #DemocratToDeplorable
The #DemocratToDeplorable process included everyone:

- we surveyed 1,500 of you
- we interviewed 20+ of you
- you helped with the title
- you helped withe cover art
- you came to the events
- you heard me speak across the country

We did it together in a very 21st century way.
Before there was #walkway, before there was #blexit, there was #DemocratToDeplorable

& since then, no one has documented the how, why, & what of the culture war & economic conditions which lead us the Trump moment quite like I did.

It's already been used in University courses!
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We have an opioid cross in America, what are the Democrats doing about it?

#WalkAway #Blexit #MAGA #KAG
Within 2 MONTHS of Trump being inaugurated he signed an Executive Order Establishing the President’s Commission on Combating Drug Addiction and the Opioid Crisis

#WalkAway #Blexit #MAGA #KAG #GreatAwakening #WWG1WGA…
As a result, for the first time in 29 YEARS, drug overdose deaths are down!

#WalkAway #Blexit #MAGA #KAG #GreatAwakening #WWG1WGA

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To impeach Trump after his reelection, the Democrats have to maintain control of the House.

They won't do that.
Because the Democratic Party was GOADED into dropping all it's masks and SHOWING America it's true ugly face ever since they won those 2018 midterms.

They went ALL IN on Socialism/Marxism & so-far-to-the-Left-in-danger-of-falling-off-the-planet radicalism.

They elected a slate of THE MOST RADICAL people who have ever been openly radical in the House.
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These govt officials are so sick and heartless and deserve to be locked up. Why did they not release the supplies to their people?

#PuertoRico #Qanon #WWG1WGAWORLDWIDE #GreatAwakeningWorldwide #PartyofCrime #DrainTheSwamp #LockThemAllUp
The Puerto Rico warehouse that was hiding the survival supplies from it's own people is up to 4 football fields big

#GreatAwakeningWorldwide #WWG1WGAWORLDWIDE

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Trump's historic China Deal phase 1

Beijing will purchase an additional $200 billion of US goods/services over the next 2 years. Total exports TO China would increase to over $260 billion in 2020 & roughly $310 billion in 2021

#MAGA #Winning #WalkAway…
Trump's historic USMCA trade deal also passed this week. This will create 176,000 new jobs and increase GDP by $68 billion. Promises Made, Promises Kept.

#MAGA #Winning #WalkAway #WWG1WGA…
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Lately I've been wondering why am I here on twitter?

I've been fighting for President Trump since June of 2015 but who am I actually talking to?

I've spent 1000's of hours researching what previous administrations have done trying to figure out just how America
Got to this place of great division.

Yesterday everything came to a head for me when I got into an argument over the killing of Soleimani with a "progressive"

Before I could finish a reply 2 more, 3 more, 4 more so called "progressives" were attacking me in the most

Heinous ways.

For 3 years & counting conservatives like myself have been called Nazis, racists, white Supremacists, anti- muslim, anti-gay or their favorite term homophobic.

Being that I live in WV I've been called an inbred, toothless, a dumb hill billy, uneducated
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I just caught myself staring at a thread of ADOS "people" encouraging eachother to not vote in 2020 and I gotta tell you, the Russian troll farms are really struggling with mimicking black vernacular English.
For the uninitiated, ADOS stands for African Descendants of Slavery. It's a nascent movement of black Americans who want a sperate designation for folks like myself whose ancestors were enslaved in the US South.

It's the opposite of pan-Africanism.…
There are real people who believe in this. They are earnest and have in-person meetings.

But much of their online presence is bot-fueled and amplified by conservatives who want to convince black folks that voting for Democrats is not in their interest. See also: #BLEXIT
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Blacks are waking up to President Trump.
Know the truth. #BlacksForTrump
Stop killing black babies. #BlacksForTrump
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“After I left the White House, I got in the car and I said, ‘Mom, I’m not the only one,'" Jamarcus Dove-Simmons recalls. @DailySignal
@DailySignal “Liberals are literally being racist to our face blatantly,” Kingface says. “I’m supposed to think the way you think I’m supposed to think because of the color of my skin? Are you serious?”“Racism has been exposed through Trump being president. He’s exposed the real racism.”
@DailySignal Jamarcus Dove-Simmons, 17, a student from Spartanburg, South Carolina, explains how difficult it can be to have an open mind as a young adult when your friends and family disagree with your beliefs. According to the prevailing narrative, if you’re black, you must be Democrat.
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