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14 Lead Magnet Ideas

Are you stuck for lead magnet ideas? Good news… you’re about to get unstuck! The following ideas work across a variety of niches. Check them out… #leadmagnet #emailmarketing

- Thread -🧵
@DigiPromoteme ebook And Reports - Should solve one problem only with a title that focuses on the end result and the specific amount of time to reach that goal. i.e. How to [Get Some Result] In Just [Short Time Period]
@DigiPromoteme Apps - With a congruent name and purpose like: The [Type of] Calculator Example: The Fat-Loss and Calorie-Counting Calculator.
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🤔 Every email marketing campaign will succeed or fail, but how do you categorize something as a success or a failure? That's where metrics come in:…

#MarketingAnalytics #EmailMarketing #DSDojo
1. A conversion is characterized as a completed action towards a goal. Whether it's signing up for a newsletter or buying a pair of sunglasses, someone performed an action that brought you closer to completing your goal.
2. CTR is the number of clicks on links within your email that take potential customers to a landing page. It could be a button, picture, or text,but the important thing is someone clicked-on something that was meant to be clicked on.
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#1 Açılır formlar email pazarlamasının olmazsa olmaz yakıtıdır. Bunların nasıl kullanılacağı ise sistemi kuranın vizyonuna bağlıdır.

- Kullanıcıların siteye girdiği an açılır bir form
- Bir sayfa belli bir %’de kaydırıldığında açılır bir form
- Lansmana özel bir form
#2 Açılır formlar çeşitli sebeplerden çeşitli yerlere yerleştirilebilir. Fakat en önemlisi sepet veya ödeme adımını terk edenlere, ödeme adımını terk ettikleri esnada sunulan indirim pop-up’larıdır.
#3 Biz ne yapıyoruz; @mttoktas - Mustafa ve @DenizPulcu Deniz’in reklam stratejisi ile email sistemimizi birleştirerek reklam çalışmalarımız, web sitemiz ve email pazarlamamızın aynı dili konuşmasını sağlıyoruz.

Nasıl yapıyoruz bu kurguyu 👇
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CROONICLE: Flights to Brazil How to Get to Brazil… #brazil #cheapflights
CROONICLE: Guide on Basston Dog Breed… #doggos #breed
CROONICLE: Ultimate Guide on the Baglehound… #baglehound
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Email is one of the best communication channels

and the first email was sent in 1971.

#Emailmarketing helps you connect with your audience.

It helps you promote your brand and increase sales.

You can do a lot with a customer's email, like sell products, share some news. Image
In 2019, there were 3.9 billion global email users

80% of Americans check their email at least once per day, with nearly a quarter of them checking their email several times a day.
80% of business professionals believe that email marketing increases customer retention.

and just so much more

I hope you can use these actionable insights before your next email campaign. ImageImage
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Be it design, strategy, or content - every aspect of email marketing ultimately aims at improving the metrics that lead to conversion.

Hence, the State of Emails 2022 has a section that discusses open rate trends, device usage, and optimum time slots.

Here's what we learned-
(1) 71.4% of the surveyors saw a rise in open rates in 2021 compared to 2020 and this could be a consequence of the latest Apple MPP updates.
(2) 56.8% of our survey respondents found an increase in mobile opens in 2021. Email responsiveness for mobile devices is a must going forward.
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#Emailmarketing is an art of optimizations.

So, it is only natural for us to include questions about open rates, list hygiene, and segmentation practices in the State of Email 2022 survey. Here's a thread about what we found out -
(1) The average open rate recorded by the surveyors is greater than 20%.
(2) 47.6% of the surveyors have used Send Time Optimization for over 50% of their email campaigns. This is one of the most popular uses of AI/ML in email marketing.
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Getting your emails to land in the primary inbox and compelling readers to open them is just the beginning. The real challenge is keeping readers hooked with an engaging email design.

Be it dark mode, accessibility, or GIFs, every design element can make or break your campaign.
While interacting with experts as a part of our State of Emails 2022 report, we quizzed them about the email designs they plan to continue using in 2022 and what elements they have said goodbye to in the last year. Here's a thread about our findings below
(1/7) 66.7% of the surveyors use drag-and-drop editors for creating their email template to leverage #emailautomation and quick scalability.
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It’s not easy to be an email marketer in 2022.

From writing great copy and ensuring #emaildeliverability to keeping up with trends, you always have to be on your toes.

So, we decided to jot down this year’s hottest #emailmarketing trend in a quick thread for you.👇
📩#openrates are losing their relevance – and losing it fast after the #iOS15 update. Email marketers need to dig harder now and depend on click and conversion rate.
⚡️AMP emails are now mainstream as more and more brands realize the potential of interactivity inside emails.
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Which has greater reach: Email or Social Media -- A thread

1. While social media is great for outreach, the next step should automatically bring the people you reach there to your email list. 1/6

#emailmarketing #SocialMedia #CustomerRelationshipManagement #DigitalMarketing
2. A small subscriber list that wants exactly what you are offering is way better than a large list of the 'uncommitted'. Isn't it!
3. Check out how the granddaddy 'email' compares with the younger hip social media.
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Do you think your attribution model is correct? It's essential to understand attribution models to choose the right #metrics and optimize accordingly.

Find out in just a few clicks!🏃🏃

#EmailMarketing #Shopify #digitalmarketing #socialmedia #ecommerce @googleanalytics
Attribution models allow you to see how many #conversions are driven by each touchpoint in your campaign, whether it's a #social post, #email, or #ad.
This information helps you optimize your #campaigns by adjusting budgets and schedules for #ads generating higher #ROI.
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40+ #emailmarketing tactics

> response-boosting
> sales-increasing
> earnings-per-sub-multiplying

A comprehensive list that works for

- Courses
- Services
- Ecom
- High-ticket
- Low-ticket
- Physical
- Digital
- B2B
- B2C

Just bloody works

Guest thread by @nabeelazeezdxb

Before we get started I'd like to let you know that this thread took about an hour to put together.

Writing and formatting a thread like this takes work.

I'd be very grateful if you did me a favor and RT'd the first tweet in this thread.

Thank you :)

Now let's begin 👇
Email marketing tactic 1:

Send more emails. A lot more emails.
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What did @zomato do better than @swiggy_in, @ubereats in terms of marketing?

A Thread on how @zomato used the power of #Storytelling to encourage orderers to tip the delivery guys.
#branding #marketing #startup
It all started with a random catch up with friends over cafe. We were talking about how habitual we've become w.r.t ordering food. Be it a coffee or bhelpuri, everything's just a tap away (1/9)
Gradually, we started discussing which app we prefer to order often -@zomato, @swiggy_in or @UberEats. While most of us used all 3, there was an Uncanny pattern wrt to delivery tips: Most of us have tipped @zomato delivery guys more than the delivers from other platforms. (2/9)
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How to Write Email Marketing Copy That Drives Results

Whatever your email marketing goal is, it all hinges on email marketing copy

That’s why you must write yours well.

To do that:
1. Know Your Audience

The first step to crafting compelling email marketing copy is knowing your audience.

This will help you better segment your list and create hyper-targeted email copy.
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5 Stratergies For Better Email Marketing Campaigns


Personalization means that you use customer data to create a personalized message.

This means that by personalizing your emails, you stand out against the competition.

Personalization can generate $20 in ROI for every $1 invested.
Email subject lines with personalized clients first name can increase open rates by 16% higher.

Tips to help you get started with personalization

•Ask for the right info upfront

•Use a real reply-to email address

•Use your real email signature

@blackhatwizardd any extra? Image
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@klaviyo Is there really no way for me to send an event to you guys and have you fire off an #email or SMS to a list or segment of profiles?

@klaviyo 2/

I have a system that pieces of content are published on from time to time. I want to have a list/segment of users that have agreed to accept SMS updates to those content as they are newly published.

So what I'm doing right now, is sending y'all...
@klaviyo 3/

An identify event, through @segment , that has "traits" containing the data about that newly published content. And then I'm sending a "track" event w/ that "userId"(just the content id w/ a prefix), w/ the even name "Content Published"...
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The 7 Important Digital Marketing Pillars For Success - Parag Pallav Talks
A thread🧵🧵…
1. Search-Based Marketing
The first pillar of digital marketing is search engine optimization (SEO). SEO helps you increase your web presence by making it easy for people to find out about your business through the search results pages.

#seo #DigitalMarketing
2. Content Marketing
Content marketing is one of those essential content-based services you need for your business. It should form the building block to your overall marketing strategy.

#contentstrategy #seo
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Plugin Form Registrasi WordPress Terbaik WPForms & Cara Membuat Formulir Registrasi. #plugin #wpforms…
Cara Menghubungkan Unggahan Formulir Kontak ke Google Drive di WordPress. #googledrive #plugin…
Cara Membuat Email Marketing : Formulir Berlangganan dengan WpForms + Mailchimp di WordPress. #emailmarketing…
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E-mail headlines with the highest Open rates which you can steal for your next e-mail marketing campaign 🥷

#emailmarketing #DigitalMarketing
FOMO Headlines😅

Who doesn't hate missing on things ?

-Tonight only: A comfy pyjamas lover dream
- “Your 7-figure plan goes bye-bye at midnight…”
-“[WEEKEND ONLY] Get this NOW before it’s gone…”
Curiosity Headlines🤔

We all want to know everything

-What they eat in prison ?
- Hottest marketing trend right now
-“? a surprise gift for you! {unwrap}”
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It’s been about 12 hours since @Apple announced Mail Privacy Protection and this looks like this might be a watershed moment for #emailmarketing. Besides just opens, there are several additional consequences … see thread… and add your own!
@Apple suggests they will preload all images on emails when marketing emails are sent – not opened. It’s day 1, so more testing is needed to confirm.
This is not some buried setting and is on by default, ~100% of iOS users will switch to this (based on the adoption rate for those who opted out of app tracking in iOS 14)
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Did some prep for a workshop and upcoming talks around benchmarks and #nonprofit #email #fundraising in particular. Here's some of what I found.... this thread is for you #fundraisingtwitter... 1/
Online giving was up 21% in 2020 according to @blackbaud's Charitable Giving Report (…) and broke through to be 13% of all giving 2/
Remember that % from online isn't a great way to measure the impact of digital. If a donor gets an email, sells stock w/ @Wealthsimple, moves it into their DAF w/ @VC_Giving & wires it to your bank this 'digital only' experience inspired by your email won't be 'online' 3/
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Here is some great news for #emailmarketing: Microsoft is planning to ditch its current Outlook apps for unified ones based on its web client.

Translation: Email rendering that actually follows web standards to some degree.…
For some context as to *why* this is great, check out the Can I Email Scoreboard, which tracks support of common CSS features. Windows Mail and Outlook for Windows are at the bottom of the ranking; Outlook Web has support that beats out Gmail web.
Not as good as the gold standard of Apple Mail’s use of Webkit, which Outlook Mac has benefited from. But significantly better—and a fair sacrifice, given how much more broadly used Outlook Windows is.
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Email marketing during a global crisis? If you are struggling with what do, read on!
I had the opportunity to join the @CMIContent community for a Twitter Chat on this topic. We shared insights to help you adapt to these uncertain times. Here are my takeaways in a thread:
1. To Send or Not to Send?
There are times to stay quiet, especially during a global crisis, but sending an email to offer new support or provide new value can be done. Context is crucial, and I often refer to daily google trends to check that!
2. What kind of content should you send?
How can you make sure you do not come across tone-deaf or opportunistic? Keep it focused! Narrow in on what your customers really need to know from your brand or company and keep the tone useful and kind.
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