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Video: I don't understand what authority any police (unclear, eg @CapitolPolice or @DCPoliceDept) have to steal apparently harmless cloth signs (pro environmental action) from fans in Nats Park DC at Congressional Baseball Game.

Answer is key for any #DCstatehood protest at same
The answer may be 1) blocking view of fans behind is banned under Stadium rules & policy,
2) Police can quickly & strongly enforce that rule to avoid fist fights among fans.
Photo of what the environmental protest looked like from across Nats Park, during Congressional Baseball Game 2022, useful for understanding efficacy of any #DCstatehood protests in the baseball stadium.

Protesters held each letter of "Climate Emergency".
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Just read this @MinnPost article with interest given that my first job was at T-2 in St. Louis Park, MN. But Washington, DC is mysteriously missing from the analysis! 🤦🏼‍♀️…
Turns out @Target doesn't include Washington, DC on its store directory despite our having FIVE stores in the District. We're in the interactive directory, but not on the static list used by @MinnPost. Whither DC?? Image
We weren't omitted due to a lack of Target-ness, that's for sure. So how Target-y is DC? I did my own calculations, and we are fifth per capita, with 0.75 stores per 100k people, and (by far!!) first in geographic density, with 13.6 square miles per store.
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Hatefully voteless DC pop requires #DCstatehood to free DC to fully decriminalize recreational marijuana & tax sales,

grow @udc_edu to R&D cannabis genetics,

to help build-up many grow-ops in urbanized DC, large & small,

& so a DC Port Authority selling value added services.
A free DC could found a DC Port Authority, which could have a bundle of legal medical & recreational marijuana services, such as

bulk marijuana deseeding services,

seed retention, capital intensive long storage, & bulk DC sales,
politically neutral consumer respected marijuana grading & health & safety services, & measuring plant active ingredients chemistry, eg THC content, for respected & honest consumer product packaging,

packaging factory lines, for weighing & dividing & elegantly packed,
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On Veterans Day 2021, honor a US military veteran in your family, &/or among your friends, & if they were DC residents, please tell us using #WeAreDC, to both humanize them, & humanize you,

as well as promote #DCstatehood US #VotingRights.
@councilofdc Council Member at-Large @RobertWhite_DC posts his #VeteransDay 2021 photos of his grandfathers in uniform. #WeAreDC
Markus Batchelor @MarkusforDC, @peoplefor deputy director leadership programs, #DCstatehood activist, & Fmr @DCSBOE @MarkusSBOE #Ward8,

honors his dad for #VeteransDay 2021. #WeAreDC
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As the House moves towards a vote on #BuildBackBetter today, @Princeton REPEAT Project, w/help from @EnergyInnovLLC, has finished a thorough review of entire "BBB 2.0" & logged all #ClimateAction/#CleanEnergy provisions (w/changes from the $3.5t BBB 1.0):
Caveat emptor: Any errors in interpretation or reading of the legislative text are our own.
Here's a run-down of some key changes as the bill has evolved from "BBB 1.0" -- the $3.5 trillion dollar package introduced in Sept. which we modeled previously at -- to this $1.85 trillion version moving towards a vote potentially later today... 🧵
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OK nerds, it’s time for some data literacy. You should be deeply skeptical of this map of D&D demographics.

Let's dip our toes in politics in a Monday night TIPSY THREAD 🥂
First of all, no shade to Cawood or the marketing manager at Zippia who wrote up this content, because as a marketing piece, it’s successful!…

Cawood's viral post cited the source, and in the marketing world, perfect content is the enemy of good content.
The consequences for being wrong are low; it’s not covid data. But the flaws in methodology show why scientific research needs peer review (and why ANY news about a study that hasn’t been peer reviewed should give you pause).
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For everyone frightened by yet another brazen shooting on 14th St NW, and ready to do something about the increase in gun violence across the city, a primer 🧵
First, realize this nightmare plays out DAILY in some neighborhoods in DC. Not nearly as much media coverage. The ppl living in those neighborhoods deserve every bit the same peace.
Next, I know you’re thinking “but the police”. Well police are pretty good at showing up AFTER a shooting, sort of good at solving crimes (homicide closure rate is dropping), & not so great at preventing violence. Even w/
cop cars blanketing the streets, shots still get fired.
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The shooting outside the Nationals baseball game is chilling. We should never have to watch thousands of people scramble for safety.

But what's even more chilling is how gun violence harms the residents of Washington, D.C., every day.

Less than 24 before the shooting by Nationals Park, 6-year-old Nyiah Courtney was killed and 5 others were injured in a mass shooting in SE DC. #EndGunViolence…
Nyiah’s mother tried to protect her from the gunfire, and was also shot.
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Joe Manchin in his op-ed today said he couldn't vote for a bill that he couldn't explain to the voters back home.

The good news, Joe, is that it isn't that hard.

Let me help, drawing a little inspiration from the history of Civil War & Reconstruction.…
I support pro-democracy measures, Joe Manchin might say—protecting voting rights, #DCStatehood, filibuster reform, &c—because:

1. they're just;

2. they're now made "partisan" by an assault on democracy by the leaders of the other party;

3. that assault hurts my constituents.
What's this got to do with Civil War & Reconstruction?

Before the war, some white Northerners forged an alliance with African Americans, opposing slavery and supporting equal rights on principle—think, abolitionists and Radical Republicans, swayed by argument #1. But ...
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Terrible news for American democracy: Joe Manchin becomes the first Senate Democrat to come out against the #DCstatehood bill, ensuring that 700,000 citizens remain disenfranchised & increasing the likelihood of a return to GOP Senate minority rule…
Because of how the states were drawn & malapportioned, the Senate imposes a huge penalty against Black, urban, & Dem voters like those in D.C. The GOP has run the Senate most of the time since the late 1990s despite never winning more votes than Dems once
Dems represent >56% of the U.S. population despite holding just half the Senate seats. We're stuck in a democratic doom loop where our lack of fair elections makes it impossible to make elections fairer. Manchin's vote wouldn't be needed if the Senate didn't already penalize Dems
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Title II — Election Integrity
This title would address restoration of the full protections of the Voting Rights Act of 1965 and several other pressing voting rights issues, and also seeks to curb partisan gerrymandering of congressional districts.
#ForThePeopleAct #PassFTPA
Subtitle A — Findings Reaffirming Commitment of Congress to Restore the Voting Rights Act
Sect 5’s pre-clearance provision, which required states & localities w/histories of discriminatory voting practices to secure federal gov approval prior to making any changes to their rules.
Subtitle B — Findings Relating to Native American Voting Rights

Equal and fair access at the ballot box is #VoterProtection. 🗳
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What does #ForThePeopleAct HR1 do for American voters?

This will be my hat tip to Rep John Lewis, may you rest in power Sir.

Let's advocate #GoodTrouble and #PassFTPA HR1.

#DemCastTX #CommonDefense
#Indivisible #FreshVoicesRise
Across 10 titles, this historic legislation would make it easier to vote in federal elections, end congressional gerrymandering, overhaul federal campaign finance laws,…
increase safeguards against foreign interference, strengthen gov ethics rules, & more. Most reforms would be implemented for the Nov 2022 general election, with the exception of some redistricting & public financing changes that would go into effect later.…
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D.C. must become the 51st state, and you should care about fighting for it even if you don’t live there. Here’s why and what you can do for #DCStatehood 🧵
For more than 200 years, Washingtonians have had zero voting representation in Congress. D.C.'s mostly Black and brown residents have long been subjected to systemic inequality and denied the full rights of citizenship.
D.C. statehood IS racial justice.

The lack of voting representation for D.C.’s mostly Black and brown residents isn’t a coincidence. It’s right in line with America’s long history of racism and oppression.
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real talk: The new DOJ leadership delivered a major criminal and racial justice disappointment last Friday, standing by a Trump era policy that doubles prison terms for Black men in DC. If you spent 2020 tweeting #DCStatehood and #BLM, you should be pushing to fix this *now* 🧵
Some background: In 2019 DOJ moved people charged with possessing a gun in DC from the local court system into federal court, where sentences are 2x higher. My students and I have been challenging this policy in court for over a year.
It's policies like this that fuel the racial injustice that is mass incarceration. This one applies to HUNDREDS of people, almost all of them poor and Black, and adds YEARS of prison to their lives. It is literally the opposite of progressive prosecution.
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Today’s hearing on #HR51 will be on Monday AM at 11 AM:…
Some Washingtonians will be showing up at the @USCapitol in support of #DCStatehood this morning. We may go as our daily civics lesson. 🇺🇸
We were late to the #DCStatehood demonstration outside the @uscapitol, but I marched with the native Washingtonian in the family down through newly opened streets to peacefully protest for redress of grievances & freely express ourselves about Congress making DC the 51st state.
We're listening to House hearing on #HR1: Making DC the 51st State…
Livestream: #DCStatehood
It is constitutional for Congress to carve out a federal district & enfranchise ~712,000 Americans.
It should so so.
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"It's not a local issue anymore" - and in fact, it never was.

With a Congressional hearing scheduled Monday on #DCStatehood, let's trace the roots of opposition to democracy for DC—roots in the racist, late 19th century backlash against Reconstruction.…
Elected local government existed in DC before the Civil War, but Black men were denied the vote.

Congress abolished slavery in DC in 1862, and in 1867 banned racial restrictions on voting.

Biracial democracy flourished briefly—tho not without opposition.
Less than a decade later, Congress eliminated local elected government in DC, part of a national retreat from Reconstruction.

On that brief flourishing and later retreat, I highly recommend @katemasur’s An Example for All the Land.…
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Now listening to the 2021 DC #OpenGov Summit.…
In past years, the annual #SunshineWeek event was at @PressClubDC. The wifi is (much) better at home, but I miss seeing people. Thanks to @DCOGC for putting this together!
To lead off, @GingerMcCall asked @CouncilOfDC Members @chenderson & @CMBrookePinto why #opengov is important.

Henderson it's not just posting info online, but helping people to understand & engage, helping govt to be more responsive.
#OpenGov is fundamental to everything we do, said @CMBrookePinto, who was at the Office of @AGKarlRacine, including we're doing, why, & what our processes are as we go.

Pinto also said residents should be educated about how to make FOIA requests. cc @CouncilOfDC @DCOPENGOV
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For more than 200 years, folks that live in Washington DC have faced systemic inequality. They’ve been denied the full rights of citizenship that the residents of states enjoy, including voting representation in Congress. It’s time to fix this, with #DCStatehood
2) The District of Columbia is the only political and geographical entity within the US whose residents bear the responsibilities of citizenship, including taxation and Selective Service registration, without sharing in the full rights and privileges of citizenship. #DCStatehood
3) People living in DC pay more taxes than residents in 22 states and pay more per capita to the federal government than ANY state. DC denizens pay federal taxes, serve in the military and on juries, start businesses and families, and contribute to the national economy.
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Today is the anniversary of the Roe v Wade decision and we're here to say #DCstatehood is a reproductive health, rights & justice issue!

D.C. residents deserve a vote in Congress that directly affects their ability to thrive, not just survive.

RT if you agree 👇🏾#ReimagineRoe
The ability to exercise our bodily autonomy is tied to the ability to exercise political autonomy.

Read that one again.
As @SisterSong_WOC taught us:

“Reproductive Justice is the human right to maintain personal bodily autonomy, have children, not have children, and parent the children we have in safe and sustainable communities.”
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History lesson!

For all but two years since 1989, Congress has consistently prohibited D.C. from using its locally raised funds to pay for abortion care for Medicaid recipients through a rule known as the Dornan Amendment.
This means D.C. Medicaid recipients cannot use their health insurance for their abortions, and are forced to pay out of pocket. Raising that money, usually over $500, can take a long time and D.C. residents have to delay paying other bills like rent.
Roe v. Wade preserved our legal right to an abortion but there is no real right if you can’t afford it.

Statehood means autonomy for D.C. residents who have abortions.
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Senate Dems just introduced the most important democracy reform bill since the 1965 Voting Rights Act, joining House Dems. I detailed the major components here, including sweeping voting access expansions, banning House gerrymandering, & public financing:…
Note that this bill doesn't include a restoration of the Voting Rights Act, which is planned as separate legislation, but this bill does include a reaffirmed commitment to restore the VRA. You can read the section-by-section Senate bill summary here:…
Here's the full list of major provisions in the sweeping democracy-reform bill that House & now Senate Dems have introduced as the first bill of the new session. These would be the biggest expansion of voting access & fair elections since the 1965 VRA…
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🚨 Attention all media 🚨

Thank you for coming to Washington, DC to cover this historic #Inauguration just days after the #Jan6 #insurrection

The security perimeter is approximately 4.6 square miles out of DC’s 68 square miles total. By area, that is less than 7% of DC.
DC has 8 Wards with the perimeter stretching over a portion of just two of those Wards (namely, 2 & 6)

We are 712,000 residents strong who pay more in federal taxes per capita than residents in any other state

DC Govt has functions of a state, county, city and school district
Our Mayor: @MurielBowser
Congresswoman (albeit non-voting until #DCStatehood): @EleanorNorton
Our state legislature: @councilofdc
Our AG (who prosecutes some crimes; most adults crimes are prosecuted by @USAO_DC): @KarlRacineDC

@DCPoliceDept is the Metropolitan Police Department
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Keeping the inauguration outdoors in DC despite the ongoing threat is having a huge effect on the hundreds of thousands of people who, yes, actually LIVE in this largely Black city, and I feel like that’s not getting enough attention.

A thread. 1/x
2/ Violent white supremacists are coming (back) to town. Last week, 3 Black women were attacked by Trumpers.

“This time there’ll be way more cops though!”

Well, last week there were cops too. **All 3 women were arrested while the attackers were not.**…
3/ Black people have known forever that law enforcement forces attract white supremacists.

And DC streets are now absolutely crawling with them. There are over 20,000 troops here.

It’s traumatic.
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LIVE: We're talking about the growing calls for #DCStatehood after the Georgia runoff election and the Capitol riots.
Are you optimistic about #DCstatehood? Tell us about it!
"There's a lot of finger pointing going on between different branches of law enforcement."

@mikafrak says that Mayor Bowser requested the National Guard before and during the Insurrection.
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