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#SocialDistancingNow could be the kindest thing you could do - #flatteningthecurve could be life saving!
But it doesn’t have to mean social isolation - Here’s some ideas on how to stay social and supportive… stay kind in chalk on the pavement
Sure, some of you might be connected to your community already - great!
But if not no time like the present to start.

(#ComCom peeps are already all over this - @KezNoo @MerrynGott @CormacRussell @PHPalCare )
Drop a letter or note into neighbours letter boxes with your details and let them know how you can help.
A meal, grocery drop, loo paper, veggies from your yard, board game swap etc

Maybe you can set up a what’s app group, or street Facebook group so you can stay connected?
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Hey #DisabledTwitter:

Share what's most infuriating to *you* about the accessibility measures we've been requesting for years that are now suddenly possible due to #COVID19.

Help the nondisableds understand.
Note: I'm asking because I'll be talking about this topic with media & I want to represent us well.
Update: this story should come out tomorrow. I will post a link.
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I finally took an improv class at @SecondCityTO. It was super fun b/c the instructor let me observe rather than interact so I was able to learn a bunch of really useful info. Then came the angry abusive desk clerk who unloaded on me saying I'd been "aggressive this whole time"...
@SecondCityTO When I gave my credit card to pay, he refused to give it back because "collateral" then threatened to call the police. I have no idea what he was on but it was terrible. I told him he could us inclusivity training because he was treading in lawsuit territory. His response was...
@SecondCityTO ask me what my disability was. I told him he couldn't ask that. He then asked the instructor if I'd been giving him trouble then proceeded to comment derisively on my stimming (I was trying to keep calm).

It was awful, y'all.

This is why we are at risk in the world.
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Try to remember that you won't always know who's autistic, who's disabled, etc. Which is why you need to be accessible, open-minded, and accepting to everyone. Don't be the person who only makes the effort if we out ourselves as disabled to you.
We too often have to reveal that we're autistic (or anything else) for people to stop being ableist and to give us even basic accommodations. It's unsafe and uncomfortable. Accessibility and consideration should be the standard way we all treat each other.
Again, I think it comes back to that idea people have that allistic / neurotypical = default, and they forget / ignore that anyone around them could be autistic unless we specifically tell them or conform to the stereotypes about autistic people.
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Real question. We know what we DON'T want to see from #autistic characters in film & tv (hold the puppet jokes pls), but what DO we want to see? Who do you want to watch and what's happening to them?
Eagerly waiting for aaalllll the comments. This is it. This is the time and place to speak your mind and be heard by people who can actually make a difference. Come thru #ActuallyAutistic #AskingAutistics #DisabledTwitter #DisabilityPride #Neurodiversity
Thanks everyone! You really came thru on this. I have LOTS of great input to share and responses to give to those inevitable questions. You've got my back and I've got yours! Here's to more of us, better represented, on screens in the near future. 🤞🏽✊🏽🎬
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#DisabledTwitter please consider watching Voices from the Shadows, a UK documentary about patients being forced into Dr. Sherry-style graded exercise programs. My community has been shouting about this abuse for years, largely into the void: #mecfs
There is a free code to watch the film. It’s harrowing. Proceed with care if you are a victim of medical abuse. Some of the stories are too shocking to believe but I am sure those within the community will have no trouble believing them.
And if you were outraged by NPR’s coverage of a barbaric chronic pain treatment, please consider amplifying the voices of people with #mecfs who are still fighting coerced/forced treatment and forced institutionalization. It is all the same fight.
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When fighting Ableism, straw bans, inaccessibility, or the general oppression of society, I am uncomfortable that we tend to resort to, "What if you/your kid/your spouse/your friend/family member was disabled & needed this?"

It paints disability as something negative & to fear.
We can, or should be able to, state our truth, or the existence of others' truths, without relying on using hypothetical scenarios that target subconscious negative views and beliefs held by society. #Disabled #DisabledTwitter #StrawBan #Ableism #FightWithoutFears
And just a reminder aside that simulations of disability and disabled life are often harmful, and have been scientifically shown to have a negative impact on an individual's view regarding disability and life with one. #Disabled #DisabledTwitter #FightWithoutFear
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