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Case Fatality rate #COVIDー19 as at 21st April 2020. World 6.9%: Italy 13.4%, UK 13.4%, USA 5.4%, Germany 3.4%, NIGERIA 3.2%, Tunisia 4.2%, Ghana 0.9%, Cameroon 3.7%.
this shows that NIGERIA is not doing badly compared to other countries like Tunisia and Cameroon in the fight to stop the spread of COVID-19. We should support @NCDCgov by compiling to safety procedures. Hopefully NIGERIA will test more than 50,000 in the coming weeks and
surpass Ghana who are lifting lockdown procedures already. Let us learn from Ghana how they reached 50,000 tested for the virus. #SocialDistancingNow

God help us.
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#Covid19 & #SocialDistancingNow have emptied airports globally. Many passenger planes sit idle. But look at this @flightaware image. Thousands are still flying with no passengers. @NatSecAnswers asked @AfAExecDirector Brandon Fried -Why? Follow this thread for the answer. Image
ANSWER: "To most outsiders, the air cargo industry is primarily comprised of UPS and FedEx planes sitting at airports during the day and flying at night. These express carriers carry about one-half of the world's air shipments.
Freight forwarders, on the other hand, move the remaining portion of the cargo using airline flights and other modes. Under the feet of passengers are shipments generally consisting of consumer goods, automotive parts, trade show exhibits, and of course,
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Back to basics public health measures IF only @POTUS would listen !
Rule 1: Listen to your scientists! Public Health experts should do daily briefings NOT @realDonaldTrump or @VP Politicians must step aside and let scientists lead the war against #COVID19 @DrDzul @ProfAdeeba ImageImage
Rule 2: Enforce extreme NOT slow and/or incremental #SocialDistancing like Italy!

eg Clear Florida’s beaches.

China lockdown the #COVID19 epicenter #Wuhan and sent 40,000 HealthCare Providers #HCP to assist Image
Rule 3: Like Malaysia lockdown dangerous #HotSpots.

#MCO enforces #StayHome orders.

Provide and ensure food, medicines etc delivery to quarantined, old, poor, infirmed and their families

Go into #freeze mode or risk overwhelmed and overburdened hospitals like Italy, Spain ImageImage
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☯️Mental Health Resources: Hotline Numbers

🔻Disaster Distress
🔻Suicide Prevention
🔻Domestic Violence

💥Graphics and links to share

Reach out by phone and on-line for 24/7 free counseling while #SocialDistancing

#MentalHealth Resources: Part II

♦️Suicide Prevention Helpline♦️

Available 24/7
On-line Chat available
Multi-lingual Counseling
Alcohol/Substance abuse
Support for Significant others

You are not alone. Reach out!


#Mentalhealth Resources Part III

♦️Transgender Hotline♦️

Peer support counseling by Trans-identified counselors
Available for identity counseling (It is ok to be unsure)
US and Canada

Hours available listed below by time zone

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Prisons, like cruise ships, squeeze many into a small space. Victoria has more prisoners than ever, many share a cell. Perfect conditions to spread virus. Victoria must release low risk prisoners now, as in NSW, to avoid amplifying COVID-19 epidemic. #SpringSt
No hand sanitiser allowed in Victoria's prisons, just soap. They're doing the best they can, but with 8000+prisoners, and seven prisons containing >500, it's hard. Lockdown in prison is punitive. #SpringSt
So #Greens support call by lawyers and academics for low risk prisoners and those nearing end of sentence to be released early, giving Corrections a chance to reduce COVID-19 transmission. We can legislate like NSW just did. #SpringSt
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1/The absolute key to beating this pandemic is testing to identify any and all positive patients, isolating them until they test negative. This will temporize the pandemic allowing us time to develop therapeutic drugs, study therapeutics in clinical trials, and develop a vaccine
2/Lessons from Singapore and Wuhan,China should serve as lessons for us here. Containment is always the primary objective. Let us not give up on containment.
Mitigation is not appropriate for #coronavirus. That maybe okay for the flu, but not #COVIDー19
3/ We must test, test, and test some more. We must identify all positives and isolate them until they test negative. We must use technology and track all their potential exposed contacts and test/quarantine them. Social distancing, lockdown, and testing will contain this disease.
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A short story [featuring you!] on the importance #SocialDistancingNow, why you must #StayHomeSaveLives, & why official ‘cases’ are a delayed version of the true numbers. (1/10)

#FlattenTheCuve #PlankTheCurve #COVIDー19 #COVID19 #COVID19outbreak #COVID19Ontario
[Day 0] You go to the video game store today & the person ahead of you coughs (mildly symptomatic #COVID19) & touches the pinpad on the credit card machine. You touch it too, maybe rub your nose later on the way to your car. Congratulations, you are now infected. (2/10)
[Day 1-4] The incubation period of #COVID19 is up to 14 days, average 5 days. No symptoms - means you go to work, then have coffee with your neighbour & babysit your niece. Everyone is healthy, so it’s fine, right? (3/10)
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Ein Brief nach #Oesterreich in Zeiten der #COVID19 Krise

Ich lebe in Edinburgh, der Hauptstadt Schottlands, wo der Wind fast immer weht und der Virus leise wütet. „Ihr seids spät dran.“ Eh. Großbritannien hat wie immer einen ganz eigenen Lösungsweg eingeschlagen...
fundierend auf der Theorie der Herdenimmunität. Die (Menschen)- Herde ist dann immun, wenn der Großteil der Bevölkerung durch eine Impfung oder Infektion immunisiert wurde. Nun hat das hiesige Gesundheitssystem allerdings nur 6.6 Intensivbetten pro 100.000 Personen zur Verfügung.
Wenn also zu viele auf einmal krank werden… dann gibt es keine Herdenimmunität, sondern nur Chaos und Leichenwägen. Ich mache mir aber keine Sorgen, denn wenn ich aus meinem Küchenfenster hinausschaue, sehe ich das Dach der Holyrood Distillery. ...
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1. This History Thread is about epidemics & pandemics + significant disease outbreaks in Burma (Myanmar.) Historical epidemiology incl. plague, smallpox, cholera, HIV/AIDS, influenza. Malaria not included as more endemic (locally present) than epidemic (& rates its own thread.)
2. Thado Minbya young King/Founder of Ava died in smallpox epidemic circa 1367. Arakan used variola smallpox inoculation, captives of 1785 Burmese invasion brought practice to Burma. British colonial smallpox vaccination campaigns limited until 1920s. Certified eradicated 1977.
3. Plague bacillus (endemic Burma) in fleas carried by rodents. 3rd Plague Pandemic (12 million dead) spread from neighboring Yunnan 1855 thru China, beyond by ship. 1906 alone 8,637 reported plague deaths Burma.
@Jonathan_Saha on British Colonial photos:…
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Some evangelical/Pentecostal churches met in person yesterday; defying CDC recommendations not to gather in large groups and stay 6ft apart. Their justification? “We’re stronger than this virus.” 1/
#COVID19 #SocialDistancingNow #VirtualChurch
But I don’t believe this defiance comes from strength. It comes from fear of change—from the same place, deep down, that compels some to despise anyone or any policy that threatens routines of life. Change is their gut-level enemy. #COVID19 #SocialDistancingNow #VirtualChurch 2/
Within these communities, the ability to fight the tide and maintain sameness is considered “strength”. 3/
#COVID19 #SocialDistancingNow #virtualchurch
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Just because you're young doesn't mean you're immune to #COVIDー19.


🔹 #asthma & #diabetes make even young people #HighRisk for serious complications

1/3 #HighRiskCovid19 #SocialDistancingNow
Symptoms may be so mild for young people that THEY AREN'T NOTICED.

So people who DON'T KNOW they're infected & contagious go about normal activities & infect others: parents, grandparents, people with asthma, lung disease (ex: asthma), diabetes, etc. 2/3 #FlattenTheCurve
#SocialDistancing ISN'T JUST ABOUT YOU.

It's about EVERYONE in your community.

It's about making it safer FOR OTHERS.

Don't be a #carrier.

Don't send me to the hospital because I had to go get my prescriptions.

Don't infect your parents & grandparents. #StayTheFHome 3/3
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Germany's Robert Koch Institute estimated last week that up to around 70% of the population could become infected over the course of the next several months, so to better understand what that means for the US, I've done some back of the envelope calculations.
First, the baseline annual mortality rate for the US is 3.8 deaths/1000 population, so around 2.8M per year from all causes. That's a baseline, meaning COVID-19 deaths would be in addition to that number. It's also the normal scenario that healthcare staffing is based off of.
First I wanted to look at a moderate scenario, so I considered a 50% infection rate and a case fatality rate (CFR) of 1%. The latter is well below the crude CFR of 3.5% WHO was reporting, but assumes improved surveillance (& a healthcare system that's not overwhelmed.
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1. Name ucin kopculikden uzak durmalydygynyn in gowy mysaly Koreada boldy.

Koreada bir bolnoy (Patient 31) gyzgyny ba yone #COVID19 virus testi etdirenok we kopculige cykya. Son name bolyamy?

Koreada suwagtky viruslylaryn 80%ne yeke ozu sebap bolar. ImageImage
2. Asakda patient 31in virusy nadip basga adamlara yokasdyrandygyny @Reuters gowy edip yazypdyr.

Son ucin gayrat edip #SocialDistancingNow. Dogan dost gaty gorer diyman!

Sonky tuykulik sakal ezmez! ImageImageImage
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My fellow Malaysians 🇲🇾

Pls RT if you can.

I want this message re #COVIDー19 to go out.

Many of the people in power are too afraid of making the difficult but right decisions. They are thinking as politicians, not as leaders.

COVID19 cases will increase. A lot. Although the virus itself hasn’t changed, people will start dying if there are insufficient critical care beds.

There are less than 1000 ICU beds in all of Malaysia. If the numbers spike, our healthcare system will be overwhelmed.
We will start to convert wards to ICUs, doctors and nurses will drop from exhaustion, choices will have to be made re who gets life support and who doesn’t.

That’s why social distancing is essential - it will slow growth & buy us time. In some cases, enough time to save lives
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If this data proves accurate and can be replicated, the ones saying #OKBoomer will quite literally be the ones most responsible for killing the Boomers from #coronavirus. That is if they don't start practicing #SocialDistancingNow. #CoronaKatie Image
South Korea tested people extensively across all age groups. Italy has not. Guess what the take home is? To #FlattenTheCurve & save lives we ALL need 2 practice #SocialDistancingNow. The 20-29 yr age group ARE carriers and spreading COVID-19 even though you aren't feeling sick. Image
This is the source for this graph and it is well worth the read. Not sure the author realized the big elephant in the room with his findings. But Italy has a case fatality rate of 6.6% & South Korea 0.8% #coronavirus #SocialDistancingNow. #CoronaKatie…
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Virusam organizma girende su yagday bolya. Leukocytes (white blood cells) (tkm: leykositler) parazide hujum edyaler. Seretmek gyzykly!
#SocialDistancingNow #COVID19
Leukocytes bizim immun sistemamyzyn gylycly galkanly goragcylary. Immuniteti guyclendirmek diymek solary guyclendirmek diymek. Onda name durmak yok, hereket edelin. #Turkmenistan #CoronaVirusUpdates
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1/ Decided to test the @nytimes #COVID19 model on what happens if we take social distancing seriously, today.

1st video shows the decrease of peak infections/total deaths.

With aggressive social distancing, peak from 9m to 513k; deaths from 982k to 51k…
2/ Second video shows what happens the longer we delay #socialdistancing measures, even if we were doing an aggressive social distancing approach.

Deaths increase from 51k to 706k if we delayed implementing social distancing for a few months. Peak goes back up to over 9m cases.
3/ Third video shows how spreading the case load relates to ICU bed capacity, which here is estimated at 95k for the country.

With social distancing, your peak ICU caseload decreases from 366k to 261k.

That is by spreading out 100m total infections from 18 weeks to 18 months.
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While #SocialDistancingNow:

What meaningful activities have you discovered for virtualized socializing?

What are your pro-tips for making the most of Zoom, FaceTime, etc.?

What types of solitude activities have been worthwhile?
Zoom tip: in the upper right click "gallery view" to see everyone hanging out.
Time with loved ones: interview your parents, aunts, & uncles about stories from prior generations.

(I asked about my family's political history, learned about my great uncle who was blacklisted during McCarthyism and my paternal grandparents globalist political education group)
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#SocialDistancingNow could be the kindest thing you could do - #flatteningthecurve could be life saving!
But it doesn’t have to mean social isolation - Here’s some ideas on how to stay social and supportive… stay kind in chalk on the pavement
Sure, some of you might be connected to your community already - great!
But if not no time like the present to start.

(#ComCom peeps are already all over this - @KezNoo @MerrynGott @CormacRussell @PHPalCare )
Drop a letter or note into neighbours letter boxes with your details and let them know how you can help.
A meal, grocery drop, loo paper, veggies from your yard, board game swap etc

Maybe you can set up a what’s app group, or street Facebook group so you can stay connected?
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1/n Coronavirus: Why You Must Act Now by @tomaspueyo

#COVID19 #COVID19france

Long read with a few takeaways. Homework for @EmmanuelMacron before tonight

Here are the takeaways (copy and paste):
2/n The coronavirus is coming to you.
It’s coming at an exponential speed: gradually, and then suddenly.
It’s a matter of days. Maybe a week or two.
3/n When it does, your healthcare system will be overwhelmed.
Your fellow citizens will be treated in the hallways.
Exhausted healthcare workers will break down. Some will die.
They will have to decide which patient gets the oxygen and which one dies.
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