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#AskingAutistics. Please look at the attached image and do the "visual projection" exercise it presents.
Then fill out the poll in the next tweet. There are four picture of a...
Which image is closest to what you where able to "see"?
With an attempt at clarity, this is *not* a hypherphantasia <-> aphantasia test, this is about projecting a desired image into your sense of sight.

"Can you, as an act of will alter the image presented to see an apple in the image as if the image depicted an apple?"
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I’m Lyric, late identified Autistic adult.

I’m also nonbinary and my pronouns are they/them. Please don’t “she” me.

This month, Autism Month, I’m going to be debunking some of the Autism myths I encounter online and in the real world. So, let’s go!
First myth: “Autism ends at 18” or we “grow out” of being Autistic. 👎

Reality: Autistic adults exist, though often our struggles become less pronounced as we mature and learn skills that help us to cope in the world.

Myth 2: “Autism is most common in boys” 🚫
Reality: Boys have been disproportionately represented, often ignoring people of other genders.

Social pressure is often greater for women and AFAB people and boys are often given a pass (boys will be boys) for things girls could never get away with.
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Possibly niche question:

Since they started, my post-viral cognitive issues (and honestly, some of the movement ones) have really felt similar to every time I've had Autistic burnout

Is that a thing? Like, can a viral illness cause Autistic burnout?

[food intolerances [

In addition to just all the Inflammation and everything, this particular round of illness just... completely wrecked literally everything about my routine, including making many of my stims and safe foods...things that made me physically ill
Alternatively, maybe Autistic burnout is also caused by neuroinflammation? So that's why parts of this post viral giant MCAS havoc flare feels so similar to Autistic burnout?
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Hey Therapists, Stop telling clients you
"don't understand why they want to know if they're autistic because it wouldn't make a difference, anyway".
#TherapistTwitter #AutisticTwitter
Hey Therapists, Telling your clients "it wouldn't matter if they were Autistic or not" is - at best, dismissive and at worst, medical gaslighting and/or medical trauma - both common experiences in the Autism Community.
#LateDiagnosedAutistic #MentalHealthMatters
Hey Therapists, Stop telling clients they
"couldn't possibly be Autistic because (insert harmful stereotype here)."
It's inaccurate and causes harm to your clients and the Autistic community.
#AutismCommunity #AutismAssessment #AutismEvaluation #Therapy
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I’m really bothered by something that I’ve seen happening for years on my page…
On my FB page, I regularly share posts from other Autistic People, because I don’t want my voice or opinions to be the only ones featured there.
Often, when I share something from another page (& sometimes even when I share my own experience), someone will come & pick apart the language people use, critiquing how people describe their own experiences, saying things like “I wouldn’t describe it that way” etc.
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#AskingAutistics #askADHD How do SSRI's affect you?

I started one two months ago or so and it has been a drastic difference. Some good, some bad. I also have both acute/"normal" and complicated PTSD and am in both bereavement and burnout though, so lots of factors.
I'll go first: The SSRI I'm on hasn't particularly impacted my mood that I've noticed, but it has effectively killed my body's drive for sleep, food, and sex. These can be categorized into "annoying", "dangerous", and "good", respectively.

#ActuallyAutistic #ADHD
I've had disordered sleep my entire life. Since the pandemic, I've taken to going to sleep after not being able to stay awake any longer and waking up whenever I wake up. Now, I need to actively choose to go to sleep which is mostly OK now that I'm aware of it.
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Much like when a Queer or trans person stays in the closet because they don’t feel safe, NeuroDivergent masking, or camouflaging, is defined as when a NeuroDivergent Person consciously, or subconsciously, masks or hides, their Divergent traits, in order to blend in.
We do it to keep ourselves safe. We do it because the world around us can be very hostile, and blending in is self-defense.
However… blending in can also feel like a slow death, putting yourself aside to pacify the expectations of other people, making yourself small, ignoring us our own wants and needs.
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#askingAutistics how do you handle it when someone tells you explicitly that while they understand autistic masking and that things like tone and facial expressions and even word choice can be challenging, they still feel offense or hurt when exposed to unmasked communication?
I'm looking for practical answers for use in meaningful relationships in life, not pat solutions like "fuck 'em" or "just mask more".

I don't have the spoons to mask enough, but I don't want to cause distress, which is valid on their part if they perceive me as scary.
Is there a model other than "masking" that applies here? I'm specifically worried about the way someone with e.g. trauma responses to curt tones or ambiguous phrasing can't just tune those signals out. It's a complex problem.

How do you address it?
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Let's make a list:
How can NTs be a better friend to autistics?

My students asked me this yesterday, and we had a great discussion. I'd love to gather more ideas.

#askingautistics #ActuallyAutistic
One of our suggestions: use more tone tags. And in person, tell me when you are being sarcastic/joking if it looks like I don't get it.
Also, understand that I may say the wrong thing, but I'm usually not trying to be rude, so if something comes out wrong, please remember I'm not trying to be offensive.
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#AskingAutistics, but others are also welcome to respond.

I have a weird question.

There's a school for autistic children who wants to name a classroom after me because according to the principal they've learned more from me over the years than from anyone else.
They want to use some of my artwork prints to decorate the classroom.

Other classrooms will also be themed and named after people.
I guess that this is like houses which we had at my own school, which were named after old men who played some forgotten role in the school history. Except this school is small, so it's classrooms, not houses.
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Sorry Allistics (non Autistic people) - my timeline is not where you come to get intellectual labour about Autism. I perform enough for my marginalized intersections. Go to #AskingAutistics #ActuallyAutistic or do a Twitter search of the thing. Follow Autistics too.
I will tweet about my experience being Autistic. Will talk about how dehumanizing it is to be called "person with Autism". But it's not my job to tell you why. Enough information is on Twitter about it. There's a whole community of us here who talk about this.
@commaficionado Have anything at hand?
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Being part of an autistic #community in my own neighbourhood.
A personal #ActuallyAutistic aspiration.
Like many late discovered autistic people I found my ‘tribe’ online.
Just before my autism assessment feeling accepted in an online forum of autistic people persuaded me I was on the right track.
Now my main connection with other #ActuallyAutistic people is through @Twitter.
None of the people on the online forum I was part of lived near me, but I made a particular connection with one of them.
We emailed and met up to go dog walking before Covid, and we still stay in touch intermittently.
If we lived closer we’d probably get together regularly.
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One thing I’m learning right now is that people who’ve never heard of ABA at all, when they are introduced to it from the perspective of an autistic ABA survivor, they’re first reaction is “that sounds terrible! I can’t believe they still do that.”
Granted I’ve only been able to talk to like two people like that from my perspective as a survivor. But. Even one person I absolutely expected to not understand, was horrified that this is still in practice.
Anyway, if your a parent in the fence or considering ABA, listen to ABA survivors. That’s the most important set of voices in this conversation.
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In Saratoga County, NY, the police were called by a @Target employee on Black teens, siblings. Police harassed & became forceful & violent with a 14 year old autistic boy who was holding candy. He kept saying over & over, “I have money.”#AskingAutistics #AutismAcceptanceMonth Image
Officers tackle the child. His 17-year-old sister is screaming, "he's autistic!" over and over. She is manhandled and aggressed against and ARRESTED. Police put felony assault & a resisting arrest charges on her. The autistic boy was not arrested because he committed no crimes.
His sister didn’t either. Gratuitous and unprovoked violence against a family member, a disabled child, is legal cause for defense. Looks like a pair of hate crimes.
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Seldom seen and seldom heard: the marginalisation, minoritisation, and under-representation of many #ActuallyAutistic people.
Some personal reflections on why this happens, and what we can do about it.
The first thing to say is that I acknowledge my own privilege.
I’m white, I have two degrees and a professional qualification.
I work part time.
I get emotional support from my partner and family. I’m having psychotherapy.
All of these things help to insulate and protect me.
The fact that I only discovered I was #ActuallyAutistic late in life undoubtedly harmed me.
For nearly six decades I had no frame of reference to make sense of things.
It’s impossible to disentangle the abuse I suffered because I was neurodivergent, and because I was a woman.
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I contacted @SPARKforAutism and the PI @WendyKChung with questions about equity, inclusion, ethical engagement, consent, and the use of autism GWAS and PRSs in polygenic embryo selection. Unsurprisingly, they refused to answer most of my questions. 1/n
@WendyKChung directed me to the SPARK YouTube channel to showcase their "community engagement". Nearly every video is for neurotypicals, by neurotypicals, focusing on interventions, "teaching social skills", etc. 2/n Image
I didn't get any response to, e.g., why SPARK partners with @autismspeaks and not with any autistic-led organizations, or whether any of the PIs have connections to the ABA industry. 3/n
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The founder of ABA said the following about Autistic kids:

“You see, you start pretty much from scratch when you work with an autistic child. You have a person in the physical sense – they have hair, a nose and a mouth – but they are not people in the psychological sense...."
"One way to look at the job of helping autistic kids is to see it as a matter of constructing a person. You have the raw materials, but you have to build the person.”
Lovaas strongly believed in intense behavioral modification interventions, that included harsh aversive techniques such as withholding touch and attention, isolation, and even giving electric shock "therapy"...
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(Waves in greeting.)
I see tons of #ActuallyAutistic folx chiming in on #Sia today, & I hope that you all will devote the same fervor to going to this link:… to quickly make Public Comments for the upcoming US federal autism IACC meeting in April 2022. /1
I realize making Public Comment about #autism research & policy is not trendy nor exciting like celebrity news, BUT it’s a platform:… to potentially help influence important issues impacting the lives of millions of autistic ppl & their families. /2
Currently, the “loudest” & most consistent/persistent voices who are “representing” autism are privileged non-autistic literal curebie martyr moms who openly tout institutionalization & sub-minimum wage employment as solutions for autistic people w/the highest support needs. /3
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Has anybody had any experiences with a brand called public gift I feel like I'm being stalked by their brand ambassadors on Instagram to also become an ambassador & I feel quite convinced my complaint about it just got handled by a bot. #askingAutistics
They also did not answer any of my questions about how much of their revenue is being donated to the causes they support. Would appreciate info from any one with more information or personal experience with this org
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The first thing I would love for people to understand about sensory processing and sensory overload is that a NeuroDivergent Person, with sensory processing difference’s ability to tolerate certain stimuli can vary, from week to week, month to month, even day to day.
The ability to tolerate sensations can very, depending on a variety of factors.

One of those factors being how well rested, or how well off that individual NeuroDivergent Person is doing, on that particular day.
It can be the perfect storm if that person is feeling low energy that day, or they’ve already got a lot on their plate.

Maybe they’re already really stressed out about some personal thing or some change that’s happening in their life, or they’ve not slept well all week.
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Growing up, I struggled in my relationships with other kids my age.
When I did hang out with other kids, they were often older or younger than me, additionally, my relationships were often very superficial, because, even when I wanted to, I didn’t understand how to get close to others or let people in.
For many years, as a preteen and a teenager, my best friends were our family cat and my dog, Ripley.
When I struggled to bond with others around me (even my family and caregivers) animals always were as kind to me as I was to them - like a mirror reflection back on me.
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It had been a long and tiring weekend. We’d had fun, but I was running on minimal sleep and hadn’t had enough to eat, so my blood sugar was a bit low.
As we neared the end of the day, I thought I knew what was coming next, but suddenly and without warning or my input, the plans changed – leaving me feeling shaken and unstable.
CW: desecration of past meltdown

Suddenly, I found myself past the point of no return. Tears started to well up in my eyes as I quickly hung up the phone.
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[THREAD] #AskingAutistics and allies, especially people in Africa or of African descent throughout the world: We need your help. A bad thing has happened for #DisabilityRights in Africa: ABAI has sponsored an American, Ashley Knochel, to promote ABA in Africa by formalising it.
There has been a neocolonialist trend with aggressive ABA infiltrations from America into Ghana, Kenya and other countries for some time now, including a CARD-associated organisation in South Africa; but this latest move is worse.
This American person has established a Pan-African Association of Behaviour Association along with Kenyans, and they are launching this Saturday.
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If the "professionals" and the big autism charities could PLEASE stop convincing parents that an autism diagnosis is the end of the world for their child/ family, it would be awesome. The tragedy narrative has to stop. 1/
It is heartbreaking and infuriating how many parents I see who are heartbroken and terrified their kid is or might be Autistic. Shedding literal tears over some concept of "lost normality" and desperate for any hope their child can be saved/fixed/cured of their neurotype. 2/
You know who deserves to shed a tear? A) The Autistic individuals who see/hear/read this crap from their caregivers. B) The Autistic children being raised in households that call them "damaged" to their face and throw them into so many therapy hours they don't get a childhood. 3/
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