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1/3 Das Problem mit der #verkackten Energiewende ist, daß alle letzten Entscheidungen maßgeblich von einem Kinderbuchautor - also im weitesten Sinn Märchenerzähler - und seinem Stab an Beratern getroffen wird. In diesen Kreisen gilt „Wenn wir das ganz doll wollen, dann schaffen➡️
2/3 wir das auch - egal, ob es physikalisch möglich ist, oder nicht!“ Ich denke, die Zeit spielt aber für die Vernunft, denn „Wollen“ und „Machen“ sind immer noch zwei Paar Schuhe. Es darf nur nicht so lange dauern, bis das letzte Unternehmen unser Land verlassen hat. #Habeck,➡️
3/3 @P_Graichen und Co sind nicht mehr als Ideologen in eigener Sache und Paradebeispiele für den #DunningKruger Effekt. Die wissen nix, die können nix und die schaffen auch nix.

Die personifizierte Hybris.
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#DunningKruger conquérant dans toute sa splendeur en mode "je fais mes propres recherches"

"médium" n'est pas utilisé dans le jargon professionnel ni même pas le grand public,
c'est 1 vieillerie source de confusion à connotation négative, l'anglicisme "média" est le standard
Voilà un bon suiveur qui n'utilisait jusque là "médium" que dans son sens usuel de pratique pseudoscientifique

#Sectarisme quand tu nous tiens, c'est

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Yet again, #NevrePoilievre demonstrates #PierrePoilievreIsAnEconomicIlliterate and a stunning example of #DunningKruger. It’s gobsmacking how Polievre imagines he knows more than economists because he consumes crypto propaganda & Bitcoin videos… #cdnpoli
This dangerously stupid & gullible quote from March/22 also demonstrates that Polievre is working on behalf of greedy corrupt billionaires who want to dismantle central banking & any & all checks on their power. Like Elon Musk. #CdnEcon #NeverVoteConservative #cdnpoli
If you haven’t already, I strongly urge everyone to read this ⬇️ masterpiece by @davetroy in @WashSpec. See link attached.
There’s also an audio version that you can listen to in 3 parts starting here:…
#Fascism #CryptoIsAPonziScheme
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55.01/ Week fifty-five, July 31-Aug 6 2021, thread begins here.

Week 54 below
55.02/ I have no idea (yet?) how to handle this case brought up by @AnaMardoll and I think I need to because I can envision needing a solution IRL.

(Note, it also illustrates why conservatives were so afraid of D&D: it allows kids to broaden their worlds)
55.03/ As I've gotten older I've come to view this mishnah from Avot as more & more central to both practical & ideal wisdom. Especially for the internet.

It's an early indictment of #DunningKruger blowhards: stop talking! Listen. Less talk, more rock.…
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If I was Dominic Cummings I would stop tweeting. The more he talks the more it becomes clear.

1)There was never anything ever resembling a plan.

2)He's not anyway near as smart as he thinks he is.

3)People were never going to get what they voted for, as it is based on lies
Then again if I was Dominic Cummings we wouldn't be in this mess in the first place.. 👍
Especially on technology...this is particularity relevant
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Vedisches Fußballwissen 😂 Wenn rechtsradikale russophile Esoteriker einem die Welt und Fußball erklären wollen … fertiger geht es nicht. 👎🏽
#FussballEM #Esoterik #Gedankenmüll #Verdummung #DunningKruger #Fussball #Nazisekte #Hetze
Gerne mal den Kanal auf Youtube melden. Auf Facebook haben wir die damals schon erfolgreich vernichtet. Aber der Fuzzi, der dahintersteht versucht es jetzt hier mit seinem misogynen Mist:…
Das hier ist übrigens der Tiefflieger, der den ganzen Müll verbreitet.…
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1/ While I was high school, my bias solidified away from science and toward technology. I wasn't aware of it at the time but my unconscious decision may have been largely based on the fact that while the basis of science, those immutable laws of the universe, will...
2/ forever argued in the #DunningKruger-afflicted minds of the uneducated, put a computer in front of somebody and they suddenly have the same power as any world-renowned #ClimateChange scientist.
3/. I have a lot of sympathy for the hardworking @KHayhoe 's and @MichaelEMann's of the world. Because while they are forever reminding the #Twitterverse of what has been known for centuries, the average conspiracy hack has at his or her fingertips computing power...
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The people behind #CommunicationRights are not obstructionist behaviorists. @NeuroClastic has speech language pathologists, psychologists, educators, OTs, MTs, researchers, neuroscientists, & nonspeakers who communicate through AAC, spelling, & sign. #ActuallyAutistic #Autism
These people may have an aggressive approach to bullying autistics & our allies out of our own narratives & using their white (that's all white people) privilege to maintain the #monopoly on #Autism, but they are NOT allies. They are #oppressors. We can and do communicate. See?
We have orgs, individuals, & initiatives championing #CommunicationRights. @U4CommChoice @Communica1st @ekverstania @autselfadvocacy @awnnetwork_ @ReachEveryVoice and so many more. It's 2020, and we are #nonCompliant with a #Behaviorist agenda that parades itself as #science.
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Der #DunningKruger Effekt - nur ein Taschenspielertrick.
Ich glaube so häufig wie zu #Corona Zeiten wurde eine "Studie" von David #Dunning und Justin #Kruger nie bemüht, obwohl sie in Diskussionsforen und Blogs gerne zitiert wird, jedoch kaum eine Rolle…
spielt unter ausgebildeten #Psychologen. Wem die Studie zu kompliziert ist, dem erklärt der verlinkte Artikel den Sinn auch auf Deutsch. Kurzum, in der Studie hat man herausgefunden, dass inkompetente Menschen ihre Fähigkeiten überschätzen. #Inkompetenz…
meint in dem Zusammenhang #Wissenslücken und Aussagen auf fremden Fachterrain. Hier wird es jetzt interessant und kompliziert zu gleich. Erstmal muss Derjenige beweisen, dass das Gegenüber auf einem Gebiet inkompetent ist und zweitens bewegt sich der…
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Was reading upon #Biases & learnt a lot. Thought of sharing a few pointers .
Simply put Bias is a disproportionate weight in favour of or against any idea/thing in all aspects of life.
Few types of Biases ( out of the many) with not so random images. :)
The #DunningKruger effect now is fairly well known , wherein people with limited knowledge overestimate their competence, whilst the actually knowledgeable question themselves often .
"Ignorance more frequently begets confidence than does knowledge".
A very interesting bias wherein we credit our successes to purely ourselves, but when things go awry we cite luck & external forces .
Rings any bells?
Basically a defence mechanism to protect our self esteem & eventually from personal responsibility.
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🧠 Nouvelle Fiche Méthodologie ! Aujourd'hui, il est question de l'effet #DunningKruger ; célèbre biais de jugement induisant une mauvaise estimation de nos propres compétences.

#EspritCritique #PenséeCritique #zététique #BiaisCognitif #infographie Image
De la super vulga à ce sujet :

@BaladoSC, épisode #224 – L’Effet Dunning-Kruger, par @ngauvritparis :…

►Article de Sceptom, Ce qu’est l’Effet Dunning-Kruger et ce qu’il n’est pas :…
Les autres fiches de cette série :… Image
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Reminded today is the 20th anniversary of the NYTimes article that started all the Dunning-Kruger hullaballoo. Apologies for the indulgence of this thread. #DunningKruger 1/n…
Erica Goode @egoode of the NYT had called me up a month earlier, having read the title of Justin’s and my 1999 paper. Could she call me back after she read it? “Um, sure…” 2/n.…
@egoode On Jan 18, 2000, I walked to a party store from our sabbatic house in Ann Arbor, knowing that the article would arrive on a “science section” Tuesday. And there it was. I phoned my secretary at Cornell at 9am to warn her that there might be one or two reporter calls. 3/n
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#Tweetorial time! 🚨 Looks like there’s another misconception about #cholesterol and #atherosclerosis making rounds again. This one has to do with the process of #LDL particles entering the arterial wall. So gather round friends and let me science the s*it out of this 🤓 (1/24)
For background, here’s a widely cited series of figures by Nakashima et al. (2007). They performed autopsies on 38 people aged 7-49, who died of non-#cardiovascular causes (2/24)
Nakashima et al. looked for atherosclerotic lesions at different stages, according to a previously published morphological classification scheme. They found them, took slices, stained them to find #lipids and #macrophages and organized them nicely (3/24)
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Today's article in @TheKenWeb contemplates "what ails" Indian #ECG Companies and concludes "Plenty as it turns out, starting with #healthcare providers themselves."…

I have heard these sort of comments a lot in various flavours from different #HealthIT
What usually happens is a group of highly skilled, honest, hardworking Engineers or Management Graduates #Startups develop a product or service, test it and find it successfull but when they want to market is doctors don't buy
They start blaming doctors, directly or indirectly saying that this is a magic solution which will revolutionalise health and save 20 crores people per year, but this dull headed docs are not able to see the potential and / or afraid of technology
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1\ Physicists have a word "crank": a person who doesn't know physics but persists in promulgating their personal theory. Cranks pop in all fields of physics but especially in certain areas: quantum mechanics, field theories, relativity, cosmology, &c.
2\ Why these subjects? B/c they are abstract & esoteric. It's hard to crank in Newtonian mechanics because your bogus theory is easily disproved by direct human experience. It's easier to crank in quantum b/c few outside the tribe of physics really understand quantum mechanics.
3\ Bad cranks are just crazy people. But good cranks are interesting. Their work *looks like* physics (has math, equations, diagrams) and, because its engaging an abstract subject like quantum mechanics, can be mistaken for real physics by laypeople who can't tell the difference.
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