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Haven't heard about #JuneteenthDay until this year? You are not alone, and that's a problem.

What is taught in school shapes our worldview. What is NOT taught in school can negate the history, culture and value of our own neighbors.

What has not been taught in school is part of erasing the history of systemic racism and the contributions of Black people and other minority groups.

#JuneteenthDay isn't the only thing you didn't learn about: Tulsa Massacre, the Zoot Suit Riots, Japanese internment?

“There’s a long legacy of institutional racism that is barely covered in the mainstream corporate curriculum. It’s really astounding how little the contributions of Black people are included in much of the mainstream curriculum." -@JessedHagopian

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I'm seeing a lot of white friends post about a desire to learn more about racism but many are unsure where to begin. We can't bring back #GeorgeFloyd but we can learn how to be anti-racists and teach kids how to, too. #sschat #EduColor @Spencer_Fdn @BeaconPressBks @Tolerance_org
Look at whom you follow on @Twitter. Are you following people and orgs that can educate you about race, like @DrIbram @nhannahjones @ProfJeffries @imaniperry @LoriTharps @JasonReynolds83 @facinghistory & @Tolerance_org @AntiracismCtr @WesleyLowery @jabariasim @TWW_podblog ...
Look at your book list. Do you and your children read books by a diverse group of authors? For kids, All-American Boys by @KielyBrendan & @JasonReynolds83 is a great way to spark conversation with your child. #weneeddiversebooks
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Beware when "resilience" is used to replace "grit".

I believe resilience is a powerful trait that a school community can embody.

But asking individual Ss to "be resilient" can be just as harmful & racist as "have grit". 1/
Resilience is one of my school's core values, and I've been thinking about how this value has been used to celebrate, and to motivate, individual students.

Although this is all being done in good faith, it is unfair, misleading, and harmful. 2/
Resilience is a COMMUNITY trait that is fully dependent on ppl deeply caring for one another, & the collective work being done to remove structural barriers that disengage and divide students in the first place. The barriers need to be addressed, not the children. 3/
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As promised, a thread on de/colonial citational politics and embodying de/coloniality. A few days ago Sam Museus did a thread on neoliberal citational politics, which is the inspiration behind this thread. Hope you will read and share. #AcademicTwitter #acwri #highered #educolor
1. First - situating term - de/colonial is something I've been writing with a slash to denote the movement between utopian desires of freedom & material condition of resisting colonization. Written & theorized in 2005, 2009, & in almost all of my pubs where I have used the term.
2. I do so to conceptualize de/coloniality not just as resistance to settler colonialism but also as a marker of the conditions of people who are part of once-colonized nations. The settler has left but effects of colonization have not.
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Why we should walk away from using terms like "giving or capturing voice," in qualitative research. I hope you will read and share. #qualitativeresearch #highered #highereducation #critqual #educolor #decolonial #phdadvice #phdchat #phdlife #languagematters
1. First, the lineage and practices of qualitative research are grounded in western, global north sensibilities. Look at what is being used as dominant texts and who the authors are. Creswell and others rarely ever wrote a word thinking about people who look like me.
2. I've had to unlearn what was understood to be status quo, including the overwhelming amount of agency presumed by the researcher. I wrote about this in a book chapter titled, "Othering Research, Researching the Other (full text in ResearchGate).
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THREAD - Here are my thoughts on generating themes in qual research & why they don't emerge. I've included my BAE notes to situate myself. I hope you will read and share. #AcademicTwitter #qualitativeresearch #critqual #highered #highereducation #educolor #dataanalysis #phdchat
1. First, generating theme is only ONE type of inductive analysis in qual research. It shouldn't be confused as THE path to data analysis in qual research. Thematizing is quite intuitive, despite being presented as a form of systematic approach to data analysis in qual.
2. Also, while some disciplines privilege a systematic approach to qual analysis, because identifying codes, categories, themes can be an extremely intuitive process to which we try to put language, a lot remains unexpressed even after articulation.
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Thinking of doing a thread to defog some of the ideas around “generating themes in qualitative research” and how themes do not “emerge.” #AcademicTwitter #qualitativeresearch #critqual #highered #higheredication #quallove #EduColor
Thread coming tomorrow, Jan 23rd.
Day ran away from me. Will post thread tomorrow.
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(THREAD) Research ethics based on love, decoloniality and post oppositionality. Why @mildredboveda and I wrote our article. Hope you’ll read & share. #AcademicTwitter #qualitativeresearch #critqual #educolor #highered #highereducation #ethics #researchethics #decolonizing
1/ We came together in this piece because our shared history of colonization was completely erased in what started dominating the Global North’s discussion on decoloniality. That other nations also have colonizing histories with different liberatory agendas were simply absent.
2/ Buying into this discourse, reviewers aligned with this myopic grand narrative of decoloniality, and often told us that what we are talking about is just a metaphor, or critical research, but not decolonial, with zero understanding or acknowledgement of our histories.
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This is a thread on how to address criticism of low sample size in qualitative research. I hope you will read and share. #AcademicTwitter #QualitativeResearch #critqual #phdchat #phdadvice #educolor #PhD #acwri
1. Any question about sample size must not be answered right away until you understand the context of the question. Otherwise, you will fall into the trap of justifying qualitative research by using the criteria for quantitative research. It's a set up for failure. Avoid.
2. To understand the context of criticism about small sample size, inquire about the concerns first. Is it because the inquirer thinks nothing can be learned from a small sample size, are they asking questions about generalizability, data saturation? What is exactly the concern?
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So I'm going to post some links.... All purchases go to supporting initiatives I am a part of/helping to lead. Recently had somebody reach out asking for my Venmo to compensate me for all they learn from me on Twitter. I appreciate that. Here are additional ways...[THREAD]
#Educolor is my heart home. It is where familia, intense dreaming, and powerful activism centered around educational equity starts and ends for me.
#DisruptTexts is a little thing we have going on recognized by @NYTimesLearning and @chicagotribune so let's keep disrupting the literary canon and all THAT.…
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1. I'm creating this thread to discuss how epistemicide is common in critical qual research, and why we must be vigilant of it.
#critqual #educolor #acaemictwitter #phdchat #phdadvice #qualitativeresearch #highered #phd
2. First - what is epistemicide? It is the erasure, dismissal of culturally-situated ways of learning and knowing that would otherwise be critical to creating knowledge (in qualitative research). This occurs to center dominant discourses. #academictwitter #highered #phdadvice
3. At a conference, I met an emerging scholar of color, who is working on race and identity from his sociolcultural position, but he was working with theories that had nothing to do with his work (Read: Dead, white French guys). #AcademicTwitter #phdforum #educolor #highered #phd
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Amazing. And terrible. Yet amazing. #thedisrespect #mystruggle
Um...this is concerning.
Really? See how they do me?
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I feel as if it’s fair to spend a little time speaking candidly about race in education, don’t you? There are so many with questions, and others, anxious to use their voice. Educators, let’s come together in order to grow together. #EduColor
While there are a myriad of needs to address, I will primarily be speaking about the Black experience in education - both as a scholar, and an educator.

Others, feel free to chime in with any thoughts, experiences, perspectives, and questions.
Where to start?

Ahh... Racism is America’s oxygen. All of us breathe it in. No one is untouched by it. Our country was built on the principles & evil practices of it. Every American system and institution has been poisoned by racism, including the school system.
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Sometimes you read a research study and it haunts you. For me that's been the case with K. B. McKenzie's "Emotional abuse of students of color: the hidden inhumanity in our schools." All teachers should read this article. #EduColor
She's looking at the kind of things we've all heard frustrated teachers say:

"I don’t know how many times I’ve said, ‘You want a mean teacher? I can be mean to you. I would rather be nice, But if you need me to be, hey.’"

In other words: "Why do you make me do this to you?"
Before we get too far, let's be clear this isn't a study about "bad apples." From the outset McKenzie is clear that "In other words, these teachers were not purposively chosen because they were the ‘bad’ teachers, but rather they comprised all the white teachers in this school."
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