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My name is Dawn Tyree, and I am writing to you because I would like to speak on the record regarding #HB3018 to end #childmarriage in #WestVirginia. I am a survivor of child marriage. I was 13-years-old when I was forced to marry my 32-year-old abuser. He had been sexually abus.
I had no rights over my body. Not one adult talked to me about birth control, and at 14 years old, I was expecting my second child. I was a mother of two at age 15. Pregnant again at 16 years old.
Let's end #childmarriage #wvleg! Do the right thing and protect children in #WestVirginia. Girls belong in classrooms not bedrooms. Pass #HB3018 w/ no amendments.

You can do it!
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Just IN: Somali-Dane Indicted for Forcibly Circumcising And Selling His 12-Year-Old Daughter As Sex Slave In #Kenya And #Somalia!

#Denmark: A 44-year-old Somali-Dane has been indicted by a Danish court for selling his 12-year-old daughter into sexual slavery in Kenya and Somalia ImageImage
and forcibly circumcising her.
The trial against the 44-year-old, who was arrested in January of 2022, began this week on Tuesday at a Danish court and is related to allegations that the man abused his daughter and his son in Africa between June 2017 and December 2021.
indictment claims that the 44-year-old took his two children, aged nine and 12, from their home in the Odense district of Vollsmose to Africa where both were subjected to Muslim “re-education” with the aid of family members.
The girl was forcibly subjected to #FGM by her own
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Sen. #TedCruz is warning that the #RespectForMarriageAct could allow states like #NewYork, #Massachusetts & #California to legalize #ChildMarriage & then force other states to recognize child marriages as legitimate. He even introduced an amendment to prevent this atrocity. /1
Sen. Cruz appears to be unaware that his home state of #Texas still allows child marriage, while New York and Massachusetts each banned it in the last year. /2
And he seems to be unaware that 43 U.S. states still allow child marriage, and that a marriage that happens in one of those states must be recognized as legitimate in every other state. /3
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As we all wake up to this outrage happening in #Tennessee I would like to inform you that #California , #Washington #Wyoming #NewMexico ##oklaed #Mississippi #WestVirginia #michigan #Massachusetts have no specified minimum age to marry after exceptions. Child married is an issue
Across the #Unitedstates it happens in every community, culture and religion ALL ethnicities. I am begging you to please take this opportunity to learn about and help to #EndChildMarriage not only in #Tennessee but in every state. I would like to never have to stand in a room
Full of strangers and painfully share about my experiences of being married at 15 to my 43 year old abuser and plead with legislators to close this dangerous loophole that ensnares 1000s of children each year.
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As we approach the end of 2021, we want to look back at all we've accomplished this year:
We ended #ChildMarriage in not one but TWO states this year! Both #RhodeIsland and #NewYork signed laws making the marriage age #18NoExceptions!
We took our first in-person trip in over a year to stand alongside #RI @GovDanMcKee as he signed #H5387/ #S398 and made #RhodeIsland the fifth U.S. state to ban all marriage before 18, without exceptions! @JulieCasimiroRI
We also hosted a #ChainIn Celebration in #NYC after #NewYork became the 6th U.S. state to #EndChildMarriage after 6 long years of our tireless advocacy! That definitely deserved a celebration! @SalazarSenate @PhilRamos6AD #YearInReview #EndChildMarriageUSA #6Down44ToGo
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I want to talk about irrational behaviour.

Recently, I raised the issue of child marriage amongst Muslims, and I asked this "scientist" how old he believed Aisha was when she was married to Prophet Muhammad. He said "9".
We "know" this because it is mentioned in the hadith that the marriage was when she was 6, but the consummation took place when she was 9.

Then I said I do not believe that because ...
1) the Qur'an has laid down guidelines on how to determine if a girl is eligible to marry (not the onset of menses - but the ability to manage their own finances, the ability to give their own consent, and the ability to enter into a legal contract) AND
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It's that time of the week again! The time when I catch up with dozens of articles I've bookmarked all week, and share my favs with you all. As usual, it's all about #Feminism
#WomensRights & #Africa.

Grab a drink and a comfy seat. We're doing this!
#EyalaReads #SundayReads
What does #StayAtHome mean when home is where you are most oppressed? @africasacountry shares the perspective of LGBTQI people in #Senegal where some leaders speak of #COVID19 as divine punishment of same-sex love. Terrifying.
#EyalaReads #SundayReads
Another source of concern: how world leaders are misusing #COVID19 response measures to restrict their citizen's human rights, including gender justice. Interesting overview by @LatanyaFrett of @GlobalFundWomen in @5050oD
#EyalaReads #SundayReads
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Celebrating African feminists is my best life so I'm grateful to @TheJamaJack for the opportunity to show the world what an #AfrifemInAction looks like.

A Gambian #feminist, Jama told me about MÉBÉT, a short film she wrote to help #EndChildMarriage.👇🏾
#MÉBÉT tells the story of Njillan, a bright 14-year-old student (beautifully played by @MariamCoco411) whose plans to become a doctor are curtailed by her father's decision to marry her to a stranger. Produced by @Rebel_VZN


I loved hearing from @TheJamaJack about why she wrote the story of MÉBÉT, what it meant for her to see it on screen, how she's using the movie as an #EndChildMarriage community mobilization tool. She also tells us simple ways you can help, so... Read this!
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This #WorldChildrensDay we celebrate 30 years of the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Every child deserves a long and healthy life and that includes a right to:
👶Be safe
👶Clean Air

It's time for #HealthForAll children 🌍🌏🌎!
Every child has the right to be safe!
Experiencing violence in childhood impacts lifelong health and well-being. It is estimated that up to 1 BILLION 👧👦 have experienced physical, sexual or emotional violence or neglect in the past year.
We must #EndViolence! #WorldChildrensDay
@WHOAFRO @WHOSEARO @WHOWPRO @WHO_Europe @WHOEMRO @pahowho @DrTedros @UNICEF @unicefchief @UN Every child has the right to play!

Less 📱 screen time, more play ⚽ & recreation time 🚲 helps children to grow up healthy!

Help your child to #BeActive and healthy!

#HealthForAll #WorldChildrensDay
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And we're here! Kicking off a week of strategic discussions about women's rights at #WD2019 in Vancouver. Huge thanks to @WomenDeliver & @YouthDeliver for creating this powerful space. Image
Throughout #WD2019 I'll be keeping an eye out for discussions about #ThePowerOf feminist sisterhood - an issue that's not big on the #WD2019 agenda, even though the spirit is strongly felt. We can't take down patriarchy if our community isn't anchored in solidarity and sisterhood Image
Follow this thread for my thoughts, encounters and experiences at #WD2019!
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Is pre-marital sex a more urgent issue than child marriage?
It's true that abstinence prevents STDs and sex-related issues. If all these things come from sex, then we just get rid of the sex, right? However, it's not as simple as that.

People are bound to have sex someday. Some married couples aren't even educated about sex.
Abstinence being taught (as a moral behaviour) is absolutely okay. But saying that enforcing abstinence (through law) will solve all problems is false. There will always be people going around the law. Also, the more affected groups will probably be the lower-income citizens.
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Child marriage is still practised in some regions with support from its societies. Some parents encourage their sons to practise it, and may even allow girls into it to protect family honour or to reduce the burden of sustaining them.
1. Repeated and overlapping pregnancies and nursing periods before the girl’s body is fully developed may lead to a condition called nutritional depletion.
2. Maternal mortality rates are high among young mothers, as is the incidence of premature births and some other diseases that afflict the urinary tract and reproductive system of young mothers.
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Youth speak up on #endingchildmarriage
'We are living at the core of the problem and we should be at the core of the solution!' #GNB2018
Her family tried to marry her off but she resisted. Now she uses rap music to spread the message on #endingchildmarriages around the world.
'We can do it if we work together.' #GNB2018
Message from the elders;
*"Take every opportunity to share insights and suggestions with each other."
*"Connect with each other to learn & align.
*"Inspire each other to reach greater heights to achieve our goal of ending child marriages." #GNB2018
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