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En Afrique, la #France est "malmenée", "coulée" par la #Russie.

Le déclin de la #France accélère. Après la #CentreAfrique, le #Mali, le #Burkina, c'est au tour de la #Côte_d_Ivoire. Image
0⃣La #France voit son influence attaquée dans la plupart des pays d’Afrique de l’Ouest, où certaines populations et leurs dirigeants n’hésitent pas à afficher leur mépris grandissant pour l’ancien colonisateur, voire directement pour la personne d’Emmanuel #Macron Image
1⃣ Le ministère français des Affaires étrangères a annoncé, jeudi dernier, le rappel de son ambassadeur, au lendemain de l'ultimatum posé par le #BurkinaFaso à la #France, consistant au départ des forces spéciales françaises du pays dans un délai d’un mois
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1. De 250 en septembre à 1800 aujourd'hui ! #DontLookUp
OMS/@WHO : Cessez de désinformer !
Ce sont les chiffres que vous publiez pour les pays les moins avancés qui ternissent l'image des pays qui se sont lancés à corps perdu dans la techno ARNm…
2. Exemple de ce que cette organisation publie pour un pays tel que le #Sénégal, avec ses 8,5% de la population complètement vaccinés.
Que font nos #NoFakeMed ?…
3. Et pour le debunkage de ces comparaisons abracadabrantesques, c'est par ici :
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WATCH: #BNNSenegal Reports.

Russia's war in Ukraine is particularly hard on Africans, exacerbating food insecurity and putting an unnecessary strain on the continent's economy, according to US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen @SecYellen in Senegal's capital Dakar.
U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen @SecYellen also paid a solemn visit Saturday to the salmon-coloured house on an island off the coast of Senegal, which is one of the most recognized symbols of the horrors of the Atlantic slave trade,
...which enslaved tens of millions of Africans for generations.

Yellen, who was in Senegal as part of a 10-day trip to rebuild economic ties between the United States and Africa,
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1. #China has been involved in illegal fishing in #EEZ of over 80 countries with over 10 million hrs of fishing.

This is a mega report and tweet thread on #Chinese illegal fishing in world's oceans and its impacts.

Read/download the complete report:…
2. The #Chinese fleet is often found guilty of #overfishing,
killing protected species,
falsifying licenses and docs,
seizing territories &
producing tons of sea #waste.

Read/download the complete report:…

3. IUU: #China has been consistently ranked num. 1 on various parameters of illegal, unreported, and unregulated fishing (IUU) rankings.

According to the IUU rankings report 2021, over 60% of its vessels are involved in IUU fishing worldwide.

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Senegalese journalist Pape Alé Niang released again from custody under tight bail restrictions…
#Senegal: Pape Alé Niang, director of the privately owned Senegalese news website Dakarmatin, was released January 10 on bail under the condition that he refrains from traveling or speaking about his case.…
“The continued legal harassment of journalist Pape Alé Niang showcases the lengths Senegalese authorities are willing to go to intimidate the press and only further entrenches concerns over the country’s slide from democratic governance,” said @angelaquintal, @CPJAfrica. Image
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Africa's Emerging Energy Producers

Significant oil and gas discoveries in Africa could soon see big money coming the continent’s way.

#oilandgas #gas #Africa #energy
Africa already boasts major producers like Nigeria, Algeria and Libya. But new players are poised to join the party.

#oilandgas #Oil #Africa #Europe #Nigeria #Algeria #Libya
Senegal’s potential is huge. It recently found reserves of more than 1bn barrels of oil and 40tn cubic feet of gas.

#Oil #Senegal #oilandgas #Africa
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This year we witnessed some of the greatest challenges to open society values of our time. I'm hopeful that we can look to the progress we anticipate what’s over the horizon for this next year. Here are a few things that give me hope for 2023.
We were reminded in January that justice is possible with a landmark verdict in the first torture trial against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s regime.…
2022 was also the year we said we would never abandon Ukraine. As Ukrainians push for accountability and healing amid the hard work of rebuilding and resilience we'll be with them every step of the way.…
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Senegalese journalist Pape Alé Niang released on bail with ban on foreign travel, speaking about case…
“The fact that journalist Pape Alé Niang is no longer in a jail cell in #Senegal is small relief given the stifling bail conditions placed on him,” said @angelaquintal, @CPJAfrica program coordinator.…
“[#Senegal] authorities must combat the erosion of Senegal’s democracy by dropping all legal proceedings against Pape Alé Niang & reforming the country’s laws to ensure journalism is not criminalized,” said @angelaquintal, @CPJAfrica program coordinator.…
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Oct 23, 2022: Johns Hopkins, WHO, #Gates Found., conduct "Catastrophic Contagion" scenario.

"...set in the near future [] epidemic [] spread[s] rapidly, [] w/ a higher fatality rate than #COVID19 & disproportionately affecting children & young people."
To my knowledge, there is only a video of "highlights" that has been released to the public. Regardless, the high-level /real discussions take place behind closed doors.

A bit more here:…

A bit more here:…

Apologies for not finishing thread last night-listened until I fell asleep. When those that oppress us, that allow our air, water, soil, food, bodies, to be poisoned & commodified, claim that global #health is now their top priority - be wary. Be ready.
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Para entender el éxito de #PaísesBajos 🇳🇱 en el fútbol hay que mirar a una "nación olvidada" de #AméricaDelSur.

Hoy: ¡Nos vamos de viaje a #Surinam 🇸🇷! Hilo🧵 Image
#PaísesBajos 🇳🇱 está en los cuartos de final del #Mundial, sin perder ningún partido.

Le ganó a #Senegal 🇸🇳, #Qatar 🇶🇦 y #EEUU 🇺🇸.
Ahora, espera por #Argentina 🇦🇷.

Es un equipo muy fuerte.
Un equipo formado por la #Inmigración. Image
Muchos de los futbolistas de #PaísesBajos 🇳🇱podrían jugar para otras selecciones. Son hijos de #Inmigrantes; primera generación neerlandesa.
Algunos ejemplos:

-Memphis Depay: ascendencia ghanesa
-Nathan Aké: ascendencia marfileña
-Cody Gakpo: ascendencia ghanesa/togolesa ImageImageImage
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With the #FIFAWorldCup group stages complete, we review the teams' and players' performance using advanced metrics 🧵

#Germany, #France, #Brazil, #Argentina and #England have the best npxG difference (although #Germany's result is strongly influenced by their last match, 5.7 xG) Image
#Morocco, #Netherlands and #England have made the most of their chances, while #Canada, #Germany and #Qatar have reaped less than they have sown

#FIFAWorldCup Image
Looking at individual attacking performance, #Giroud and #Mbappe stand out from the pack. Jamal #Musiala confirms his status as one of the most exciting young talents, while Julian #Alvarez also impressed despite not having started all games

#FIFAWorldCup Image
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West Africa gets pretty bad coverage in the mainstream media - it’s all Monkeypox, coups and conflicts!

And that includes Senegal.

#Senegal #African #Africa #westafrica #panafricanism
But Senegal’s actually never had a coup and never waged war against its neighbours.

It’s one of the safest places you can visit.
Did you know that it will become the first African nation to host an Olympic event?

The Youth Olympic Games are coming in 2026 - an 18-day bonanza featuring 35 sports.
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November 20 in the #History of #Eritrea.
1. On Nov. 20 1989, #EPLF & the #Ethiopian gov/Derg began peace talks in #Nairobi, #Kenya under the auspices of @CarterCenter & by the invitation of President Arap Moi of Kenya. The peace talks lasted until November 29.
2. At Nairobi Peace talks, they agreed on 3 issues that weren't agreed upon in #Atlanta, cleared the way for substantive negotiations, agreed to invite ex #Tanzanian Pres. Nyerere to be co-host wz Carter during the main talks & the 2 agreed to choose the sec & support staff.
3. The most difficult issue that the Parties discussed & finally agreed was "who would serve as int'l observer" during the main talks. 7 observers, 2 by each Party & 3 by mutual consent. #Kenya, #Sudan, #Tanzania, #OAU, #Zimbabwe & #Senegal were invited & accepted the invitation
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As a follow-up to my article on the #WorldCup2022 for @PillarCatholic, a couple of notes on religious aspects of this tournament.…
1. This is the first time the World Cup is being played in a Muslim country, and only the second outside of the traditionally Christian world. The first was South Korea & Japan in 2002.
2. 2002 also marked the furthest a traditionally Muslim country ever progressed in the World Cup, with #Turkey placing 3rd, after beating South Korea in a very exciting game.
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1/29. It’s day eleven of #COP27 and it was a busy day in #SharmElSheikh with press conferences by @CANIntl and the G77 and China, the #PeoplesPlenary, a @COP27P event on Cultural Heritage, an HoD meeting on the cover decision and #LossAndDamage side events throughout the day. 🧵
2/29.#LossAndDamage side events kicked of this morning with an event on Non-Economic #LossAndDamage (#NELD): “Losing the Irreplaceable: #LossAndDamage, #Culture & Heritage” at the #ResilienceHub.
3/29. During the event, @nusrat_naushin highlighted that in areas where intense saltwater intrusion is happening Non-Economic #LossAndDamage is taking place: “#Women and small children are bearing the brunt. People are losing their hair, women are having gynaecological issues.”
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⚽️ Avec @PierreGodon, nous sommes arrivés à Doha pour #WorldCup2022. On va chacun faire un thread pour vous partager nos instantanés de ce qui nous surprend, nous étonne ou nous amuse. Ah, et on a évidemment trouvé un nom : ça s'appellera #QatarPostale
Vous venez ? Image
Coucou les "coussinophiles" (bref, les collectionneurs de coussins) : voici une pièce rare. C'était dimanche matin, dans l'avion pour Doha. #QatarPostale Image
Et puis on est arrivés à l'aéroport de Doha. Si Deschamps manque de joueurs, les tapis pour les bagages sont disponibles. #QatarPostale ImageImage
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#childabuse: A Nine-Year-Old Girl Set To Give Birth In #Zimbabwe 😭
Recall the painful death of 14-year-old Anna Machaya (in the pix) while giving birth in a #church shrine in July 2021, a 9-year-old #girl (Grade 3 Pupil) has been admitted to the United Bulawayo Hospital (UBH) as Image
she is 33 weeks pregnant and expected to give birth by caesarean section this November.
She was just 8 when she fell pregnant, and is being monitored by a team of specialist doctors and nurses owing to the delicate nature of the pregnancy.
She has refused to give police the name
of her abuser though shockingly, her 29-year-old father claimed that the goblins🤷🏾 visited the 9-year-old #girl on the nights only when her mother was away from home and inserted things into her privates. The police believe she's being threatened!
There are only 6 known cases in ImageImage
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@DmytroKuleba will visit a number of #African countries

On October 3-12, the first tour of the head of @MFA_Ukraine to African countries in the history of Ukrainian diplomacy will take place. Minister Kuleba will start his tour with a visit to #Senegal. (1/6)
The tour is an important element of the African strategy, which was developed by @MFA_Ukraine on behalf @ZelenskyyUa and became a "road map" for the development of our country's relations with the region. (2/6)
The key topic of the minister's negotiations will be the consolidation of political support for Ukraine from the countries of the #GlobalSouth against the background of #RussianAggression, in particular the latest attempt to annex Ukrainian territories.
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Un cheikh contre l'esclavage

En 1084H (1673G), un imam du nom de Nāṣir al-Dīn déclare la guerre aux rois païens du Sénégal. Membre de la confrérie soufie de la Qadariyya, il souhaite mettre un terme à la vente d'esclaves musulmans aux Européens.

⬇️ Image
C'est la « guerre des marabouts ». Aidé par une population effrayée par les proportions prises par la traite transatlantique, Nāṣir al-Dīn va renverser les « collaborateurs » et s’imposer comme le nouveau leader de la région. Plus aucun esclave ou presque...

⬇️ parvient dès lors aux Français installés à Saint-Louis. Armant le camp adverse, les « négriers » parviennent à faire tuer Nāṣir al-Dīn en 1085H (1674G), avant de mettre un terme, trois ans plus tard, à la guerre des marabouts ».

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En 2021, quelque 12.749 #Senegal-ais ont demandé le visa auprès de la #France ou de ses intermédiaires commerciaux. Quelque 7.064 d'entre eux ont obtenu le sésame Schengen et 3.166 dossiers ont été rejetés, soit un taux de rejet de 30,95%
Sur la base d'un visa qui coûte 80 euros (hors frais connexes), la #France aura donc encaissé 669,3 millions de FCFA. En se basant sur le Code communautaire des visas de l'UE (notamment son article 16), la France indique les visas ne sont pas remboursables.
La confusion des requérants vient du fait que seuls les frais de visa d'un dossier non reçu sont remboursables. Autrement dit, l'ambassade (ou les consulats) aussi bien que ses intermédiaires commerciaux s'assurent que votre dossier soit recevable.
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#Senegal #IvoryCoast: hit by the tourism crisis, French travel operator Club Med has abandoned a handful of its 'holiday villages' on the continent. Africa Intelligence investigated the attempts to revive these abandoned sites 1/6
In Senegal, the group headed by Henri Giscard d'Estaing, son of the former French president, sold its tourist complex at Pointe des Almadies in 2008 to the Vacap World group, owned by Amadou Loum Diagne 2/6
In 2017, the entrepreneur then joined forces with Marriott to build several hotels: two 2-star Sheratons and three 3-star Alofts. The real estate group also began looking for financing 3/6
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1/5 On #NationalPeacekeepersDay, it's important to confront the myth that #Canada is a #peacekeeping country - it's not. Canada is ranked #71 in world w only 54 soldiers wearing @UN blue helmets, according to @UNPeacekeeping statistics: ⬇️ 🧵 Image
2/ In 2015 @JustinTrudeau govt came to power promising more peacekeeping, but didn't. In 2017 govt also launched #ElsieInitiative to increase women in @UN #peaceoperations, but only 18 Canadian ♀️ are on #peacekeeping. #Canada doesn't do peacekeeping because it doesn't want to. Image
3/ So what countries are doing #peacekeeping & helping the @UN? Global south countries: #Bangladesh ranked #1 w over 6K peacekeepers, #Nepal, #India, #Ghana, #Senegal & #China is ranked #10.
How about the #US, the world's biggest, most well-funded military? What's its ranking❓🤔 Image
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Anti-France sentiment in #senegal or #mali is just the logical continuation of a French geopolitical policy largely Inherited from the colonial era.

France still own too much grip of African independent countries with its Franc CFA and former colonies still under French control
France could have honored its colonial past by abolishing debts, abolishing its grip on (UEMOA) abolishing this competition with other imperial powers of modern transColonialism pumping resources out of the African continent.

In fact France was on a unique position to
Not only empower African nations to thrive but France was on a historic position to also benefit from it.

But instead of empowering former colonies, France extracted all the value it could without much redistribution.

Over time, these same African nations got approached by
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#India signs 3 MoUs with #Senegal to deepen bilateral partnership in various areas

Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu, who is on a three-nation tour to Senegal along with a government delegation, has signed three MoUs with the West African country
The first MoU pertains to a visa-free regime for Diplomatic and Official passport holders
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