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Each week I pull ~51000 tweets on US State mentions. Here's a collection of word clouds from tweets pulled on 2021-07-31. Each state + DC can be found in the replies!
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Each week I pull ~51000 tweets on US State mentions. Here's the word cloud for #Alabama from tweets pulled on 2021-07-31!
#Python #WordCloud #TwitterData
Each week I pull ~51000 tweets on US State mentions. Here's the word cloud for #Alaska from tweets pulled on 2021-07-31!
#Python #WordCloud #TwitterData
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1/ ~FIVE YEARS AGO, I first said #bitcoin cld take down a GSIB (global systemically important bank)--NOT because of anything wrong w/ Bitcoin, but bc the banks just aren't set up to handle an asset that settles in minutes & is irreversible. @ChrisBrummerDr…
2/ If banks are going to start owning #bitcoin/#crypto on their books(ie, not just being custodians like w/ stocks), banks need special rules to deal w/ the huge differences in settlement terms. Banks use systems set up ~40yrs ago (esp in US),most of which reconcile only 1x/day😱
3/ Again-issue is w/ banks' IT & operational systems, not w/ #Bitcoin (which I consider the most significant financial technology invention of human history. Yep, really💪). In this @ChrisBrummerDr podcast w/ former Fed Governor Dan Tarullo, we discuss how bank capital rules work
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1/ THREAD ABT REGULATORY NEWS in #crypto, which I’ve been chronicling on twitter since April. Seems crackdown has begun. I dunno how it'll turn out but:
* it won't impact #BTC #ETH etc directly. Base layers will keep addin' blocks
* it'll impact intermediaries & US$ access points
2/ Today was a key event that few in #crypto were probably watching, but it REALLY matters: the comment period ended for the Fed’s proposed payment system access guidelines. See comment letters here (including @AvantiBT’s 18-page tome--awaiting upload):…
3/ Why does it matter? Fed guidelines are partly aimed at #crypto (despite not mentioning crypto even once). Given what’s happening w/ US$ #stablecoins, the guidelines are esp relevant (see WSJ story last wk-FSOC wants Fed to regulate stablecoins per “ppl familiar w/discussion”)
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This the second 🧵dedicated to precious children hospitalized with COVID and #MISC, but luckily #TheySurvivedCovid. Three other threads memorialize pediatric #SoulsLostToCovid. By telling their stories, we can learn from their experiences.
First thread of children that survived COVID
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‼️Erik Prince recruited a former British spy to train conservatives in espionage who were sent to gather dirt & sabotage the reputations of people/organizations considered threats to Trump’s far-right agenda.

Bankrolled by @GORETEXna heiress Susan Gore.🤬…
The shady operatives concocted fake cover stories and made large campaign donations to gain entrée to Democratic events, such as the Las Vegas presidential debate and a DC fund-raiser attended by Democratic lawmakers.

I’ve been in politics a long time—this is over the top stuff.
One operative got a job working for a consortium of wealthy liberal donors in the Wyoming Investor Network (WIN) that had decided to back some moderate @GOP, giving her access to inside info.

“It’s the entire strategy. Where the money is going. What we’re doing long term.”🤬
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1/ IT MAY SURPRISE YOU that, as a #bitcoiner, I think @BIS_org's proposed 1:1 capital rqmnt for #bitcoin is TOO LOW & view banks entering bitcoin trading as bad for banks & bitcoin's price volatility. The problem isn't Bitcoin--it's the banks.@ForbesCrypto…
2/ @BIS_org's capital proposal completely missed biggest issue w/ banks holding #bitcoin on-balance sheet: settlement risk. Traditional banks are simply not set up operationally or technologically to hold on-balance sheet assets that settle in minutes w/ irreversibility.
3/ Many spoke out that the 1:1 capital rqmt was too high. But the opposite is true. The Basel III framework isn't set up to assess settlement risk. It doesn't have to, bc there are all kinds of operational fault tolerance mechanisms built into traditional financial markets.
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The more I learn about DAOs (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations) the more I believe

1) they are the future of organizations🔮

2) they will change the world 🚀

Here's a mega thread on #DAOs ⬇️
"The new jurisdiction is online... DAOs are the Delaware C-Corp of the cloud which is where the future is being built."

- @brian_armstrong in video interview with @garrytan on cryptocurrency the future of decentralization

"All incorporation will eventually go on-chain."

- @balajis

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What is a DAO LLC? Your Complete Guide to DAOs

One technology that looks set to revolutionize the way we buy, share, and even hold money is blockchain. A relatively new concept to the world of business, based on this idea, is a DAO LLC. Image
The internet has revolutionized our world and the world of business. Thirty years ago, we could not simply Google our problems, buy things online, or even send a text message. Today, all that is possible, and new technologies are rising.
One technology that looks set to revolutionize the way we buy, share, and even hold money is blockchain.
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#DAOs (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations) will be recognized by #Wyoming as a new type of LLC starting July 1st 🤯

Here's a thread on what DAOs are + what the future of organizations looks like 👇🏽

Each new era of innovation has created new way to coordinate human activity

-The age of exploration birthed chartered corporations

-The industrial era in the US heralded the joint stock company
-The railroad boom created preferred shares

-The oil shocks and growth of global finance fueled the creation of limited liability companies
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1/ THREAD ABOUT A HISTORIC DAY in #bitcoin: #ElSalvador president publicly announced support for legislation to make #BTC legal tender. *IF* it does become law, it wld have many secondary effects. Steel yourselves bc a big fight on this probably coming tho…
2/ I dunno anything about politics in #ElSalvador, but the world is about to pressure it given what's at stake (see details below). But before turning to that, SERIOUS HATS OFF🤠to President Bukele, @JackMallers & @Blockstream for pulling this off. Guys this is REALLY big!!! 🙏👋
3/ OK let's dig in. Here's a tl;dr: *IF* #ElSalvador adopts legislation to make #bitcoin legal tender, bitcoin:
* likely gets status as "money" so treated on par w/ foreign currency by banks
* possibly gets "cash" accounting treatment under USGAAP/IFRS (solves #BTC adverse acctg)
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When the @GOP sends their people, they're not sending their best. They're sending people that have lots of problems. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people.
This is Trump posing with close friend George Nader, a known sex offender who had previously served a prison term for abusing young boys. After selling access to the Trump White House, he is now serving 10 years in federal prison for transporting a 14-year-old to America for sex.
In 2017, then-President Trump enthusiastically endorsed known sex predator Roy Moore in his losing campaign to become a Senator from Alabama. Moore had a long history of preying on teens. A well-known pervert, Moore had even been banned from one local mall.
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1/ IT'S CLEAR a US #crypto regulatory crackdown is starting but I'm optimistic bc most of the major players/agencies have spoken already & the policy is taking shape: it's "pay taxes, comply w/ laws & don't take shortcuts, & we'll enable the innovation." It's NOT a "#bitcoin ban"
2/ A clear chronology:🧐
* Fed releases pymt system access guidelines (5/5)
* SEC warns abt #bitcoin futures (5/11)
* Binance IRS/DOJ story in Bloomberg (5/13)
* IRS article in WSJ=warning to pay taxes (5/14)
* FDIC ice thaws--it issues its first RFI (5/17)
3/ ...continuing:
* OCC says reviewing all prior #crypto bank actions (5/18)
* Senate Banking Chairman warns OCC to clamp down on trust bank charters (5/19)
* Treasury Sec Yellen announces big IRS tax compliance push (5/20)
* Fed's Powell plans paper on payment innovation (5/20)
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1/ SOME THOUGHTS on #stablecoins & the #crypto selloff, which are probably connected.

HUGE news last week & it matters far more than @elonmusk or @binance news. A long thread 👇:
2/ First, #Tether finally disclosed how it invests reserves & it was a big negative surprise (not previously knowable at this level of detail). This news probably contributed a lot to #crypto selloff since Wednesday.
3/ Why? Because now risk managers at #crypto hedge funds almost certainly will require haircuts on #Tether, which means traders had to sell #crypto to reduce their total risk exposure.
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MAJEUR. La conservatrice #LizCheney décide de tomber politiquement les armes à la main face à #Trump, ses collègues parlementaires républicains préparant son remplacement par la zélote de l'ex-président Stefanik. Elle donne ce texte au @washingtonpost 1/…
2. #LizCheney pose dans le @washingtonpost en ligne jaune non négociable l'insurrection du 6 janvier au Capitole, pour laquelle elle a voté l'impeachment de #Trump; Ce qui sera la cause principale de sa probable destitution comme no.3 des républicains à la Chambre...
3. #Cheney évoque l'insurrection du Capitole et le rôle déclencheur de #Trump comme des atteintes à la Constitution et à l'Etat de droit auxquelles nul républicain conservateur ne devrait souscrire pour un gain politique.
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AND IT’S OFFICIAL!! 🤠#Wyoming will recognize #DAOs as a new type of LLC, effective July 1! Thank you legislators & @GovernorGordon for building on Wyoming’s history of inventing the LLC, which all other states followed roughly a decade later. We’re doing it again! A thread👇. 1/
What problem does #Wyoming’s #DAO law solve? It’s the prob of joint-&-several liability for all participants in a DAO, if the DAO were ever deemed by a court to be a general partnership 😱New law handles this by applying LLC liab protections to DAOs that meet the requirements. 2/
KEY is that, unlike regular LLCs, #Wyoming Secretary of State can yank the liability protection from a DAO that commits fraud or engages illegal activities (unlike with a regular LLC). So, only use this law for valid projects & get counsel—it won’t be useful for invalid ones. 3/
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1/ SOME THOUGHTS on the Texas #blockchain bills. Lots of good stuff here!! But Texans have more work to do. I hope sharing these thoughts helps you!

First, IT'S AWESOME that Texas is likely to become 2nd state to treat #bitcoin the same as money under US commercial law. 🚀💥🤠
2/ This is AWESOME & is LONG overdue. For lawyers out there Texas is proposing to apply the UCC "take free" rules, which means innocent purchasers of #bitcoin & other virtual currencies take free of any adverse claims as long as they didn't defraud the seller. THIS IS A BIG DEAL!
3/ It's same as the in-process proposal of @uniformlaws. Texas is jumping out ahead to adopt it early. I've been an observer of Uniform Law Commission process & it has made great strides to get to where it is--namely that #control of a virtual currency is the determining factor.
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Yesterday, at the conclusion of my #NYU class discussing #Governance of #Bitcoin and #Cryptocurrencies, I posted this slide, summarizing my thoughts about what the #US can do to improve its #law and #policy related to #Crypto. A #thread on what we can and should fix:
First, establish an government wide-policy. What do we want? Are we pro -innovation? Do want to protecting consumers? Do we want to strike a balance in the middle?Do we want to facilitate experimentation? How much control will the govt take over these experiments? /2
Do we want to make it easier or harder to launch businesses/reach consumers? To make an effective policy, we either need an interagency group, or a new freestanding group focused on the subject. Whoever tackles it, step 1, what do we want? /3
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Republicans who voted against #Covid19 #AmericanRescuePlan that would help their people.
Use Hashtag with state name.

Rep. Gary Palmer
Rep. Mo Brooks
Rep. Mike Rogers
Rep. Barry Moore
Rep. Jerry Carl
Rep. Robert Aderholt
Sen. Richard Shelby
Sen. Tommy Tuberville
Rep. Don Young
Sen. Daniel S. Sullivan
Sen. Lisa Murkowski
Rep. Andy Biggs
Rep. Paul Gosar
Rep. David Schweikert
Rep. Debbie Lesko
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How have these five states handled #Covid19 so well? There's no excess deaths...

Here's a quick thread...

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I know no one’s surprised, but we need to call it out anyway. Today the Republican Party sealed their legacy w/Trumpism. They’re now & forever the party of racism, white supremacy, neo-nazism, domestic terrorism, conspiracy theorists & fact deniers. They own this. #GOPCowards
Republicans of conscience, now is the time. There’s no “saving” your party at this point. Now is your fleeting opportunity to come over to the right side of history & join the Dems. @SenBillCassidy @SenatorBurr @SenatorCollins @lisamurkowski @MittRomney @BenSasse @SenToomey
For the other 43 - the #GOPCowards - us REAL patriots will see to it that you’re stripped of all power & your big $ donors drop you.

To the REAL patriots: FLOOD YOUR SENATORS’ PHONES. Tell them how sickened you are, as one of their constituents. Contact info to follow (thread)
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1/ HAPPY #TESLA DAY, #bitcoin! Two things in the announcement caught my eye🧐& are worth pondering.🤔

* the $1.5bn #bitcoin purchase was 7.7% of @Tesla's $19.4bn of cash. Why only 7.7%?

* Tesla plans to accept bitcoin as payment but "may or may not liquidate upon receipt." Why?
2/ Why only 7.7% of cash? Well, @Tesla confirmed it's using indefinite intangible accounting, which is UGLY treatment (lower of cost or market+risk of impairment charges). We bitcoiners must work to get bitcoin acctg fixed. It's prob why Square only put 2% of its cash into #BTC.
3/ What gives? "Impairment charge"=☠️. Cos hate them bc they cause sudden hits to earnings. I'd guess Tesla & Square ran scenario analyses to see how big an impairment charge they cld tolerate in a #bitcoin bear mkt, & sized their investment based partly on that (+other factors).
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1/ HEY PEEPS—lots of folks asking abt @Anchorage OCC trust charter—again, congrats to Anchorage!💪👏 But OCC trust charter is narrower than #Wyoming SPDI charter. OCC trust cos can’t take deposits or directly access the Fed’s pymt system. Here’s the thread I promised. 👇
2/ Key=there’s a pecking order among types of bank charters. At the top of food chain are the mega-banks that can fund US govt. Next=banks ("depository institutions") that have direct access to the Fed’s payment system. Below them are banks & trust cos that don't have such access
3/ OCC trust cos are in the 3rd category but #Wyoming SPDIs rank above them, in the 2nd. To be eligible for direct pymt system access at Fed, the bank must be a "depository institution" (as defined in 12USC461). Wyoming SPDIs are depository institutions, but OCC trust cos aren’t.
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#ElectoralCertification in the US Senate.
The vote in the House on the #Arizona slate of electors is expected to take one hour.
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🧵/ Here’s why I’m concerned about Montana.

TL; DR: Cases continue to rise, and we’re only seeing the tip of the iceberg.
Adjusted for population, most counties in Montana are “Red” zones based on the number of cases diagnosed in the last week.

In addition, there are several counties where new cases are being diagnosed at faster rates

source: @CodersCovid
But looking at the case rate isn’t telling the full story because most counties in the state are well below the minimum threshold for diagnostic tests*

* as established by the White House #COVID19 task force
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