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#FoodSafety 🦃🥘🍽️

The @CDCgov estimates 48 million people get sick from food borne diseases every year in US, many outbreaks occur around #Thanksgiving. Here are a few cooking practices to keep your family safe and healthy this holiday season ⬇️…
👉🏻 Always wash your food, hands, counters, and cooking tools.

👉🏻 Keep raw foods to themselves. Germs can spread from one food to another.

👉🏻 Foods need to get hot and stay hot. Heat kills germs.

👉🏻 Put perishable food in the fridge right away.…
Make sure a turkey reaches internal temp of 165°F to kill germs. Check with a food thermometer; always avoiding bone. Check at:

👉🏻 thickest part of breast

👉🏻 where body and thigh join, aiming toward thigh

👉🏻 where body and wing join, aiming toward wing
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Today is #WorldFoodSafetyDay
We all want our food to be safe. And we all want to be healthy
However, globally, 1 in 10 people per year succumb to foodborne diseases.
Foodborne diseases can be mild to very serious, even leading to death

Safe food meets our nutritional needs.
It helps adults to live an active and healthy life.
And it aids growth in children

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Aún estamos entendiendo el verdadero impacto ambiental del #Derrame de #Petroleo en #Ventanilla 🇵🇪. Este impacto también se extiende a la salud, resaltando una potencial amenaza a la #inocuidad de los alimentos 🎣. En este hilo exploramos este potencial impacto (1/n) #foodsafety
1.º la inocuidad alimentaria es la garantía de que los alimentos no causarán efectos adversos en la salud del consumidor. Aquí exploramos cómo este derrame podría afectar esta garantía, en consecuencia de consumir alimentos potencialmente contaminado (2/n) Image
2.º Uso el término "potencial" porque corresponde que las autoridades competentes ejecuten la evaluación correspondiente para determinar cuáles son los verdaderos riesgos de inocuidad 🍣. Todos tenemos derecho a ser protegidos de estos riesgos (3/n)…
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The ICSP voted to include the rank "phylum" into the code of bacterial nomenclature, and NCBI taxonomy followed.

Many people voiced anger for this #taxonomygate bc... twitter. Here some thoughts on the matter... (1/n)
There were many complains about nomenclature being worthless or irrelevant. As a microbial ecologist, I understand where this comes from, particularly with bioinformatic tools that require only spaceholders as identifiers. As a microbiologist, I think this is short-sighted. (2)
But #microbialtaxonomy is important for other people too. For example, it is central for diagnostics in #healthcare and #foodsafety and #biotechnology. Many who don't care about ecology or evolution need this.
It might not matter to you, but it matters to others. (3)
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This week, the @FAOWHOCodex Alimentarius Commission is setting #SafeFood standards.


The @FAOWHOCodex Commission adopted standards for dried oregano, dried or dehydrated ginger, cloves, and dried basil.


The @FAOWHOCodex Commission adopted maximum levels of cadmium in chocolate. Cadmium is a toxic heavy metal that is found naturally in volcanic soils and water.


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Why is food safety IMPORTANT?

Whoever consumes the food is protected from the risk of food borne illnesses.

The food we consume play a SIGNIFICANT role in our basic functionalities and hence the need to EAT HEALTHY and SAFE FOOD.
Startling Food Safety tips you may wish you'd have known long before now:
1. It takes four hours for bacteria to start multiplying.

2. Freezing only stops the growth of bacteria, but doesn't kill it; Cooking does.
3. It's harmful for a raw turkey to be kept non-refrigerated for more than 45 mins.

4. Fruits and Vegetables in the bag is a WRONG. It could lead to contamination.

5. RE-COOK leftovers left on the fridge after 36 hours.
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📢New Featured Articles from @AEPP_AAEA on the 40th Anniversary of @cwae_aaea #DEI #women in #agecon
“How women saved agricultural economics” by @OffuttSusan and @jjmccluskey at…
“How women in agricultural economics expanded the profession's role in #foodsafety and #nutrition” by Laurian Unnevehr, @jacaswell, Jean Kinsey at…
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Ça fait des mois que ça dure, ms on en parle bcp ces dernières semaines à cause des rappels de glaces : l'oxyde d’éthylène Gate ! On rigole, ms sincèrement qd on voit les tonnes de nourriture qui vont être jetées à cause de ça, ça fout un peu les boules #foodsafety ⬇️
Comme je regarde régulièrement les rappels produits (oui, chacun ses passions !), j'ai pu lister les ingrédients suivants touchés par ce rappel (liste non exhaustive) (ça pourra intéresser @SaMajesteGraine peut-être) :
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 10/22/2020…
A digital reconstruction of the 1630–1631 large plague outbreak in Venice | Scientific Reports…

#reconstruction #venice #epidemic
Religion, Violence, Tolerance & Progress: Nothing to do with Theology | by Nassim Nicholas Taleb | INCERTO | Oct, 2020 | Medium…

#tolerance #religion #theology #violence
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@CDCEnvironment @PEHSUnational Imagine a life without #pesticides!

Are you claiming it is better for kids to be exposed to lice, fleas, ticks & the diseases they transmit from rats to children?

Typhus is a vector-borne disease of the Middle Ages and is showing up in California!…
@CDCEnvironment @PEHSUnational Or how about toxic weeds like Datura contaminating your green beans?

Datura residues can make kids hallucinate & have a heat stroke-like syndrome!

#herbicides control toxic weeds so you don’t have to worry about them in your veggies!…
@CDCEnvironment @PEHSUnational Or how about ergotism from fungal infections in crops?

Did you know that ergot is where LSD comes from?

Would you want your kids to be exposed to LSD residues in cereal?

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This week, the @FAOWHOCodex Alimentarius Commission is setting #SafeFood standards


#CodexCAC43 #FoodSafety
The @FAOWHOCodex Commission agreed to a standard for fermented cooked cassava-based products. This will contribute to the regularization of the sector by making it possible to define the identity & quality characteristics of fermented cassava products.

With the adoption by the @FAOWHOCodex Commission, of a standard for fresh leaves of Gnetum spp, a wild evergreen climber 🌿 found in rain forests, countries will be able to regulate the sale & export of these products.


#CodexCAC43 #FoodSafety
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This is a short thread on how some diseases are seen after slaughter.
Please if you encounter any of it during this Sallah, or anytime, properly discard the meat (burying preferably).
This is a case of Tuberculosis, which is highly infectious, and Zoonotic.
When encountered, please use gloves or any means of protection and dispose of it by deep burying.
This is a case of Cysticercosis. Also Zoonotic and affevts humans like it does animals. Usually seen on the heart, muscles of the ribs, rumps and shoulders.
Do not consume. Discard properly.
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Alors que les producteurs de salades US sont tjs en train d'étudier les implications de la présence d'une zone d'élevage près de leurs cultures pour évaluer les risques de sécurité alimentaire (#RomaineOutbreak) /1
Une nouvelle étude publiée dans la revue Applied and Environmental Microbiology informe des risques de proximités entre élevages et vergers ⬇️ /2…
Ici c'est un verger d'amandiers proche d'une exploitation avicole qui a été étudié pendant 2 ans : + les arbres sont proches de l'élevage + la présence d'agents pathogènes est importante (présence E. coli et Staphylococcaceae) /3…
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Fantastic summary by @SightandLife to understand role of #nutrition in immune system. Read each #Vitamin & their sources. Very important in context of #COVID19 where prevention is the KEY!…
Role of #Nutrition in immune response. @SightandLife discusses different minerals and their benefits in 2 parts. Qualitative information. #foodsafety @prohealthlyf…
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"Yesterday marked #WorldFoodSafetyDay.

#FoodSafety is everyone’s business, every day.

In times of crisis, it’s more important than ever"-@DrTedros

"We want to thank those who have continued to ensure that people can access safe food throughout the #COVID19 pandemic.
WHO is proud to work with the @FAO in ensuring all people have access to safe, nutritious food for healthy living"-@DrTedros #FoodSafety
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@YaliAbuja @AtomicBettyBA
There is no food without a seed @SeedCouncil has the responsibility of ensuring farmers get not only the right seeds, but safe seeds for cultivation especially in this era of food insecurity when seeds companies are desperate #FoodSafety
@YaliAbuja @AtomicBettyBA @SeedCouncil #WorldFoodSafetyDay
According to the @FAO Director-General, José Graziano da Silva, "whether you are a farmer, farm supplier, food processor, transporter, marketer or consumer, food safety is your business. "There is no food security without food safety." #FoodSafety
@YaliAbuja @AtomicBettyBA @SeedCouncil @FAO #WorldFoodSafetyDay Agencies responsible:
Federal Ministry of Health
National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) Standards Organisation of Nigeria (SON)National Codex Committee Federal Ministry of Agriculture
States and Local Governments & @ONconsumer
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@YaliAbuja The National Orientation Agency, the Ministry of Agriculture, the donors, private sector actors - seed companies, manufacturers/fabricators of food processing equipment as well as the CONSUMERS must be involved in the process of ensuring #FoodSafety #WorldFoodSafetyDay
@YaliAbuja There is urgent need for advocacy in rural area they const.abt 60% our population @SeedCouncil must ensure they protect smallholder farmers, ensure they adopt Good Agronomy Practice (GAP) for this is the foundation of #FoodSafety #WorldFoodSafetyDay #FoodSafetyEveryonesBusiness
@YaliAbuja @AtomicBettyBA
#WorldFoodSafetyDay Strategic effort shld be adopted to address these interwoven problems of health and economy, foreign and domestic, will be required to truly get at the heart of the #FoodSafety issue Local, national, regional, and international partners
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It’s #WorldFoodSafetyDay

Join us for a live tweet chat by 4PM today.

Our guests are @ComfortONYAGA @AtomicBettyBA
Hello world, for records, this would be the second #WorldFoodSafetyDay Celebration.

Just as this year's Theme says: Food Safety is Everyone's Business, we all have key responsibilities in achieving Food Safety.

#HWFSD #FoodSafety #FoodSafetyMyBusiness
To create this Food safety awareness in Nigeria, welcome on our panel @ComfortONYAGA and @AtomicBettyBA.

#HWFSD #FoodSafety #FoodSafetyMyBusiness
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Happy #WorldFoodSafetyDay!

#FoodSafety is everyone's business.

Whether you grow, process, transport, store, distribute, sell, prepare, serve or consume food, you have a role to play in keeping it safe.

All players from farm to fork, we invite you to join WHO/@FAO & take action to:

-Ensure it’s safe ✅Governments
-Grow it safe ✅Agriculture & food producers
-Keep it safe ✅Business operators
-Eat it safe ✅Consumers
-Team up for #FoodSafety ✅All

🍏 Image
You can ensure #FoodSafety at home by practising the @WHO 5 Keys to Safer Food:
1⃣Keep clean
2⃣Separate raw & cooked
3⃣Cook thoroughly
4⃣Keep food at safe 🌡️
5⃣Use safe water & raw materials

🍏 Image
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Overuse & misuse of antimicrobials in agriculture & animal husbandry is one of the factors leading to the emergence & spread of #antimicrobialresistance. Antimicrobial-resistant bacteria in animals may be transmitted to humans via food.


#FoodSafety Image
Achieving #FoodSafety requires expertise from various disciplines: toxicology, microbiology, parasitology, nutrition, health economics, human & veterinary medicine. Local communities, women’s groups & school education also play an important role.

#FoodSafety Image
People should make informed and wise food choices and adopt adequate behaviors. They should know common food hazards and how to handle #FoodSafety.

👉 Image
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DYK: 1 in 10 people fall ill every year from eating contaminated food and 420,000 die each year as a result.
Children under-5 are at particularly high risk. 125,000 young children die from foodborne diseases every year.


#FoodSafety 1 in 10 people fall ill every year from eating contaminated food and 420,000 die each year as a result.<br />
Children under-5 are at particularly high risk. 125,000 young children die from foodborne diseases every year.
The most common symptoms of foodborne disease are stomach pains, vomiting & diarrhoea. Food contaminated with heavy metals or with naturally occurring toxins can also cause long-term health problems including cancer & neurological disorders.

The consequences of foodborne disease are usually more severe and may be fatal for infants, pregnant women, the sick and the elderly.


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Crops For Profitable Farming


Thinking of farming but don't know which crop to focus on?

Many farmers get tied to nonprofitable crops with little to write home about.
Others end up doing crops that require volume to make reasonable margins.

Try the following crops👇
Bambara Nuts (Bande, or tsibande or Njugu Mawe)
These nuts are highly nutritious and they cost a hand in the market.
Currently one tin of 2kgs is costing ksh. 1000 in most parts. 1kg at 450 to 500.
They require good farm management, weeding n covering them with soil. Yields high.
These nuts do well in most altitudes but low and medium altitudes are the best.
Read soil is the perfect for them. Plant one per hole at 10cm from hole to hole and 1F row to row. Best time is in September during short rains. Be keen with rodents. Top dress with NPK 17:17:17
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1/This news of (a)food supply chain disruptions & (b)worker infections at meat processing plants have prompted people to ask if the food supply chain is (a)secure and (b)safe. Two very important topics we’ll tackle separately in the thread below. We’ll begin with the Supply Chain
2/ There are currently several challenges to the supply chain as the linked article points out:
1. Virus outbreaks at food plants are triggering plant closures
2. Agricultural need of guest workers while undergoing a potential wage cut & visa issues
3/ Supply chain mismatches: food sold in bulk to schools/restaurants have no distribution pipeline to supermarkets
4. Increased food insecurity due to job loss of
5. Delivery capacity: lack of truck drivers/distribution to point of point. #COVID19
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