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Thread: Protest by Indian Farmers and G20 Meeting

Despite the Punjab government stating that no protests are allowed ahead of the #G20Summit in the state, farmers' unions held a protest to oppose global event in #Amritsar. The farmers' unions claimed that the #G20..,
..the @WorldBank and @IMFNews were "promoting imperialism". The protest march was launched by Bharatiya Kisan Union (Ekta Ugrahan) and Punjab Lok Morcha. The protest was held in Daburji area, 12 kilometres from the #G20Summit meeting venue. #Modi #Farmersprotest
#Farmers from Punjab gathered at Jantar Mantar to protest against the Centre and press for their demands, including equal distribution of water and implementation of the Minimum Support Price scheme. The protest, spearheaded by #AllIndiaKisanSabha (AIKS), has a 17-point...
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Kaladan Multi Modal Transit Transport Project is largest & most strategically important Indian investment in Myanmar which aims to connect NE with Kolkata through Sittwe Port of Myanmar via Bay of Bengal that will provide valuable alternate route and considerably cut travel time
When completed, the KMTTT will shorten the current time taken to transport goods from Kolkata to Mizoram by three-four days, and the distance by around 950 km.

This is the reason that KMMTT is called “Future Gateway to South East Asia.
It will also serve as cornerstone of India’s “Look East Policy” aiming to expand India’s economic and political influence in Southeast Asia.

#UPSC #G20Summit #G20
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Very Short Thread:

Egypt holds a very important position in Bharat's Geostrategic & Geopolitical Strategies.

Egypt's President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi is reaching Bharat as Chief Guest for #RepublicDay 2023.

Is this the only indicator? Ofcourse Not.

Check lined-up Events👇

🔸200 higher-ranking officials of Egyptian Army reach New Delhi for #RepublicDay2023

🔸12 MOUs includ. Agriculture & Cyber Security ready for approval

🔸Detailed schedule for Joint Military & Air Exercises ready for 2023 & 2024.

🔸Egypt also invited as Special Guest for #G20Summit under Bharat's Presidency

Why is Egypt so Important in PM Modi's Strategies?


🔸 Egypt is an Important Player in Arab World & in good relations with Israel same time

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When #G20Summit takes place in India, the leadership summit on the 9th and 10th of Sept will be the biggest-ever gathering of leaders in India. There will be 43 leaders, in addition to G20 there are 9 special invitees & a vast range of international orgs: G20 Sherpa #AmitabhKant Image
This is the first time that you will have #G20 which will be spread throughout the year. It's biggest because you will be hosting this in almost every state and every union territory of India: G20 Sherpa #AmitabhKant
India will assume the #G20 presidency when there is global turmoil. There is a significant challenge because there is a climate crisis, sustainable development goals that have to be implemented by 2030, 200 million people have had job losses: G20 Sherpa #AmitabhKant
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#UnitedNations issues public guidance for Monday:
#UN General Assembly Emergency Special Session re: #Russia's invasion of #Ukraine at 10a Eastern

#Putin #Zelensky Image
US State Dept issues readout of Sec State #AntonyBlinken's meeting today in #PhnomPenh, #Cambodia, with #Ukraine's foreign minister, Dmytro #Kuleba.

#Russia Image
WH issues stmt from US Nat'l Security Advisor #JakeSullivan re: #Russia's new missile strikes in #Ukraine:

"The [US] & our allies and partners will continue to provide Ukraine w/ what it needs to defend itself. ... We will stand w/ Ukraine for as long as it takes." Image
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Stay updated on the G20 Summit with our special coverage series only on Kompas daily newspaper and #KTTG20 #G20Summit #AdadiKompas
It has been officially informed that Russian President Vladimir Putin will not attend the G20 Summit held in Bali on November 15-16. Instead, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov will lead the Russian delegation at the summit.…

#KTTG20 #G20Summit #AdadiKompas
The United States and China advance teams have arrived early in Bali, bringing in their delegations’ logistics for their participation in the Group of 20 Summit.…

#KTTG20 #G20Summit #AdadiKompas
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Sahabat Kompas, foto peringatan 40 hari #TragediKanjuruhan jadi foto utama hari ini. Polda Jawa Timur @HumasPoldaJatim membantah uji laboratorium yang menyebut kandungan gas air mata mematikan. Baca ulasannya di harian Kompas dan #Kompasid.…

#AdadiKompas Image
@HumasPoldaJatim Kepolisian Daerah Jawa Timur membantah kandungan gas air mata milik mereka bisa mematikan. Dirkrimum Polda Jatim Kombes Totok Suharyanto: sampel gas air mata yang digunakan di Kanjuruhan telah diuji oleh Laboratorium Forensik Polda Jatim.…

@HumasPoldaJatim Baca juga wawancara khusus harian Kompas dengan Ketua Umum @KADIN_Indonesia Arsjad Rasjid @ArsjadRasjid. Ia menyebut, Bagaimana kita bicara kemajuan ekonomi atau apapun kalau dunia tidak damai dan perang masih ada?…

#KTTG20 #AdadiKompas
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US Dept of Defense issues stmt saying US is giving #Ukraine another security-assistance package, this one worth approx $400 million.

The stmt outlines what's included in the new security-assistance package.

#Russia ImageImageImage
WH issues stmt from US Nat'l Security Council spokesperson re: US Nat'l Security Council Advisor #JakeSullivan's meeting today in #Kyiv w/ #Ukraine's president, Volodymyr #Zelensky, & other Ukrainian officials, incl. the minister of defense, Oleksii #Reznikov.

#Russia Image
WH issues readout of #Biden's convo today w/ #Germany's chancellor, #OlafScholz.

They talked re: #Scholz's trip to #China as well as #Russia & #Ukraine, among multiple topics.

On Russia & Ukraine, they talked re: Russia's nuclear threats & continuing to support Ukraine. Image
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1) Om naar uit te kijken op de #G20RiyadhSummit vandaag en morgen. De #G20summit vindt plaats onder voorzitterschap van Saoedi-Arabië.

Een draadje.
2) Nu maken we, zoals in 2008-2009, opnieuw een mondiale crisis mee. Nu is het een dubbele: een gezondheids- en economische crisis, naast natuurlijk klimaat en de vele conflicten. In 2009 kwam de G20 slagkrachtig voor de dag. Dit jaar hebben we van de G20 nog niet veel gehoord.
3) Tijdens de coronacrisis hebben de meeste rijke landen op medisch en financieel-economisch vlak vooral voor zichzelf gezorgd, met weinig coördinatie.
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“An unnamed Indian diplomat told Bobby Ghosh, the editor..of the Hindustan Times:

"We regard Ivanka Trump the way we do half-wit Saudi princes. It's in our national interest to flatter them.” #TrumpRealityShow
@IvankaTrump #TrumpCrimeFamily #G20Summit…
@IvankaTrump described the president as "something of a laughing stock" at international gatherings. One official described to BuzzFeed, diplomats consider his vocabulary to be limited to so few words & phrases that they play a type of "word bingo" whenever he speaks…
@IvankaTrump Word bingo FFS!!
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Bold Prediction: By 2022, Climate Change will be the only thing discussed at the #G20Summit

Within 3 years, we'll realize the goals of the #ParisAccords were like putting a Band-Aid on an amputation.

Here's why:
The whole concept of limiting Global Warming to 2°C by 2100 is predicated on a graph looking something like this:…
It uses a long-term moving average (in this case, 10yr) line to try and project where we are heading. The red line 'points to' somewhere around 2° by 2100.

The thing is, moving averages... move.
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Altijd leuk om te zien wie bij wie aan tafel zit bij een #G20Summit

Hoofdtafel: gastheer Abe tussen Trump en Putin, met Xi ertegenover.

Trump naast Modi daarnaast Morrison (AUS): de voltallige anti-Chinese Quad tegenover Xi.

1/2 Image
Putin met Merkel en Macron (?) ertegenover.

Macron (?) naast Ivanka en vrouw Xi.

Tafeltje 2: Rutte tussen Lagarde en Maxima.

Praat Rutte met Lagarde over de Europese top-posities?

Maxima houdt tafeltje 1 in de gaten.


Aanvulling: Maxima tegenover May.
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Prompted by a reporter’s question about whether Trump would warn Putin against future election meddling, Trump *jokingly* said to Putin: “Don’t meddle in the election.”

Then they all shared a big laugh about it. Appalling.
NEW: Trump smirked as he surrendered western values to Putin at the #G20Summit in Osaka. Trump and Putin delighted in their shared belief that they have permanently eroded the liberal, democratic consensus.
by @csdickey @thedailybeast #Maddow
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Let’s check in on the kind of likeminded world leaders Donald is meeting up with over in Osaka at the #G20Summit 1/6
First up it’s his old pal Vladimir. The pair bonded by joking about their problems with the “fake media.” In Russia, 58 journalists have been killed since 92 and hundreds arbitrarily detained according to @pressfreedom 2/6 Image
Next up it’s MBS, the Saudi Crown Prince who US intel agencies concluded likely ordered the brutal torture, murder, and dismemberment of US citizen Jamal Khashoggi. Trump laughed and shook hands with MBS during the G20 official photo. 3/6
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At his #G20Summit press conference, Putin said he "informed Trump of #Russia's position regarding the #KerchStrait incident." #Russia's state media later commented that Trump "wasn't prepared for a meeting with Putin" and "had nothing to say."
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Apparently, Putin wasn't satisfied with his little #G20Summit2018 chat, because today #Russia's state media is still roasting Trump: he is "clumsy," "morose," "defensive," "brought dissonance to the #G20Summit," "wasn't prepared for a meeting with Putin," "had nothing to say." ©️
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Quando se fala da retirada dos Estados Unidos do Acordo do Clima, é sempre bom lembrar que a decisão unilateral de Trump não conta c/o apoio da maioria dos americanos, das grandes corporações (inclusive as grandes petroleiras) ou da comunidade científica daquele país. #G20Summit
O isolacionismo imposto por Trump (EUA é o único país do mundo fora do Acordo do Clima) o constrange internamente. Há uma semana, 300 cientistas de 13 agências federais americanas lançaram relatório de 1.656 páginas detalhando impactos negativos do aquecimento global nos EUA.
Ao comentar o relatório, Trump disse apenas “eu não acredito”. Ciência não combina com religião ou ideologia. A crise climática exige respostas sensatas dos governantes. O analfabetismo ambiental pode custar muito caro p/todos nós. Inclusive no Brasil.
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🔥BREAKING🔥Why was Putin so giddy at the #G20Summit ⁉️ He ordered Norway’s fiber optic cables cut. In 2013, ‘little green men’ cut fiber cable between Crimea & Ukraine in order to control the internet within the annexed territory💥 @MingGao26…
💥Putin has been conducting Gerasimov’s hybrid warfare across the world. Interrupting a nations power & internet can cause more disruption and chaos than conventional warfare and cost pennies on a ruble. Trump & @GOP have put us in a precarious position💥
💥⚡️💥Disruptions to GPS signals in Lapland in Finland & Finnmark in Norway were reported in late Oct and early Nov of this year during NATO’s Trident Juncture exercise. Trump and Putin are both anti- NATO...
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Trump: Day 678
-Cohen Reaches Plea Deal w/Mueller
-Moscow Project Ties Trump/Russia
-Planned $50M Penthouse 4 Putin
-Mueller Eyes Don Jr & Ivanka's Work
-Chicago Tax Lawyer's Office Raided
-Deutsche Bank HQ Being Searched
-Tim Scott Buries Farr Nomination
-Heads 2 Argentina 4 G20
Day 783 since Donald Trump admitted to sexual assault — yet he’s still in the Oval Office
Day 634 of NO EVIDENCE produced by Trump that his phones were tapped by Obama.

The FISA warrant Trump referenced targeted Carter Page. #TrumpLies
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If Vladimir Putin is a dark genius that many people believe he is, the best way out of recent escalation in Kerch strait would be to announce release of Ukrainian sailors and ships after his meeting with @realDonaldTrump at #G20Summit.
It would portray Putin as benevolent and rational actor, who has taught Ukraine a harsh lesson and has shown Russian resolve, but is ready to deescalate.
It will also massage Trump's ego and give him talking points for explaining his desire to talk to Putin in the future. It's like U.S. citizens' release by Kim Jong Un before Singapore summit - no progress on core disagreements, but helps @realDonaldTrump to claim success.
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To the #G20Summit in Argentina this week: live up to your responsibilities; put people and their rights first! #G20openletter for a positive, forward-looking digital agenda.

#access #privacy #freedomofspeech #cybersecurity #competition —
#Privacy & data protection rights: We urge the G20 to adopt, apply and enforce a comprehensive approach to privacy that protects all users’ privacy and personal data, whether citizens or not. People must be given more control and agency over their data.

#Freedomofexpression: We urge the G20 to promote freedom of expression online by adopting positions and policies that are consistent with maintaining an open internet for everyone.

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We’re teaming up with over 100 organizations, including @internetsociety, @webfoundation and @Wikimedia to call on #G20Summit Argentina to live up to their responsibilities: Put people first & adopt a positive, forward-looking digital agenda.

Learn more:

We urge G20 members to invest in expanding affordable internet access for everyone, including through community networks, to boost economies and digital literacy programmes to empower all individuals to reap the benefits of the digital age. #G20openletter Image

We urge the G20 to adopt, apply and enforce a comprehensive approach to privacy that protects all users’ privacy and personal data –– regardless of citizenship. People must be given control and agency over their data. #G20openletter Image
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