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1/12. In his latest @dailystarnews op-ed @SaleemulHuq of @ICCCAD explores the "The who's and how's of allocating #LossAndDamage funds" as we look towards the long road to #COP28.

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2/12. Key points include:

1⃣ That although #LossAndDamage costs run will into trillions of US $'s, in the short term focusing on getting a few tens of billions of US $'s a year to support the poorest and most vulnerable communities would be wise.
3/12. 2⃣ Funds to address #LossAndDamage don't necessarily need to come from governments they could come from countries imposing a tax on every fossil fuel company registered in their jurisdiction.
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1/30.📢NEW BRIEF: “What happened at #COP27 on #LossAndDamage and what comes next?” which details #COP27’s outcomes on issues related to #LossAndDamage and ways forward as we look to #SB58 and #COP28.

Full brief here:…

See some key takeaways below🔽 Image
2/30. Ahead of #COP27 the key issues that were expected to be discussed included:

1⃣Establishing a #LossAndDamage finance facility (or fund);

2⃣The operationalisation of #SantiagoNetwork for #LossAndDamage;
3⃣The integration of #LossAndDamage into the New Collective Quantified Goal (NCQG) on #ClimateFinance;

4⃣The inclusion of #LossAndDamage in discussions under the #GlobalStocktake of the #ParisAgreement;
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Jetzt muss ich doch mal "merkelianisch" werden: Es gibt keine Alternative zu den UN-#Klimakonferenzen @ABaerbock. Über die Schwächen der ägyptischen Führung wurde viel geredet, über die katastrophalen Schwächen der deutschen Diplomatie @COP27 wurde kein Wort verloren.
Fehlstelle 1: Deutschland ist gleich mit vier Ministerien und dem Kanzler jeweils in Stippvisiten medial präsent gewesen. Eine gemeinsame Strategie war bei den diesen Terminen nicht erkennbar.
Fehlstelle 2: In der Kommunikation mit den Medien gab es zahlreiche Probleme. Das breite Netzwerk an deutschen Medien war offensichtlich im Auswärtigen Amt nicht bekannt, die Akteure vor Ort überfordert.
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COP 27: lo bueno, lo malo, lo terrible, y lo pendiente.

La 27ª COP celebrada en Sharm El Sheikh, Egipto, del 6 al 20 de noviembre de 2022, se ha convertido en una de las COPs más largas de la historia de la @CMNUCC.

Hay cosas positivas, negativas, terribles y pendientes👇🏽🧵 Image
Lo bueno

Financiamiento para pérdidas y daños: uno de los aspectos más importantes para la implementación, es el financiamiento, pero el más esperando era la creación del fondo para pérdidas y daños. Demanda que vino de orgs de la sociedad civil y de países vulnerables. 👇🏽
Si bien el fondo tendrá recursos nuevos y adicionales, se espera que sea un comité de transición el que defina su operación a ser acordada en la COP28. Además de que se aprobó la red de Santiago para provisión de apoyo técnico en materia de pérdidas y daños también.

Pero… 👇🏽
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1/18.📜#COP27 OUTCOME: Members of the @LossandDamage Collaboration share their thoughts on the outcome of #COP27 on all #LossAndDamage elements.

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2/18. 📢GOOD NEWS: #COP27 has established a #LossAndDamage fund! Following courageous and consistent championing for 30+ years by countries on the frontlines of the #ClimateCrisis. This is a historic moment that sets us on a pathway to #ClimateJustice.
3/18. During this time, climate-vulnerable countries were supported by the tireless efforts of #CivilSociety who have and will continue to demand that polluters #PayUp4LossAndDamage. We’ve put our heart and soul into this for decades now and we are not stopping anytime soon!
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1/12.📜NEW TEXT: Good morning, the new text on “funding arrangements for #LossAndDamage” was released last night. As it stands the proposal of the G77 & China is not reflected and we are extremely concerned with the use of the term “funding arrangements” this is why.🧵
2/12. See the new “Draft negotiating texts” here under the 8f drop down here:…
3/12. The G77 and China have tabled a very detailed proposal for a fund designated as an “operating entity” of the financial mechanism of the @UNFCCC, but the current text uses the term “fund as part of new and enhanced funding arrangements".
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1/13.📜NEW BLOG: A new blog by members of @LossandDamage explains where the phrase “mosaic of solutions” comes from and how it captures the need to mobilise action and support on all fronts (both inside & outside the @UNFCCC) to address #LossAndDamage.

🔗… Image
2/13. The phrase “mosaic of solutions” was first used by the #Maldives —one of the nations most vulnerable to the impacts of the #ClimateCrisis— in September to capture the need to mobilise action and support on all fronts to address #LossAndDamage that is happening now.
3/13. However, in the #LossAndDamage Finance negotiations at #COP27 the term has been used by developed countries to stress the need to focus on solutions outside the @UNFCCC such as the #GlobalShield Against Climate Risk.
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1/20.📜It’s day nine and the second day of the second week of #COP27 and here is our #LossAndDamage focused daily thread. Today we have seen a #PayUp4LossAndDamage action and negotiations on the #SantiagoNetwork for #LossAndDamage and on funding arrangements for #LossAndDamage.🧵 Image
2/20.This morning, @anuahsa, The #Maldives Minister of Environment, #ClimateChange & Technology, spoke to youths at the @CYPavilion to stress the need for a “mosaic of solutions” to address #LossAndDamage including an operating entity under the financial mechanism of the @UNFCCC. Image
3/20. “We do need a “mosaic of solutions” to address #LossAndDamage. But first and foremost, we need to establish a dedicated funding facility under the @UNFCCC system, where all parties have equal equitable access, and predictable access, to #LossAndDamage finance.” @anuahsa Image
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1/18.📜NEW BLOG: We have seen quite a few pledges that have been framed as “finance for #LossAndDamage”. But are they really? This blog provides an overview of all the pledges thus far at #COP27 in chronological order.

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2/18. On the 20th of September, #Denmark🇩🇰 pledged €13m for #LossAndDamage, a package which includes finance for the #GlobalShield Against Climate Risk, support for CSOs to do projects on the ground, and some other money that is yet to be allocated for a specific use.
3/18. Crucially, all of this money is new and on top of #Denmark’s 🇩🇰 0.7% commitment to ODA, therefore not a diversion of cash from other vital #ClimateFinance projects.
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1/19. 📜It’s day eight and the first day of the second week of #COP27 and here is our #LossAndDamage focused daily thread. Today saw the launch of the #G7’s #GlobalShield Against Climate Risks, negotiations on the #SantiagoNetwork for #LossAndDamage and #LossAndDamage finance.🧵 Image
2/19. Today was #Gender & #Water Day at #COP27 and there were many events that profiled the importance of #Gender responsive #ClimateAction. At @CaninT’s press briefing we heard from @lntongai of @ActionAid_Kenya how #LossAndDamage impacts women in Kenya.
3/19. Today #Germany with the @V20_Group launched the #G7’s #GlobalShield Against Climate Risks with speeches from @SvenjaSchulze68 and @JohnKerry that emphasised that it “can provide effective support to countries as they seek to avert, minimise, and address losses and damages".
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1/13.📜NEW BLOG: In a new blog for @LossandDamage, @jar_climate asks "Is the #GlobalShield about progress or distraction?" on a political decision to deliver a #LossAndDamage finance facility at #COP27?

🔗Read it here:… Image
2/13. As the 2nd week of #COP27 starts the BIG question is: will it establish a #LossAndDamage Finance Facility or will rich countries continue to delay & push responsibility onto the #ClimateVulnerable by pushing non-transformative solutions like insurance? Image
3/13.After decades of #BlahBlahBlah and multiple dialogues (The 2016 SCF forum, the 2018 #SuvaExpertDialogue, the #GlasgowDialogue in 2022) and 9 years of the #WIM rich countries are arguing for more dialogue* rather than establishing a #LossAndDamage Finance Facility at #COP27. Image
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