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1/ There’ve been some scary climate charts released this week, alongside some big climate stories. It’s been challenging keeping up with everything, so I’ve done a quick round-up thread 🧵
#climatecrisis #climatechaos #climatebreakdown
2/ A snapshot of sea surface temperatures from the 14th June. Unfortunately this daily snapshot is representative of a larger ongoing problem…

3/ Sea surface temperatures are currently at record highs for June so far, and also for the months of April and May.

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Very interesting Australian radio broadcast from 11th June on two technology subjects of intensely important international issues.

1. The potential opening up of Seabed Mining - for rare earth minerals which has an important deadline in July - after which applications for……
Controversy over this issue is building rapidly as prominent environmentalists come forward to oppose it including Sir David Attenborough.…
… and….

Olivia Colman and Stephen Fry join calls for moratorium on deep sea mining…
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Why the climate cult is full of frauds. A 🧵:

Let’s accept 100% prima facie all the data and “experts”. Sea level rise. Global temps. CO2 levels. All of it. No debate. I buy all your science…

Your “solutions” don’t address the stated problem at all. Let’s look:
Think of our “gluten intolerant” friend. To stop gluten intake I no longer eat bread. I eat bagels.


The greens wants to end fossil fuels, but we use more fossil fuels to make renewables to make electricity than if we burnt those fossil fuels directly. What’s the win?
We’re not using FEWER fossil fuels going green. We’re using fossil fuels DIFFERENTLY. Worldwide oil, gas, coal consumption is up year over year, not down.

So why is “going green” the hill to die on? It’s illogical.

Even more so… renewables are made from fossil fuels. Huh.
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“The USA, the UK & the EU have wasted hours and hours [...] playing a naked game of self interest.”

The Bonn Climate Conference (#SB58) — a crucial international summit which will shape the response to the #ClimateCrisis — ended yesterday.

🧵Here's what you need to know... 1/7
The #SB58 is where the agenda & priorities for the next major international climate summit #COP28 are shaped.

Our Director @chilledasad100 has been exposing wealthy countries refusing their responsibilities & demanding that #ClimateJustice is at the centre of that agenda. 2/7
In the conference rooms, and in the hallways, we have been demanding a different route forward — one that prioritises the rights and interests of people and planet, and not the profits of corporations. 3/7
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The #BonnClimateConference failed once again to address the key drivers of the #ClimateCrisis [= #FossilFuels]. Delay is the new Denialism.
A 🧵on the #FalseSolutions increasingly being pushed in the @UNFCCC negotiations: #CCS #CDR & #geoengineering are dangerous distractions!
Science is crystal clear, the only way to meaningfully reduce emissions is a rapid, equitable, full & funded phase-out of ALL fossil fuels. In this essential #JustTransition, there's is NO space for dangerous distractions such as #CCS or #CarbonRemoval.…
#CCS is NOT a climate solution @CA_Latest…
#CCS may carry even more risk & uncertainty than drilling for oil or gas, according to @ieefa_institute…
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1/25. Today is the ninth day of the #BonnClimateConference (#SB58) and it saw the continuation of discussions on the #SantiagoNetwork for #LossAndDamage, a number of excellent side events, and importantly the adoption of the agenda. Here are some of our highlights!🧵 Image
2/25. This morning kicked off with three #LossAndDamage side events happening at the same time! Sadly we could not get to them all, but the good news is that there are webcasts with which to revisit them.
3/25. They included: "#HumanRights, #ClimateChange and disaster induced migration and #Displacement: Regional Perspectives" with @UUSC, @esperance_ong, @ALIANZAAMERICAS.

📼See the webcast here:
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1/4.@harjeet11 of @CANIntl highlights the progress made so far via the Transitional Committee of the #LossAndDamage and the #GlasgowDialogue on #LossAndDamage at the #BonnClimateConference (#SB58). Image
2/4. So far Parties have recognised:

1⃣The need for the #LossAndDamage fund to be flexible, programmatic and have different windows;

2⃣The need for trigger based disbursement;

3⃣The need for #LossAndDamage to not cause debt;
3/4. Whilst on of the big challenges we still face in operationalising a fit-for-purpose #LossAndDamage Fund at #COP28 is:

"Rich countries look at the #LossAndDamage Funding Arrangements rather that the placing a much bigger role than the #LossAndDamage Fund."
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1/38. Today is the eighth day of the #BonnClimateConference (#SB58) and it saw the closing plenary of the Technical Dialogue of the #GST, discussions on the #SantiagoNetwork, the continuation of the #NCQG’s 6th Technical Expert Dialogue and the first stocktaking plenary. 🧵 Image
2/38. Today also saw a focus on #HumanRights with a number of side events and an action drawing attention to the key message that “there can be no #ClimateJustice without #HumanRights”.
3/38. Joining "No #ClimateJustice without #CivicSpace and #HumanRights: zooming in on the @UNFCCC process"* with @ciel_tweets, @amnesty and @350, we heard important messages on the need for safe #CivicSpace under the @UNFCCC so that we can make our #LossAndDamage demands heard!
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1/30. Today is the seventh day of the #BonnClimateConference (#SB58) and it saw an intense second plenary on the adoption of the agenda, discussions on the #SantiagoNetwork and the start of the New Collective Quantified Goal’s 6th Technical Expert Dialogue on #ClimateFinance.🧵 Image
2/30. This morning kicked of with the event “Linking #LossAndDamage to Conflict Affected and Fragile Settings” held alongside the #BonnClimateConference (#SB58) with @FriEnt_news, @IDOS_research and @BROT_furdiewelt. Key messages included:
3/30. Steffen Bauer of @IDOS_research: “#LossAndDamage has become a reality even only at 1.1°C degree of heating. It puts lives and livelihoods at risk today…Every increment of warming that we can avoid makes a difference.” Image
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Où en sommes-nous vis-à-vis de l’influence humaine sur le climat planétaire ?

Disposer d’éléments factuels, fiables, et régulièrement réactualisés est important pour éclairer l’action pour le climat.


🧵⬇️ (1/...)
Les rapports du GIEC fournissent une évaluation rigoureuse d’indicateurs clés du climat planétaire et de l’influence humaine, mais tous les 5 à 10 ans.

Cet article scientifique, qui a mobilisé une cinquantaine de scientifiques, notamment auteurs de récents rapports du GIEC,
et s’appuie sur la réactualisation des jeux de données et méthodes les plus proches possibles de celles mises en œuvre dans le rapport du groupe I du GIEC de 2021. Celui-ci fournissait une évaluation de l’état des lieux jusqu’en 2020 ou 2019.
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Are governments ready to undertake the kind of radical, rapid decarbonisation that every leading scientific body on earth says is needed for 1.5C?


But are we at least reducing our emissions as zero-carbon technology becomes ever cheaper?

Also no.…
I can't beleive what I'm reading here. Our 1.5C carbon budget has HALVED from just a few years ago - ie, Post Paris

"Total global GHG emissions reached 55 ± 5.2 GtCO2e in 2021... driven primarily by increasing CO2 emissions from fossil fuel and industry"…
Delegates at UN climate talks are duty bound to debate based on the "best available science"

So how can the #COP28 president run an oil company that doesn't accept the premise of "no new oil and gas for 1.5C"?

COP is fundamentally unfit for purpose…
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The UkraineWar and wider issues related to Geopolitics are having an increasing impact at #BonnClimateConference on day three of the #COP28 intersessional meeting which concludes on June 15.
On Day 1 of #BonnClimateConference Ukraine and Russia exchanged words in the extended opening plenary about the war. The meeting was ultimately adjourned due to a lack of agreement on the formal Agenda. (Albeit not related to the war)

During the exchanges several delegations……
Meanwhile in the Gulf (Middle East) there is another complex Geopolitical situation developing following a statement from the Iranians asserting that Gulf Countries (Iran, Saudi and the UAE (the President of #COP28 will take over naval security from a US led force.
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Last stage before #COP28 is #SB58! For @UFZ_de on site report @RSchwarze
Hefty work load, unprecedented number of mandated events, efficiency needed. Negotiations texts t.b. expected on Wednesday, June, 14th, at 6 p.m.. Ready to comment at the location! #SB58
The number of mandates are „standing“ (from old and very old work programmed such Nairobi, #Adapation) and „new“ ones (arising of the firework of decisions of #COP26 and #COP27 such as funding and finance of #LossAndDamage). Ready to explain from 17 h CET today, just contact me.
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Beautiful dawn for the first day of the Bonn Climate Conference which runs till the 15th of June. Looks like it will be hot. ImageImageImageImage
The venue is to the right of the buildings you see here. The smallest one in the front of the two larger ones is the new office of the UNFCCC secretariat. Which came into being in the 1990s and was followed by the Kyoto Protocol. Image
COP 28 is due to be held in Dubai in December - somewhat controversially as the incoming President heads a massive Emirati oil conglomerate.

This meeting will host preparation discussions between the nations of the “Conference Of the Parties to the UNFCCC” from which COP gets…… ImageImageImage
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🧵1/There is a large, multilingual astroturfing effort around #Cop28 on Twitter right now involving at least 100 fake accounts. The accounts in question are promoting UAE foreign policy, bashing UAE's enemies, and burnishing the UAE's environmental record #deception #greenwashing Image
2/ Many use stolen photos - either stock photos or those found on the web. They have fully fleshed out bios, including location (usually somewhere in the UAE). Another common tactic is to tag real accounts like @amnesty in the bio to give an air of credibility and plausibility. ImageImageImageImage
3/ For example. Yael Fadel is a space scientist from Cyprus who erm, has tagged @NASA in her bio. I can only assume she works for NASA (hey guys can you confirm?) . When she's not also a stock photo model used by orthodontists, she's subtweeting the Muslim Brotherhood ImageImage
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#KlimaUm9: Der neue Klima-Konsens.

Die Debatte um das #Heizungsgesetz oder die #LetzteGeneration scheint zu zeigen, dass „der Klima-Konsens“ bröckelt.

Tatsächlich entsteht aber ein neuer: Klimapolitik = Repression & Faschisierung im Innern, Festung Europa nach Außen.
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1/13.⚠️USEFUL INFO: The second meeting (#TC2) of the Transitional Committee (TC) of the #LossAndDamage Fund agreed at #COP27 will happen this week from the 25-27th of May in Bonn, Germany 🇩🇪. This is what's on the agenda🧵👇.

🔗@UNFCCC page here: Image
2/13. Following the opening of #TC2, TC members undertake an exchange of views with non-Party observer constituencies on the purpose and scope of the new funding arrangements for responding to #LossAndDamage and the #LossAndDamage Fund established at #COP27.
3/13. During this session, we will likely hear from @WGC_Climate, Environmental NGOs (ENGO), Trade union NGOs (TUNGO), @IYCM, and more on behalf of #CivilSociety on how the TC can deliver a fit-for-purpose #LossAndDamage Fund and Funding Arrangements at #COP28.
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After 27 years of UN climate talks, Big Oil finally succeeded in completing its hijacking of the annual meeting of 198 countries to act on climate

@UNFCCC should be going nuts about it and acting (fat chance, probably)

Top 10 reasons why the hijacking is complete:

🧵 #COP28
1 For the first time ever, an oil chief - and in this case no less than the CEO of a major oil company - is appointed president of the COP28 climate summit…
2 The COP28 team is marshalling a new alliance of the oil and gas sector which of course is "forgetting" to include in its pretend-decarbonizing goals the bulk of emissions from fossil fuels… #greenwashing
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Turkmenistans 70 Meter breites "Höllentor", dass 1971 durch einen Bohrunfall entstand ist seit 50 Jahren ein Klimakiller.

Neue Daten zeigen: Methanlecks aus 2 der Felder haben 2022 mehr Emissionen verursachten als das gesamte 🇬🇧 in einem Jahr.

🧵 1/x…
Die Behebung der Methanlecks gehört zu den "low hanging fruits" im Kampf gegen die Klimakrise, indem 29 schlecht gewarteten Geräte ausgetauscht bzw. repariert werden und damit die jährlichen Emissionen Alabamas eingespart werden könnten. Image
Leider gibt es kaum Anzeichen dafür, dass Turkmenistan konkrete Schritte zur Eindämmung von Methanlecks unternommen hat.

Gleichzeitig: Die Vereinigten Arabischen Emiraten, Leiter der diesjährigen #COP28, wollen mit dem Land zusammenarbeiten, um das Problem zu lösen.
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The fireside chat between Mo Ibrahim & Pres. Ruto is the most riveting session of #IGW.

The candid convo was wide-ranging: global financial architecture, climate justice, African Union reforms, Africa’s external relations, etc. Some highlights 🧵1/…
“The current international financial architecture is, to put it bluntly, rigged against those of us in the global south because we cannot meaningfully address our development needs with the financial resources from this architecture” - @WilliamsRuto 5.50min 2/
Ruto urges African countries to be at the forefront of green industrialization.

Mo Ibrahim proposes that a fund be set up in which high emitters pay for consuming more than their fair share of the carbon budget.

They both agree on using market incentives i.e carbon pricing 3/
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1/10.📜NEW BREIF: From @CJRFund, highlights findings from their efforts to address #LossAndDamage and provides recommendations to inform the operationalisation of a fit-for-purpose #LossAndDamage Fund based on real-world efforts.

🔗Read it here:… Image
2/10. Aimed at informing the work of the Transitional Committee (TC) of the #LossAndDamage Fund ahead of their first workshop (29-30th April) and second meeting #TC2 (24-27 May) the brief is also supported by @ACTAlliance, @UUSC, @Helvetas and Young Power in Social Action.
3/10. The @CJRFund has supported four #LossAndDamage projects – in Bangladesh 🇧🇩, Malawi 🇲🇼, and across the Pacific 🇫🇯🇰🇮 – though funding pledged by @NicolaSturgeon on behalf of the @scotgov at #COP26 in Glasgow.
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This week, CIEL's Senior Campaigner @lienvandamme is in Luxor 🇪🇬 to attend the first meeting of the Transitional Committee (#TC1) of the #LossAndDamageFund.

Follow the live stream:

Here's a 🧵 on what #TC1 is about and why it matters👇 Image
At the climate talks #COP27, States agreed to:
1⃣ Create new funding arrangements to address the impacts of #ClimateChange in vulnerable countries, incl. a #LossAndDamageFund
2⃣ Establish a Transitional Committee that will meet throughout 2023 to decide the details of this fund. Image
No actual money has yet been pledged 💸 & yet – the decision at #COP28 to create a #LossAndDamageFund is a crucial 1st step towards a #ClimateJustice future in which communities are fairly compensated for the losses they are suffering due to a crisis they had no role in creating. Image
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.@antonioguterres at #IPCC #ClimateReport press conference sends another clear message :

"The climate time-bomb is ticking.

But today’s IPCC report is a how-to guide to defuse the climate time-bomb."

Here is how 👇🏼
@antonioguterres "1.5oC is achievable. But it takes real climate action on all fronts -- everything, everywhere, all at once.

Humanity should come first and every country and every sector must be part of the solution."

@antonioguterres @IPCC_CH

#IPCC #ClimateReport #FossilFuelTreaty
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The brilliant @mylesbyrne always alerts me to essential, overlooked details. As pandemic-inactivated tango dancer, let me vote "It takes two to tango" as most misleading overused political phrase of the decade.
It doesn't take two.

You always dance with the whole room.

It takes society—profound feelings, often of pain/nostalgia and joy/intensity of connection—and countless human interactions to create music and dance over generations.

In each tanda, you dance in the shadow of giants.
It takes only one to infect half a packed milonga, danced for hours.

Do you see why SARS-CoV's cultural impact will far exceed HIV?

And boy did HIV have an impact. We haven't started facing reality yet in society; the knowledge is still twitter-confined.
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