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Is it a surprise to anyone that @RepAdamSchiff approved his staff to go to Ukraine?
Is it a surprise that trip was paid for by the Atlantic Council, a group that works with #HunterBiden's Bursima and Crowdstrike?

@FoxNews #Trump2020LandslideVictory
Crowdstrike being the company in Ukraine that has the DNC server and did all the cyber security for the Democrats.…
Is it any surprise to anyone that @AdamSchiff @SpeakerPelosi Atlantic Council and others have deep connections with one of the largest #Ukraine weapons manufacturers and arms dealers?
Even holding fundraisers for Adam Schiff
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After the Dilanian piece that said Durham has found "something significant" in his investigation. Here is Natasha with the Brennan talking points and response that tries to discredit Barr and Durham.
Notice the Headline. It's personal vengence…
Yes, Barr has been going overseas. He has gone multiple times to Italy and the UK.
Notice the word 'spying' is in scare quotes. It is done to diminish what he is doing.
Barr and Durham are investigating the Misfud as a Western Intelligence agent "conspiracy theory"
and that the CIA under Brennan was involved in the setup
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Son of a....what in the hell did I just stumble upon. #Crowdstrike subsidiaries in the United Kingdom, Australia, Romania, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Netherlands, Mexico, Singapore, Japan, India, and Israel🤯 No wonder @realDonaldTrump brought them up.…
@realDonaldTrump They formed the UK branch June 5th, 2015 (and if someone has already covered all this and I missed it please stop me now) to answer burning question no Dimitri is not listed as officer or partner.…
@realDonaldTrump First financial report showed about half a million and no massive profit per say, Oval Nominees LTD dropped off shortly after they formed and only officers listed were Watzinger (chairman of the board US) Kurtz (CEO US) and Podbere (CFO US)…
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Interesting nexus emerging. What do Burisma, the Clinton Foundation, Crowdstrike and Joe Biden all have in common?

The Atlantic Council

Here are some Crowdstrike/Ukraine/ Burisma dots to connect. Co-founder of Crowdstrike is member of Atlantic Council. Burisma is an Atlantic Council donor.
The Atlantic Council is funded by Ukrainian Billionaire Victor Pinchuk, a $10 million donor to the Clinton Foundation, with additional millions promised.
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CAPTURED: #Zucker giving his #FakeNewsCNN zombies his daily #Propaganda orders to deceive the American public. Big buck$ paid to who'll perpetrate the deception. It is #ExposeCNNDay. So, yes, do #ExposeCNN!! Pass it on.
Thank-you #JeffZucker!!

3. #QAnon #Ghislaine started early working on #CNN networking. #ExposeCNN
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Nancy Pelosi's Son Appointed To TWO Boards Of Ukraine Oil Companies!!

#shameonpelosi #WWG1WGA #MAGA #QAnon #PatriotsUnited #DrainTheSwamp #TheJigIsUp
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"NBC Ignores Evidence, Publishes Fake News About CrowdStrike Theories & Smears Those Who Report The Truth"

#NBC #FakeNews about #CrowdStrike conspiracy theories #Debunked, with evidence.
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They Fake News want to claim Viktor Shokin is corrupt. The problem is Ukraine is akin to democrats — varying degrees of corruption. Dmitri Alperovitch, Alexandra Chalupa and Hunter Biden were the ones who were involved in the shakedown. #Crowdstrike
👆👆👆Certainly not, the aforementioned *They* above would like us to forget...👇👇👇
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#Ukraine call, AG Barr, US Atty Durham, #Spygate & #ItalianSpygate

1. This article is very important to me, because it gives us a glimpse on what's REALLY happening.

AG Wiliam Barr is actively supporting US Att. Durham probe:
(cont. >)…

2. Why did #POTUS45 ask #Ukraine President #Zelensky about #Biden's illicit activities?

For the same reason he asked #Australia's PM re: matter related to #Mueller probe:


US officials can't go directly...


3. contact foreign authorities without an introduction by #POTUS.

Why did AG Barr do that?

Because he's supporting US Att. Durham's probe.

Hold on, it's wider than we think.

What is Durham investigating?

#Spygate #ItalianSpygate
#Ukraine #Italy #WWG1WGA
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@TrueEyeTheSpy GPS Coordinates Flashing By On ETS Website. Only what I could see. Very interesting.
@TrueEyeTheSpy Where I got the GPS Coordinates. From ETS Website.
St.James Sydney Australia.
Bunker Hill Monument Boston.
St. Marks Basilica Venice.
(A Bath House? In Port of Khoms, Libya)
(Government Offices? in Tortosa, Spain)

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1. #QAnon Feb 26 2019
All-out assault against the duly elected President of the United States.
We have never experienced anything like this in our history.
Treason & sedition at the highest levels of office throughout many depts...
2. Frmr CIA Analyst Fred Fleitz has extensive knowledge of #whistleblower process. His sources find #Ukraine call #WhistleblowerComplaint was from Congress members writing it. Adam #Schiff was talking about the complaint almost a month before it was filed.
3. Fleitz was told by 2 working on the House Intelligence Committee, a staffer, and a member, that they believe that Intel Committee members helped the #Whistleblower write the intricate, convoluted, self-contradictory, footnoted #WhistleblowerComplaint.
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To learn exactly why Seth Rich was murdered, how it affected the #RussiaHoax and much more, you MUST listen to this interview with @Johnheretohelp

Importantly, you could help protect his life simply by sharing the video.

Please read more about it below.

Also learn how Podesta, Rosenstien, Brazille, DNC & others were allegedly involved

The information is jaw-dropping & concerns many of the swamp scandals over recent years. You will be shocked, but will understand why so much has happened since @RealDonaldTrump ran.
Note: While I write the information below as fact, you should note that it is mostly unverifiable and without citation. I do so because having been involved with the story for some time, I believe it to be with foundation. Ultimately though, it is up to you to judge for yourself.
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.@realDonaldTrump @QTAnon1 @drawandstrike @40_head @M2Madness @martingeddes @prayingmedic @Qanon76

A tip for the Dems:
If you keep doing the same thing over and over and expect a different result, you don’t know how to play 4D chess.
The manual can be found @ Qmap dot pub
Twisting the narrative no longer works....
Your party is now transparent...and so are your lies
People are no longer walking away...they are running from you
You aided and concealed:
- FISA Abuse
- Treason
- The truth about HRC’s 33k emails
- The Fake Steele dossier
- The Russian hoax
- The Ukraine Hoax
- The Spygate Scandal
- The creation of mass immigration on the Southern Border
- Denied funding for said wall to protect US citizens
- Pushing a Socialist Agenda under disguise of a Green Deal
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Mixed motives appear with @jsolomonReports release of #Biden inspired firing of #Ukraine prosecutor #VictorShokin's sworn statement. While #JoeBiden2020 may be in jeopardy over #HunterBiden, a new and darker view of Russo-US pipeline war is emerging.…
@jsolomonReports #ViktorShokin sworn statement depicts US-Ukraine judicial sovereignty tug of war over with Obama-Biden Admin over Russia leaning oligarch #DmitryFirtash ('DF'), against backdrop of overpaid #BoiesSchiller implant #HunterBiden on board of client #Burisma…
@jsolomonReports #ViktorShokin relates Ukraine's use of Neo-Nazi Azov Battalion to scare off 'DF'. Photogenic, well-funded, scary pop-up Units (#ISIS #Charlottesville) a PR disaster, further weakening Ukraine's world stature. "DF' got the message too. Would Israel...?…
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#CrowdstrikeServer is Real Children.

CrowdStrike Holdings, Inc. is an American cybersecurity technology company based in Sunnyvale, California.
The company provides endpoint security, threat intelligence, and cyberattack response services.
A BrainWashed Person commented this on a video of mine
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💥Heads Up💥
Ashton Kutcher! Do we have some data harvesting / mining going on here?! “...shared #, where he promised that people would learn truth💥IF💥 they texted on Tuesday.”
Bad actors gather metadata?! - Q 166
Watch the next tweet! 💥💥💥👇🏻
2. BOOM 💥 I just found Ashton Kutcher directly to Ron Burkle. Investor into Kutchers “A-Grade Investments Inc” Remember Burkle? Connected directly to #Epstein, Clinton, Wasserman.
@JackalsLast Burkle info👇🏻
3. Lets L👀K at THORN by Ashton Kutcher. See partners. #Palantir (I’ll drop that below) Goog, FB. “Tech has made it easier to harm kids” yet never a time in history have we had so many NGO’s to fight #humantrafficking yet the #’s are at unprecedented rate! B/c they control it!
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Time to flip this poll and send Brazile wimpering with her forked tail between her legs.
And just like that, in 15 minutes, we flipped that poll.
This should send shivers down the traitors spineless backs.
@donnabrazile @realDonaldTrump #QAnon
Any Question as to how far our reach is, even while we are shadow banned?
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1) Do you know why I wrote my dissertation on soap operas?
2) Because I was home with two kids and I watched them every day and there was nothing else I could write about.
3) When these two got married, I cried.
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I challenge EVERYONE to read pages 4-6 of the Steele Dossier and tell me that he wasn’t pointing out #Crowdstrike as an internal threat!

Not joking - read it yourself - it points directly at @CrowdStrike & @DAlperovitch.

Perfect Script!

Just read those 3 pages and then read my thread (☝🏻☝🏻) - fits neatly like a 🧩!
Dimitri/Crowdstrike: Do you have any comments?

Please let us know...
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CrowdStrike is Based in [[[ Ukraine ]]]
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I feel we need a recap on #liddleadamschiff

Adam Schift is deep state. He was up to his neck in illegalities involving a likely pedo trafficking venture involving the Standard Hotel.…

#GreatAwakening #Crowdstrike
The Standard Hotel manager in the helicopter crash conveniently died in a helicopter crash. Apparently she had evidence on Schift.
Rothschilds lineage. He is likely part of the NXIVM sex cult and has engaged in the rape of minors. Likely controlled through blackmail due to his predilection for minors. @Potus called him out on a tweet at one point: "Liddle Adam"...
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