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It’s nearly a year since Putin launched his brutal full-scale invasion of #Ukraine.

Throughout this time, Russian forces have been committing widespread atrocities.

There must be justice.

A long, slow 🧵 on what Human Rights Watch has worked on & documented so far…

Russian war crimes began literally from day one of Putin’s renewed invasion. @hrw documented the use of cluster munitions that hit a hospital and a preschool on February 24.…
By the end of the first week of Putin’s renewed invasion, over a million people had fled their homes, many seeking refuge outside #Ukraine, many to Poland, where we followed their stories:…
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1/. Tmw is the 1st anniversary of #Turkey’s withdrawal from the #IstanbulConvention on violence against women

The message it sent out - that men who violently abuse women can carry on with impunity - is dangerous

So what has happened over the last year?
2/. A year after #Turkey withdrew from the #İstanbulConvention, research by @hrw has revealed how women facing domestic violence are being failed

Restraining orders aren’t enforced

Women are face recurring violence & even murder whilst ‘under protection’
3/. “Every day we wake up to news of another woman killed by a lover, an ex, a husband or stranger”

At least 342 women were killed in #Turkey in 2021

In the face of escalating numbers of femicides the govt should have implemented the #IstanbulConvention!…
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4 years today. 💔 That's 209 weeks, 1460 days, 35,040 hours living with this immeasurable hole in our hearts. 💔 Words fail us so instead we turn to action. 🔥 The road to #JusticeForGaia is rocky and long & we'll only make it with your support. Here's how you can help... THREAD
🌹 Follow @JusticeForGaia & send a personal message inviting friends to join you. 📢

🌹 Take a stand. Remember Gaia & show support for the campaign online by lighting a candle or making your own #JusticeForGaia sign & posting a photo online with the hashtag. 📸
🌹 Make something beautiful to submit for #ArtForGaia. All contributions are welcome and treasured. 🎭✍️🧶🎶🎨
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The online review of #France by the UN Disability Committee continues today at 12.30 pm CET. You can watch the dialogue live in English, French and International Sign. #CRPD25 #CRPDNow


Live-tweet will continue under this thread.
The public meeting between the Committee and the French representatives resumes now.

Today the Committee will examine the implementation by France of articles 11 to 21 of the UN Convention and follow-up on issues raised during the dialogue on Wednesday. #CRPD25 #CRPDNow
France says that since 2017, non-discrimination is at the heart of the gov policies. According to the representative, accessible helplines are available for victims with disabilities.
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Today women’s & LGBTI+ organizations, political parties & people from all over Turkey are marching to demand that #Turkey reverse it’s decision to withdraw from the #IstanbulConvention on violence against women. THREAD👇#İstanbulSözleşmesindenVazgeçmiyoruz
Report via @ahval_en: “Turkish police battered women who gathered in Istanbul to protest #Turkey's withdrawal from the #IstanbulConvention on domestic & gender-based violence”

Five protesters were reportedly detained #IstanbulConventionSavesLives #VAM
“Feminism isn’t a Western invention. Feminism wasn’t invented by American women. It’s embedded in the culture & in the struggle of all women all over the world" #NawalElSaadawi Egyptian feminist to @krishgm in 2018 #MeToo  #TimesUp #IstanbulConvention
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1/. “Ten years after the #IstanbulConvention was signed, women are speaking today with one voice to demand that the Turkish authorities reverse a decision that will put the safety & even the lives of millions of women & girls in peril.” @AgnesCallamard…
2/. “Since the announcement that #Turkey will quit the Istanbul Convention, women in Turkey & around the world are coming together. Rather than being cowed, women have been on the streets. Rather than being discouraged women have been galvanised” @amnesty
3/. Since the intention pull out of the #IstanbulConvention was announced, women have been protesting.

In Amsterdam, campaigners laid out 70 pairs of red shoes, each pair symbolising one of the 70 women killed as a result of domestic violence in Turkey since the start of 2021.
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An EC spokesman responds to #Chairgate, explaining protocol department isn't travelling with leaders now because of Covid and didn't see arrangement beforehand.

"The Commission president was clearly surprised, that's something you can see from the video"
"The protocol level of our president is exactly the same as that of the president of the European Council," he says.

"The president should have been seated in exactly the same manner as the Council and Turkish presidents" as she is normally treated in foreign visits.
However "even though she was surprised she preferred to give priority on protocol matters in a way that EU citizens would have expected her to conduct herself."

"I’m sure this was the right way of approaching this."
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1/. EU Leaders @CharlesMichel & @vonderleyen are meeting #Turkey’s President Erdoğan today

This comes as it was revealed that the prosecutor in the trial of @amnesty’s honorary Turkey Chair, #TanerKilic, has requested that the court uphold his conviction…
2/. If the court upholds #TanerKilic’s conviction, he’ll be taken back to jail to serve the rest of his 6yr jail term

He’s already been behind bars for 1+ years

This despite the fact not a SHREAD of evidence has been produced of any criminal wrong doing.
3/. "We’re responsible not only for what we say but what we fail to say by staying silent"

In 2018 when #TanerKilic was in jail, @snowden joined 2m people to demand his release

They included @aiww @itspetergabriel @OfficialSting @BiancaJagger @DavidLammy
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1/. This week we bid goodbye to two human rights heroes

Ystdy, we learned of the sudden death of Prof Christof Heyns (62), a giant of intnl human rights law

Last weekend, Nawal El Saadawi (89), Egyptian feminist, writer & campaigner who fought against patriarchy & poverty, died
2/. “He was a deeply moral man. His life was one of consequence & meaning, in which he used his energy to turn human wrongs into human rights,” @UPTuks

His father, theologian Johan Heyns, who once described apartheid as a sin, was assassinated in 1994.…
3/. "Feminism isn’t a Western invention. Feminism wasn’t invented by American women. It’s embedded in the culture & in the struggle of all women all over the world" #NawalElSaadawi to @krishgm in 2018 #MeToo #TimesUp #IstanbulConvention #WomensHistoryMonth
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1/. At a time when many countries are starting to try & find ways of combating violence against women, #Turkey has just pulled out of #IstanbulConvention

This is the Convention on violence against women

Ironic that it is named after the city in #Turkey.…
2/. #Turkey’s withdrawal from the #IstanbulConvention is deeply worrying, coming at time when #COVID19 measures/lockdowns have led to a spike in reports of violence

Many women & girls trapped at home with their abusers or unable to easily access safety #VAWG #istanbulsoezlesmesi
3/ Turkey’s withdrawal from the #IstanbulConvention will have disastrous consequences for millions of women & girls & to organizations providing vital support to survivors of sexual assault & domestic violence

#Turkey should reconsider this awful decision…
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a thread about what is happening to turkish women:

turkey was the first country to adopt a 2011 council of europe convention on gender-based violence and domestic violence, a groundbreaking legal framework designed to protect victims and effectively prosecute offenders, known as the Istanbul Convention

Since then, however, even basic rights and protections won by Turkish women have come under threat as Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s conservative Justice and Development party (AKP) has tried to repeal Istanbul Convention by claiming it disrespects the religion

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Happy New Year. SBS is entering 2021 w/a renewed energy to fight for long-awaited protections for migrant women. As the #DABill enters #SecondReading in the House of Lords today, Govt must listen and use the chance to enshrine #ProtectionForAll:
We are grateful to @BishGloucester for leading on our amendments to extend the DV Rule and DDVC to all migrant survivors of abuse subject to NRPF. Without this women will continue to remain trapped in abuse and men will continue to abuse with impunity.
You can read our blog reflecting on the journey of the #DABill so far here. Pls RT and support #ProtectionForAll…
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1) Today, there will be demonstrations across #Turkey in protest at proposals to withdraw from the Istanbul Treaty that protects women from violence & domestic abuse.

45 of the Council of Europe states have signed up to the treaty. None as every left it.…
2) Last week, a proposal to withdraw from the Treaty was tabled in Poland

At a time when reports of violence against women have increased & lockdowns have left many women trapped at home with their abusers, more needs to be done to protect them, not less.
3) Tens of thousands of women have taken to streets in 16 cities #Turkey (footage from Istanbul👇)

Demonstrators are united under the slogan ‘We’re not giving up our rights! Imply the İstanbul Convention’ #IstanbulConvention
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Polen möchte aus der #IstanbulConvention austreten, Tausende Polinnen protestieren dagegen. Die Idee ist nicht neu, ich habe vor zwei Jahren darüber geschrieben:…
Gruselig: Die Verflechtung von Politik und den katholischen Extremisten von "Ordo Iuris". Seit 2019 ist Mitgründer Aleksander Stępowski Richter am Obersten Gericht, seit Mai auch deren Sprecher. Krzystof Wiak, Teil des wiss. Beirats von Ordo Iuris, ist dort ebenfalls Richter.
Sag mal, @kapturak, kennst du irgendwelche Ressourcen zu Ordo Iuris auf Englisch oder Deutsch?
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While #femicide cases are frequent in Turkey, governing AKP announced Turkey will withdraw from the Council of Europe Convention on preventing and combating violence against women and domestic violence (Istanbul Convention).

AKP deputy chair Numan Kurtulmuş, "it was wrong to be a signatory to the Istanbul Convention. However it came into use years ago, we will follow the steps to withdraw from it now."

#GenderedViolence Image
During 18 years of AKP governance in Turkey:

📌At least 7500 #femicide cases reported
📌More than 100.000 women were sexually assaulted
📌There were over 200.000 sexual harassment cases in courts.

#IstanbulConvention Image
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Crucial debate today in plenary about the emergency law in Hungary, where depsite the #COVIDー19 limitations, MEPs from all political groups, including Hungarians, could share their views on recent developments. Image
Many MEPs voiced that what is happening in Hungary is a further step towards authoritarianism, that the checks and balances included in the emergency law are useless as they have been hollowed out by 10 years of undermining the #RuleOfLaw...
...that many measures taken by the gvt have nothing to do w/ the fight against #COVIDー19, such as the resolution rejecting the #IstanbulConvention, limiting the rights of Trans people, threatening the media, arresting citizens who voiced their opinions on social media, etc.
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THREAD: Instead of working to protect women & girls during the #COVID19 pandemic, #Hungary has just rushed through a vote to withdraw from a groundbreaking European treaty to combat violence against women. #IstanbulConvention.…
#Hungary's Christian Democratic Party introduced the bill only last night, on the grounds that the #IstanbulConvention's protections of #migrants and #refugees contradict national policy, and that it promotes so-called "gender ideology."…
Such misinformation has been used to advance homophobic, anti-migrant & anti-women's rights agendas elsewhere in the region. Misrepresentation of efforts towards gender equality has provoked dangerous attacks on women's & #LGBT rights in #Poland. See @hrw…
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Violence vs. ♀️ is one of the most wide-spread & persistent #HumanRights violations. The Istanbul Convention is our tool to fight gender-based violence, protect victims & prosecute perpetrators.

Yet, 7 countries -including mine- haven't ratified it! 😡

#IDEVAW2019 @RenewEurope
@RenewEurope While #Orbán makes politics out of our rights, we sat down - with recently elected women from @momentumhu - to talk about empowerment and their role in changing the political culture in the local gvts and assemblies to which they just got elected!

#IDEVAW2019 Image
@RenewEurope @momentumhu @ALDEParty @Europarl_EN Fighting #ViolenceAgainstWomen is not a question of ideology, but an imperative to address #HumanRights violations to which over half of society is exposed.

Implementing #IstanbulConvention wouldn't curb anyone's rights but it would reduce the number #victims!

#SayNoStopVAWG ImageImage
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#HEUNI_Tweetsday Weekly thread on Wednesdays. This month we'll reveal you the key findings from our latest project done w/@SOLWODI, @CIRRIFUGIATI, @JRSizbjeglice, @ENoMW and supported by @EU_Justice
Simple rules: 1❤– 1 finding. 1st topic: #GBV, its consequences & risk factors.
@SOLWODI @CIRRIFUGIATI @JRSizbjeglice @ENoMW @EU_Justice So what are we actually looking into when talking about #GBV against women? Is there any definition? And where to find it? Check out #IstanbulConvention… #VAW #HumanRights #ViolenceAgainstWomen
@SOLWODI @CIRRIFUGIATI @JRSizbjeglice @ENoMW @EU_Justice #Refugee women have different backgrounds including different personal qualities, family situations, levels of education and professions. Refugee women do not form a homogenous group, and they definitely should not be seen as uninformed #victims.
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1/9 Please RT! 📢 Yesterday @novatv_bg, currently still owned by @MTGAB, gave the stage to Alexander Urumov, conservative reactionary, to propagandize against women's rights to abortion. In Bulgaria, abortion rights were NEVER debated until January 2019.…
2/9 Since January 2019 dozens of articles against abortion suddenly popped up in various online media that are known for their EU-skeptic and pro-Kremlin positions. This follows a year of vehement reaction against the advancement of women's rights in Bulgaria.
3/9 In 2018 large scaled campaign attacked the attempt of ratification of @coe's #IstanbulConvention against domestic and gender-based violence. The campaign ended with success when the Constitutional Court held that the convention promotes unconstitutional 'gender-ideology.'
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Today the #CEDAW committee holds its constructive dialogue with the UK government. We asked our From Global to Local programme participants about their key issues and hopes for the review. #CEDAW72
Elysia McCaffrey of @WomenEqualities assures the committee that the UK government will continue to strive to meet its commitments under #CEDAW, and says it has taken a gender mainstreaming approach to its implementation. #CEDAW72
Elysia McCaffrey of @WomenEqualities: UK has strong human rights policy enshrined in the constitution, and its devolution policy is empowering. #CEDAW #CEDAW72
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Good morning from the .@UN 👋 We had an excellent day yesterday preparing for submissions to the CEDAW Committee and today we are back attending #CEDAW72 as the UK government will be appearing before the Committee to answer questions!
We have started now and the UK government is making its 30 minute opening statement. The #metoo movement has already been mentioned! #CEDAW72
The government delegation are highlighting the steps they have taken to promote equality, such as: doubled entitlement of free childcare; committed to assisting individuals have taken time out for caring to return to work; addressing gender pay gap. #CEDAW72
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In zwei Monaten beginnen die Aktionstage #PolitischeBildung. Erinnert wird bei den #atpb19 auch der Gründung des Europarats vor 70 Jahren.
Der Europarat ist die älteste und größte zwischenstaatliche Organisation Europas.
Abb./Logo ad #CoE70 | #Europarat70:… Image
Die Aktionstage Politische Bildung wurden mit Blick auf das „European Year of Citizenship through Education 2005“ sowie als öst. Beitrag zum Europaratsprojekt „Education for #DemocraticCitizenship“ ins Leben gerufen und 2003 erstmals durchgeführt.… #atpb19
70 mal #Europarat
Lesen Sie hier aus Anlass #CoE70 | #Europarat70 ab morgen tägl. bis zum #Europatag in 70 Tagen
> Geschichten aus der Geschichte des Europarats, Wissenswertes über Arbeitsfelder & Programme, Infos zu Menschen und Einrichtungen u.v.m.
@AlexanderWojda @Europarat_DE
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Trump & Sessions rhetoric on undocumented is mainstream here in EU. Its an ongoing battle for protections for UDW
was a hard fight to even get them covered by #VictimsDirective & #IstanbulConvention, with many 'center' politicans arguing migrant women
would "get beaten up or raped in order to get a residence permit"

Ensure ALL women can access shelters & services
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