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Today the #CEDAW committee holds its constructive dialogue with the UK government. We asked our From Global to Local programme participants about their key issues and hopes for the review. #CEDAW72
Elysia McCaffrey of @WomenEqualities assures the committee that the UK government will continue to strive to meet its commitments under #CEDAW, and says it has taken a gender mainstreaming approach to its implementation. #CEDAW72
Elysia McCaffrey of @WomenEqualities: UK has strong human rights policy enshrined in the constitution, and its devolution policy is empowering. #CEDAW #CEDAW72
Elysia McCaffrey, @WomenEqualities: Northern Ireland needs its elective representatives back in government with immediate effect #CEDAW #CEDAW72
Elysia McCaffrey, @WomenEqualities, highlights increased territorial application of #CEDAW from three to seven British overseas territories. UK is considering the reservations related to Bermuda since removal of male conscription legislation. #CEDAW72
Elysia McCaffrey, @WomenEqualities: UK has strong commitment to women’s economic empowerment. 71% of women aged 16-64 are in employment, with lowest ever national gender pay gap. (This pay gap is however high by EU standards: ec.europa.eu/eurostat/stati…) #CEDAW #CEDAW72
Elysia McCaffrey, @WomenEqualities: UK has strengthened laws on violence against women and girls - 20% increase in domestic abuse prosecutions and convictions. #CEDAW #CEDAW72
Elysia McCaffrey, @WomenEqualities, says that UK is free to set its own priorities, including in gender equality; does not need EU to do that. It has strong safeguards in place to protect all its people even when UK leaves the EU. #CEDAW #CEDAW72
Elysia McCaffrey, @WomenEqualities: Equal pay and ban on sex discrimination were brought in to UK even before EU restrictions. Even requirement of employers to publish their gender pay information was done without reference to EU regulations. #CEDAW #CEDAW72
Elysia McCaffrey, @WomenEqualities: UK will do more for women with complex needs. Underrepresentation of all women in public and political life is a key priority area for government. 2018 marked centenary of suffrage to encourage women in democracy. #CEDAW #CEDAW72
Elysia McCaffrey, @WomenEqualities, speaks of ways to “Increase ambition around women in labour market”. Strong economy is essential to tackle any injustices. #CEDAW #CEDAW72
Elysia McCaffrey, @WomenEqualities: abortion is an extremely sensitive issue. Devolution gives Northern Ireland the powers to legislate on health matters through locally elected legislators. #CEDAW #CEDAW72 #AbortionRightsNi
Elysia McCaffrey, @WomenEqualities: We are united in the belief that gender-based violence is a dangerous feature of our society. UK took on a lot to tackle this - protecting & supporting victims, incl. funding for rape support, is a key priority, as is prevention #CEDAW #CEDAW72
#CEDAW committee: Women's fundamental rights have not been considered in Brexit. UK is withdrawing from the legal bloc of EU which has many protections for women. Rights of women must be seen as an urgent and critical investment of the nation. #CEDAW72 #UKCEDAW
#CEDAW committee: Scotland set up a commission to look into evaluation of Brexit's impact on women. Commitment to equality should not be partial but complete. Is UK ready to create full transformation to ensure access to justice for all women? #CEDAW72 #UKCEDAW
#CEDAW committee: UK's response to weakness and inequality should not be partial and ineffective. EU legal system and jurisprudence and the contribution of the European Convention on Human Rights should be integrated into UK system with no regression. #CEDAW72 #UKCEDAW
#CEDAW committee notes that UK has mentioned a great deal of progress, however it is not satisfactory considering what is at stake. MInorities and the most vulnerable see risk of regression in the law. #CEDAW72 #UKCEDAW
#CEDAW committee notes that #SDGs are not mentioned in UK state report at all. Can these be integrated into CEDAW obligations? #CEDAW72 #UKCEDAW
#CEDAW committee: Peace agreement in Northern Ireland does not seem to take into account the experiences of the women. How will Brexit affect the peace agreement? #CEDAW72 #UKCEDAW
Elysia McCaffrey: UK is proud of taking a leading role in tackling inequalities, especially for women, & will continue to do so post-Brexit. @WomenEqualities is moving to Cabinet Office by 1 April. Equality work will be at heart of government & able to address intersectionalities
Irene Solomon of @WomenEqualities assures committee that UK is committed to implementing all provisions of #CEDAW and incorporate them into domestic law.
Equality legislation and Human Rights Act already have similar provisions to CEDAW. #CEDAW72 #UKCEDAW
Irene Solomon, @WomenEqualities, says that non-legislative measures are also a way to ensure objectives of #CEDAW, and that appropriateness of measure is for state to decide. 😒 #CEDAW72 #UKCEDAW
Irene Solomon, @WomenEqualities: Gender is mainstreamed - all government agencies are to ensure gender and women/girls are integrated in their policies. Non-regression of all UK's international obligations has already been stated by head of delegation. #CEDAW #CEDAW72 #UKCEDAW
Fiona MacLeod Chapman, deputy director of legal aid policy at @MoJGovUK: White paper and political declaration that UK will still remain party to ECHR and EU charter and declaration of rights despite Brexit - rights and liberties remain. #CEDAW #CEDAW72 #UKCEDAW
Fiona MacLeod Chapman, @MoJGovUK: Existing workers' rights enjoyed as part of EU will remain in place despite Brexit. EU and UK will proceed with future partnership agreements. #CEDAW #CEDAW72 #UKCEDAW
Elysia McCaffrey, @WomenEqualities: UK signed #IstanbulConvention in 2012 and remains committed to ratifying it; UK already meets or goes further than what the convention requires. #CEDAW #CEDAW72 #UKCEDAW
Elysia McCaffrey, @WomenEqualities: UK has taken on extraterritorial obligations over some women's human rights issues such as FGM and forced marriage. Increased funding pledged to prevent violence against women and girls. #CEDAW #CEDAW72 #UKCEDAW
Charles Ramsden, head of EU and international policy, @WomenEqualities: UK is committed to #SDGs and is considering national voluntary reporting, including on Goals 5 and 10. Conscious of the relationship between SDGs, #CEDAW and Beijing +25. #CEDAW72 #UKCEDAW
Charles Ramsden, @WomenEqualities: UK is proud to extend the reach of #CEDAW to British Overseas Territories - 70,000 extra women and girls are enjoying better rights. #CEDAW72 #UKCEDAW
Charles Ramsden, @WomenEqualities: #CEDAW was extended to British Overseas Territories on request of their governments. Once extended, compliance is with those governments, but they work in partnership with UK government. Many have established NHRIs to promote implementation.
Elysia McCaffrey, @WomenEqualities: UK action plan for women, peace & security is outwardly focused on international defence and development efforts. This is intentional to avoid duplication of national strategies. Working to integrate gender perspectives into strategies. #CEDAW
#CEDAW committee says it would like to insist on visibility of convention and legal transposition in the UK. #CEDAW72 #UKCEDAW
#CEDAW committee says that UK should evaluate whether minority women are covered sufficiently by protections. #CEDAW72 #UKCEDAW
#CEDAW committee congratulates UK for its global support to conflict and at-risk (fragile) countries; urges it to consider suspension of arms sales to countries in conflict, under its commitment under the Arms Treaty. #CEDAW72 #UKCEDAW @WILPF @Peace_Women
#CEDAW committee notes that UK waited for initiative from overseas territories and then supported them in implementing CEDAW; opines that UK should take the initiative to ensure that its overseas territories implement the convention. #CEDAW72 #UKCEDAW
#CEDAW committee asks how UK ensures harmonisation of law given existence of Syariah law and courts. State report provides no information on this. How to ensure Syariah courts will apply interpretation based on CEDAW? #CEDAW72 #UKCEDAW
Elysia McCaffrey, @WomenEqualities: UK is proud to uphold rule of law, and alternative dispute resolution systems must abide by UK law. There is no parallel court system in UK. Syariah laws don't supercede UK law. #CEDAW #CEDAW72 #UKCEDAW
Elysia McCaffrey, @WomenEqualities: Detention systems are for securitising UK and people held in these centres are safe. Probably every NGO in this room would beg to differ. #CEDAW #CEDAW72 #UKCEDAW
Replying to question from #CEDAW committee on arms sales, Elysia McCaffrey of @WomenEqualities says that UK will take into account whether items will cause gender-based violence, in which case export licence will not be granted. #CEDAW72 #UKCEDAW
Alyson Francis of @WelshGovernment says that Wales is now reviewing all legislations to bring them into compliance with #CEDAW. Intention is to emulate the progress made by Scotland. #CEDAW72 #UKCEDAW
#CEDAW committee firmly calls out UK government on its practice of indefinite immigration detention, including of pregnant women. Cites abuse, lack of beds, cramped conditions. Detention should be a last resort rather than first-instance solution; and never indefinite. #CEDAW72
#CEDAW committee acknowledges legislative difference between different nations of the UK but says they need to be tackled together. Especially in context of Brexit, need to ensure that CEDAW will be a positive driving force for all women in the country. #CEDAW72 #CEDAWUK
#CEDAW committee says that it does not understand UK's reservation to full incorporation. CEDAW is a template for reorganising/transforming your society. #CEDAW72 #CEDAWUK
#CEDAW committee: Loss of EU funding for women civil society organisations is a concern. Notes increase in military spending and also cuts to services for most vulnerable. #CEDAW72 #UKCEDAW @WILPF @Peace_Women
#CEDAW committee tells UK that participation of women, in some areas, does not include vulnerable women such as black and minority ethnic women, lesbians, bisexual and trans women, women with disabilities. Committee is considering mandatory Temporary Special Measures #CEDAW72
#CEDAW committee: Progress by Scottish government to address women in employment, especially in higher levels of management and in STEM. How is this progress being shared to other parts of UK? #CEDAW72 #UKCEDAW
#CEDAW committee: Numbers of women increase but diversity cannot be seen, and should always be considered. There are issues with austerity measures. Given Brexit, what Temporary Special Measures is UK government considering for the most affected women? #CEDAW72 #UKCEDAW
UK government: UK will still get EU funding until UK leaves. White paper (April 2018) indicated interest to continue to participate on some EU programmes post-Brexit. Funding for equality duties is covered for 2019/2020. #CEDAW #CEDAW72 #UKCEDAW
UK government: Target for FTSE 100 companies is 30% quotas, and looking at FTSE 200 companies as well. Monitoring these indicators strongly. #CEDAW #CEDAW72 #UKCEDAW
Elysia McCaffrey: Representation and diversity benefits democracy. Must improve data and datasets. @ONS, in equality data audit with @WomenEqualities, set up system for monitoring equality duties for all of UK on several grounds including sex. Works with Disability & Race offices
Charles Ramsden of @WomenEqualities tells #CEDAW committee of enhanced government funding for 97 rape and sexual abuse support centres - an extra £100k each. Extension of funding from 1 to 3 years to ensure sustainability for frontline service providers. #CEDAW72 #UKCEDAW
Questions to UK from #CEDAW committee: Are rules and guidance already in place to address negative stereotypes in media? What are the mechanisms for implementation? There is an overwhelming gap in media platforms - any plans to decrease it? #CEDAW72 #UKCEDAW
#CEDAW committee: One third of young women in UK face online abuse and harassment. Government should consider online violence in sex and relationships education in schools. #CEDAW72 #UKCEDAW
#CEDAW committee addresses IGM in the UK, asking what measures government is taking to address challenges, including extending statutes of limitation #CEDAW72 #UKCEDAW #StopIGM @intersexuk
#CEDAW committee: UK delegation reported it is strengthening FGM laws, under which professionals must mandatorily report. Scotland and Wales are also considering this. Is the law following with prosecution? #CEDAW72 #UKCEDAW #StopFGM
#CEDAW committee: Almost a third of all violence reported to police was related to domestic abuse. Sexual offences reported to police in England and Wales increased by 14% by end of 2018. #CEDAW72 #UKCEDAW
#CEDAW committee: Draft domestic abuse bill has failed to acknowledge gendered nature of domestic abuse. How will the draft bill address the specific responses and protections that women need? #CEDAW72 #UKCEDAW
#CEDAW committee notes that UK's definition of trafficking does not align with the Palermo Protocol. Many victims fall through the gaps, unable to access support and assistance. Question to government on timeline to ensure support services are available #CEDAW72 #UKCEDAW
#CEDAW committee: What measures is UK taking to train officials in identifying victims of trafficking? What action is state taking in relation to pending bill on victim recovery and support? Remedies and compensation are largely inaccessible to victims. #CEDAW72 #UKCEDAW
#CEDAW committee asks about criminalisation of trafficking victims. Current law does not remove potential for prosecution if victim commits a crime within the context of being trafficked. How will immunity be granted? #CEDAW72 #UKCEDAW
#CEDAW committee: Victims of trafficking are not automatically entitled to remain in UK - must apply for discretionary right to remain, which is often denied. This leaves them vulnerable to further exploitation. How does the state party intend to address this situation? #CEDAW72
#CEDAW committee addresses shortfalls in @theresa_may's Modern Slavery Act, which has a negative impact on women in prostitution, particularly vulnerable groups who were exploited and forced into prostitution. What measures are being taken by government for support services?
#CEDAW committee asks UK whether legal aid is provided to victims of trafficking. What action is taken by government to reduce demand and sanction perpetrators (and traffickers)? What is the assessment by Northern Ireland of adoption of the Nordic model? #CEDAW72 #UKCEDAW
#CEDAW committee says that UK is becoming a destination for sex traffickers, and asks how government plans to remedy the pull factors. #CEDAW72 #UKCEDAW
Elysia McCaffrey says that UK government has just issued a call for evidence on IGM - it understands that it doesn’t have enough information on the issue but hopes to in due course and will follow up with committee. #CEDAW #CEDAW72 #UKCEDAW #StopIGM @intersexuk
Elysia McCaffrey, @WomenEqualities: New rule that adverts must not have gender stereotypes which are harmful; regulation will take effect by June 2019. #CEDAW #CEDAW72 #UKCEDAW
Elysia McCaffrey, @WomenEqualities: Recognition that media exerts significant control and influence over perceptions, especially of role of women and men in society. UK government is committed to ending all online and offline abuse and bullying. #CEDAW #CEDAW72 #UKCEDAW
Alyson Francis, @WelshGovernment: Wales reviewed its entire curriculum and developed a new one to be implemented in April 2019, which includes anti-bullying and cyberbullying elements. #CEDAW #CEDAW72 #UKCEDAW
Alyson Francis responds to #CEDAW committee on trafficking, sex work, and prostitution, saying a rounded approach is being taken in Wales - how to identify, rescue and support victims and also how to bring people to justice. #CEDAW72 #UKCEDAW
Unfortunately, no mention of how many sex workers they've heard from. #CEDAW #CEDAW72 #CEDAWsexworker
Alyson Francis, @WelshGovernment: Wales has developed victim response and multi-agency response pathway to support and create supportive environment for victims of trafficking. Also have sub-groups that provide trainings on sex work and on trafficking. #CEDAW #CEDAW72 #UKCEDAW
Charles Ramsden of @WomenEqualities: Priority is to protect those selling sex from harm and exploitation. Enable police and others to tackle these harms. #CEDAW #CEDAW72 #UKCEDAW #CEDAWsexworker
Fiona MacLeod Chapman of @MoJGovUK: First case of FGM was successfully prosecuted in February 2019. 296 FGM protection orders have been issued. #CEDAW #CEDAW72 #UKCEDAW
Fiona MacLeod Chapman of @MoJGovUK: evidence-based review of legal aid was undertaken and legal support action plan developed. Exceptional Case Funding scheme will ensure legal aid is available, including to victims of modern slavery or trafficking. #CEDAW #CEDAW72 #UKCEDAW
Scottish spokesperson: Equally Safe programme focuses on gender-based violence in all forms and is looking at prostitution and sexual exploitation as a specific issue. #CEDAW #CEDAW72 #UKCEDAW
Scottish spokesperson: Just had a consultation on FGM in Scotland. Need to take this forward, recognising the sensitivities of the issues, but ensuring that a situation is not created whereby prevalence is hidden. #CEDAW #CEDAW72 #UKCEDAW
Scottish spokesperson: People should be able to report FGM without facing barriers to accessing necessary support. #CEDAW #CEDAW72 #UKCEDAW
Elysia McCaffrey, @WomenEqualities: Training is in place for first responders to victims of trafficking. Also working on strengthening identification and support for women and girls who are victims of trafficking. #CEDAW #CEDAW72 #UKCEDAW
Elysia McCaffrey, @WomenEqualities: Migrant victims of gender-based violence whose immigration status shows no valid reasons to stay can still apply for leave to stay, and obtain services & other support such as housing etc. She says it is usually granted #CEDAW #CEDAW72 #UKCEDAW
#CEDAW committee asks UK government about sufficiency of funding for services for victims of trafficking, and an assessment of the Nordic model in Northern Ireland. #CEDAW72 #UKCEDAW #CEDAWsexworker
#CEDAW committee: An important issue is tax evasion and how, when taxes are not paid, this mainly affects social services and services for women in particular. #CEDAW72 #UKCEDAW
Question from #CEDAW committee to UK government on 2016 National Action Plan on GBVAW. What is the approach taken towards women victims with disabilities, especially linked to their economic disempowerment, access to justice and dependency on people who enact VAW against them?
#CEDAW committee asks how women with disabilities in the UK can exit abusive relationships and access the justice system. #CEDAW72 #UKCEDAW
#CEDAW committee notes increase of hate speech and xenophobia in UK; asks government about its response. Pro-Brexit speeches are marked by this racism and behaviour. How are vulnerable persons protected? Media and education are ways to address this. #CEDAW72 #UKCEDAW
#CEDAW committee is perplexed by UK Modern Slavery Act's definition of trafficking. Why not use definition in Palermo Protocol? Lord McColl's Bill provides a victim-centered approach to trafficking - why the state reluctance to move forward with it? #CEDAW72 #UKCEDAW
Spokesperson for @CommunitiesNI says that feedback has shown more women are keen to be involved in their communities, and community transformation programme provides an opportunity for them to do this. #CEDAW #CEDAW72 #UKCEDAW
Spokesperson for @CommunitiesNI tells #CEDAW committee of legislation for women who are mentally incapacitated and lack legal capacity - provides for support for people to be able to make decisions (‘litigation friend’) #CEDAW72 #UKCEDAW
Scottish spokesperson tells #CEDAW committee that racism is high and statistics are showing an increase in discrimination against people with disabilities and against trans people. #CEDAW72 #UKCEDAW
Alyson Francis tells #CEDAW committee that @WelshGovernment has a framework for tackling hate crime incidents - main purpose is to encourage public bodies and others to report hate crimes in order to ensure they are not hidden. #CEDAW72 #UKCEDAW
Alyson Francis: @WelshGovernment is working with @cardiffuni and police to make improvements in how hate crimes are detected and defuse situations in which they occur. Increase in funding to regional coordinating organisations providing support in reducing hate crimes. #CEDAW
Alyson Francis of @WelshGovernment notes that interfaith organisations are a great support in creating awareness aimed at reducing hate crimes. #CEDAW #CEDAW72 #UKCEDAW
Elysia McCaffrey, @WomenEqualities responds to question from #CEDAW committee on tax evasion, saying that tax department wants to ensure fairness in the tax regime. #CEDAW72 #UKCEDAW
Elysia McCaffrey, @WomenEqualities: Victims of hate crimes are supported and perpetrators feel full force of law. Increased funding to tackle hate crimes. #CEDAW #CEDAW72 #UKCEDAW
Spokesperson for @CommunitiesNI: Review is being carried out by @QUBelfast to assess the Nordic Model and its impact on reducing demand as well as the well-being of sex workers. #CEDAW #CEDAW72 #UKCEDAW #CEDAWsexworker
#CEDAW committee and UK state delegation have reconvened following lunch. Watch live at webtv.un.org/live-now/watch… #CEDAW72 #UKCEDAW
Elysia McCaffrey, @WomenEqualities addresses #CEDAW committee concerns about homophobic hate crimes. Anti-bullying programme rolled out in 1200 schools currently with plans for more. Acknowledgement that women with disabilities are much more likely to experience violence & abuse.
#CEDAW committee asks UK government what measures are taken at national level - including all overseas territories and devolved nations - to ensure more equal representation of women. #CEDAW72 #UKCEDAW
#CEDAW committee notes that only 4% of UK MPs are minority women, and although 1 in 5 women in UK has a disability, their representation in parliament is very low. What is being done to increase participation of black women, Muslim women & women with disabilities? #CEDAW #CEDAW72
#CEDAW committee asks about UK's measures to increase quantity of women diplomats, especially in decision-making positions. How many women are in the Commonwealth Secretariat? #CEDAW72 #UKCEDAW
#CEDAW notes barrier constituted by lack of accessible information to empower minority women, and asks what is being done in Northern Ireland to stimulate women to participate in public and poltical life. #CEDAW72 #UKCEDAW
#CEDAW committee asks why UK ratified has not ratified @ILO Convention 159 - Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment of Disabled Persons. #CEDAW72 #UKCEDAW
Spokesperson for @CommunitiesNI says that absence of data at times makes it difficult to implement measures for underrepresented groups. Gender Equality Strategy ended in 2016 and now it's for the minister to decide whether to proceed. #CEDAW #CEDAW72 #UKCEDAW
Fiona MacLeod Chapman of @MoJGovUK: UK making progress in relation to diversity in judiciary. Working closely with chairman of the judiciary appointment to ensure representation. Government also funding pre-appointment judiciary programme targeting underrepresented groups #CEDAW
Fiona MacLeod Chapman, @MoJGovUK: 51% of new barristers are women. More black and minority women lawyers. Queen's Counsel appointments increasing (no state provided). 17% of judges in Scotland are now women. #CEDAW #CEDAW72 #UKCEDAW
Scottish spokesperson reports 26% women in judiciary. 52 of 108 applications from women recommended for appointment. #CEDAW #CEDAW72 #CEDAWUK
Elysia McCaffrey of @WomenEqualities says that gender pay gap in UK's IT sector is higher than normal, but the government is still committed to ensuring that employers with more than 200 employees will publish their gender pay information. #CEDAW #CEDAW72 #UKCEDAW
Question from #CEDAW committee to UK on impact of austerity on women & girls in rural areas. UK does not offer an educational environment that fully enhances learning experience of young women. Four in ten rural schools - primary and secondary - are undersubscribed & underfunded.
#CEDAW committee notes that rural schools are shortstaffed and staff are overworked. Cuts to transportation - rural girls, especially those who attend outside their rural communities, have no public transport. Rural areas also have limited internet connectivity. #CEDAW72 #UKCEDAW
#CEDAW committee asks UK government about strategies to overcome the limitations faced by rural young women and girls in relation to education. #CEDAW72 #UKCEDAW
#CEDAW committee notes that UK policies to address bullying make little reference to misogyny or gendered harassment. What strategies are available to address intersectional bullying and improving data collection? #CEDAW72 #UKCEDAW
#CEDAW committee asks UK government about how LGBT issues are handled in school curriculum. Limited information in Northern Ireland is largely prejudicial and against LGBT interests. #CEDAW72 #UKCEDAW
Question from #CEDAW committee on access to sex education for girls with disabilities. Is there a specific curriculum and what is the substance of this? Implication that they are asexual - impacts on domestic and sexual violence. #CEDAW72 #UKCEDAW
Carol from @CommunitiesNI says that school content in Northern Ireland is not static. Schools can choose. Pupils learn comprehensive sexuality education. @Education_NI is responsible for assessing curriculum especially regarding sex and relationships education to ensure relevance
Carol from @CommunitiesNI says that content taught in Northern Irish schools includes domestic violence and abuse, LGBTQ, and informed consent. 🤔 #CEDAW #CEDAW72 #UKCEDAW
Alyson Francis of @WelshGovernment tells #CEDAW committee of lesson plans focused on gender-based bullying. #CEDAW72 #UKCEDAW
Alyson Francis of @WelshGovernment responds to question from #CEDAW committee on transport issues especially for rural communities; says that all 16-18 year olds in Wales are able to travel on buses for one third discount & this will be extended to 21-year-olds. #CEDAW72 #UKCEDAW
Elysia McCaffrey of @WomenEqualities says that all harassment and bullying in schools is unacceptable. A bullying policy is legally required. Department of Education is providing 2.5 million pounds in funding to support anti-bullying policies/strategies. #CEDAW #CEDAW72 #UKCEDAW
Elysia McCaffrey, @WomenEqualities: Relationship education is compulsory in primary schools and relationship and sex education compulsory in secondary schools. Health education is compulsory in all state-funded schoools. #CEDAW #CEDAW72 #UKCEDAW
Elysia McCaffrey, @WomenEqualities: Schools are expected to comply with Equality Act and ensure they address characteristics protected under the law. #CEDAW #CEDAW72 #UKCEDAW
Elysia McCaffrey, @WomenEqualities: Counterterrorism is built on approach that united public and private sectors; strategy has not been framed around particular identities or gender. #CEDAW #CEDAW72 #UKCEDAW
Elysia McCaffrey, @WomenEqualities, on prevention of terrorism through education: strategy to eradicate terrorism in schools is called “Contest”. Also prevention of gang-based physical and sexual abuse. #CEDAW #CEDAW72 #UKCEDAW
Scotland reports £600 million investment in broadband and a commitment to ensure every home and business has ‘super fast’ broadband by 2021. #CEDAW #CEDAW72 #UKCEDAW
Scotland: Transport partnerships to tailor transport needs for specific groups, whether low-income or isolated, to see how transport can address some aspects of inequalities. #CEDAW #CEDAW72 #UKCEDAW
Scotland: National strategy - “Respect for All” - bullying in all forms not tolerated. Schools have requirement to record incidences. Public campaign addressing sexual harassment and sexual bullying. #CEDAW #CEDAW72 #UKCEDAW
Scotland: LGBTI-inclusive education is integrated in school education. “Just need to ensure the practicality of implementing it in all schools” - spokesperson. #CEDAW #CEDAW72 #UKCEDAW
#CEDAW committee member notes that change in pension age seems to be reason for high numbers of women in employment, and asks whether there are there any legal protections of women's employment rights which will be lost with Brexit. #CEDAW72 #UKCEDAW
#CEDAW committee: UK gender pay gap is now at its lowest, at 17.9%, but still high in both horizontal and veritical comparisons. Different models to report pay gap in the different areas. What are the good practices in UK on gender gap reporting? #CEDAW72 #UKCEDAW
#CEDAW committee queries UK on zero-hour contracts, whereby employer is not obliged to provide any minimum working hours; notes that labour market is not favorable to women, because of unequal sharing of family responsibility. #CEDAW72 #UKCEDAW #PurpleEconomy
#CEDAW committee asks why there is a 12-month service threshold to request flexible working. Childcare cost in UK is higher than OECD average, and even more so in Northern Ireland. How is government going to address this? #CEDAW72 #UKCEDAW
#CEDAW committee asks if UK will consider enacting a mandatory duty of employers to protect workers from sexual harassment. #CEDAW72 #UKCEDAW
2.2 million women with disabilities are not in employment. #CEDAW committee asks what steps UK government will take to ensure these women are included in the workforce. #CEDAW72 #UKCEDAW
#CEDAW committee notes that pension age in the UK is now equal, but this change negatively affects almost 4 million women born in the 1950s; asks government how it plans to deal with this specific group of women. #CEDAW72 #UKCEDAW #BackTo60 #50sWomen
UK government says one of the main causes of gender pay gap is stereotype. Most women are in education, health and retail, and at lower levels. #CEDAW #CEDAW72 #UKCEDAW
UK government says flexible work arrangement threshold is 26 weeks, not 12 months, and this is statutory. It understands the need for many to request flexible hours from day one - e.g. childcare commitments. (No elaboration on how to resolve this.) #CEDAW #CEDAW72 #UKCEDAW
Beatrice from @DWP says that government believes work is the best way to lift people from poverty; gives glowing review of Universal Credit which nobody over here is buying. #CEDAW #CEDAW72 #UKCEDAW
Elysia McCaffrey of @WomenEqualities says that one million more disabled people will be in work by 2027. #CEDAW #CEDAW72 #UKCEDAW
#CEDAW committee says that free health access to all is exemplary; however recently the health budget is worrying. #CEDAW72 #UKCEDAW
#CEDAW committee notes an increasing number of women from Northern Ireland going to Great Britain for abortion. These women face cultural & financial barriers. What measures are in place to ensure they have the best services available and will not be persecuted? #CEDAW72 #UKCEDAW
#CEDAW committee asks about accessibility of morning-after pill in Northern Ireland. #CEDAW72 #UKCEDAW
#CEDAW committee asks how mental health is dealt with by the state and notes that the issue is always sensitive in rural areas as access to services is always more difficult; asks for any ideas from UK government to ensure equality of rights to access to health services #CEDAW72
Charles Ramsden of @WomenEqualities says UK government remains committed to obligations on abortion under international law and though England is the signatory to international treaties it is up to the devolved nations to make sure local laws and actions are compliant #CEDAW
Charles Ramsden, @WomenEqualities notes support for travel costs for Northern Irish women travelling to Great Britain for abortions as well as anyone accompanying them. Also STI testing & legal counselling to ensure legal threshold for availing right to abortion has been reached
Charles Ramsden of @WomenEqualities acknowledges deaths in detention due to mental health problems - decrease in numbers but yes, more could be done. Women in detention are more likely to self-harm than men. #CEDAW #CEDAW72 #UKCEDAW
#CEDAW committee notes that UK government's replies to questions about women with disabilities are instead more broadly about people with disabilities. Concerns about intersex surgeries and forced sterilisation. How to repeal these and bring in line with human rights? #CEDAW72
#CEDAW committee asks UK government if there has been any move to encourage companies with less than 250 employees to report on gender pay gap. #CEDAW72 #UKCEDAW
#CEDAW committee recommends that UK empower young girls to ensure they become more confident in themselves at an early age, through sports or learning about their rights. It's the 40th anniversary of CEDAW - perhaps this could be promoted in schools. #CEDAW72 #UKCEDAW
#CEDAW committee highlights @ILO Convention 156 (Equal Opportunities and Equal Treatment for Men and Women Workers: Workers with Family Responsibilities). Will UK ratify it to assist women to participate in all spheres? #CEDAW72 #UKCEDAW
#CEDAW committee notes low numbers of women called to bar and appointments of QCs; asks what is being done to make process more women-friendly. #CEDAW72 #UKCEDAW
#CEDAW committee says it is not questioning right of Secretary of State to revoke citizenship but rather is concerned about safeguards in place to avoid making a person stateless. #CEDAW72 #UKCEDAW
Scottish spokesperson tells #CEDAW committee of fair work action plan which addresses all the gaps, including gender pay gap; another good practice is Scottish business pledge to adopt fair work practice. #CEDAW72 #UKCEDAW
UK government responds to #CEDAW committee on change to pension age, telling of full working life strategy and other mechanisms to address hardship and to support women; says most would have already retired. (The #BackTo60 campaign exists for a reason, though.) #CEDAW72 #UKCEDAW
#CEDAW committee returns to topic of tax evasion combined with austerity measures - these contribute to reduction of services & redistribution of resources in change of policies. Governments are less willing to spend on social services - which are most depended on by women.
#CEDAW committee says that tax evasion is still a prominent feature of UK overseas territory; asks how tax revenues are used to secure services for the most marginalised. #CEDAW72 #UKCEDAW
UK state report noted concern of #CEDAW committee & NGOs on impact of policy measures on women's groups. Committee member notes that UK has fifth largest economy but one fifth of population lives in poverty. 1.5 million are destitute and unable to afford basic essentials #CEDAW72
#CEDAW committee asks UK government to explain the country's increasing poverty and inequality. What special measures are being taken to address this? Asks about Roma women #CEDAW72 #UKCEDAW
#CEDAW committee says UK Equality Act of 2010 is unable to address intersectional discrimination faced by women as it cannot address more than two grounds for discrimination. #CEDAW72 #UKCEDAW
#CEDAW committee asks government about role of gender mechanism to domesticate CEDAW and harmonise system given the disparity in its compliance and integration across the nations of the UK. #CEDAW72 #UKCEDAW
#CEDAW committee asks UK about fracking and climate change policy - how are women taken into account in these? #CEDAW72 #UKCEDAW
#CEDAW committee shares a great deal of information and data on the marginalisation of black and minority ethnic women; women and girls with disabilities; migrant & refugee women; women in detention. Humiliating practice of strip searches continues in detention. #CEDAW72 #UKCEDAW
Elysia McCaffrey of @WomenEqualities says that UK government takes tax evasion very seriously, but British overseas territories are responsible for their own fiscal matters. #CEDAW #CEDAW72 #UKCEDAW
Beatrice from @DWP says that Universal Credit is flagship welfare provision policy. Support for maximum of 2 children ensures fairness between claimants who support themselves solely through work, with exceptions to further protect certain groups. 🤔 Also:
Reiteration from Elysia McCaffrey of @WomenEqualities that detention plays a key role in immigration control & securing UK borders. Assurance that it is only used in strictly necessary circumstances. Pregnant women only detained as last resort & for a maximum of 72 hours #CEDAW72
#CEDAW committee asks UK when no-fault divorce is likely to become available in England and Wales. What consultation with women’s groups? Any such divorce reform proposals in Scotland or Northern Ireland? Will they affect Islamic or any other religous marriages? #CEDAW72 #UKCEDAW
#CEDAW committee turns to forced marriage in UK. Are parents counselled about importance of obtaining their daughter’s informed consent to marriage? Why so few prosecutions for forced marriages? Is it true police and social services urge complainants to go back to their families?
#CEDAW committee asks UK if it is true that teachers are dissuaded from reporting forced marriages, and about barriers to repatriation or return for those forced marriages contracted overseas. Does financial burden create an obstacle to repatriation of victims? #CEDAW72 #UKCEDAW
#CEDAW committee returns to Universal Credit, asking UK whether children should suffer for the decisions of their parents. Is the child responsible for their parent having more than two children? Should the child suffer if their parent is aged under 25? #CEDAW72 #UKCEDAW
#CEDAW committee asks UK government why the two-child cap for Universal Credit. Especially given that statistics show that most households only have two children, why a cap on the housholds who need it the most? #CEDAW72 #UKCEDAW
#CEDAW committee asks UK government if it can consider a Special Measure to address the disparity in the pension payment between men and women. #CEDAW72 #UKCEDAW #BackTo60 #50sWomen
More questions from #CEDAW committee on women in detention - but we're out of time & the UK state review has concluded. The committee has not let the government off the hook today, & NGOs present hope that this will lead to real change for many vulnerable groups #CEDAW72 #UKCEDAW
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