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[Thread in 8: 10 bizarre Lügen von Judy Mikovits]

Judy wer?

Eine klassische Wissenschaftsbetrügerin und Stichwortgeberin für Impfgegner, Verschwörungsnarratologen und #Aluhüten, z.B. Stefan #Homburg.

Die schiere Anzahl und Durchgeknalltheit ihrer Lügen sind legendär.

1/8 Image
1) Sie behauptet, bei der HIV-Forschung zu entscheidenden Durchbrüchen geführt zu haben, dank der die Krankheit behandelbar wurde.

Die Wahrheit: Ihr erstes veröffentlichtes Papier von ihr und Ruscetti 1986 lief recht gut, mit 119 Zitationen. Bahnbrechend war es aber nicht.

2/8 ImageImage
2) Sie sagt, sie wurde grundlos inhaftiert und ein Anwalt wurde ihr verwehrt.

Tja: Sie stahl ein Notebook, war grad mal 5 Tage in Haft und hatte auch sofort einen Anwalt.

3) Jede öffentliche Äußerung sei ihr untersagt.

Tja: Vollquatsch. Sie äußert sich auch ständig.

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1/ Let's talk about the #sarscov2 "catastrophe" in the Sunbelt. Positive tests are running high. Hospitals are fuller but not full. And now, yes, deaths have risen.

How much? AZ/FL/TX - with 60 million people - reported 242 deaths combined today (down from 293 yesterday)...
2/ This number is not fully comparable to the New York April figures, because the epidemic has gone on long enough that there is much more backdating now (so current counts may be somewhat inflated); but on its face it translates into a death rate of about 10% of NY's peak days.
3/ Further, although deaths lag, the Sunbelt spike has now gone on long enough that the pig should be making its way through the python - that is, deaths typically occur 14-18 days after a positive test and 10-14 after hospitalizations. (In NY the gap was shorter, actually.)
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1/ This study looked at exhaled breaths in patients w/ confirmed respiratory infections, including seasonal coronavirus (not #SARSCov2), flu, and rhinoviruses.

They studied both droplets and aerosol in breaths w/ and w/o masks on the patient.… Image
2/ For seasonal coronaviruses, they found a significantly lower detectable viral shedding in both droplets and aerosols from exhaled breath when regular surgical face masks were worn v/ when they were not worn. Image
3/ Not that we need any more evidence to wear masks, but here is more evidence that masks can and do have a notable effect on source control, which is very important w/ pre symptomatic transmission in #covid19.
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1/ TL:DR - @WHO published a massive review/meta-analysis of interventions for flu epidemics in 2019, found "moderate" evidence AGAINST using masks. (They actually missed the 2015 Vietnam study, yet another brick in the wall.)

2019. So recent, yet so long ago. What's changed?
2/ Let's talk about masks, baby! Let's talk about you and me! Let's talk abouuuut masks!

Last year, @WHO - you may have heard of them, public health experts, friend to all nations but especially China - conducted a review of "non-pharmaceutical interventions" for flu epidemics.
3/ The review remains on the WHO Website, though it's no longer easy to find. It is, to be blunt, a long list of failure.

Handwashing? No evidence it works.
Respiratory etiquette (aka sneezing into your shirt)? No evidence.
Surface cleaning? No evidence.…
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¿Qué significa que la OMS acepte que hay transmisión área de #SARSCoV2?
Creo que se ha creado una preocupación extrema con este tema, que no considero sea de esa magnitud, trataré de explicarlo.
Hay 3 formas de transmisión en esta enfermedad: contacto, gotas y vía aérea.
1. Contacto. Los virus en las gotitas de saliva que los enfermos arrojan al hablar toser o estornudar, quedan en superficies y cuando las tocamos, llevamos los virus a las manos y nos inoculamos al tocar ojos, nariz o boca. Se evita con el lavado de manos y evitar tocarse la cara
2. Gotas. Esas gotitas de saliva con virus, que se arrojan al hablar, toser o estornudar pueden llegar directamente a los ojos, nariz o boca de otra persona si se encuentran muy cerca una de la otra. Se evita con mantener una distancia de 1.5-2 metros de otra persona.
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#Airborne transmission: defined as the spread of an infectious agent caused by the dissemination of droplet nuclei (#aerosols) that remain infectious when suspended in air over long distances & time. What do we know about this route for #COVID19 #SARSCoV2? A #thread 🧵
Experimental studies have generated #aerosols of infectious samples using high-powered jet nebulizers under controlled laboratory conditions. #SARSCoV2 #Covid_19 #IDtwitter
Some studies in #healthcare settings where symptomatic #COVID19 patients were cared for but where #aerosol generating procedures were not performed found #SARSCoV2 #RNA but the quantity of RNA detected was in extremely low numbers. #airborne #transmission
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¿Qué se conoce sobre la inmunidad cruzada o reactiva? ¿Es positiva o negativa? ¿Hasta qué punto haber tenido contacto con otros coronavirus te protege frente al #SARSCoV2? ¿Qué papel juega la inmunidad celular? ¿Qué evidencias científicas tenemos?
Os lo cuento en un hilo.
La inmunidad por linfocitos T puede ser relevante frente al #SARSCoV2 y la #COVID19. Los linfocitos CD4+ (cooperadores) y los CD8+ (citotóxicos) pueden completar la acción de los anticuerpos neutralizantes. Algunos trabajos hablan de inmunidad cruzada, pero ¿qué es exactamente?
La inmunidad cruzada se da cuando sin contacto con el #SARSCoV2, una persona presenta linfocitos T con capacidad de reaccionar (y se supone brindar cierta protección) frente al virus. Esto ocurriría por contacto previo con otros coronavirus frecuentes que provocan resfriados.
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1/ This smart 2006 paper discusses the uselessness of lockdowns, masks, and school closings during epidemics.

More shocking: the lead authors are @T_Inglesby @JenniferNuzzo (two leading members of Team Apocalypse).

What's changed?

Not the science.…
2/ The final paragraph begins:

"Experience has shown that communities faced with epidemics or other adverse events respond best and with the least anxiety when the normal social functioning of the community is least disrupted."

What's changed, @T_Inglesby? What's different now?
3/ On quarantines: "As experience shows, there is no basis for recommending quarantine either of groups or individuals. The problems in implementing such measures are formidable, and secondary effects of absenteeism and
community disruption [are severe]..."

What's different now?
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Will school re-opening lead to increased #SARSCoV2 #COVID19 transmission?
New article examines evidence children transmit virus during school
Mostly anecdotal stories; few actual analyses.
1 idea for how we can do better; more needed!
In-person schools are crucial for learning (especially for young children) but carry obvious risks due to crowded settings, and risky behavior that is hard to control (in both young children at school and older kids in&out of school).
Studies in children *sometimes* indicate lower & sometimes equal infection rates in kids by PCR or serology (; )
But PCR studies may be biased by lack of symptoms resulting in later testing & missing infection
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⚠️1 person ➡️ infects cluster of 70 other people.

And that 1 person? No symptoms. #COVID19

Be safe, #WearAMask
2) An asymptomatic person infected with #SARSCoV2 returned to Heilongjiang Province, China, after international travel. The traveler’s neighbor became infected and generated a cluster of >71 cases, including cases in 2 hospitals.…
3) Genome sequences of the virus were distinct from viral genomes previously circulating in China.

➡️ This means we are sure it was an imported case.

➡️ This also means case importation is a major project for containment.

➡️ Hence why state-to-state quarantines needed.
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The Chief of Infectious Diseases @mgh_id @RWalensky and Professor at @YaleHPM & @YaleSOM @ADPaltiel just came out with a paper every college student, professor, staff member and administrator should read, now, right now. Are you ready to re-open? 1/…
Question: What SARS-CoV-2 screening and isolation program will keep U.S. residential college students safe and permit the reopening of campuses? 2/
Findings: Frequent screening (every 2 or 3 days) of all students with a low-sensitivity, high-specificity test will control outbreaks with manageable isolation dormitory utilization at a justifiable cost. 3/
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To me, the most likely scenario for the #COVID19 epidemic is that there will be a winter wave in the Northern hemisphere, which I expect could be worse than the spring/summer waves we've experienced.
It will be challenging to go back into lockdown when we'll need it most for a series of economic, psychological and societal reasons. Until now, most things that could have gone wrong, duly did so.
I doubt it will be possible to devise and implement an optimal, global mitigation strategy in the current climate of fear, anger, resentment, righteousness, division and borderline religious fervour on all sides. As such, I'm afraid we'll just have to weather the pandemic.
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Die bisher mit Abstand größte Studie zur Seroprävalenz von #SARSCoV2 (d.h. wie viele Menschen Antikörper entwickelt haben) kommt aus Spanien. 61.075 zufällig im ganzen Land ausgewählte Personen wurden von Ende April bis Mitte Mai getestet.
Obwohl #COVID19 in ESP sehr heftig war, haben nur knapp 5% Antikörper. Selbst im Epizentrum Madrid und Umgebung, wo Gesundheitsversorgung zusammenbrach und Leichen in der Eissporthalle zwischengelagert werden mussten, sind es nur etwas mehr als 10%.
Auffallend ist, dass Kinder und Jugendliche immerhin mehr als halb so oft wie die Älteren Antikörper haben, was vermuten lässt, dass auch sie sich oft genug 1. anstecken und 2. eine Virusreplikation entwickeln, die sie wohl auch ansteckend macht.
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Breaking data: Today we released a new study of 53K Americans revealing that use of proton pump inhibitors (eg. Prilosec, Prevacid, Nexium) is associated w/ a 2-4x risk of #COVID19. In this thread I explain why we did this study, what we found, what it may mean, & key limitations
2. Here is a link to the full peer-reviewed study published online in #AmJGastro:…. Also, the @AmCollegeGastro released this fact sheet with answers to FAQs:…. Both documents are more effective than tweets to convey the full results.
3. Let's start with biological plausibility. There's a reason we have stomach acid; it helps sterilize food by killing pathogens. We've known for years that acid can rapidly inactivate certain viruses. For example, this 2004 study shows pH<5 inactivates SARS-CoV-1.
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Pls read #SARSCoV2 immunology🧵& subthreads for what media & “experts” are not telling you

-we have some pre-existing cross-protective immunity
-basing herd immunity only on antibodies omits strong Tcell immunity
-vaccine candidates not effective b/c don’t elicit IgA prodn
2/ Last week, researchers in Sweden and Germany also found strong T-cell responses to #SARSCoV2 which bode well for long-term immunity & found pre-existing cross-protective immunity: findings are consistent with the original US Cell study published in May.
3/ We now have three independent #SARSCoV2 studies, from teams of scientists in three different countries, all concluding the same thing:

#COVID19 Herd Immunity Is Much Closer Than Antibody Tests Suggest”…
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[Thread in 5: Anmerkungen zur Ansteckung via Aerosol]

Bei #SARSCoV2 ist es so, dass eine frisch infizierte, hoch kontagiöse Person einen 120 qm großen Raum innerhalb von 60 Minuten in ein Hochrisikogebiet verwandeln kann - mit einem Ansteckungsrisiko von über 50 Prozent.

Man rechnet damit, dass rund 1000 Viruspartikel für eine Ansteckung ausreichend sind. Das ist keine große Menge, wenn man eine Virengröße von 0,07 bis 0,1 Micron bedenkt.

Ein einzelnes Tröpfchen mit 10 Milligramm Gewicht kann für eine Infektion völlig ausreichend sein!

Ein Aerosol-Partikel ist 1-5 Mikron groß. Für eine Ansteckung werden recht viele Partikel benötigt - darum spielt bei der Aerosol-Infektion die Expositonsdauer eine große Rolle.

A) Damit der Infizierende viele davon produziert

B) Damit der Angesteckte viele davon einatmet

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Es importante recordar algunos aspectos sobre la dinámica de transmisión del #SARSCoV2. Desde su infectividad por aerosoles hasta las nuevas teorías sobre el riesgo de infectarse a través de objetos y superficies. Todo basado en evidencias e hipótesis científicas.
Resumo 5 ideas
1. La transmisión por gotículas pequeñas (aerosoles) es una forma relevante de infección. En espacios cerrados las gotículas pueden persistir durante horas y producir contagios sin que se haya contacto físico entre personas.…
2. Mantener la distancia física sería insuficiente para evitar el contagio si el tiempo de permanencia en un espacio con aerosoles infectivos es largo. Espacios cerrados + mal ventilados + llenos de gente= más probabilidades.…
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1/Süper Bulaştırıcı (#SuperSpreader), virüsü Temel Bulaştırma Katsayısı R0’dan daha fazla kişiye bulaştıran kişilerdir, sanılanın aksine diğer #SARSCoV2 taşıyıcılarına göre ağızlarından/burunlarından daha fazla virüs çıkarmaz, damlacıkları uzağa gönderip vs. uzun süre yaymazlar.
2/Çocuk ve yetişkinlerden alınan burun ve boğaz sürüntülerinin değerlendirildiği bilimsel araştırmalar, virüs yüklerinin önemli derecede farklı olmadığını, virüs taşıyıcılarının enfekte dönemlerinde benzer derecede #COVID19 bulaştırma etkisini işaret eder.…
3/Asemptomatik veya pre-semptomatik olarak farkında olmadan #COVID19 geçiren kişilerin, özellikle kapalı ortamlarda virüsü başkalarına bulaştırma eylemine ise Süper Bulaştırıcı Etkinliği (#SuperSpreaderEvent) denmektedir. Yani mekan ve tedbirler burada kilit rol üstlenmektedir ⚠️
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1/ COVID (@UCSanDiego) Chronicles - July 5, 2020

As we end this holiday weekend @UCSDHealth is caring for 47 inpatients with #COVID19. Overall @SanDiegoCounty bed capacity is fine with 382 total inpatients, though will be watching closely for an ↑ in based on recent data.
2/ The amazing @UCSDHealth #SARSCoV2 results team is monitoring >100 patients at home or in public health temporary housing. This is the highest # of people monitored in home isolation in a single day. It is also 10x higher than baseline monitoring responsibilities 6 weeks ago.
3/ #SARSCoV2 test results from July 4th, 2020 shows another record setting day with 562 new cases identified in @SanDiegoCounty and 5,410 new cases in California.
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The @CDCgov recommendations to institutions of higher education are a mess. While some universities are struggling with how often to test, we get this zinger from CDC: "CDC does not recommend entry testing of all returning students, faculty, and staff." 1/…
It's clear that congregate settings like universities & colleges are great places to be if you're a pathogen. Lots of people in close and frequent contact. Better yet, the young get to mix with the old, the locals with the out-of-towners. 2/
So, why the hell does CDC say we don't recommend testing returning students, staff and faculty, when we know that #SARSCoV2 used international and domestic travel routes to establish itself all over the the world and in the US? 3/
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There are at least 16 companies working on a rapid #SARSCoV2 home/point-of-care test. But the master innovator, @PrakashLab, has come up with a $1/test, $5 hardware, hand-powered solution "Handyfuge"…
These rapid home tests, especially if accurate for transmissibility and cheap, can be transformative and are likely to hit the scene well before we see neutralizing antibodies or a vaccine… by @Kotlikoff @michaelmina_lab @nytopinion
These are the 16 companies I tallied as of June 7. There may well be more now. A key area to keep track, considering how impactful they could be
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(Thread leggero)
Provero' a spiegare perchè indossare le mascherine è LA MIGLIORE misura di contenimento che abbiamo per mitigare incisivamente il rischio di un nuovo outbreak che non possiamo assolutamente 1/15
permetterci sia in termini di vite umane che in termini di danni, questa volta davvero irreparabili, all'economia italiana.
Partiamo da R0 che sapete tutti deve essere <1 per poter "convivere" senza preoccupazioni di escalation
Consiglio la lettura di questo bel 2/15
post di @sono_paola per capire meglio cos'e' R0 in pratica (Ci tornero' sopra dal punto di vista matematico)

Formalizzando possiamo descrivere R0 come un numero adimensionale che ha unità 1/[tempo] 3/15
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1/n Folks: there's a huge difference between "airborne" and "aerosol" in medicoese (yes, & I had to learn the difference too, it's important). Y'all should listen to @DrMoragKerr & @PathogenScribe on why this report is misleading.
#COVID19 in the air: not as bad as it could be
2/n Let's first focus on this bit of that report. Again, with a misleading confusion between airborne and aerosol. And yes, WHO have not been helpful, but then too neither are others on the other side.…
3/n There are complex fights going on. Let's not worry too much about the fights. Let's concentrate on what's *important* to you and me, re #COVID19.
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⚠️VIRUS IS AIRBORNE. Repeat, the #SARSCoV2 coronavirus is airborne. Epidemiologists & aerosol Scientists have been saying it for months. Now 239 scientists have penned a letter to @WHO, coming out next week, demanding WHO acknowledgement. Implications? 🧵…
2) “coronavirus is finding victims worldwide, in bars & restaurants, offices, markets & casinos, giving rise to frightening clusters of infection that increasingly confirm what many scientists have been saying for months: virus lingers in the air indoors, infecting those nearby.”
3) “If airborne transmission is a significant factor in the pandemic, especially in crowded spaces with poor ventilation, the consequences for containment will be significant. Masks may be needed indoors, even in socially distant settings...”
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