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#JustAsking #inequality
#attrocitiesbyASI #ASI was found in 1861 headed by director general. for the past 70 yrs, this post have been occupied by upper caste #Sanskrit scholars mainly #brahman.
why no one from #OBC, #SC or #ST?
If #tamil and #sanskrit are the oldest languages of the country.
recently it has been established that tamil is the oldest through #keezhadi #keeladi.why no importance has been given to the tamil language?
why ASI doesnot recruit tamil scholars for conducting studies in south?
#arikamedu is the first site of archealogical importance to be found in india. in 17th century by french.
In 1945, wheeler, then director gen of #ASI found out that it is a indo-roman trade town.c.1 BCE to c.2 CE.

next jean-marie casal in 1950 studied the site for 3 yrs.
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How come so many scams, scandals, other illicit and corrupt practices indulged in by immoral brigade of politicians, bankers. mighty and powerful stayed under a lid in so many decades of Congress Rule ? Was it deemed that such scams will never come to the fore. #JustAsking (1)
Or was it assumed that Dynasty Congress and its appendages will continue to loot India under its rule till times immemorial, giving no room for lifting the lid and unravelling the rot seeded so deep in the system ??? #JustAsking (2)
Imagine the time and efforts put in by the Government Agencies (CBI, ED) in unravelling so many scams and corrupt deals. Then officials of different Ministries in making available the documents with some evidences untraceable(clandestinely wiped out by the vested) #JustAsking (3)
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The @BJP4India filled a complaint against @rajakumaari because of... a tweet.

@BJP4India we need to talk. Have you ever heard of freedom of speech? If a political party is closing the social media accounts of his opponents, is it still a democracy? #JustAsking
I'm not taking side here. But even if @rajakumaari is spreading "fake news" this is not the responsability of the @BJP4India to ask the suspension of this account
This is the related tweets. If every time someone made a bad joke we had to close their account, well Twitter would be empty
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Today is the 100th anniversary of the #JallianwalBagh massacre
Soldiers of 25th London enforcing the 'Crawling Order' in Amritsar, Apr 1919.
Buildup to #JallianwalaBagh massacre
"Your action is correct and the Lieutenant Governor approves"
Michael O'Dwyer (Punjab Governor) to Gen Dyer, after the massacre

Dwyer was dispatched to his maker to seek his approval by Udham Singh Shaheed in 1940.
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The ASAT test was long required and overdue. The technology was in place for quite some time. Needed political clearance which has now happened. Well done! 👍
The significance of the ASAT test can be gauged by the operation name, Mission Shakti. Same as our 1998 nuclear tests which was named Operation Shakti
Anyone asked for proof yet? #justasking.
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I was on #SimonBolivar international bridge connecting #Venezuela and #Colombia. #Thread

1. The '#humanitarianaid volunteers' were violent and masked up, unlike any humanitarians I have ever seen.

They also appeared to be aided (no pun intended) by the Colombian authorities.
2. What appeared to be a hand gun was seen with the 'volunteers' on the Colombian side. Y would #Colombian authorites allow a boy masked up to past them with a gun, was it really all about #humanitarianaid?

Or were they sending some kids to do their dirty work. #JustAsking?
3. The local community on the #Venezuela side were supporting their army- cheering on every push back. Clearing the stones after they were thrown at the soldiers and bringing water etc to soldiers on the front line

They didn't seem too welcoming the '#humanitarianaid volunteers'
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*Mulls yet another eNet thread*
*sigh*. Ok a short one. And then a longer one.
There's so many moving parts to the eNet/MAN/NBP/Granahan McCourt saga it can be difficult to keep up
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"You are in deep sleep, a calm morning in a serene village.. GOONS flashing SWORDS enter your compound"

Oh, woke up? That’s what happened in a GouShala near MLR.

Goons took away one Cow, ran away seeing villagers, threatening to come back to take away d rest!

"Villagers Started FAST UNTO DEATH from Today"

Since the authorities or the Govt took no action, villagers have no choice, but to protest to save more cows!

If we are quiet, vote bank politicians dont care. Let's raise to support the cause.

"Let's Support Villagers on Hunger Strike to save Gous"

Threatening villagers is first step. Then they'll steal more cows which are backbone of rural economy... happening in many villages!

Case has been lodged, but no action yet by authorities or K'taka Govt

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In the spirit of asking Qs that few seem to do in a bull market, here are a few more related to Dilip Buildcon.

#justasking #NextShilpi
Why does it have 5 months+ of receivables? Why are 1300 crs of receivables non-current i.e. outstanding for more than a year?

Why does it have 1660 crs of inventory (1.5x of annual raw material consumption)?

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