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The wonderful #PA01 #townhall held by @ashley_ehasz was a great success tonight.

But present outside was #CardboardFitz, a prop from past @FridaysWithFitz events who provided a history of #GOP #MAGAextremist Brian Fitzpatrick's worst votes!

📷 by Steve C.
Thx, Steve!
An oldie but a goodie.

Back in 2017, #PA01 #GOP Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick voted YES on the classic #Trump, Paul Ryan and #McConnell's #GOPTaxScam, which forked benefits over to the ultra rich and corporations.
#PA01 Rep. Fitzpatrick may pretend to be #green, but whenever given the choice, he picks his donors (big banks, #fossilfuel corporations) over the #environment.

De-regulating pipelines, opening the #arctic to drilling, etc. He votes with the money, not with the environment.
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1/ This was a dream & vision that God gave me last year on March 24th, 2020. Then, I only shared it w/ 2 other ppl, that I recall.

I saw a man in white robe with a sword in his hand fighting against an enemy. Two young women were standing beside him, one on each side. ...
2/ Fire and smoke shot toward them, and a head appeared from the midst of the smoke. The head was that of a dragon. The head of the dragon had two horns on his head like an antelope. The dragon told the man that he cannot defeat him or protect the two women. The man replied ...
3/ to the dragon, telling him that he is really weak and that he only gets his power by speaking lies. The dragon became enraged and replied, "I will show you my power and strength." The two women told the man that they will help him. The man thanked the women, and he gave ...
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Aims of the #GreatReset #American #Bankers #Oligarchy ... "We will promote social justice policies to reduce inequalities including through support to tax redistributive & domestic resource optimization approaches social safety nets & or insurance schemes"
Newly Unsealed Docs in 2018 showed top #FDIC Officials Running Operation #ChokePoint* under 2013 #ObamaAdministration to form public/private oligarchy

* to freeze politically disfavored #businesses deemed not PC / high risk out of the financial system…
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De journalist #Kashoggi, die in opdracht van de Saoedische kroonprins #MBS zou vermoord zijn, steunde #IS en noemde de onthoofdingen in #Syrië een 'efficiënte psychologische oorlogstactiek'.
#Kashoggi zou ook een goede vriend van Osama bin Laden geweest zijn.
Kroonprins #MBS van Saoedie-Arabië vaarde tijdens de #TrumpAdministration een gematigder en bredere koers: minder #islamisme en toenadering tot #Rusland.
De recente US-bombardementen op pro-Iraanse milities in oost #Syrië geven terug meer bewegingsruimte en bescherming aan #IS.
#Biden stelt nu Saoedie-Arabië verantwoordelijk voor de moord op #Kashoggi.
Zijn de islamisten terug aan zet met de #BidenAdministration?
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Days after @realDonaldTrump won the 2016 election, activists associated with the white nationalist website VDARE solicited resumes from right-wing writers, including former #Breitbart editor Katie McHugh, who leaked those emails to us.

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Hatewatch reporters @MichaelEHayden and @hannahgais have reported previously on the ties between the #TrumpAdministration and the far-right, including hate groups like VDARE.…
Last fall, using 900+ emails leaked by Katie McHugh, @MichaelEHayden broke the news that White House senior adviser #StephenMiller had ties to VDARE and sought to shape media narratives about the 2016 presidential campaign and immigration. Read more:…
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News Analysis🔎The post-#Election push to pressure President Trump to concede, despite numerous credible allegations of #VoterFraud and ongoing legal challenges, is the culmination of a 4-year-long campaign against him. (Thread👇)…
This campaign started in 2016 when the #FBI launched a politically motivated investigation of his campaign. During his subsequent 4 years in office, there have been consistent efforts to remove him from office.
#Infographic: an overview of some of the main efforts made against the sitting @POTUS.

This is an issue that transcends party lines, as it is not only an assault on Trump, but an assault on the office of the presidency, and with it, an assault on the foundation of America.
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House #GOP Lawmaker: #Biden Should Be Recognized As President-Elect

"Rep. #TomReed (R-N.Y.), a co-chair of the #bipartisan #ProblemSolversCaucus, said Tuesday that #JoeBiden should be recognized as the president-elect while many top #Republicans...…
... are still siding with (Outgoing! 🥳) President Trump* in refusing to #concede the #election. Most #Republicans in #Congress are backing #Trump's efforts to challenge his loss to #Biden, despite the lack of evidence of #VoterFraud. Reed issued a statement congratulating...
... #Biden within hours of his projected victory on Saturday, and on Tuesday said that Republicans should recognize the outcome if there isn't evidence to back up the Trump campaign's claims:

"#JoeBiden has rightfully earned the title of being the projected president-elect...
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*THREAD* re: the #SupremeCourtNominee of Amy Coney - It's unacceptable to attack a nominee simply because of their religious beliefs, or that they are perceived to be religious, and I wish that Coney followed what #PopeFrancis preached, however, her record shows otherwise.
A recent case that she heard hits close to home for me.

Yemeni-American Zahoor Ahmed applied for a visa to for his wife Yafai, and their two children. The application was done so correctly and the process was followed as required by USCIS.
The consular office denied the application, because they claimed that Yafai “attempted to smuggle two children into the United States using the identities Yaqub Mohsin Yafai and Khaled Mohsin Yafai.” There is indication why the officer that interviewed felt that they were hers.
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Former vice president #JoeBiden has a sordid history of opposing progressive #CriminalJustice legislation, spearheading draconian #police and #immigration measures, and playing a central role in waging America’s failed #WarOnDrugs.
by @AlanRMacLeod… #drugs
With over 2 million people locked up across a network of private & public #prisons, the US has by far the highest #incarceration rate in the world, significantly worse than brutal dictatorships in Africa, Latin America or Central Asia.
by @AlanRMacLeod…
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Is Ivanka Trump The New Face Of Privilege And Global Suffering, In Places Like The U.S. And India?…

#IvankaTrump #Trump* #India #UnitedStates #World

"This is not the first time Ivanka Trump has used “cheap stunts” to improve her image and brand. ..
.. She recently pledged to bring justice for #NativeAmerican families afflicted by higher rates of violence, homicide, and human trafficking by opening the nation’s first Indian Affairs task force office dedicated to solving cold cases of missing and murdered American Indians...
... and #Alaska Natives. #NativeAmerican women and tribal leaders however remain skeptical towards her commitment to resolving the root causes of violence against #Indigenous women and providing adequate federal resources. (2) They point to a lack of concern during the last...
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"If the #TrumpAdministration's goals were to isolate the #US, alienate close allies and have high-risk diplomatic maneuvers blow up in their face, the maximum pressure approach is delivering in spades..."
by @AlanRMacLeod… #Iran #embargo #ArmsEmbargo #Trump
"As #Oxfam noted, Yemenis are not starving: they are being starved; starved by a five-year war sustained by the #US and its #NATO allies."… #Yemen #MondayVibes
"The development of nuclear weapons in #SaudiArabia has many speculating that it could mark the beginning of an even more dangerous era for the war-torn region."… #Saudi #Arms #nuclear #NuclearDeal #NuclearEnergy #mondaythoughts
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Internal #USPS Documents Outline Plans To Hobble #Mail 📨 Sorting

'This Will Slow Mail Processing,' A Union Official Wrote On One Of The Documents Announcing The Machine Removals 😟…
"The United States Postal Service proposed removing 20 percent of letter sorting machines it uses around the country before revising the plan weeks later to closer to 15 percent of all machines, meaning 502 will be taken out of service, according to documents obtained by... Image
... Motherboard outlining the agency’s plans. #USPS workers told Motherboard this will slow their ability to sort #mail."

"One of the documents also suggests these changes were in the works before #LouisDeJoy, a top #Trump donor and #Republican fundraiser, became... Image
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"The appointment of perhaps the most hardline neoconservative hawk to the new position of Special Representative for Iran is the latest in a long line of escalatory measures the #TrumpAdministration has taken."
By @AlanRMacLeod… #ELLIOTABRAMS #Trump
#IlhanOmar shot back: “Yes or no, do you think that massacre was a fabulous achievement that happened under our watch?”
by @zerohedge… #ElliottAbrams #ElSalvador
"...over 70 #academics and experts signed an open letter demanding that the U.S. “cease encouraging violence by pushing for violent, extralegal #regimechange.”
by @commondreams
#JohnBolton #ELLIOTABRAMS #Friday #fridaymorning #warmongers
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'You’ve Been Trumped Too'

The Documentary That Trump ‘Doesn’t Want You To See’ To Be Released Worldwide

#Trump* Has Tried To Block The Film From Being Seen For The Past Four Years…
"A damning documentary about Donald #Trump* that the US president “doesn’t want you to see” is getting released worldwide."

"Having been held back by legal threats from the #TrumpOrganisation for the past four years, 'You’ve Been Trumped Too' has been picked up for release...
... and will arrive less than three months before the #2020Election. The documentary explores the “deeply troubling” confrontation between #Trump* and 96-year-old Scottish widow #MollyForbes half a decade after it’s discovered that the president’s workers shut off...
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🚨NEW "What the Health?"🚨 While #COVID19 cases continue to surge, the #TrumpAdministration has decided its top priority is for schools to open for in-person learning this fall. Host @jrovner is joined by @JoanneKenen, @leonardkl, and @MelMcIntire.…
The rundown 👇 Image
Here's a quote from @SarahVarney4, who reported the latest KHN-@NPR #BillOfTheMonth installment about an essential health worker who tried to get a test for #COVID19 and ended up with a $1,840 medical bill.

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"The “Cut Profits to the #Cuban Regime Act...” represent yet another attempt to sabotage #Cuba’s historic efforts for self-determination in a #political and #economic landscape dominated by predatory #capitalism."
by by Raul Diego… #coronavirus #healthcare
"Not content to sabotage #Cuba’s domestic #health sector, the #TrumpAdministration has been attacking Cuba’s international #medical assistance, from the teams fighting #coronavirus to those caring for underserved communities in 164 countries."… #Trump
"Anti #Cuba zealots in the #Trump admin have been enticing #Cuban #doctors working overseas to defect, paying journalists to write negative stories, slapping sanctions on Cubans in charge of the program, and strong-arming countries to expel Cuban doctors."…
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"#Cuba is known worldwide for its universal public #healthcare system, but the #embargo has led to shortages of #medicines and #medical supplies, particularly for patients with #AIDS and #cancer"… #Trump #CubaEmbargo #COVID19 #Covid_19 #coronavirus
"While #BernieSanders paid a #political price for uttering something positive about #Cuba’s #literacy program, the current #pandemic has shown the whole world the heroic side of Cuba’s #healthcare system."
by @medeabenjamin… #health #coronavirus #Covid_19
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Mixed messages about #COVID19 coming from the #TrumpAdministration causes frustration and the #SCOTUS hears cases by phone. Tune in to a new episode of KHN's "What the Health?" with host @jrovner and panelist @AliceOllstein, @rachanadixit and @annaedney.
On this week's episode... Image
The #SupremeCourt is hearing cases by telephone, including one this week that would give employers the broad ability to decline to offer no-cost birth control to women, a benefit guaranteed under the #AffordableCareAct. Here's a quote from @rachanadixit.
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QUESTION: The @StateDept has designated "the Russian Imperial Movement" as global #terrorists. This is unprecedented. We asked Scott Stewart @stick631 VP of Tactical Intelligence @Stratfor why is this important? Follow this thread for the answer. Image
ANSWER: "The designation of the RIM will mark the first time it has been applied to a #whitesupremacist group.
While this move does have an important symbolic meaning by demonstrating that the #TrumpAdministration is focused on mitigating the white supremacist threat,
it will also have a significant practical impact. First, designating a group as a foreign terrorist organization allows the government to charge those who attend training, spread propaganda or provide financial support to the group under statutes of material support of a...
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Here’s how the #TrumpAdministration likes to “celebrate" anniversaries and global days of recognition. A thread.
Last year on #WorldRefugeeDay, 6/20/19, a day internationally observed and dedicated to raising awareness of the situation of refugees throughout the world, CBP announced that they were at capacity + zero asylum seekers were processed at the San Ysidro POE.
This year on the one year anniversary of the human rights dumpster fire that is #MPP, @DHSgov decided to “celebrate” by proudly announcing that it was extending the class to include Brazilians. #MPP originally meant for Spanishing-speaking Central Americans has resulted in . .
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THREAD: 3 years ago today, Trump issued his controversial travel ban on Muslim-majority countries. Here's how it has impacted the U.S. #TravelBan #Immigration #MuslimBanTurns3…
The travel ban has divided the U.S. and prevented many U.S. citizens from getting to see their friends and loved ones from “banned” countries.…
The travel ban promotes a system of values that keeps foreign students out of American universities, reports @karinfischer. #highered…
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To truly comprehend just how extraordinarily epic last night’s arrival of the #LAX9 parents was, you need to know what had to happen before this moment could even be dreamed into existence. This was a culmination of grit, hope, love, conviction and faith 2 yrs in the making.
It took a class action lawsuit filed by @aclu to expose the depth of #TrumpAdministration’s lies as it tried to cover up the true cruelty of “zero tolerance,” and a federal court order that found our client’s deportations unlawful to ensure their return.…
It took crucial funding from @togetherrising that allowed us to work alongside @justiceinmotion as they activated their defender network in Central America to locate these deported parents, most of them indigenous, some of them identifiable only by photo.
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Working on a story about Homeland Security raising application fees for immigrants, green card holders, asylum seekers, DACA recipients and others to become citizens. In some cases fees between $400-$600 for applications will now cost more than $1,100 #Immigration #DCNexstar Image
DHS said in a statement essentially that they need the money. Most of its operating budget comes from fees, acting USCIS Director Ken Cuccinelli says they need to raise fees on immigrant applications to cover the costs of processing those apps. #DCNexstar #Immigration Image
Congressional Democrats @MarkTakano and @RepGaramendi both say the policy is anti-immigrant, and fits what they see as a disturbing pattern in the #TrumpAdministration's #Immigration policy. @FOX40 @KTLA #NexstarDC
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Welcome to the Member of Congress Tracking Report for the week ending November 10, 2019. With Congress on recess this week, we are going to do things a bit differently this week. We are going to take a dive into #McConnellsGraveyard.
#MoCTrack 1/33
#GOP keeps trotting out their tired talking point about the “do-nothing-Dems” and all we can concentrate on is #Impeachment.


What you’ll find below are 30 bills of the 300+ that #McConnell has stalled in the Senate.

#MoCTrack #DemCast 2/33…
HR 1 - #ForThePeople

A bill that would improve voting rights, fix campaign finance regulations, and mandate ethics and accountability reforms.
💯 over 100 co-sponsors (236)

#MoCTrack #McConnellsGraveyard 3/33…
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